Does Distilling water Remove Phosphates (You Should Know)

Phosphates are water treatment chemical compounds used to resolve complex water quality issues in water supplies caused by inorganic contaminants like iron, manganese, magnesium, etc. And as people nowadays are very health-conscious, so I often face a question like, does distilling water remove phosphates?

Water distillation help to eliminate almost all of its contaminants. As a result, there should be no phosphates in distilled water because distilling water removes phosphates. But I prefer carbon filters more than distillers.

What Form of Phosphates are Found in Water?

There are different types of phosphates are found in water, such as Organophosphates, Inorganic Phosphates, Orthophosphates, Condensed phosphates

How to Remove Phosphates from Water?

Phosphates can be removed from water using so many methods. The followings are:

  • Physical treatment: Membrane methods or filtering process for particulate phosphorous
  • Chemical treatment: Adsorption by precipitation and  physical-chemical means
  • Biological treatment: Biological phosphorus elimination or assimilation

What are the Best water Filters to Remove Phosphates from Water?

There are so many water filters that can remove phosphates from the water. Still, I can’t just relay any filters for my drinking water. I can’t just take the risk. So, here I detailed about two water filters that I experienced the best for removing phosphates from the water. So, let’s see:

1. Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher:

I like how it removes more contaminants (especially phosphates) than conventional purifying jugs while yet retaining the minerals the body requires.

There’s no flavor; it’s the most wonderful water I’ve ever had. Although the unit appears solid enough, I still place my palm beneath the base for further support. Because it has a higher capacity, it is fairly hefty when fully loaded.

I received the jug and additional filter I bought ahead of schedule and in wonderful shape. I couldn’t have asked for more.

  • 365+ contaminants removing ability, including phosphates
  • Certified by NSF 42 and so many
  • 10 cups of holding capacity
  • 100 gallons of lifespans
  • Costs $150 a year
  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • Very much durable
  • I didn’t like the look much
  • Small for a family with more than two members

2. AquaTru – Countertop Water Filtration Purification Systems:

Before I purchased it, I was skeptical about this item because it didn’t seem to be what it claimed to be.

However, after using it for a while, I can tell that it meets my expectations. My water supply had a TDS of 182 ppm when I measured it with a TDS device, but after properly installing this item as per the instructions, the water quality had a TDS of 18 ppm, which is safe to drink.

This one is very efficient and budget-friendly maintenance based on my preliminary study.

AquaTru - Countertop Water Filtration Purification Systems:
  • 300+ contaminants removing ability, including phosphates
  • 1200 gallons are filtered in per filtration
  • It has a 4-stage of filtration system
  • Very easy to install
  • Produce a good level of H2O
  • Very good for family use
  • Budget friendly
  • No hookup with the water faucet
  • No plumbing underneath

Does Distilling Water Remove Phosphates?

Distilled water is fully free of contaminants and contains solely H20. Phosphate concentrations can be reduced by approximately 100% using a handy countertop distiller. Toxic metallic substances, chlorine, algae, germs, soluble salts, bacteria, viruses, minerals, and other pollutants can be removed using distillers.

A distillation filter boils water until it turns into steam. The steam condenses in water droplets and then drips in a clean bowl as distilled water since it passes through a cooled corridor. Contaminants remain in the heating chamber and could be eliminated when cleaned. And in this way, distilling water removes phosphates.

But if you ask me to choose between a distiller and a carbon filter, I prefer the carbon filter more than the distiller.

This is because, The carbon clears the water & eliminates dissolved organics while also removing phosphate and, most importantly, algae. VOCs plus chlorine may re-enter the distilled water and even be discharged into the atmosphere for people to breathe if water is not filtered with a carbon filter before distillation.

And that is why I prefer a carbon filter before the distilling filter to remove phosphates from the water.


Lastly, you already know that Water distillation help to remove phosphates from water and many more things. So, hopefully, you won’t face any phosphates-related filtration issues from now on. And as health is the greatest wealth, stay healthy and keep your loved one healthy by sharing the above crucial information.