Best Keurig Water Filter Replacement Cartridges — In Depth Guide

I know you are a caffeine lover like me and entirely dependent on it to boost your mood and energy.  In that case, I know Keurig’s importance in your kitchen.

Keurigs are renowned for making delicious coffee. But they can make beverages like tea, other cocoa or dairy-based drinks, lemonade drinks, and many more. But, the most crucial thing is the filter in the Keurig. The filter is solely responsible for the taste of the coffee or any drink you make.

If you don’t change the water filter of Keurig, you may experience a variation of taste after few months. Sometimes, the taste is so bad that it just kills the mood of having a cup of coffee. Do you know the reason behind this? Let me explain it to you.


The water that is used in the Keurig to make the drink is responsible for its taste. If the water is perfect, you will not have any bad experience with the coffee or tea. But, if the water contains different impurities like chlorine or chloramine, excess calcium, and other minerals, then the problem occurs.

As a caffeine addict, I know you do not want to compromise the taste of your coffee with anything. So, what could be the solution to this problem?

You can use a water filter replacement cartridge in your Keurig to remove the impurities and ensure your beverages taste the best. If the water supply of your place contains a lot of chemicals like this, using the water filter will also help you get healthy drinking water.

Now don’t get worried by thinking about which water filter cartridge you should choose for your Keurig. After analyzing thousands of Keurig water filter replacement cartridges, I’ll help you choose the right one.

Our Top Picks for the Best Keurig Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

I’ve picked the five best water filters for Keurig from my experience. With the in-depth analysis, you’ll get to choose the compatible one for you.

1. Best Overall: 6-pack Replacement Charcoal Water filter

As a coffee lover, I understand how annoying it is when the descale light is always on in your Keurig. If you face the same problem, I think 6-pack Replacement Charcoal Water filterCartridges will be the best solution.

6-pack Replacement Charcoal Water filter Cartridges with Starter Kit Combo for Keurig single brewing system and some models of Breville by Geesta
  • Ensure Fittings: The most significant advantage of this water filter cartridge is that you can check using your Keurig’s model no. Whether it’ll be fit for your Keurig or not, this cartridge is an excellent fit for the Keurig’s made after 2007. I bought one of these for my Breville Expresso machine (BES900XL), and it fitted perfectly in it.
  • Premium Filtration: The manufacturer claims that this cartridge provides superior filtration like reducing the taste and odour of chlorine, chloramine etc. The water I used in my Keurig contained iron, and the Keurig often got clogged because of this. But after using this cartridge, the problem was solved. It also helps to purify pesticides, bacteriostatic from the water.
  • High-quality: There is six water filter cartridge that comes in one packet. Each filter is filled with top quality activated charcoal with a non-woven cover to maintain the premium quality. You’ll find each filter sealed with instructions printed on the bag, packed together in one box, which will help you preserve the rest cartridges for a long time.
  • Material: Each water filter cartridge is made of 100% food-grade materials. No BPA, LED, or DEHP has been used in these cartridges, ensuring your safe and sound health. I’ve been using this cartridge for almost one year in my Keurig and didn’t face any health issues.
  • Easy Installation Process: I have found this water filter cartridge very easy to install in the Keurig. Just remove the bottom of the filter holder, remove the cartridge if you’re already using one, insert the new cartridge into the upper filter holder, place the bottom at the right place, and then set the replacement date dial pad. You’ll also get a clear-cut instruction book while making a purchase.
  • Pros: After installing this water filter cartridge, I can taste a difference in my coffee. The taste has improved so much. Suppose you use hard water to make your coffee daily. In that case, I think this water filter cartridge is a must for the highest durability of your Keurig. To get the best result, I’d recommend you change the cartridge after every 45-60 days depending on the hardness of your water.
  • Cons: I didn’t find any mentionable con of this water filter refill cartridge.

2. Best Convenient:  Compatible Keurig Charcoal Replacement Water Filters by Pureline

Looking for a water filter replacement cartridge for your Keurig but too confused whether the cartridge will fit or not? Well, your wait is over. I think Compatible Keurig Charcoal Replacement Water Filters by Pureline will be the suitable one for you.

Compatible Keurig Charcoal Replacement Water Filters by Pureline
  • Material: The filters are manufactured with the highest grade micromesh material, ensuring that the charcoal stays in the filter. It’ll help you to avoid the clogging problem of your Keurig and won’t jam your machine.
  • Ensures Safety: I found these cartridges helpful to remove the impurities from the water. The manufacturer states that Pureline is the only coffee filter in the market to utilize ionized finely grained charcoal grains, which eventually helps to remove all the harmful particles of the water like chlorine, iron, etc.
  • Universal Fit: This is the most beneficial feature of compatible Keurig charcoal replacement water filters by Pureline. When no water filter refill cartridge doesn’t match my Keurig model, I go for this one. This even works as a replacement water filter for Keurig 2.0, including many other models. So, whenever there is any confusion with the fittings, this can be your go-to cartridge.
  • Provides the Best Coffee: After using this Keurig water filter, my coffee tastes greater than ever. You’ll not only get a better-tasting cup of coffee, you’ll also get the water pure, safe, and clean. If you want to make a chocolate shake for your toddler using the Keurig, you don’t have to worry about the safe water.
  • Protected Packaging: When I purchased one of these Keurig Charcoal Replacement Water Filters by Pureline, I was delighted with their packaging system. Though many of my colleagues complained about loose packaging, I found them completely fine and protected.
  • Pros: Using these Keurig water filter cartridges was beneficial for my coffee machine. My last Keurig didn’t last for so long as I didn’t use the water filter, and eventually, it got clogged. I found this water filter replacement cartridge hassle-free to install. As a chef and a coffee lover, I think this filter is a great deal for everyday use according to its price.
  • Cons: You may get confused as the instruction says to soak the filter for 15 minutes, whereas the picture says soak for 5 minutes before installing. I’d suggest you soak the filter for 15-20 minutes to get the best result from my personal experience.

3. Best Water Filter Cartridge for Keurig 2.0: K& Replacement Keurig Starter Kit for Keurig 2.0 Brewers

Suppose your coffee maker is an upgraded one like Keurig 2.0 brewers. You are looking for a water filter that fits appropriately in your Keurig. In that case, I think K& Replacement Keurig Starter Kit for Keurig 2.0 Brewers will be the suitable one for regular use.

K& Replacement Keurig Starter Kit for Keurig 2.0 Brewers
  • Easy to Install: This water filter installation process is given full pictographic instruction on the box. It seemed crystal clear to me to follow every step to install the cartridge. You can do it by yourself and get any beverage with fantastic taste.
  • Freshness: The filter grabs a decent amount of impurities. You have your mechanical filtration and your carbon/charcoal to take away the remaining impurities. In my opinion, this filter can’t remove the hardness of the water appropriately so, if your supplied water contains ingredients like chlorine, iron, etc. You may need to find alternatives or go for a different water filter refill cartridge in that case.
  • Related Accessories: If your coffee maker does not come with a filter holder, you don’t have to worry before purchasing this filter for Keurig 2.0. It comes with a filter holder with a replacement date selector. While making a purchase, you’ll get a 6-pack of charcoal water filter with a retainer base.
  • Compatibility: This water filter replacement cartridge is a great fit for most Keurig 2.0 brewers. You can just put your Keurig’s model no. to ensure whether the water filter will be a proper fit for your coffee maker or not. However, the company claims this filter is not compatible with Keurig K-Cup, Rivo, Vue, Keurig 2.0 K200, K225, K250, K260, K275 brewing systems.
  • Pros: This water filter is much cheaper than Keurig and has six water filter cartridges with a plastic filter base. The filtration process is suitable if your water doesn’t contain a lot of hardness. This water filter will fit perfectly in any Keurig 2.0, excluding those that are not compatible with this filter.
  • Cons: I think the carbon/charcoal that has been used in this filter is comparatively cheap. Sometimes, it is a little challenging to remove the bottom part to insert the filter. As the filter base is plastic, you’ve to remove it carefully while replacing the filter.

4. Best for Removing Impurities: Keurig Water Filter Refill Cartridge

Sometimes, the water supply in our house is not the top-notch quality. Often it contains different impurities, more or less. Suppose the taste of your coffee is not up to the mark because of this issue. In that case, I’d suggest you buy a Keurig Water Filter Refill Cartridge to solve your problem.

Keurig Water Filter Refill Cartridge
  • Provides Safety: Keurig Water Filter Refill Cartridge provides safety by removing chlorine, chloramine, iron, etc., from the water. You should change the water filter after every 2 months to get pure water to maintain sound health. The filter is also free from any harmful particles like BPA, LED, etc. They gave a proper thought about people’s health while manufacturing the product.
  • Great Taste: As this water filter replacement cartridge helps remove impurities like calcium, chlorine, etc., from the water, it eventually results in a greater taste of beverages. Your morning coffee will taste better than ever, and you’ll get a healthy drink whenever you want.
  • Easy to Install: I found the installation or replacement process relatively hassle-free for this water filter. Firstly, soak the new water filter for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it for 1 minute. Thus, the water filter will be prepared to place in the filter holder. After inserting it into the filter holder, simply put it into the water reservoir and lock it firmly. After that, you are good to use it.
  • Pros: The fact that you have this optional water filter piece means that you do not have to use any pre-filtered water either from a water pitcher or store-bought bottled. This is a six-pack of filters means it will last an entire year as the filters only need replacing every two months, which seems cost-effective.
  • Cons: You may notice a red mold after using it for a couple of weeks if your water contains more impurities. In that case, you need to clean the filter, or you may simply replace the water filter if it’s possible for you.

5. Best at a Reasonable Price: Keurig Six Water Filter Cartridges

If you are looking for a refill cartridge for Keurig at a reasonable price. In that case, you can go for Keurig Six Water Filter Cartridges.

Keurig Six Water Filter Cartridges
  • Universal Fit: You may see in the product feature that this water filter is a universal fit in any Keurig, but I don’t think it is from my personal experience. So make sure you check it using the model no. of your coffeemaker whether it’ll be a perfect fit or not.
  • High-quality: The manufacturer claims that this is a high-quality water filter with the best filtration system. I can’t wholly agree with their statement. This water filter rusts after using a couple of weeks. I’d not recommend you to buy this one unless you are very low on budget.
  • Amazing Taste: The taste of the beverages after using this water filter is fantastic. But after using some days, when the filter gets rusted, it doesn’t provide the same taste as before. Instead, it doesn’t smell good at some points. You must replace the filter to get a cup of drinkable coffee.
  • Pros: These filters are a terrific deal for the price. You’ll get the supply for a year. I found this water filter replacement cartridge very easy to install. You’ll get your water filtered and clean while brewing the coffee. It doesn’t contain any odor, which will help you get a coffee cup without having an odd flavor.
  • Cons: This water filter has an ill reputation for its fitting. So, if you plan to buy this water filter, I’d suggest you check model no. again and again. Most people face authenticity issues after purchasing this filter. In a word, if the price is not an issue for you, I’d recommend you not to choose this water filter for your Keurig.

Which Keurig Water Filter Replacement Cartridge is Compatible for Which Keurig Model?

Finding out the right water filter refill cartridge seems a lot more challenging, I completely agree with you. To avoid all the trouble, I’ve come up with a chart that will help you to pick up the right water filter cartridge for your Keurig at a glance.

Water FilterCompatible Keurig Machine/Model
6-pack Replacement Charcoal Water filter CartridgesBreville espresso machines BES900XL, BES860XL, BES840XL, BES870, BES980, BKC600XL, BKC700XL, and Keurig machines made after 2007.
Compatible Keurig Charcoal Replacement Water Filters by PurelineKeurig 2.0 machines, Keurig sungle cup reservoir brewing machine, Elite, Classic, Ultra, Special Edition, Ultimate, Platinum, B40, and B70.
K& Replacement Keurig Starter Kit for Keurig 2.0 BrewersKeurig 2.0 K50, K300, K325, K350, K360, K375, K400, K425, K450, K460, K475, K500, K525, K550, K560, K575, K600, K625, K650, K660, and K675 series brewers.
Keurig Water Filter Refill Cartridges Keurig coffee makers with a water reservoir including: K-Supreme Series, K-Duo Plus, K-Café Series, K-Elite, K-Select, K-Classic, K-Slim.
Keurig Six Water Filter CartridgesManufacturer claims it as a universal fit. I can ensure it as a perfect fit for a few models such as, K40, K55, K250, Cuisinart SS-10 etc.

Now, you know which water filter refill cartridge is compatible with which model. It will make your purchase decision super simple.

Best Water Filter Refill Cartridge for Keurig Consumer Report:

As a coffee lover, I researched a lot to find out the suitable water filter for my Keurig. Here, I have combined my experiences and research data to prepare a consumer report for the best water filter for the Keurig machine.

The graph has been developed by integrating different datasets like price, compatibility, safety, durability, real customer feedback, and product return ratio. This graphical representation will help you to make an easy buying decision.

Let’s check the graph.

Best Water Filter Refill Cartridge for Keurig Consumer Report:

From the graph, we can determine the two most popular water filter for Keurig through CSI index.

What is a CSI Index?

CSI is a composite representation of our developed algorithm towards the trustability of the product. The output of the algorithm can be analyzed very easily. The more the CSI %, the more the product accepted by the previous customers.

According to the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) of this chart, the two close competitors K& Replacement Keurig Starter Kit for Keurig 2.0 Brewers and Keurig Water Filter Refill Cartridges leading in the market with 40% consumer confidence for both.

Now, read out the in-depth analysis of all the water filters to identify the best one for your Keurig.

When should I change the water filter of my Keurig?

You may wonder exactly when you should change the water filter replacement cartridge in my Keurig. It depends on various factors. Let me sum up all those.

  • The basic rule of changing the water filter in Keurig is after 60 days or 60 tank refills to keep your water safe and pure.
  • If you use the machine every day to make coffee for you and your small family, I’d suggest you change the water filter after every 45 days to get the best result.
  •  If you have a large family and use it daily to make coffee and other drinks for your family, changing the water filter after every 30 days will be the wisest decision.
  • Sometimes, it depends on the quality of water in your area. If the hardness of water is way more in your locality, the water filter will provide the service less than it was supposed to. You may change it depending on the taste of your coffee.
  • If you use the Keurig alone or even do not use it regularly, then it’s considerable for you to use it for more than two months. But never use the Keurig for more than six months, whether the taste of your coffee changes or not.

Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Keurig Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

Now you may ask which water filter replacement cartridge you should buy for your Keurig. Let me help you by explaining the factors you need to go through before purchasing.

Best Fit: The first and foremost factor that you should check before buying a water filter replacement cartridge fits perfectly in your Keurig. In most cases, you can check it by entering your Keurig’s model no. Some of the companies mentioned in their product feature that the filter is compatible with any Keurig model. If the filter doesn’t fit perfectly in your Keurig, the total project will go in vain.

Premium Filtration: Before making a purchase, you should check the fact whether the filtration process is suitable for you or not. Some water filters can remove the impurities perfectly, whereas some can do it at a moderate level. Now, suppose your water supply doesn’t contain a lot of hardness.

In that case, you can quickly go with the moderate level filtration system. But if your water contains many impurities like calcium, chlorine, chloramine, iron, etc., you can’t compromise with the filtration process.

Material: You should also have a look at the material the water filter is made of. Health is wealth. It would help if you didn’t compromise your health with anything. So before buying a water filter, make sure it is free of BPA, LED, DEHP, and other harmful materials.

Having these materials in the water filter may cause problems in your liver or kidney, even lead to cancer. So be very careful while choosing a water filter replacement cartridge for your coffeemaker.

Amazing Taste: Well, as a coffee lover, I know how much important it is to have a cup of coffee with an amazing taste. One of the basic purposes of using a water filter in your Keurig is to have a better taste of coffee every day. So, choose a water filter that will provide you a cup of coffee or any beverages with the best taste. If possible, try to collect honest reviews from your known people before buying one.

Easy to Install: Another thing you should check before making a purchase is the installation process. As it’s a regular use product, make sure the process is trouble-free for you.

Most water filter packages come with an instruction book or a pictographic section of ‘how to install’ on the box. So, I think the process is not so problematic.

Price: As you have already bought a coffeemaker, it’s understandable that you won’t be interested in spending a lot buying a water filter. Usually, the water filters cartridges price are nothing compared to Keurig. But, don’t compromise with your safe and sound health while buying a cheap water filter. Choose one that has a combination of the best service and affordable price for you.


I hope you’re ready to buy the best Keurig water filter replacement cartridge. If you are still confused about which one to choose, in that case, I’d suggest you go for the Compatible Keurig Charcoal Replacement Water Filters by Pureline. Don’t forget to share the article with your other friends. Help them to find the right water filter and enjoy the fresh and amazing tasted beverage any time they want.

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