Can I Use Distilled Water in My Keurig? [Facts & FAQ]

As a chef, I know the importance of water in brewing coffee. Most people think coffee bean quality is the secret behind delicious coffee. Trust me, they are wrong! It’s water quality that matters most.

Now, you may wonder, what type of water should I use to brew perfect coffee with my Keurig?

I would recommend using distilled water, as it contains nearly zero minerals. Minerals react with coffee and reduce the taste of coffee. The rule of thumb is always to use water with lesser minerals to get the perfect coffee taste. Also, lesser mineral will reduce your descaling cost.

What is the Best Water to use in the Keurig Machine?

Water helps to brew perfectly. So it is necessary to know what type of water is best to experience and measure your Keurig Brewer’s perpetuity. Here is the list of the best water to use in Keurig:

  • Filtered Reverse Osmosis water
  • Distilled water

Distilled water can be an excellent example for Keurig. Still, at the same time, distilled water contains fewer minerals, which will not largely impact the taste of coffee and reduce the burden of descaling more frequently.

What Does Distilled Water do to a Keurig?

As I said earlier, distilled water is one of the best options to use in Keurig. But, some minerals may be in it, which can corrode the heating element, boiling wall surface, and washers of the Keurig.

So, I would suggest using filtered water which contains zero minerals. It will help you get a stunning coffee and reduce Keurig maintenance costs.

Do I Need to Descale my Keurig if I Use Bottled Water?

Yes, you need to descale the Keurig if you use bottled water regularly. Bottled water is mainly mineralised water, mainly for drinking, not brewing coffee. Demineralized water or mineral-free water is the best option if you want to avoid descaling frequently.

Hard water from a tap may contain excessive calcium, sulfate, sodium, and chloride. This water may tend to reduce the expectancy rate of Keurig as well. Some people try to solve this problem by salt-based water softener.

Using purified water can keep the Keurig machine functioning better. This may reduce the demand of descaling every often. Moreover, purified water will make the coffee taste better.

Can I use alkaline water in my Keurig?

Alkaline water can help us stay fit and lead a healthy life since alkaline water contains excessive oxygen which allows maintaining a better pH level. This allows our body to experience a healthy blood flow, which will counterbalance the body to surplus the acid development.

But, will alkaline water make coffee taste better?

Yes. Alkaline water can enhance the taste of coffee to some extent. In addition, these minerals may make the coffee experience the aroma of the fruit flavors, which will keep the body safe and sound.

But, if you are a fan of pure coffee taste, I would vote for filtered water with no minerals in it.

Can I Use Brita Filtered Water in my Keurig?

You may like the fact that the Brita filtered water may enhance the taste of the coffee. Brita water is safe for Keurig machine as well.

Brita water will abolish pollution, but not all impurities will be eliminated. Fewer amounts of hard minerals can be removed through Brita filtered water. Brita water may not be responsible enough to remove the disintegrated solids like reverse osmosis drinking water system.

Brita water can make a day better by making the beverages taste too delicious compared to other filtration systems.

Can I Use Purified Water in Keurig?

Purified drinking water is refined and treated with efficient filtration technology. Obviously, this is good for the Keurig machine. In addition, purified water will eliminate the pollutions like taints and radionuclide pollutants.

Regular usage of Purified water from the RO filter will keep the Keurig machine safe. This will greatly enhance the life expectancy rate of the Keurig machine. The procedure will make you forget about descaling the Keurig machine. Purified water will make the coffee taste better way around because this purified water emerges through filtration can be noticed as reverse osmosis, demineralized, or the condensation of water.

Can I use tap water in Keurig?

Water from a tap may easily help the Keurig machine clean and shine like a diamond, but tap water made coffee may never too great. Since tap water can destroy the royal taste of the coffee.

Water is the most crucial and undervalued ingredient to make day sound great with a coffee mug.

There are many debates in the universe of coffee about the appropriate amount of mineral contents the water should contain. On the other hand, some mineral are good to taste the authentic flavor of the coffee. It really depends on the consumer’s taste bud!

Now the question may arise, “Which kind of water is good for Keurig and coffee taste?” Filtered water is the best option to use. It will be wise to avoid mineralized water. If you can’t use filtered water, the second best option is distilled water.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What kind of water should I use in my Keurig k supreme plus?

There are 2 main elements to make a coffee- the coffee (K-cup pr grind coffee) and water. Sometimes adding sugar and milk and crème to the coffee may make it even delightful to begin.

To function the Keurig K Supreme plus perfectly, we should avoid distilled water. Use purified water instead. Purified water and alkaline water help Keurig machine run perform better, and at the same time, coffee will taste better.

Besides we should make sure that we are not using any spring and mineral water which Keurig machine may not be delighted to serve us a good coffee.

Q2. Can I put cold water in my Keurig

Making coffee with cold water may work best for the Keurig machine. However, pouring hot water in the Keurig machine might damage the foil and the inner container if the pouring hot water process is being completed regularly.

Better using ice cubes to make a better cold brew coffee may be called Ice Drip Cold Brew. The vulnerability time of the coffee powder and water is highest than the standard brewing time. Cold brew coffee is often soft, more harmonious, and very fragrant.


Finally, I hope you have got a complete idea about what kind of water you should use to maintain your Keurig perfectly and have a great taste of coffee. I always prefer filtered water with lower or zero minerals to use in my Keurig.

Count it as a pro tip. You will thank me later!