Best Electric Skillet for Frying Chicken | In Depth Guide

As a chef, I look at tons of aspects of an electric skillet. The cooking surface, quality of materials, power consumption, heat distribution, lid quality, flavor retention, cord quality & length, and more.

Sound’s like a tall task?


Don’t get stressed. From my years of cooking experience, I know which one to choose for cooking chicken perfectly. And finally, I’m glad to share my experience with you.

Within a few minutes, you will get the skillet you were searching for cooking your favorite chicken recipes.

How to Choose an Electric Skillet for Frying Chicken?

How will you identify an electronic skillet going to serve all of your purposes? Yes, it’s a burning question while you are planning to buy a new electric cooking pan. Let me guide you on choosing an electric pan for cooking, frying, roasting, and baking.

Here is a complete checklist of what you must look for before purchasing a new electronic pan.

Cooking Surface Area:

For me, an electric pan’s cooking area is the most important virtue. Pan size can be selected according to your demand. If you need to cook food for two, then small sized pan would be enough. For 4-6 people, you will need a larger pan. You can check the comparison table on the top of this review to compare among the different skillets.

Wide Cooking Options:

An electric pan should be capable of cooking a diverse range of foods. One-pan must perform frying, roasting, curry, sauté, and baking. The more varied the cooking option better the service you can expect from the cooking skillet.

Heat Distribution:

Homogenous heat distribution is another most crucial factor. Suppose the pan is inefficient in transferring even heat all over the cooking surface. Now, how will you understand it by not testing it, right? That’s why I have provided you a complete set of skillets; those are tested and authenticated by my kitchen staff.

Pan Surface:

Obviously, we are looking for a pan with a non-stick coating surface. Now, the critical point is nonstick surface vs. whole nonstick base. My recommendation is, choose the electric cooking pan with a complete nonstick base.

Heat Proof Accessories:

The handle should be a cool touch. If the glass lid consists of a knob, then it must be heatproof as well. Now, we often miss the electric cable’s insulation part. Most of the pans already have properly insulated electric cables. So, you don’t have to worry about this.


I don’t think the price is any crucial factor here. Large electric skillets have higher price tags than smaller ones.

7 Electric Skillet for Frying Chicken Reviews: Chef’s Choice 2022

I have picked 7 top electric skillets for cooking, baking, roasting, and frying from my personal experience and research. With this in-depth analysis, you will get to know the best skillet for your kitchen.

Best overall
Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet:
Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet:
  • Used for: Frying, Roasting, Baking, Simmer, sauté
  • Weight: 8.55
  • Size: 20 x 12.5 x 8
  • Wattage: 1500
Best Cooking Quality
Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Skill
Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Skill
  • Used for: Frying, Curry, Roasting, Baking, sauté
  • Weight: 9.88
  • Size: 13.7 x 12.7 x 5.5
  • Wattage: 1500
Best Versatility
Proctor Silex 38526
Proctor Silex 38526
  • Used for: Curry, Roast, Bake, braise, simmer
  • Weight: 4.9
  • Size: 6 x 14 x 12
  • Wattage: 1500
Best for families
Presto 06852 16-Inch
Presto 06852 16-Inch
  • Used for: Frying, Roasting, Baking, sauté
  • Weight: 4.8
  • Size: 13.7 x 12.7 x 5.5
  • Wattage: 1500
Best for Fast Cooking
BELLA Ceramic Electric Pan
BELLA Ceramic Electric Pan
  • Used for: Frying, Scrambled, Roasting, Curry, sauté
  • Weight: 4.74
  • Size: 16.73 x 12.2 x 7.87
  • Wattage: 1200
Best for Couple
Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet
Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet
  • Used for: Rice, Curry, Frying, Heating, Bake
  • Weight: 4.8
  • Size: 13.7 x 12.7 x 5.5
  • Wattage: 1000
Best Value
Best Value: Dash Electric Skillet
Best Value: Dash Electric Skillet:
  • Used for: Roasting, Frying, Warming, Baking, sauté
  • Weight: 9.38
  • Size: 18.2 x 18.1 x 6.1
  • Wattage: 1440

#1. Best Overall: Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet

As a cuisine artist, you have heard about Presto’s electric pan. This 16-inch skillet is perfect for deep frying 12 medium-sized chicken pieces at once. Isn’t it a great and hassle-free deep frying of chicken? Let’s check our evaluation of this awesome electric cooker.

Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet
  • Materials: This chicken fry skillet is made of cast aluminum. It has a phenolic layer, entirely safe for more prolonged cooking.
  • Surface Construction: The best thing about this iconic skillet is its inside-out nonstick surface. The lid is made of tempered glass, and the overall pan is dishwasher safe. Moreover, it has a spoon and spatula pouch; when you will pour curry through the spout, you can easily access the spatula and spoon.
  • High Depth: It is a deep pan. You will get 3 inches of depth from the top to the base of the pan. You can cook food for 5-8 people quickly in that pan. It’s a large electric cooking pan.
  • Detachable Handle: You can easily detach the handle from the base. One more point about the handle is its stay-cool feature. Now, the most exciting feature is, you can put it in an oven. Yes! It is oven-proof.
  • Low Energy Consuming: While running an electronic cooking pan, have you ever wondered how much energy does an electric pan consumes? Don’t worry; this one consumes only 1500 watts of power, far lower than any other skillets.
  • Maintains Temperature: Actually, this feature is common for most of the quality electric skillet reviews. You can put cooked/uncooked food in warm settings. It will rise to 212 degrees and subtle drop, again gain 212 degrees. Easy to simmer.

#2. Best Cooking Quality: Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Skillet

Ah! It’s a royal electric skillet. If you visit my kitchen, you will find one. Personally, I love it, and you will love it too. It has incredible features, an excellent outlook, and a reasonable price. I’m sure you want to get one piece of that skillet. Let’s analyze in detail.

Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet
  • Materials: It is made with high-quality cast aluminum. The finishing is outstanding with black lacquer. No other skillet in our pick has that feature. Because of black lacquer finishing, it grabbed my attention. It protects the skillet from warping and rusting, enhances longevity.
  • Long-Lasting: How is the cooking surface? Honeycomb marbleized. The great thing about this surface that it is highly durable will not warp, peel or crack. The surface is super resistant to scratch, and while cooking, no food will remain to attach the surface. One more additional information for technical people, it’s PFOA free.
  • Even Heating: As a chef, what I look at in an electronic skillet for cooking meats and vegetables? Heating quality and evenness. That’s why I have one Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Pan. It offers even heating all through the surface. You can settle the temperature in between 200–400-degree Fahrenheit precisely. It helps me a lot while cooking delicate dishes.
  • Flavor Locking: Flavors are the most crucial part of cooking. The glass lid offers a 100% lock of flavors. If you are worried about a tastier and healthier dish, grab this one and get rid of unnecessary worries.
  • Versatility: This pan is versatile in different ways. You can cook, bake, steam, and boil foods. Additionally, pre-cooked food can be heated in this electric pan. The best thing about this skillet is its elevated base holder.
  • Excellent Accessories: Accessories are awesome. The surrounding walls are splatter proof. The Glass lid is highly durable, shatterproof, and dishwasher safe. The lid knob and handle are a cool touch.
  • A Complete Package: 1-year guarantee, excellent pouring spout, removable thermostat, instruction manual, and some skillet recipes; these you will get upon purchasing.

#3. Best Versatility: Proctor Silex 38526

With fantastic quality and cooking range, this cooking pan is the best choice for small families. The specification is superb, with an affordable price tag. Life will be easier, and food will be tastier with Proctor Silex.

Proctor Silex 38526 Electric Skillet
  • Excellent Design: It is a compact kitchen appliance; you will benefit from a countertop skillet and super-efficient serving system. You can use it to fry delicious fried chicken recipes, sauté vegetables, braise and simmer any food.
  • Quality Cooking Surface: The cooking surface is nonstick. The advantage of a nonstick surface is, it’s easy to cook and clean. The spacious belly of the product is excellent for cooking food for a small family. It offers 144 square inches of pure cooking surface. A large skillet and best for utility.  
  • Heat Adjustability: You can warm up food at a desired level of heat. The temperature range is very wide, from 200 to 400 degrees. Are you thinking of starting the family buffet dinner? Great idea to start with this cookpot and be the rocking home chef!
  • Safe Handle: The handle is heatproof. It doesn’t soak up heat while cooking, and thus it’s easy and secure to transfer the hot pan from one place to another. Simply the cool touch handle is the real game-changer.
  • Detachable Handle: The handle is detachable. The benefits of a detachable handle are many. Easy to clean, operate and cook. You can even put it into an oven.
  • Versatility: By now, you have already got that point, right? It’s versatile. You can cook, bake, stir, and even can boil eggs. A wide range of dishes can be cooked with this pot. From breakfast to heavy dishes, you can cook almost anything. Ah! I’m ready with a plate!

#4. Best for Families: Presto 06852 16-Inch

Undoubtedly, Presto is the leading manufacturer of the high-end electric skillets. And this one is the most incredible chicken frying skillet of the current lot. Why? Let me explain.

Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet
  • Super Construction: The base is outstanding. The wide 16-inch surface is excellent for cooking huge chunks of meat. The high sidewalls are an extra boost to cooking. This construction helps faster and proper cooking. Also, you will get a great serving capacity.
  • Heavy-Duty Materials: Overall pan is made of cast aluminum. The surface of the pan has a non-stick coating inside out. That makes the pan easy to clean and cook. It’s long-lasting, as it is warp-proof.
  • Super Lid: The glass cover of the pan makes the pan even more durable. Shatterproof glass is used to make this lid. Glass cover holds food temperature for a longer time. If you are thinking of a buffet server, then you are in the right place.
  • Faster Cooking: Due to perfect construction material, it saves enough energy that you can afford an extra refrigerator. If your current frying pan cooks 1 pound of meat in 30 minutes, this can get the job done in 18 minutes.
  • Dishwasher Safe Materials: Frying skillet Presto 06852 is entirely immersible. The overall construction is dishwasher-proof. You don’t have to worry about which dish washing agent to use.

#5. Best for Fast Cooking: BELLA Ceramic Electric Pan

If you are looking for a griddle-type pan, it can be the perfect choice for you. Don’t just go with its style, the features this electric pan offers are really commendable. A wide range of cooking styles is compatible with it. Roasting, steaming, frying, and sauté, everything is possible with BELLA.

BELLA Ceramic Electric Skillet
  • Durable: It is a muscular cooking pan. The cast aluminum construction provides higher durability. Ceramic layering on top of the pan surface makes the pan stronger than ever. I would say this construction is much more innovative than regular non-stick coating.
  • Wide Cooking Option: What are you planning to cook in an electric pan? Frying, Roasting, Steaming, Baking, Or Sauté? Everything can be done with this. Cooking with this will be fantastic for sure.
  • Faster Cooking: Energy-saving cooking pan and its best. It consumes 30% lower energy than regular frying and cooking skillet. Its heating system consumes 1200 wattage, comparatively lower than most of the heating system.
  • Cool Touch Handle: Maximum oven-proof electronic pan has a cool-touch handle. It’s a smart feature of skillets. The issue is, the handle’s ability to resist temperature decrease over time. But, in the case of BELLA, we can guarantee long-term usage.
  • Easy Cleaning: This amazing electric cooking pan serves all your cooking purposes, but have you thought about the aftermath of cooking? Yes, I’m talking about cleaning. The glass lid is shatterproof, and the overall construction is easy to clean.
  • Dishwasher Safe: It’s a must feature for most of the electronic skillet. So, this one is also dishwasher safe.

#6. Best for Couple: Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet

This skillet is the best choice for a family of four. It consumes relatively lower energy, 1000 wattage power, and cooks super smoothly. Let’s delve deeper.

Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet
  • Heavy Duty Construction: The base of the cooking pot is constructed with cast aluminum. The best thing about cast aluminum construction is its durable, warp-resistant, and easy to clean. Its far for better than steel pans. Stainless steel pans are good, but cast aluminum is the best.
  • Small Electric Skillet: You must have been wondering that how an 11-inch electronic skillet be more spacious than the large base pots, right? Let me solve the puzzle for you. The high dome cover gives you enough space for cooking. The high walls also aid in creating extra cooking space.  
  • Versatility: From roasting, frying, stirring, and sauté, whatever you can cook, is possible with this electronic skillet.
  • Heat Control: It has an automatic heat control capacity. That will help you to fry chicken and also help to sauté vegetable. If you plan to cook a recipe required to maintain a precise temperature, it would be the perfect choice for you.
  • Buffet Style: The buffet-style construction is fantastic. It will warm up the food for a long time before the period. The dome of the skillet is a perfect match if you like ample cooking space and a buffet outlook.
  • Small Family Standard: Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric pan is made for small families. It would be the best choice for a family of four people. If you are living alone or residing in a dorm, then it is the perfect electric skillet for cooking for you.
  • Reasonable Price: In the last paragraph, I have mentioned its best for small families and solo dwellers. Because it has full-fledged features of a complete skillet and its cheap.

#7. Best Value: Dash Electric Skillet

Dash manufacturers high-quality skillets at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a cheap electric pan for frying chicken and other meats, then this one is for you.

Dash Electric Skillet
  • Huge Cooking Space: Its cooking space is 14 inches wide and 25 inches in depth. It is capable of handling food for a minimum of 6 people. It’s a perfect choice for large families.
  • Variety of Cooking: Wide range of dishes can be cooked with this superb electronic pan. Let me explain what you can cook with it, pizza, burgers, cakes, chicken fry, and more. Apart from regular cooking, be prepared for big parties with this electric pan.
  • Homogenous Heat Distribution: The heat distribution is impressive. Even heating is the most crucial part of fine cooking. Heat is thoroughly distributed at every corner, that food can be cooked properly with full flavor.
  • Durable & Efficient Lid: The glass lid is tempered and shatterproof. Proper sealing ensures perfect capture of flavor and rapid scale-up of the temperature.
  • Safe: The whole construction is safe. It is PFOA-free. The high heat doesn’t do any harm to its nonstick cooking surface. The cool-touch handle will help you to serve extremely hot dishes without any hassle.
  • A Complete Package: Obviously, you are going to get one year warranty from the manufacturer. Additionally, you will get a complete recipe book for cooking with an electric cooking pan.
  • Cost-Effective: The price of the skillet is so reasonable with exclusive features.
  • A Great Gift: Mark my word; you need to bookmark this page. Why? If you plan to gift a kitchen accessory to someone dearest, then it’s the best choice.

What is the Maximum Temperature the Electric pan can Handle?

It can hold up to 450 degrees. The thermostat and the temperature dialer might not show more than 400. Still, if you check with a thermocouple, you will get your answer.

Does the glass lid of skillet shatter?

No, the lid is made of high-quality tempered glass. It is resistant to high cooking temperatures. But my advice would be don’t expose the cover to temperature shock. Like, if you suddenly put a hot top into cold water.

Will the skillet auto shut off if left on?

No, there is no auto-timer or heat sensor with it. The temperature dial will only show the temperature. But it is inefficient in taking any action based on temperature. It is not a drawback. Skillets are not automatic in general.

Is it possible to fry one pound of meat with Presto skillet?

Yeah, you can cook slightly more than one pound of meat in it. On an important note, you should use a low temperature of 275-325 degrees for cooking meat properly. Space is not an issue here; perfect temperature is the key.

Does the skillet need to be seasoned?

Not seasoning, but some treatment like seasoning would be great for the longevity. For example, after buying a new skillet immediately wash it with water and dish washing soap. And then, before cooking anything, heat the pan to 200 degrees (medium-high heat) and then apply one tablespoon of oil onto the surface. Keep the oil for two minutes, NOT MORE THAN TWO minutes. Then, wash the surface thoroughly. Wipe the surface with a paper towel. Now, your pan is seasoned (what you like to call) and ready to use.

Can I cook rice in the electric skillet?

Yes, you can cook any time of rice in an electric skillet. But, the quantity of rice should be calculated wisely. Rice increases in size after cooking. So, you need to spare that space. One more thing, temperature and time also need to be calculated wisely.

How to Choose an Electric Skillet for Frying Chicken

Q1#. Is the Electric Skillet PFOA free?

Yes, it’s PFOA-free. Great for health and safety. A must-try cookpan for your kitchen. Commonly, aluminum pans are POFA free, but if you have stainless steel pans, check thoroughly if its POFA free or not.

Q2#. Is the electric pan deep enough to hold a whole chicken?

No, it is designed to cook meat chunks, but a chicken is too big for the pan.

Q3#. How many watts in the skillet?

The skillet is about 1440 watts.

Q4#. Where is the skillet made?

This electronic cooking pot is not made in the United States. This product is made in China and imported in the US. The US counterparts assure the quality of the skillet.

Q4#. For how many people food can be cooked with a standard electric skillet?

This skillet is great for 4-6 people. It depends on the dish you are cooking. You can easily fry 12 large chunks of chicken in it.

Q5#. Can you cook scrambled eggs in an electric skillet?

I would say this pan is the best-scrambled egg cooker. Not just scrambled eggs; you can cook almost anything with this quality, inexpensive electric skillet.


I appreciate you have made it this far. If my experiences help you a bit, I would be delighted. Actually, the best skillet for frying chicken can be easily selected if you follow my research on electric skillets. Rest depends on your demand and budget.

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