Does Alexapure Remove Fluoride? (Must Know)

Water is obtained in various ways, including purchasing water bottles, utilizing the refrigerator, or just using the sink. Some prefer water filters. Should you be utilizing them as well?

Heavy metals, fluoride, germs, and pesticides are contaminants that you do not want to invade your body at any time, and water filters can remove them.

A perfect practical option is a countertop water filter. It’s not only non-poisonous, but it’s also portable, so you’ll only need one gadget for home usage, camping, traveling, or sheltering.

Alexapure is recognized for producing cutting-edge water filters that are inexpensive and dependable. However, they aren’t cheap and aren’t likely to satisfy everyone’s demands.

You have come to the right place, whether you are thinking about getting one for regular usage or an emergency. This article investigates Alexapure and determines if Alexapure removes fluoride. By the end, you’ll know whether or not it’s the best option for you and your family.

Does Alexapure Remove Fluoride?

Yes! It decreases sodium fluoride by 97.6%, hexafluorosilicate by 95.2%, and fluor silicic acid by 95.1%. Fluoride may be present in a variety of forms in water.

When purchasing a water filtration system, you want to be confident that the filters will deliver the cleanest, purest water that is absolutely safe to drink. This is accomplished via the Alexapure gravity block filter, which comprises ceramic covering.

The Alexapure filter can remove up to 99.99% of all pollutants, considerably more than any other water filtration system. Benzene, styrene, lead, germs, and chloroethane are among the contaminants removed during this filtration procedure.

Is Alexapure NSF Certified?

The Alexapure Pro is not approved by the NSF. However, we should not believe that this disqualifies Alexapure in any way.

NSF testing is entirely optional, and some businesses prefer not to spend the money to have their products certified.

Any credible water filter company will have their product tested by an independent lab and make the results public. Alexapure has accomplished this.

Additionally, opting out of NSF testing lowers expenses and allows Alexapure pro to be marketed at a lower price than the competitors.

Does Alexapure Filter Viruses?

The Alexapure Pro is a water filter that eliminates viruses and germs in a straightforward manner. There are two chambers in this structure. The filter element is housed in the upper chamber, and here is where you pour the water to be filtered. The filtered water is kept in the bottom chamber.

The outer layer of the Alexapure filter is made of ceramic and carbon on the inside. The outside ceramic shell blocks large pollutants—the silver in the ceramic stops germs from growing in the filter. In addition, the carbon block filter removes tiny pollutants such as viruses.

The water is drawn downhill by gravity through the filter and into the bottom collection chamber. The filtered water is dispensed through a faucet in the bottom chamber. It doesn’t require any energy or water pressure to function. As a result, you may use it at home, when camping, traveling, or pretty much anywhere!

Is Alexapure Made in the USA?

People choose Alexapure above other brands of gravity-fed and portable water filters because their demand is very high. In addition, they are entirely 100% made in the United States. As a result, Alexapure can provide your entire family with safer, healthier drinking water.

The greater part of Americans who have used it agree. And we bet you will as well.

Does Alexapure Remove PFOA?

PFASs are a class of man-made compounds that have been shown to harm human health and pollute water systems. To make matters worse, PFAS are tenacious chemicals that, rather than dissolving, collect over time in the environment.

The two most often manufactured PFAS are PFOA and PFOS. Perfluorinated compounds and perfluorooctanoic acid have not been evaluated, particularly in the Alexapure Pro.

Does Alexapure Filter Estrogen?

Most estrogen in drinking water originates from other sources, such as organic estrogen excreted by cattle, which can move through soil and into local groundwater. Alexapure is effective in removing estrogens from water.

Is Alexapure Better than Berkey?

The Alexapure Pro appears to be somewhat less expensive than the Big Berkey at first appearance, but it has disadvantages. The Alexapure Pro will be more expensive than the Big Berkey upon purchasing the system, which comes with filters, because the filter lifetime is one thousand gallons lower.

A Big Berkey filter would have a lifetime of a year longer than an Alexapure Pro filter at three gallons per day, which adds up over time.

The Big Berkey not only outperforms the competition in terms of price, but it also outperforms the competition in terms of performance.

Over 200 pollutants are removed by the Berkey Systems, while beneficial minerals are left in the water. However, the Alexapure filters’ filtration isn’t as strong as the Big Berkey’s, and the Big Berkey’s filtration is superior in numerous categories, including copper, Chromium VI, and lead.

In fact, the Big Berkey filters are proven to be more effective than Alexapure pro in filtering lead, by about three percent! Filtration of one gallon of water takes around an hour with both methods.

In terms of the total cost, filtration, filter longevity, and even warranty, Berkey Filters outperforms Alexapure.

Berkey Filter products have a unique lifetime warranty, whereas Alexapure only gives a one-year warranty. Therefore, the Big Berkey Water Filter is the ideal choice for clean drinking water when comparing these water filters.


Even though there are some solid alternatives to Alexapure which may or may not be better for you depending on your needs, if you’re looking for a cutting-edge water filtration system that works dependably and lasts, look no further. The Alexapure is a solid choice.

The Pro model can filter 5,000 gallons with a single filter, whereas the previous model can only filter 2.25 (2,500) gallons.

This means you do not need to waste time thinking about getting replacement filters (not to mention potential pollutants like fluoride) and more time enjoying fresh, wonderful, and contaminating drinking water. It’s a terrific alternative for anyone looking for a long-lasting, lightweight filter that’s also effective, portable, and cost-efficient and helps remove fluoride from your drinking water.