Do Brita Filters Remove Calcium? FAQ & Buyer’s Guide!

Practically, we all want to be protected with perfect water, free from risky toxins. Although calcium is a vital part of human well-being, a lot of calcium in water makes it hard, and hard water is harmful to the human body, but it can likewise prompt skin problems and go bald.


As Brita filters have growing popularity and people like them at an increasing rate, I often face a question, do Brita filters remove calcium? Yes, Brita filters are very good at removing calcium. It can deduct 100% calcium from the water and make it worth drinking.

What is Decalcifying Water?

Decalcification is the process of eliminating minerals from bones or other calcified tissues to generate high-quality paraffin sections, which preserve all of the crucial microscopic components. In addition, it is a method of reducing the impacts of hard water.

So, decalcifying water means reducing harmful substances from water and making it a little soft for use.

For decalcifying water, the most used acid solutions are hydrochloric acid (5%-10%), formic acid (5%-10%), and nitric acid (4%-9%). You can mix all of these and use them as a solution, or these can also be used individually, depending on your choice.

Do Brita filters Remove Calcium?

Yes! Of course, Brita filters remove calcium from water very well. Water naturally contains calcium due to the interaction between the water system and the planet’s crust. Calcium contents vary a lot depending on where the water comes from.

There are two types of water, so while they seem identical at first glance, their effects are entirely different.

Hard water contains a high concentration of minerals, primarily calcium & magnesium, while soft water doesn’t. Soft water has a calcium content of less than Seventeen mg/litre. Having calcium in the water isn’t always bad for human health, but they change the flavour.

The Brita filters with 10% activated carbon effectively remove calcium from the water as per the tests. In addition, it enhances the taste of the water while also preventing scale buildup on jars and water containers.

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Which Water Filters Remove Calcium?

There are so many water filters that remove calcium. Here I will share the three efficient water filters according to my experience. So, let’s see:

1. APEC Water Systems ROES-50:

The APEC water system ROES-50 is accomplished its primary goal of providing clean, adequate water at a reasonable price. This is the end of six months. This five-stage system comprises one pre-filter, two particulate filters, and two microfilters.

It has a significant capacity for purifying silty water and a greater level of purification for dangerous contaminants as a result of this.

The setup materials are extensive, providing you with everything you’ll need to put your sink in place. As a result, it’s a moderately challenging homeowner installation.

If you’re replacing an existing system, expect to spend 2+/- hours, but it can take a maximum of 4 hours if you’re starting from scratch. After that, you’ll simply need a few simple tools. And if you have to drill in the counter for installing the little faucet, this is an exception.

Based on the countertop material, this may necessitate specialty hole saws. However, the device itself is extremely small, and I could squeeze it between my trash compactor and the cupboard wall.

I contrasted the flavor and quality of my previous 3-stage APEC system to this new 5-stage one. And according to my entire family, the 5-stage system offered an improved taste and a greater flow rate, and the water has become noticeably cleaner. The primary large particulate filtration systems last roughly a year.

As a result, I recommend purchasing the machine with a full set of 5-stage filters, as well as large particulate filtration. Having these extras accessible will help you develop the practice of replacing them regularly.

The integrated faucet is a significant improvement over the previous model, and it’s sturdy and simple to clean. The flow rate is higher than anticipated. Many of the poly hose in the kit is the colour scheme and attached without using tools. The provided pressure container can be set up either upright or sideways. Water & drain pipes are supplied in the setup components to connect your current supply and drainage systems seamlessly.

  • Little more expensive than purchasing an earlier three-stage system but worth it
  • The level of purification surpassed my expectations. Provide water with a great flavour and tastes delicious, as Fiji Water.
  • The installation kit contains all you’ll need for the Setup. You can even install it yourself
  • very small unit and can fit into even the smallest areas.
  • Supreme quality
  • The system includes a stylish faucet that is 100% lead-free.
  • Durable and Leak-Proof Fittings
  • APEC Carbon Particles Are Extremely Efficient
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Specific hole saw equipment might be required to install

2. Express Water RO5DX

This item is as outstanding as you can take for the cost, so I’m giving it five stars. Obviously, you could overspend on more costly fittings and other accessories, but they aren’t essential unless you plan to move and reassemble your furniture frequently.

I purchased this to make base liquid for brewing and went with the standard RO, which turned out to be the best option. The installation was straightforward; no tools were required, no troubles, and no one leak.

Before connecting the RO & PAC in sequence, flush the main filters for approximately 15-25 minutes to drainage. I can’t tell how long it’d take to fill up the tank, but from the little I’ve seen of the drains, the ejection speed appears to be pretty efficient, certainly even less than the prior system for the fish tank.

It was attached to my refrigerator’s water supply; the only gripe was that even the flow level was far less than the line pressure, and it bumped up 1 level, which was a slight annoyance. However, the flavour was excellent, and I am pleased.

Highly Recommended!

  • It’s fantastic because the filtration section is pre-assembled; this will save at least 45 minutes.
  • The colour tubing schematic makes installation and fixing very easy.
  • Additional Filters are Included
  • If you’re refilling a coffee pot, this device has almost double the volume of water pouring out from the tap, which is convenient.
  • It doesn’t include Ultraviolet sanitiser, which is required if there is any danger of microbiological contamination, as stated repeatedly in the directions. If you use municipal water, you certainly won’t require them, but people in the region will.

3. Home Master TM Undersink Reverse Osmosis System

I was looking for RO purifiers for several years before purchasing this system. I’m glad that I ultimately took the plunge, specifically with a qualities system like this, which is still manufactured in the United States rather than China or other countries where quality assurance is more difficult to check.

It took around 45 minutes to install. However, this technology does not require much room when properly installed, and one can even use the majority of the room in the cabinet underneath the sink for many other goods. In addition, the flow is excellent with the filtrate pump, there is minimal water wastage, and the tank fills quickly.

I measured 51 ppm in the unfiltered drinkable water. It was reduced to 5 ppm after being filtered using the RO system.

Superb! I’ve been using this unit for a few years now and have come to admire how pure the water feels. And it is a non-alkaline filter; the taste of the water was a little flat at first. After that, however, I grew used to it. This system has made my life a lot easier.

  • Easy installation
  • Fill up the water tank very quickly
  • Durable
  • High-quality materials
  • Able to clean 99.9% of chemicals from the water
  • Easy to change the filter
  • Very good at bacteria removing
  • Water tests great but may seem plain at first
  • Not iron removable

Why is it Important to Remove Calcium from Drinking Water?

Calcium is a nutrient-dense mineral found naturally in drinking water. But the most serious issue is that calcium is a primary factor of hardness in the water. Its consequences include mineral proportion on kitchenware and clothing, scaling into the water pipes, and destroying the food’s flavour. For these side effects, it’s crucial to keep it out of water.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1#. Do Brita Filters Remove Bacteria?

No, Brita Filters cannot remove bacteria from the tap water, but it removes contaminants and other toxins. So, if you want to buy a water filter for removing bacteria, I better avoid Brita Filters in this case.

You can buy the “Home Master TM Undersink Reverse Osmosis System” instead that I described above.

Q2#. Do Brita Filters Remove Minerals?

Ans: Unfortunately no. although Brita Filters are very effective for removing different dangerous chemicals but very inefficient at removing minerals.


In conclusion, the answer to whether Brita water purifiers remove calcium is “yes”. Brita water purifiers remove calcium and almost all impurities from the water to improve flavor. As water is a must and essential thing for human life so, we need to take care of this properly. Because only safe drinking water can help mostly to lead a better life.

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