Do Berkey Filters Remove PFAS & PFOA? What Does it Remove?

Water can save our lives as well as take our life. Pure water is a blessing, while impure and contaminated water is dangerous for health. So, before drinking water, we must ensure that our water is free of chemicals, polluting agents, and different contaminants.


PFAS and PFOA are among those chemicals that strongly pollute water and make it harmful to drink. Polyfluoroalkyl and Perfluoroalkyl Substances, in short PFAS, are found in different commercial products. And PFOA is Perfluorooctanoic acid is found as industry surfactants as well as in feedstock materials.

Both PFAS and PFOA are very stubborn chemicals and hard to eradicate by any traditional filtration system. Berkey Filter system is such a unique and comprehensive filtration system that has 5 stage filtration process to give the purest drink water.

Does Berkey Water Filter Remove PFAS?

Water is life. But polluted water can take our like. PFAS is an element available in water that can make the water contaminated and unhealthy.

Polyfluoroalkyl and Perfluoroalkyl Substances are called, in short, PFAS in Drinking Water. PFAS has been used in commercial products and household products that help resist chemical and heat reactions and repel water, oil, grease, and other stains.

PFAS enriched water is very harmful to our bodies. Drinking PFAS contaminated water can create thyroid issues, cand, and congenital disabilities.

It’s a blessing of modern technology that brings many advanced water filters to keep us safe from these harmful chemicals.

The Berkey water filter has a 5 stage filtration technology that filters all harmful chemicals like PFAS, lead, chlorine, chromium, etc. In addition, this premium quality water filter eliminates 99.6% dissolved solids and inorganic and organic materials.

Berkey water filter claims its water to be pure as the main source. In addition, the multi-layered activated carbon & carbon reduction alloy eliminates organic elements like PFAS. Lastly, the ultra-fine screen and non-woven membrane layers eliminate remaining contaminants from the water and offer the purest drinking water.

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Does Berkey Water Filter Remove PFOA?

There are huge substances in the environment mixing with water and polluting it. PFOA is such a substance that makes the water contaminated and unhealthy. Perfluorooctanoic acid or C8 is known as PFOA.

This perfluorinated carboxylic acid is utilized as a surfactant in different industries and is a feedstock material. So we have a lot of things around us to make pure water impure.

Luckily we have Berkey water filters which ensure more comprehensive purification than our traditional 2 stage water purification filters. This Berkey water filter is an ion-exchange filter consisting of 5 stage water filtration. These multiple combined technologies eliminate inorganic and organic contaminants present in the water.  

Berkey filter removes PFOA by reverse chemical reaction. The ion exchange method eliminates dissolved ions and replaces them with a similar electrical charge. Besides, granular activated carbon is proven to be very effective in eliminating harmful contaminates like PFOS and PFOA.

Does a Berkey Water Filter Remove Chemicals?


Water is a life-saving element. But water is not only a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. There are a lot of chemicals are present in water. Some are good, while some chemicals are harmful to health.

Berkey water filter is famous for its 5 stage filtration process. The ion exchange technology removes 99.6% of detectable solids from the water, making its work more comprehensive and unique. Positively charged Hydrogen ions are included in the cation beads. And Negative charged Hydroxide ions are present in the anion beads.

By exchanging hydroxide and hydrogen ions with polluting ions, a Berkey water filter purifies water. When impurities cling to the anion-cation, hydroxide, and hydrogen are released to create H2O.  

Chemicals like chlorine, cadmium, copper, aluminum, calcium and lime are successfully removed from water by this unique 5 stage water filtration technology, are very harmful to us. So, we can bring Berkey water filters in our house to make out water healthy and safe for drinking.

Which Berkey Filters Remove PFAS and PFOA?

There are so many filters out there ready to purify our water. But the fact is to find out which one we need to buy. Before buying a water filter, we need to analyze the problem we need to purify our drinking water.

Berkey water filter is a 5 stage water filtration process that gives comprehensive water filtration. Here are two best Berkey filters, portrayed for your betterment while choosing the perfect one for your house.

Berkey Gravity Fed Water Filter

This is the premium version of the Gravity Fed, 5 stage water filtration system. This water dispenser system is ready to pour water any time you need in-home or in your office. Berkey Gravity Fed Water Filter5-Stage Water Filter eliminates 99% of total solids dissolved into water.

Berkey water filter is such a comprehensive water filter that successfully removes strong contaminants like PFOA and PFAS. Moreover, this filter is NSF certified in reducing heavy metals, including Polyfluoroalkyl and Perfluoroalkyl Substances. Berkey filters ensure pure and healthy drinking water with all BPA-free materials with highly efficient technology.

Budget Alternative of PFAS Removing Water Filter

ZeroWater 10 Cup Round Water Filter Pitcher

This type of water filter pitcher is flexible to use in the door of refrigerators, in the kitchen, or table counter.

Delicious water is easy to dispense for its ready-pour technology. Along with purest tasting water, this water pitcher ensures the removal of 99% TDS like heavy metals, pesticides, and harmful ions. ZeroWater 10 Cup Round Water Filter Pitcher is NSF certified in reducing PFOA and PFAS along with other contaminants.

This filter works through an ion exchange filtration system. You will get a TDS meter with this water filter pitcher. And the best part about this filter is it is eco-friendly by saving 150 single-use plastic water bottles.

ZeroWater 10 Cup Round Water Filter Pitcher

Which Water Treatment Process Removes PFAS and PFOA from Water?

PFAS and PFOA are two very difficult contaminants to purify from water. To remove PFAS and PFOA chemicals from water, various traditional procedures have been used. Let’s look at some of the PFAS and PFOA purification technologies.

Coagulation ProcessActivated CarbonAnion ExchangeMembrane processAdvanced Oxidation
Process: Iron and aluminum salts are positively charged ions and are called coagulants. The suspended contaminants like PFOA and PFAS have a negative charge and this charge is canceled by the positive charge of the coagulants.Process: Granular activated carbon is efficient in eliminating longer chains like PFAS compounds. Activated carbon eliminates 90% of organic chemicals present in drinking water.Process: This process has the capability to extract a wide range of perfluorocarbon anions with excellent efficiency. Anion exchange filtration works by water deionization and water softening process.Process: For eliminating PFAS and PFOA, Reverse Osmosis (RO) is another effective method. With nanofiltration process, it removes 99% of PFOS and PFOA from drinking water.The chemical bond of PFAS is very strong to remove. Hydroxyl radicals produced by Advanced oxidation breaks the strong C-F bond of PFOA and PFAS and eliminates it from water
Limitation: In the case of uranium and radium removal, this type of filter has low efficiency.Limitation: Compound that has less molecular weight doesn’t get eliminated.Limitation: The ion exchange method is efficient but the ion exchange capacity reduces quicklyLimitation: Membrane fouling and scaling is associated problem with the membrane processLimitation: The rate of chemical removal by advance oxidation is only 10-50 percent as per the report.  


For animal and human beings, water is life. So drinking pure water is mandatory for us. For that, we must have an idea about which polluting agent is polluting our water and which filtration system we need to remove those polluting agents.

Now, you know that Big Berkey or Berkry removes PFAS efficiently, but it’s a bit expensive, so I have also introduced a cheaper alternative of Berkey filters! I hope these will work fine for you!