Is There Any Best Water Filter for New Orleans? Expert’s Pick

Are you thinking of setting up water filters at your home? Setting up any water filter out of rush is not e. You must know what types of contaminants are most in your city that can be dangerous.

New Orleans is one of the cities in America that provides relatively safe drinking water. But, it is not the safest. Mostly, it is never wise to have unfiltered water anywhere in the United States.


However, if you are living in this city, it is one of the most important duties to know about the condition of the water. 

This automatically generates a query like what is the best water filter for New Orleans? And we will explore this in this complete review of the best water filters for NO, Louisiana.

How Contaminated is the Tap water of New Orleans, Louisiana?

Despite all the maintenance, water may get contaminated by different chemicals and microorganisms on our bodies.

For this reason, having a premium quality water filter can reduce our apprehension while drinking or using water. As a result, there will be fewer people who do not like to use water filters. 

The New Orleans water is “generally” clean and safe, but it does not mean it is always safe. Drinking water is safe, but sewage water is dirt, which may get mixed into the whole house system. Before suffering from any disease, I would set up water filters to keep my family and me healthy and safe. 

I hope this article will be helpful for you as I will review the best water filters and inline water filters for New Orleans. 

Comparative Analysis of the Best Water Filter for New Orleans

Reading all the information about the products may take your time. For this reason, I tried to put some vital information about each water filter that I will review here!

Before I start to review anything, I try to use it and scrutinize every possible feature to make you know about the reality of the water filters. Then, our information table will help you choose the filters you are looking forward to! 

Epic Nano | Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water
★ OUR #1 PICK! ★
Epic Nano | Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water
  • Materials: Nanofiber
  • Capacity: 3.5 liters 
  • Durability: 3 to 4 months
  • What types of contaminants can be removed?: Bacteria, viruses, cysts, chlorine, odors, Fluoride, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, VOC, PFOA, PFOS, trace pharmaceuticals
Amazon Basics AMZN-HD200-C Heavy Duty Filtration 1" Inlet and Outlet
Amazon Basics AMZN-HD200-C Heavy Duty Filtration 1″ Inlet and Outlet
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Capacity: 1000 gallons 
  • Durability: 6 to 12 months 
  • What types of contaminants can be removed?: Sediments, chemicals, heavy metals, lead, tiny and large particles and improves taste, color, and smell
APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series Top Tier 5-Stage Certified Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System
APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series Top Tier 5-Stage Certified Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System
  • Materials: APEX 
  • Capacity: 10 to 75 gallons
  • Durability: 2 to 4 years 
  • What types of contaminants can be removed?: Fluoride, chlorine, lead, nitrates, heavy metals, chromium, and 1000 plus contaminants
ZeroWater 20 Cup Ready-Pour 5-Stage Water Filter Pitcher
ZeroWater 20 Cup Ready-Pour 5-Stage Water Filter Pitcher
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Capacity: 20 Cups
  • Durability: 2 to 4 months 
  • What types of contaminants can be removed?: Organic compounds, inorganic compounds such as pesticides, herbicides, lead, mercury, chromium 6, minerals, salts, PFOA and PFOS

What is the Current Status of New Orleans Tap Water?

As water is one of the crucial things in our life, we must know the current status of New Orleans tap water. Knowing it will be helpful for us as we will be able to provide clean and healthy water to our family.

Due to the pandemic, we have not got any golden opportunities to check the condition of the tap drinking water and sewage water lines.

But do not worry because the health department and the sewerage and water-based of New Orleans have always been trying to provide us with healthy and clean water, even in the pandemic period. Still, the water can be mixed with different types of impurities, chemicals, and microorganisms.

So the SWBNO made a plan to apply a mixture of chlorine and ammonia for the treatment in the water that will help to reduce the number of contaminants, chemicals, microorganisms, etc. 

Can you Drink Tap Water in New Orleans?

In general, yes, you can drink tap water in New Orleans. But if you are health enthusiastic and suffering from different kinds of diseases related to digestion, I feel like you should avoid drinking tap water without boiling or using filters.

However, due to many reasons, clean and safe water may get mixed with impurities. There are many factors for which the water can get bad: lead piping in a home. In this city, the amount of lead is relatively higher than in other cities of the USA. Therefore, even a tiny amount of contamination is not safe in the water.

Apart from heavy metals, New Orleans tap water contains other harmful chemicals such as PFAS, chlorine, ammonia, bacteria (coliform and E.Coli), etc. With this in mind, it would be a great idea to set up water filters to eliminate unwanted chemicals from the water. 

What are the Best Water Filters for New Orleans?

Many filters in the market are designed perfectly for removing contaminants. But all types of filters are not suitable for removing unwanted chemicals and impurities.

So if you are thinking of installing premium quality water filters, you should know the features and types of contaminants that can be eliminated. Here I would like to review the four best water filters for New Orleans. 

  • Epic Nano | Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water
  • Amazon Basics AMZN-HD200-C Water Filter
  • APEC Water Systems ROES-50
  • ZeroWater 20 Cup Ready-Pour 5-Stage Water Filter Pitcher

1. Epic Nano | Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water:

Is there anyone who does not know about the Epic Nano? I do not think so. This filter is one of the most demanding products and is perfect from all sides: affordability, sustainability, and reliability. And also one of my favorite filters due to many reasons. Let’s know about its unique features. 

 Epic Nano | Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water:

Perfect water filter pitcher for refrigerator: This filter can be easily kept on different refrigerator shelves and is ideal for prominent family members.

It can eliminate microplastics, microorganisms, Bacteria, Viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, Fluoride, 1,4-Dioxane, haloacetic acids, lead, chromium 6, arsenic, and more than 2000 contaminants.

Not only eliminating, but this filter can also balance the amounts of minerals that are required for our body using an innovative filter, media which the Reverse Osmosis Filtration System regulates.

You can call this selective filter filtration. It is also certified and tested by NSF/ANSI standards 42,53, 401, P231, and P473. 

LED timer: Having an LED timer on the filter is an excellent choice because it helps you understand when to change the water filter.

This LED timer starts to count down from three months which is a good idea for the last or busy people. For this reason, you can change it in time and always drink healthy and safe water with your friends and family.

Not only this, there is more to praise about this filter. It is three times better than standard Brita water filters and four times better than zero water filters. 

  • Long-lasting impression
  • Excellent taste and smell of water
  • Capable of removing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms and also many unwanted chemicals that are found in the water
  • No BPA
  • Saves plastics bottles
  • Environmental safe
  • It can be fit into different types of refrigerator
  • Easy installation
  • You can take whenever you want
  • It is portable and light in weight
  • No scratches
  • Two colors available
  • Water may leak out from the filter. The lids need to be improved

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2. Amazon Basics AMZN-HD200-C Heavy Duty Water Filter Housing:

AmazonBasics water filter is one of the market’s best water filters because of its durability, design, and so on. Some of the exciting features are: 

2. Amazon Basics AMZN-HD200-C Heavy Duty Water Filter Housing:

Whole house water system: As it is designed for the entire house water system, it can remove sediment, sand, impurities, heavy metals, chemicals and improve the taste, colors, and smell of the water.

The good thing about this filter is that it is adjustable with AMZN-R50-BBSA, AMZN-CP5-BBA, AMZN-CP5-BBA, AMZN-RFC-BBSA filter cartridges which are used to provide fresh and safe water for families.

When we buy this filter, you will get faucet filters, whole house filters, under the sink filters, shower filters, and so on. Isn’t it amazing?

Sturdy design: When we buy a filter, we expect to get a solid and sturdy water filter that can be used for a long time.

This filter is used for heavy-duty purposes. It is made of stainless steel that does not cause corrosion and discoloration.

And it is characterized by a bypass shut-off valve and integrated bracket, filters, timer, and connectors made of aluminum.

  • Easy installation
  • Provides excellent taste and smell
  • Perfect for long term uses
  • Affordable
  • Whole house water system
  • Made of stainless steel, no corrosion
  • No BPA
  • It can not make water soft.

3. APEC Water Systems ROES-50:

APEC water systems filters are one of the most popular filters in the USA, which is considered as the number one rated water filter brand that has been used for 20 years by people, and they find it convenient and easy cleaning. Some of the unique features of it are: 

Top-quality design: The design of this filter is done by experienced engineers and is assembled in the USA to provide safety, water, and health.

It is a modern design with 360-degree rotation and a smooth disc valve that helps turn the faucet quickly. The fittings of this filter are made of stainless steel teeth which offer a tight grip O ring, offer no water leakage, and do not need additional clipping and a leak detector.

If you are a newbie in fixing up the water filter, you can easily do it because the instructions are authorized in the box step by step, and see the online videos, which will make it easier. 

Premium carbon blocks: This filter is categorized as carbon blocks that help to remove arsenic, chlorine, barium, cadmium, copper, lead, radium, fluoride, chromium, and improve smell, taste, and color.

It also blocks surfaces that help optimize the contact time to make sure water impurities are well maintained and increase the lifetime of the filters. It also features a reverse osmosis filter which has been examined and certified to the superior standard in the water management system. 

  • Advanced five Stage Filtration
  • Provides fresh and safe water
  • Strong and durable filter
  • Large capacity
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter and carbon block
  • No leakage of water
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • No batteries are required
  • The tank does not need to clean until it is not used for a long time
  • It can remove 98% of iron from the water and also other types of unwanted chemicals that are found in the water
  • It can not remove microplastics and microorganisms

4. ZeroWater 20 Cup Water Filter Pitcher: 

If you have been using the water filters at home for a long time, I think you all are familiar with the brand Zero Water. This is beautiful. It is one of the most trending water filters in the market, and people find it reliable, practical, and durable.

ZeroWater 20 Cup Water Filter Pitcher: 

A little praise is not enough for this filter, and do you want to know why I am commending so much?

If you’re going to see it, you must visit the features of it before you buy it. I hope you will like it, and it is one of my favorite filters. Some of the exciting features are: 

High-end 5 Stage Filtration: This filter features top-notch 5 stage Filtration that can remove different contaminants. Each given stage does another kind of operation.

The first stages help remove particles and sediments from the water, and the second stages help reduce the number of suspended solids. The third stage removes organic compounds and helps reduce the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, and stage four eliminates inorganic materials, heavy metals, and nonmetals.

When we drink water, we sometimes find it dusty or powdery, don’t worry. You do not need to face it again. It is because stage five- helps to remove ultrafine particles.  

Large capacity:  When we fill something in a jar or bottle, we expect to get a large amount of liquid, right? If you buy this filter, you will get a large capacity filtered water dispenser suitable for home or office, including a filter-free TDS meter. The most flexible thing about this filter is that you can pour water quickly, and you do not need to lift the jars of bottles until it refills as it is designed as a one-handed operation, push and pour spout. 

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  • It can save up to 150 single-use plastic bottles per filter
  • It can remove 99% of lead and chromium, 94% of PFOA and PFOS, and 92% of mercury
  • It has a TDS meter that helps to check the level of alkalinity of water
  • Push to dispense spigot
  • Large capacity
  • BPA free
  • No dissolved solids particles
  • NSF certified
  • It is quite expensive
  • It is bulky
  • It requires batteries
  • Not capable of removing viruses and infection

How to Buy the Best Water Filter for New Orleans?

Before you buy anything, it would be helpful to choose the correct products if you have some explicit knowledge about them.

For example, when we buy a foundation or concealer, we need to know the right shade that matches our skin. If you buy the wrong shade, it won’t work correctly.

For this reason, if you are new to purchasing a water filter, it would help if you knew the water conditions in your area and what types of filters you should choose. Some of the things that you should know when you buy the water filters are: 

  • The hardness level of water
  • Types of filters
  • Durability
  • Capacity

Is New Orleans Water Safe to Drink After Hurricane Ida?

Some people and experts say that New Orleans water is “generally” safe to drink after Hurricane Ida. It was flooded for the period of Hurricane Ida and its after-effects. But the problem is that when the areas are hit by ice or storms, water treatment plants may not regulate meticulously.

It can pollute the water, making you suffer from different kinds of diseases such as cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, etc.

In my view, it would be an excellent idea if you set up water filters at home. It is fine if you are not buying filters, but you should boil water at the correct temperatures before you drink or use it for cooking or showering. 

Is New Orleans Water Hard or Soft?

New Orleans water is complex, and the hardness level of water is 138 parts per million (PPM), estimated by the USGS. By using filters, you will make New Orleans water soft. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. Is New Orleans under boil water advisory?

No, New Orleans is not under the regulation of the book water advisors. Therefore, the board of Sewerage and Water of New Orleans called off, which the Louisiana Department of Health consulted. 

Q2. Is it safe to shower in New Orleans?

Yes, It is safe to shower in New Orleans as it is highly maintained. But the problem is that the water suppliers use chlorine and ammonia to keep the water clean and safe. For this reason, excess amounts of these types of chemicals can make your skin dry and irritate.

Now it is okay to use water for different purposes. Still, for some years, it has been said that people should avoid drinking water, showering, cooking, hand washing that are residents in the affected areas, according to the State Department of Health and Hospitals. 


You will see many different kinds of filters in the market. But having the proper water filters is essential. Before buying filters, you must know what types of unwanted chemicals and components can be found in your city.

I hope you will be able to choose the best water filter as a resident of New Orleans. My favorite water filter is the Epic Nano | Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water. I have been using filters for a long time and find them very useful and reasonable.

I believe the products I reviewed above will help you choose and check out every possible detail before buying. If you have any questions regarding any topics, please ask us!