Best Kitchen Knifes Set Under 50$

Firstly, for those who follow me on Twitter, I’m grateful to you guys that you loved my kitchen knife tricks video of the last week. I said in that video, “knife is the most crucial kitchen accessories for any cook.” If you are a chef like me, a home cook, or a cuisine entrepreneur, you must have the best knife set. As the budget is a crucial factor for most of us, I will review the 7 best kitchen knife sets under $50, those I have personally used.

These knives are best for different expertise-level aspirant cooks. I will discuss knife sets that will be great for beginners, few knives’ sets are special for expert cooks, and some are best for precision and long-lasting sharpness.   

After analyzing 100+ knife sets and thousands of knife set reviews & blogs, I have finalized the top 7 best knives set for under 50$. Just be sure which set is best for serving your purpose.

So, without any more due, let’s dive into the analysis.

Top 7 Best Kitchen Knife Set Under $50 [Reviews 2022]

This critical analysis and review section will discuss my experiences with these knife sets and how they can facilitate your cooking journey. So, let’s start the cutting knife set review.

#1.Best Overall: Home Hero 17 Pieces Stainless Steel Knife Set

Here we go with another kitchen essential that has won my heart while using. This has been included in my list because of its performance and sustainability, for which we all know it. Home Hero is one of the best knife brands in the world! Encouraging right?

Home Hero 17 Pieces Stainless Steel Knife Set

All-in-one Knife Set: Your kitchen escaped from being a step forward of perfection without this must-have knife set. It offers thirteen knives for professional use, with added kitchen scissors, a peeler, and a quality knife sharpener. Is not it the best knife set for your kitchen?

Uncompromised Quality: The superior steel is stainless, and non-stick painting updates your cooking experience. They promise to derive that professional feel in your kitchen.

Multi-purpose: Who doesn’t want to enjoy a vast segment of benefits from a single product price worth? Home Hero knives set comes with expanded functionalities in a single set. That includes chef, utility, cheese, pizza, bread, steaks, and many more pairing knives adding perfection to your kitchen.

Good knife Set for All: It doesn’t matter you are a master chef or newbie; you can enjoy your cooking to the maximum potential with the help of these excellent knives.

Easy Maintenance and High Durability: The raw materials used in manufacturing these knives are designed to last. They come with a super sharp blade and a two-stage sharpener which will help to ensure long durability and easier maintenance.

Best Cutlery set: The great knives come with everything extra features. These include additional pairs of knives, kitchen scissors, peelers, and an excellent knife stand.

#2. Durability: Farberware 15 Pieces Best Knife Block Set

If you are looking for the best inexpensive knife set, Farberware’s best steak knives under 100 should be your ultimate choice. You can rely on this best kitchen cutlery that is always committed to premium quality. This set won’t ever let them down for those of you who are a casual cook or more severe than a casual one.

Best Knife Block Set of 15 Pieces: You are getting an 8-inch knife that the chef uses, slicing knives of 6inches, a 6-inch bread knife, a utility knife of 5 inches, and a pairing knife that comes with 3 inches. This is a complete set that all you need to fulfill your kitchen’s requirements.

Premium Steel and Blades: The result of this high-quality steel is straightforward. They are well designed with non-stain steel and high carbon blades that promise to retain sharp-edged blades for a significant time interval.

Solace Grip: A very comfortable grip is attained, featuring the crafted stainless steel handles. You’ll enjoy a well-balanced precision while using the knife in your desired places.

Best Cooking Knives: This is the pair of cutters block set that everybody is looking to decorate their kitchen! This is a must-have set without which it remains imperfect to fulfill to daily activities of the kitchen.

Professional Use: Farberware is also great for professional use, offering all the necessary blades required to prepare meals at ease. Besides many useful features, some sets also offer chopping boards, spoons Etc. It’s a chef’s choice knife. Undoubtedly it is the best chef’s knife under 50.

Durability and Maintenance: You know that materials like stainless steel and other things present in the knife are not dishwasher friendly. So be mindful while washing them and always follow the proper steps like washing with your own hands with mild soaps and drying them immediately.

Dishwasher Safe Knife Set: I found it challenging to find a dishwasher safe knife set at the beginning of my cooking journey. Now, this is an integral feature of good cheap knife sets. Farberware’s best steak knife set is no different.

#3. Best Budget: Amazon Basics 14-Pieces Knife Set

Add instant shine to your cooking with the Amazon basic knife sets. This is the final stock that has taken place on our list and simply the best one.

Amazon Basics 14-Pieces Kitchen Knife Set

A Complete Package: In this pack, you will get a wide range of knives; that’s what I look for in a comprehensive knife set. The quality of the pinewood block is excellent, the pair of scissors are wonderful, and impressive 11 different types of knives.

Wide Utility: As I have already said, 8-inch knives are best for kitchen jobs. This set offers 3 different 8 inches knives. I love the slicing knife most. The quality of the chef’s knife is good, but the bread knife could be improved a bit. The utility knife and peeling knife are awesome.

Construction and Quality: Due to the one-piece design construction and non-staining steel with high carbon, the knife serves an authentic quality. You can enjoy a different level of strength, durability, and features out of this handful of utilities. I have used this knife set for over 1 and a half years without any sharpening exercises. 

Secure and Comfort Grip: If you are familiar with using knives very often, then a better grip is something you’ll look for. I always choose knives based on outstanding grip and comfort while cutting. The amazon basics got the back for you with their featured triple-rivet handles.

High-Performance: Seeking out a quality performance from a knife mainly depends on two perspectives: the blade and the handle. The stainless high-carbon featured blades with superior handles give superb sharpness, stability, and heavy strength.

Durability: It’s worth mentioning that durability is such a quality expected from any product by anyone. All the materials used in this best accessory of the kitchen are well made to last longer. Besides, you also have some duties to incorporate, like behaving gently, using a mild washer, and drying out immediately for maximum durability. I would say this knife set is dishwasher safe. I have experimented with this set with strong detergents and found it highly durable.

#4. Professional Cooks: DEIK 14 Pieces Cheap Knife Set

Don’t miss the chance of taking your cooking to the next level with these beautiful sets of cutleries! Not only knives but also getting all the kitchen requirements with the same price value can be the thing to make you purchase the product.

DEIK 14 Pieces Cheap Kitchen Knife Set

Steel Body: When buying a new set of knives, the most important thing you’ll ever look for is the blade quality. The steel used in the manufacturing of blades of these knives is high-carbon and anti-corrosion featured. This is my all-time favorite cutting knife set, just because of its outstanding blade quality.  

One-Piece Construction: For a more substantial and long-lasting Performance, a specific design is well constructed on the knives. Stamped construction is switched with steel forged construction for better endurance and performance.

Design and Comfort: When it comes to design and comfort, a seamless exhibition can be achieved from the perfectly manufactured handles. The handles are curve designed for the perfect fitting of hands and the highest control, support, and comfort.

Long-Lasting: This is the first and foremost thing you’ll find in their product. The construction design, stainless steel blade, and ergonomic handles ensure durability for a decent test of time. Hand washing of the knives is suggested.

A Complete Kitchen Guide: This perfect set of knives will always make you ready for the cooking and add to your experience. From cutting bread to chopping hard vegetables, this set of knives will always stay at your side

#5. Best for Beginners : ZYLISS Knife Set – 6 Piece Set with Sheath Covers

Let us get to these Zyliss kitchen knives that have snatched our minds. This product has been included for its fantastic durability and some other useful features. My colleagues are the biggest fan of this knife set. Frankly, I am not the biggest admirer. I will explain why later.  

A Complete Knife Set: They are available in six different versions for a solid serving to your cooking. This includes a chef’s knife, a knife for utility, pairing knives, serrated knives with pairing, Santuk, and peeling knives.

Material: The blades of the knives are made out of alloy, which is incredibly strong. The handles are manufactured with good quality rubber to serve performance.

Comfort: We all know that comfort and stability mainly come from the handles. These knives come with the soft touch featured grip that provides ultimate stability, control, and precision. It also helps to reduce hand fatigue.

Corrosion-free: Raw materials used in the blade are highly rust preventive. They tend to resist corrosion, rust, damage, and bacteria for retaining the quality well.

Transportation and Storage: This set of knives come with a great solution to the most common problem, which is transportation or storage. With the blade guards of the knives, you can have a safe carrying and traveling opportunity at ease. Remember my blogpost on the carrying procedure of kitchen utensils in flight?

Ultimate durability: It is a must to say that this product comes with mind-blowing durability with the dishwasher-friendly feature and 5 years warranty. They are made to last under any circumstances to serve you out the most!

Dishwasher Safe Knife Set: Although I’m not a biggest fan of this knife set’s grip, as they are too slippery for my sweaty palms. But I respect the set because it’s dishwasher safe. Nowadays, it’s really tough to get a cheap dishwasher safe knife set.

#6. Extra Sharpness: Oster Evansville Stainless Steel 14 Pieces Cutlery Set

No matter if you are a professional cook or just started to learn, this set of cutleries must help you out. Pro cooks will find a new taste in cooking, and casual cooks who have just begun to learn will surely achieve different confidence in their task. While testing this knife set, I have found the following features highlighting the Oster knife set from other cutlery set.

Oster Evansville Stainless Steel 14 Pieces Cutlery Set

Knife Set of 14-Items: This set contains a total of 11 knives, a Rubber-wooden block, a knife sharpener, and a kitchen scissor. The knives come with the sizing of 8-inches, 7-inches, 5-inches, 4.5-inches, and 3.5-inches, respectively. Among these, I loved the knife sharpener most. It makes the set stand out from others.

Precision Construction: If you are looking for an excellent balance out of your knife, this set is perfect. When I was a practicing cook, I don’t know how many times I cut off my fingers because of a slippery grip. These foul knives made my fingers look like a con’s finger.  The full length of the knives is constructed with Tang blades which provides excellent stability and support. That’s why I loved this set. Take care of your fingers.

Blade Material: The high-quality steel used in the blades that are highly corrosion resistant is stainless. They help prevent rust and damaging the knives and maintain the sharpness of the blades.

Performance and Comfort: This set of knives is packed with quality and quantity that serves you with never-ending performance. You’ll be so much cozy with these great knives that will change your cooking experience.

Maintenance: To get an outstanding yield from your knives, proper maintenance is one of the most mandatory parts. Make sure to wash your knives with your own hands to ensure their sustenance.

#7. Best Forged: Best Forged Kitchen Knife Set: Mercer M23510 8 Inch Chef’s Knife, Single Piece

Are you looking for the best knife set? Let me introduce the all-time best home cutlery with superior quality, ease of balancing, and stability features. Let’s know in more detail what this super-usable knife set offers.

Precision-forged Construction: The construction is highly efficient in holding. You will love the rounded-spine feature that provides exceptional strength and durability to the knife.

Top-notch German Steel:  With the stainless-steel and high-carbon feature, this best knife set offers outstanding stability and sharpness in cutting and chopping. All you need are High-efficiency, durable, and anti-corrosion properties that this knife has got to provide.

Delrin Handles: Delrin handles are famous for their superior comfort and great in-hand feel. They will provide you excellent grip even under exposure to water and oils. At any temperature, they can withstand perfectly, no matter hot or cold! That’s why it is rated as the best chef knife under 100, even under 50 dollars. Amazing right?

Short Bolster: First of all, I have found it is easier to sharpen the blade due to a shorter bolster. It helps to expose the blade’s edge well. Secondly, it adds additional balance, strength, and durability for you during cutting. This facility is not available in a knife set with a sharpener.

Strength and Durability: Properties like taper-ground work add extra strength, durability, and better tendency during use. It will enable you to enjoy a flawless-smooth cutting and chopping experience along with a long-term sharp edge.

Certification from NSF: This Knife has passed the NSF certification. This international organization ensures public health and hazard management solutions. The blade is certified based on maintaining safety standards, quality, performance, and durability.

How to Choose Best Budget Knife Set Under 50$

It’s time to explain the most intelligent ways of choosing the best budget knife set. I will share my viewpoints and indicators I trust to select a super sharp and durable knife set.

High Carbon Steel Knife Set

If you ask me, what I look for first to buy a knife set is its materials. I will not buy it if the knife is not made of stainless steel or high carbon steel.


Cutting and chopping precision is the most vital factor for practicing chefs. Perfect precision provides delicate touch in your cooking. For, me it’s the most crucial factor for selecting a budget kitchen knife.

Sharpness Duration

Most manufacturers always brag about the super sharpness of kitchen knives. It’s kind of fussy. The most important feature for me is how long the knife will remain sharp. We all know that a knife is sharp when we buy, but what happens after year-long random use? Here comes the concept of a self-sharpening knife set. But shelf sharpening knives have limitations as well. To be sure about the knife set you are purchasing, it is wise to use our CSI% index.


A knife grip is essential. Some of my staff have hand sweating issues, so they chop vegetables with gloves on and knife slips. It isn’t good at all. So, a comfortable grip is a plus.

Dishwasher Safe Knife Set

It’s a must for any type of knife I pick. I always believe in a knife set that would be dishwasher safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1#. Is plastic knife set a good choice?

No, it’s not a good option, as I don’t trust the durability of a plastic knife set. The price might be cheaper than the best knives in the market, but these are not long-lasting.

#2. Does the magnetic knife set worth it?

Actually, what do we do with a knife set? Cutting and chopping, and other related cooking stuff. So, why on earth will we need a magnetic knife set? It’s not required at all. It’s just a marketing stunt to sell low-quality products at a higher price. If you need the best chopping knife, go with the one that has the best CSI%.


I hope you have enjoyed my critical evaluation of the best kitchen knife set under $50. The best kitchen knives are an integral part of a kitchen. That’s why we should not compromise a bit while buying a knife set. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and families. Have a great day!