How Long Does a PUR Water Filter Last?

We all want mortal filters-this sounds quite funny. However, there are different water filters, and their lasting time varies from one filter to another.

Today, I would like to talk about the water filter. In our previous article, I also tried to show you the different types of filters. Many people use different tastes in buying filters, their design, color, price ranges, etc.


But some of you are confused about the filters’ lasting time. Specifically, I want to share my experience of using and how long a PUR water filter can stay!

How long a PUR water filter can last depends on how much you use it and take care of these filters. But in general, you need to change a PUR water filter every two to three months.

If you buy a second-hand filter, you may need to replace it before two or three months, or it may last longer than you think.

Why Does a PUR Water Filter Smell Terrible?

Just imagine a bottle of water. You have kept water in the bottle for one week before you go out and forget to clean it. Then, after coming from the outside, you went to clean and open the bottle’s cap.

When opening the lid, you will get a smell of rotten garbage or rotten, wet wheat.  If your filter does not get proper airflow, it will smell bad because of bacteria cooking germs inside the filters. And the other reason can be the amount of hydrogen sulfide inside the filters.

How Often Should you Change a PUR Water Filter?

Before I give you ideas about how often you need to change a PUR water filter, I would like to show you the different categories of PUR water filters because their changing time can be extra.

  • PUR faucet filter
  • PUR pitcher filter
  • PUR Refrigerator filter

PUR faucet filter

This filter needs to be changed when nearly 100 gallons of water fill, and you must replace or change it between two or three months.

PUR pitcher filter

It will be good to change your filter when the 40 gallons of water are filled, and it is necessary to change the PUR pitcher filter after two months.

PUR Refrigerator Filter

This filter needs to be changed when nearly 100 to 200 gallons of water will fill, and you need to change it for up to six months.

In PUR water filters, some unique features will help you understand or know when to change the water filters. So it makes it easier for you to understand automatically.

This is nothing but a light indicator that will give a sign or mark to call you to change the filters in time. You will know how often to change the PUR water filter by seeing the light indicators displayed by the three bright and eye-catching colors. The three colors of the light indicators and their functions are:

  • Greenlight indicator
  • Red light indicator
  • Yellow light indicator

Green light indicators

These green light indicators tell us the filter is working correctly and hasno problems functioning or operating.

Red light indicators

These red light indicators tell us the water is not filtering correctly, and you need to put water again into the filters.

Yellow light indicators

It tells you to say goodbye to your old filters. Time for a replacement!

Can PUR Filters go Bad? 

Yes, PUR filters may go wrong. All the filters have good and bad sides. Same cases for all the filters. So what can be the reason behind the PUR filters getting bad? But if you take care of these filters, there can be fewer chances to get PUR filters wrong.

  • Quantity of water
  • Iron
  • Overworked
  • Quantity of water: Suppose you live in areas where most of the drain remains dirty all the time, or there can be extra-large particles that can cause problems in filters. For these reasons, sometimes the filter may not be able to clean it.
  • Iron: Iron is one of the essential components of our body, but drinking excessive iron in water can be harmful to your body. Most of the filters can not clean or remove calcium, iron, PFAS or heavy metals contained in water. So it may cause problems when drinking. You may feel like something is stuck in your throat. These types of metals bring hardness in water; your filters may become damaged for this.
  • Overworked: Think about the crayon. If you use it more, it will become small quickly. The more you use, the more it will reduce the power. So the same case for the filter. This is not only for the PUR filter. And if you put water inside the filter without proper measurements, or you might make mistakes while cleaning, the filters can go wrong more than you expect.

How Do you tell if the PUR Water Filter is Working?

The manufacturers have made it easier for the users to understand when the water filter is working. Thanks to them!

I already wrote about the light indicators above. Greenlight indicator is the one that helps to know that these filters are working correctly without causing any problems.

However, you are the one who will be able to see when the PUR filter is working correctly. Some of the signs that you will understand are whether the PUR water filter is operating correctly or not are:

  • PUR water filter will flow water quickly
  • PUR water filter will not leak water
  • No bad smell
  • Properly drained

Can you Get Sick from old Water Filters?

Yes, you can get sick from old water filters if you do not clean them properly. You can get sick if you drink water containing harmful bacteria and other various pathogens etc. But it does not always mean that old things are bad. But, to remain on the safer side, I will recommend you to use the best coliform removing water filter to ensure safe drinking water for your family.

You all know about this proverb: Old is gold. But the main problem is we do not like old filters. And we are always thinking of buying new filters. If you are out of budget or do not want to buy a new filter, you can clean it with the proper instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1#. How long do faucet water filters last?

There are many different brands of faucet water filters. Therefore, it may vary according to the brands. Generally, faucet water filters last up to 2 to 3 months.

If you can change the filter before it shows troubles, surely it may last longer. The good side of using faucet water filters is that it may last four years if you use them according to the instructions authorized in the papers provided by the company or manufacturers.

But if you are using it at home regularly, there can be a possibility to lower the lifespan of the filters.

Q2#. How long do tap water filters last?

Tap water filters last up to 6 to 12 months until you replace or change them. After that, it depends on the source of water and the number of imPURities in the filters.

Although it depends on how much water you are keeping, you use and what types of filters you bought, etc. It is always not necessary to filter the tap water. Because in developed countries, drainage systems are excellent. So it may not be required to filter tap water.

Q3#. How long do Brita faucet water filters last?

Last and replace different words for me. Brita faucet filters need to be replaced with fresh, tasty, and clean water every four months. If you use these filters sometimes, your Brita faucet water filters may last longer. [I have written more about the Brita filters, If you want to know elaborately, you can visit our homepage].

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