Best Keurig for Iced Coffee and Tea – Reviews & Comparison

My granny used to make iced coffee for us; trust me, I completely understand how much effort it takes to make a cup of delicious coffee. Thankfully, we do have the best Keurig for iced coffee making, and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee is just a matter of few seconds.

Best Keurig for Iced Coffee and Tea

Iced coffee is the most popular solution to meet coffee quench and summer relief at once. But if you ask me, I would say I don’t need a reason or season to enjoy a delicious, flavorful cup of iced coffee.

With instant coffee-making machines, iced coffee is not a drink of hard toil instead a posh, soulful, chilliest earthly version of the holy grail.

This article will search for best Keurig coffee maker and scrutinize every possible feature to find the perfect companion for your kitchen. You will find a lot of instant tea or coffee maker in the market but not every product is worth of investing money. Our analysis will surely help you find the perfect iced coffee or tea-making machine for your kitchen.

Top 10 Best Keurig for Iced Coffee and Tea [Reviews & Guide]

Here comes the in-depth review of the 10 best Keurig for making iced coffee and tea. This section will discuss features to look for, pros and cons, and significant insights on who should look for which products. All the juices are as follows; check it out!

Image P. Name FEATURES Price
Best overall
K-Caffe Super Compatible Keurig Coffee Maker
K-Caffe Super Compatible Keurig Coffee Maker
  • Brewing Sizes: 6,8,10,12 oz
  • Travel Mug Compatibility: Yes, up to 7.2″
  • Water Reservoir: 60 oz
Best for Mass Uses
Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker
Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker
  • Brewing Sizes: 4,6,8,10,12 oz
  • Travel Mug Compatibility: Yes, up to 7.2″
  • Water Reservoir: 75 oz
Best for Price
Keurig K55 K-Classic Programmable Coffee Maker
Keurig K55 K-Classic Programmable Coffee Maker
  • Brewing Sizes: 6,8,10 oz
  • Travel Mug Compatibility: NO
  • Water Reservoir: 48 oz
Best for Brewing Quality
Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker
Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker
  • Brewing Sizes: 6,8,10,12 oz
  • Travel Mug Compatibility: Yes, up to 7.0″
  • Water Reservoir: 66 oz
Iced and Hot Coffee
Keurig K-DUO Coffee Maker
Keurig K-DUO Coffee Maker
  • Brewing Sizes: 6,8,10,12 oz
  • Travel Mug Compatibility: No
  • Water Reservoir: 60 oz

1#. Best Overall: K-Caffe Super Compatible Keurig Coffee Maker

Are you searching for the best iced coffee maker? Introducing the best seller of all time with superior quality and ease of handling features. Let’s explore in detail what this super-compatible Keurig coffee maker offers.

Best Overall: K-Caffe Super Compatible Keurig Coffee Maker
  • Multiple Brewing Options: With this single Keurig coffee maker, you can brew different coffee and even tea types. You just need the K-cup of your favorite coffee type or flavor to brew the best out of it. Cappuccinos, latte, iced coffee, and even hot chocolate can be brewed with this superb coffee-making machine.
  • Easy Control Panel: Top of the Keurig coffee machine, you will find an interactive user interface that is very simple to use. With a single command, you can start brewing, and multiple indicator lights will help you understand the current status and pass orders to the coffee maker.
  • Huge Water Reservoir: First of all, you will get a removable reservoir, which is very easy to refill. Secondly, it can hold 60 oz of water, able to serve 6 standard cups of coffee.
  • Smart Start: The process is pretty much straightforward. You don’t have to wait separately for water heating. While selecting the cup size, the water will be ready to brew. A real smart & instant coffee maker indeed.
  • Energy Saving: Keurig is commonly known for energy efficiency. Unlike most of the Keurig coffee making machines, this one is the top in energy saving. It has a programable auto switch-off option.
  • Compatible for Travel Mug: The new generation Keurig coffee machines allow travel mugs of different sizes. This specific model allows up to 7.2″ tall travel mugs if you choose one of the best travel mug for Keurig, no worries! Because most of the travel mug is compatible with this coffee maker model.
  • Maintenance Signals: Minerals like calcium ruin the coffee experience, even hampers the Keurig coffee machine’s interior integrity. It is always better to know when to descale the Keurig to get the ultimate coffee experience. This coffee maker from Keurig signals when you need to descale your coffee machine.
  • Highly energy efficient.
  • Compatible for travel mugs
  • Huge water reservoir
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Works in higher altitude up to 5000 feet
  • Comes as a combo pack of latte, cappuccino maker and dishwasher safe.
  • Price is slightly high.
  • Brewing
  • time can vary at longer use.

2#. Best for Mass Uses: Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Elite has been specially designed for personal kitchens and people with delicate choices. You will get some fantastic features in it, and most importantly, you will love its price, as its way more reasonable than other Keurig with similar characteristics. Let’s explore more about this best Keurig machine for iced coffee.

Best for Mass Uses: Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker
  • Single Press Iced Tea & Coffee: The “iced button” wins the race for the best coffee maker to make iced coffee by a huge margin! With that fancy button, you just need to press it, and the K-Elite Keurig coffee maker selects optimal size and strength. Now, it’s time to brew hot and serve chilled.
  • Multiple Brewing Size: Most popular brewing cup sizes are available in K-Elite iced coffee maker. You will get 4, 6, 8,10,12 oz cup sizes with this Keurig model. Undoubtedly, Keurig K-Elite is the best Keurig model for iced coffee and tea.
  • K-Elite Strong Brew Button: Brew strong coffee with the STRONG BREW button. Those who love robust, flavourful, and delicious coffee know what this button means to you guys! This feature is enough for any coffee-head to add this coffee maker to their wish list.
  • Fast Brewing: K-Elite coffee machine is highly recommendable for use in offices and public programs. Why? Because it brews too short, and you need to be furious to grab your cup before anyone else!
  • Extra-large Water Reservoir: A 75 oz water reservoir is enough for brewing 8 cups of coffee. Also, the hot water button servers as a hot heater/boiler. You can make instant soup, oatmeal, or noodles with hot water. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the scarcity of hot water for brewing because it has a fast water heating capacity.
  • Compatibility with Travel Mugs & Efficient Drip Tray: This Keurig can serve up to 7.2 inches tall travel mugs, and the removable drip tray can hold up to one cup of accidental spillage of coffee.
  • Programmable Settings: K-Elite Keurig iced coffee making machine offers temperature control, automatic on/off, and high-altitude settings.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Works at a high altitude.
  • Brew 8 cups of coffee per single water load.
  • Travel mug compatibility.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Multipurpose uses.
  • It doesn’t seal around the top of the K-cup
  • In few cases, 2/3rd of the cup is filled per serving.

3#. Best for Price: Keurig K55 K-Classic Programmable Coffee Maker

I’m Truly, Madly & Deeply in love with Keurig K55 K-Classic Programmable Coffee Maker. If you ask me or not, I am going to tell you the reasons. It’s the cheapest Keurig coffee maker of all time. Moreover, it comes with cutting-edge technologies and multiple brewing facilities. Let’s know more:

Best for Price: Keurig K55 K-Classic Programmable Coffee Maker
  • Large Water Reservoir: In comparison to its brewing capacity, it has a great water reservoir of 48 ounces. Most importantly, the Keurig K55 water reservoir is removable and easy to refill with water.
  • Multiple Brewing Size: It offers brewing sizes of 6, 8, and 10 ounces. This brewing range is enough for a standard brew to the strongest brew.
  • Auto Controlling: The auto-off feature is crucial for lesser power consumption. If you purchase this Keurig K55 K-Classic Programmable Coffee Maker, it will save a lot of money than other Keurig coffee makers.
  • Simple Command Panel: I will say, K55 Keurig has the most straightforward and most durable button on top of it. It’s effortless to use, and the buttons are highly durable. There is no risk of electrical shocks at the time of operation.
  • Best Keurig Model for Iced Coffee: You can easily descale the coffee maker when required. It will provide a signal to the user when it’s time for maintenance and descaling. What else you can expect from the best Keurig model.
  • Energy Saving
  • Efficient water reservoir
  • Multiple brewing options
  • Descaling reminder
  • Cheap
  • Requires lesser maintenance.
  • You can’t brew over 10 ounces.
  • Not compatible with tall travel mugs.

4#. Best for Personal Uses: Keurig K-mini Plus Coffee Maker

I would say, Keurig K-mini Plus coffee machine is the “all-time best” coffee maker of Keurig. With that price, you will get most of the premium features a Keurig should have. Let’s delve deeper into the Keurig K-mini Plus coffee maker.

Best for Personal Uses: Keurig K-mini Plus Coffee Maker
  • Fast Brewing: Super-fast and fresh brewing is the key feature of this Keurig coffee maker. The K-mini Plus coffee machine can produce every single cup of fresh coffee within minutes.
  • Large Pod Store: The pod store of the Keurig K-mini Plus coffee machine is enormous! Save a massive space as 9 K-cups can be stored in the tummy of the Keurig. The best part is, you don’t need to insert a K-cup again and again for endless cups of coffee.
  • Cold Storage: What if the iced coffee loses its iciness while traveling even a short distance? These painful days are over! We have a Keurig K-mini Plus coffee maker, which offers cold storage for ease of transportation.
  • Comprehensive Brewing Option: You can use any cup size between 6 to 12. It’s fascinating! You may wonder why I am so excited about the brewing cup size. It is because very few Keurig coffee maker allows odd number as brew cup size.
  • Compatibility with Travel Mug: It can hold 7 inches tall travel mug for Keurig. Additionally, you will get a drip plate, which is very easy to clean and, importantly, holds any accidental spillage to ruin your clothes and the coffee machine itself.
  • Smart and sleek outlook
  • Highly durable
  • Compatible with a travel mug
  • Reusable filter
  • Best Keurig that values money.
  • Single serve only.
  • No strong brew options

5#. Best for Brewing Quality: Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t love machines with state-of-the-art technology? Indeed all of us do. When it happens to a coffee maker, it’s like milk with dark chocolate or ice with freshly brewed tea. Let’s know more about this advanced coffee-making machine specialized in iced coffee making.

 Best for Brewing Quality: Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker
  • Multi-stream Technology: With this advanced technology, more aroma is extracted from coffee. A study from Texas A&M University’s Chemical Engineering department reported that around 33% of aroma is lost while brewing ground coffee. With multi-stream technology, approximately 83% of flavor can be retained.
  • Multiple Brewing Option: You will get the freedom of selecting from a wide range of cup sizes. Brewing option is available at 6, 8,10, and 12 fl. Oz cup size.
  • Cup Customization:  Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker has the capacity of brewing in different concentrations. You can brew a strong coffee cup with brew STRONG button or make iced coffee or tea with an ICED button. Amazing, isn’t it?
  • Supports Tall Travel Mug: It is compatible with maximum 7 inches tall travel mugs. For me, 7 inches mug is more than enough to carry my delicious drink to my office.
  • Alert System: The unique alert system will notify the user when to descale the Keurig coffee maker. As I’m your reminder alarm now, I must inform you that after 250 brews, it’s time to descale for most of the Keurig coffee maker.
  • Fresh and fast brewing facility.
  • No hold up or continuous brewing technology.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Highly compatible with reusable K-cup universal filter.
  • It can be brewed with your own ground coffee.
  • Durable
  • Price slightly on the higher side.
  • Descaling required after 250 brews.

6#. Best Keurig for Iced and Hot Coffee Maker: Keurig K-DUO Coffee Maker

Keurig K-DUO Coffee Maker is another coffee machine engineered with highly advanced technology. The technologies applied in this coffee maker will help the user operate with ease and serve flavourful coffee cups. Let’s take a brief look at what it offers:

  • Smart Start Facility: Brewing and heating will commence in just one command. You don’t have to wait for the water to be heated. Just select the cup size, and you are ready to go.
  • Multiple Brewing Option: Taking about the cup size automatically ooze a question on brewing sizes. You can brew 6, 8, 10, 12 cup size with a carafe and the same option is also applicable with a direct brew.
  • Reusable Water Filter: Compatibility with gold-tone mesh filter will allow you to replace the filter easily. Most importantly, it’s reusable. Changing the water filter is very simple.
  • Select Your Brewing Concentration: Keurig K-DUO Coffee Maker has a STRONG brew option and ICED brew option. So, you can brew as per your need.
  • Brewing with Cup and Carafe: You can enjoy brewing coffee as per your requirement. If you need to brew your own grounded coffee, it’s possible with K-DUO. Obviously, it is compatible with K-cups as well.
  • Smart Operation: It automatically synchronizes the brewing and pouring system. As it commences a pause after 20 seconds of brewing, this Keurig consumes a minimal amount of energy while brewing.
  • Huge Water Reservoir: Enjoy a gigantic water reservoir of 60 ounces. There will be no hassle of making an iced coffee in the morning rush with this giant water reservoir.
  • Comes with glass carafe and heating plate.
  • Facility of keeping coffee hot for longer
  • STRONG brew option.
  • Smart technologies applied.
  • Great for offices and public places.
  • Large water reservoir
  • Can be brewed with own ground coffee.
  • Not compatible with tall travel mugs.
  • Need to purchase mesh filter for carafe separately.

7#. Best Keurig alternative: BLACK+DECKER CM1160B

You have already understood, Keurig is undoubtedly the best coffee machine with a price that is slightly higher for some models. Black decker coffee maker offers similar features to Keurig, but the thing is, it’s way cheaper than Keurig. Let’s explore the best Keurig-like coffee maker from Black decker.

  • Simple Programming Interface: Enjoy a simple user interface with feature buttons with Black Decker CM1160B. It offers a day-long auto brew option, perfect for continuous coffee brewing, and the best coffee maker model for office uses.
  • Rubberized Controls: Buttons are rubberized, so you will feel safe while using them. There is minimal chance of electrical or fire hazards with this type of coffee machine. Also, it ensures the comfortable use of the machine by ensuring longevity.
  • Uninterrupted Coffee Making: You can snatch a cup of coffee at the time of brewing. So, there is no gloomy face waiting for a delicious cup of coffee.
  • Power Efficient: It consumes a very similar sort of energy as Keurig does. You can save 25% of the money at the end of the year than other commonly used coffee machines.
  • Non-stick Carafe Plate: The carafe plate is highly efficient and non-stick in nature. It can help you to clean the carafe plate without much hassle. The most lucrative feature of the black decker coffee machine is that the carafe plate can keep the coffee warm even after an hour of brewing. Most importantly, it is done without any expense of energy.
  • Cheapest Keurig alternative
  • Auto on/off
  • Easy maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to make different types of coffee.
  • There is some durability issue
  • Brewing efficiency not up to the mark.

8#. Best for heavy duty brewer: Keurig K155- Officepro Commercial Coffee Maker: 

Keurig K155 Office Commercial Coffee Maker is not less than other highly appreciated coffee makers. It is specially designed for heavily-loaded brewing, 2.9 quartz with the shiny, silver color box. It can perfectly brew a cup of coffee, tea, cold or hot beverage, etc., within a few minutes, just clicking a button.

Keurig K155- Officepro Commercial Coffee Maker: 
  • Large-sized water reservoir: This coffee maker can store or keep 90 ounces of water as it has an easily replaceable water reservoir. And like a pro coffee maker, you can fill 18 cups within a few minutes. 
  • Four different sizes for brewing: There are four different sizes for brewing: 4 ounces, 8 ounces, or 10 ounces. Using different sizes, you can make a strong to milder coffee or other kinds of creamy, sweet hot, or cold beverages with different mouthwatering flavors.
  • Color touchscreen: This is one of the best features for these coffee makers that enable you to choose and increase or decrease the temperatures from nearly 188 degrees Fahrenheit to 198 degrees Fahrenheit. Here, the setting options are straightforward because it has a language display to understand the available setting options.
  • A perfect and quick time of brewing: It is a good option for the person who is always swamped with a lot of work. Because it can brew any drinking materials in less than a minute. How graceful it is! You do not need to wait for brewing, and no need to waste your valuable time.
  • Swift is draining and storing: The brand Keurig coffee maker is just excellent! It enables you to drain and keep water swiftly from the hot or warm tank.
  • It can be used to support heavy use
  • There are four different serving sizes
  • It can automatically switch off
  • Expensive
  • Large in size

9#. Best for Confined Space:  Keurig K- Slim Coffee Maker

By seeing the name, you understand that this is a slim coffee maker that you can easily carry whenever you want, such as in an office or small kitchen. It can be kept in narrow areas or hidden areas because it is a slim and perfect design made of plastic colored in black, and it can fill 4 cups at a time.

Keurig K- Slim Coffee Maker
  • Fits in narrow and confined areas:  The width of these coffee makers is less than 5 meters. By seeing this measurement, you will be able to understand how slim and portable it is! So I would like to suggest those who are busy with changing locations or houses often. It is a perfect, tall but light-weighted coffee maker.
  • Quick outcome: Using these coffee makers, you will be able to drink fresh, creamy, and delicious coffee or cuppings in just a minute. It feels good and peaceful when we do not need to wait for food or coffee.
  • Several cup water reservoir: It can keep 46 ounces of water in the pool and helps you to brew out 4 cups before you fill the 8Oz again. I think of this affordable price and durability; you will win if you purchase it.
  • The energy supplied methodologically:  This coffee maker has available setting options that can stop working if not necessary. After 300 seconds or 5 mins, it will stop automatically if there is no need to work.
  • It fills up less space
  • Numbers of Cup reservoirs
  • Licensed and unlicensed K cup pods are available
  • Moderate price
  • Temperature can not be controlled
  • There are only three brew setting options
  • Liquid substance is hard to refill and pour

10#. Best for Versatility: Keurig K2500 plumbed Single Serve Commercial Coffee Maker

Keurig K2500 plumbed Single Serve Commercial Coffee Maker is a coffee maker made of polypropylene with a human interference touchscreen. It is a stylish coffee maker and black.

11#. Best for Versatility: Keurig K2500 plumbed Single Serve Commercial Coffee Maker
  • Nozzle Connection: This filter has a Nozzle Connection, making installation easy and taking less time to fix and use it. As NSF-4 standardizes it, you do not need to worry about hygiene and cleaning. It will be well-planned coffee makers. Without any doubt, you can buy something that meets your requirements and budget.
  • Push-button fill: This coffee maker has a push button or mechanized system, so you need to worry about running out of water. Because it helps to keep clean and drain water in time, for this reason, it saves your time and expenses. In addition, internal tanks of these coffee makers can be quickly emptied and stored.
  • Powerful setting options for brewing: There are different options and 5 cup sizes ( 4, 6, 8,10, and 12 Oz) for brewing from high to low. You can choose any of them, the flavor you want to make. Then, just click and sip a cup of coffee peacefully.
  • Touch screen linkage: As this coffee maker has a touch screen interface, you can customize high ranges of settings, five different sizes of cups, switch on/off options, functional sleep mode, and other easy instructions for brewing all kinds of beverages. It is mainly fashioned for simple to sophisticated businesses.
  • Compatible and Versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Offers tasty flavor
  • Durable
  • No color options
The buying guide on how to choose best Keurig iced coffee maker

How to Choose an Excellent Keurig Coffee Maker? Buying Guide

It’s crucial to know how to choose the best Keurig that can make excellent iced coffee before a purchasing move. Here, I will discuss some key features that you should look for buying a Keurig coffee maker. Note that this buying guide for Iced coffee doesn’t limit to buying iced coffee makers only. This buying guide stands for all Keurig coffee makers.

Flavour Retention Capacity

Different old model coffee makers can ruin your coffee experiences. Technologies are essential in the different chemical extraction processes. As older versions of traditional coffee makers are not appropriately optimized with recent technologies, they fail to extract coffee’s aroma while brewing. The most important feature of an ideal coffee maker is that it should retain at least 80% aroma after brewing from raw coffee.

Brewing Size

Wide range of brewing sizes will give you the freedom of brewing as per your need. But there is an interesting fact. Most people use maximum 2 brewing size in their whole life for making coffee for thyself. And if you choose a coffee maker with a wide brewing size, it might be costly. If you are sure you will need just 2-3 brewing sizes, then smartly select a coffee maker with that specification. For enterprises and mass/public/office uses, it’s a must to buy a coffee maker with comprehensive brewing size options.

Water Reservoir Capacity

It’s a significant factor for any modern coffee maker. A large water reservoir capacity will reduce the hassle of reloading water again and again. Another thing to look at in the water reservoir is its filtration unit. You need to choose a filtration unit that can remove calcium efficiently. Calcium can ruin the taste of the coffee.

Brewing Time

For the rush hour and upcoming challenging day, a fresh coffee means a lot. That’s why you will need a dynamic coffee machine that can brew in a couple of minutes regardless of the brewing size.

Travel Mug Compatibility

Most of the Keurig is compatible with tall travel mugs. It’s an essential feature of coffee maker design. It ensures the portability of coffee at the time of travel.

Energy Efficiency

Keurig coffee makers are known for their low energy consumption capabilities. The Keurig coffee machines we have suggested here are energy efficient. You can undoubtedly choose one from the list.

Selling Trend

Popularity analysis is the critical factor for making any buying decision. In the review section, we have shown you the popularity matrix of different Keurig coffee makers. To make a perfect buying decision (applicable for any product), compare your demand and selling trend. It will readily result in the ideal product selection; even you don’t need to research a lot.


The truth is, advanced technology is costly. Cutting-edge technologies have taken the coffee making industry to move towards 3rd generation coffee making machines. If your budget is medium, certainly you will get the best coffee making machine from Keurig. But my suggestion will be don’t buy any device without automation. It’s not suitable for our busy life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1#. Which Keurig K-cup has the most caffeine?

Ans: There are several K-cups which has the maximum amount of caffeine. The list of Keurig K-cups with most caffein is as follows:

  • Death Wish K-cup for Keurig
  • One cup joe (Doubled caffeine)
  • Van Houtte Medium Roast
  • Keurig Hot – Starbucks Blonde roast
  • Marley Coffee – (HOT)

Q2#. Which K Cup is best for Iced coffee?

Ans: Here is the list of most popular K cups for making great iced coffee:

The first two on the list are best if you like iced coffee and the last option perfectly suits with tea lovers.

Q3#. Which Keurig models make iced coffee?

Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker is the best iced coffee-making machine from Keurig. It will allow you to brew hot and serve chilled. Now, if you ask, how to make iced coffee with Keurig K Supreme? The steps are pretty simple. Load your coffee cup with few ice cubes, then place the cup under the coffee pouring nozzle and brew hot. Your iced coffee is ready with Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker.

Q4#. Can you use regular K Cups for iced coffee?

Ans: Usual K cups can be used to make great iced coffee. Choice of K cups depends on taste sense of a person. Most of the K cups are compatible to make iced coffee. If you are looking for recommendations, please check a complete list of iced coffee and tea K cups here.

Q5#. What coffee does Starbucks use for iced coffee?

They have their own secret blend to make iced coffee. But, if you are interested to make chilled coffee like Starbucks, add Starbucks K cup pod coffee, ice cube and your Keurig will generate a masterpiece for sure.


I hope you have enjoyed our article with or without a cup of coffee. If you read the whole article, by now, you know how to choose the best Keurig for iced coffee. Come back again if you have more kitchenqueries. We are ready to serve your better interests. Cheers!