Can You Use Metal Utensils on Carbon Steel? Editor’s Tips & Tricks

It’s a general question I’ve asked many of my relatives and friends.

Many of them are scared to use metal utensils on cookware made of carbon steel; more than 90% of people use metal utensils & kitchenware.

You will be relieved to know that there’s no problem using metal utensils with carbon steel; it’s completely safe. There may be a few minor scratches, but it won’t be a big deal as it will fill in with time.

There’s more to know about carbon steel; let’s see if it has any drawbacks.

What Utensils to Use on Carbon Steel?

There are utensils made of several types of materials; we’ll be discussing it after a short sentence. Simply use utensils that have the potential to take the heat because carbon steel cookware can be very hot to handle! You can use the types of utensils below:

Wood: The best wood for cooking wares is hardwoods, as they have the right thickness and are generally solid. The best wood cooking tools can be cut from different wood types.
Moreover, wood is a characteristic asset, and picking cooking wares produced using nontoxic, biodegradable material is the eco-accommodating approach. Furthermore, because wood is non-responsive, it doesn’t respond with fixings and leaves synthetics or a metallic desire for your food.

Metal: Iron cookware is without a doubt the ideal metal for cooking. Without much of a stretch, you can really do any sort of cooking utilizing iron utensils, as they have zero destructive impacts. In addition, iron gets warmed up consistently and helps in rapidly preparing the food.

Treated steel has iron which is extraordinary for our wellbeing. Iron is a fundamental supplement for our body. Having food from a hardened steel utensil energizes your body with a ton of iron—this further aids in developing hemoglobin count and keeps medical problems like pallor away.

Silicone: Silicone utensils are a tough and non-harmful option compared to plastic. This material has a higher dissolving point than plastic, is artificially steady under excessive temperatures, and doesn’t deliver any scents or harmful exhaust during cooking. It’s likewise extremely delicate and safe.

Can you Use Metal Utensils on Blue Carbon Steel?

You should never use metal utensils on blue carbon steel because it has non-stick seasoning on its surface and may leach into the food when it scratches the body. The difference is in the coating on the surface, making it harmful to metal utensils. In such cases, it’s better to use hard silicone & wood utensils that do not leave any scratch marks; hence the surface is safe.  

Products must be used carefully and gently; we are not buying cookware to wrestle with it, are we? There are always some do’s and don’ts and if we abide by it, we’ll receive the best possible output from it.  

Can you use metal on a carbon steel wok?

Yes, you can, not just metal utensils but all kinds of usable items in this criteria.

It can be hard silicone, hard plastic, wood, or even metal. Carbon steel can take any pressure on it but while using metal utensils, try to keep the surface dry & clean so that it doesn’t become rusty.

A little short information for the reader; while using metal utensils, you may notice a few scratches, but there’s nothing to worry about because these scratches will disappear when you keep using the cookware.

Is it Healthy to Cook with Carbon Steel?

It’s 100% healthy to cook with carbon steel because it has iron and carbon and does not deliver any harmful chemicals. Food & dishes have a lot to do with our health and wellbeing, so we should not consider this issue as it can cost us our lives!

There are many products, opportunities, and options in the market. Everything and every place have both negative and positive ratio in it, and the best part is that we have the freedom to choose.

Can You use Chainmail on Carbon Steel?

We all know that carbon steel is a tough item as it can tolerate all types of utensils. But when it comes to cleaning, we need a tough cleaner, and chainmail will be the perfect match.

Sometimes we get distracted while cooking and burn our dish; almost everyone has faced this situation. Then it’s bothering to clean the cookware; the burnt surface doesn’t get cleaned easily. But chainmail helps remove dirt and completely cleans the burnt oil surface.

Another great thing about this item is that it doesn’t leave any germs or chemicals, as it’s made detergent free.

Can you Boil Water in Carbon Steel?

If it’s a brand new carbon steel cookware, then no! However, if you’ve used it a couple of times and the seasoning on the surface has become quite tough, then yes, you can start boiling your water.

When you boil water on a new carbon steel cookware, the seasoning starts to come off. Unfortunately, the cookware won’t be of much use if the seasoning has come off. Also, when you boil water, the minerals and inner particles of the water react with the surface of the carbon steel, and you won’t love the outcome. So it’s better not to boil water in new cookware.


In my opinion, if we talk about cookware, there’s no alternative of carbon steel cookware. Because carbon steel has both iron and carbon in it, it’s tough and durable and tolerates all types of utensils. In addition, the heat retention rate is excellent and lightweight. Everything’s good about this product and so easy to use.