How to Make Keurig Hot Chocolate Taste Better [Quich 4 Steps]

Keurig and Hot chocolate! You must be kidding, right? All of us Keurig owners know that it’s Keurig blamed for not making great hot chocolatey drinks. But, you already know, we share ninja techniques of making something better than regular. This article will share how to make a delicious Choco drink with a Keurig and how to make Keurig hot chocolate taste better than regular hot drinks.


Let’s dive into the ocean of chocolate!

What Type of Keurig Do I Need to Make Hot cocoa, Mocha, or Tea?

To make great hot chocolate with Keurig, you will need a specific type of Keurig. The best option is Keurig plus series; these coffee machines will give you the ultimate hot coffee experience. There is another Keurig brewer that can be used for the same purpose, Keurig 2.0. So, if you already have Keurig of these two series, you are one step closer to make a fantastic cup of chocolatey hot or Mocha or a delicious cup of coffee.

Even you can make iced coffee with a Keurig. So, we must praise Keurig to make a coffee lover’s life simpler than ever!

How to Make Hot Chocolate with a Keurig

Simple steps are involved in making a fine cup of hot Choco with your Keurig. In this section, we will discuss the relevant steps of making chocolate drinks with Keurig, and later quarter, we will provide you with the tips of improving the taste of warm chocolate made with a Coffee maker.

Step One: Actually, this is not the first step; it is the prerequisite of entering into the first step. Check out the series of Keurig you have; if you have Keurig plus series or Keurig 2.0, you are ready to proceed into the next phase. If you don’t have these specific Keurig models, then read the following steps carefully and check out the compatibility with the coffee maker you have. If you get the points on how to perform the steps described below with your machine,you are ready to go.

Step Two: Now, your Keurig is plugged on and ready for the first cycle. You need to insert the chocolate K-cup pod inside the Coffee maker. Check out the perfect placement of the chocolate pod. Now, lower down the bail.

Step Three: We have to find out the “Hot Cocoa” option to make either hot cocoa/hot chocolate/mocha/tea. Now, press the “Hot Cocoa” button on the lid screen. This will lead your machine to commence command to brew burning chocolate drink or cocoa for you!

Step Four: Let’s press the brew button on the Keurig together and split up the tremendous red-hot Choco you just made between us!

How to Make Keurig Hot Chocolate Taste Better

As we have promised earlier, we will share tips on improving the taste of Keurig-made hot chocolate; here we go with the details.


Thicken Up the Coffee:

No one loves thin, watery coffee. To enhance the taste of warm chocolate, you must try thick slurry, and this slurry can be whipped cream or even more darker chocolates. The whipped cream will produce fatty foams and with dark chocolate, surely it will give a divine taste.

Try Out Different Flavors:  

Usually, you might get bored of the regular taste of hot chocolate. Maybe it’s time to try out all new flavors. So, you might try different pod flavors. Now, I am going to tell how I experience a different taste of warm chocolate or cocoa. I just take a tiny drizzle of freshly loose ground coffee beans on my chocolatey beverage. Ah! It’s addictive. Some people also try marshmallow with red hot chocolate made via the Coffee maker. I didn’t try it yet. Don’t forget to tell me how it tastes, if you do so.

Foamy Brew:

If you don’t have any issue with dairy products, I can recommend an excellent option to increase the perception of hot Choco. Add some milk to your drink and shake until foam generates. I can guarantee you will enjoy yet foamy, bit creamy hot chocolate.


Who can deny the perfect combination of milk and chocolate? Milk is the ideal partner of hot chocolate drink if you can adjust the perfect combination. Keep in mind while adding milk in Choco that you must add milk in warm condition. You can add milk after making the warm chocolate by Coffee maker or even while making the delicious chocolate drinks with Keurig; it up to you, but the taste won’t differ, I bet.

Adding Natural Ingredients:

Several chocolatey ingredients are commonly taken with hot Choco, such as cinnamon, mints, and nuts. Sometimes, espresso flavor can soothe up your quench of a tasty Keurig chocolate drink. The basic way is to incorporate these key ingredients in powder form. Powdered ingredients are best for enhancing taste of a chocolate drink or coffee. You can add your secret ingredients to it and tell us what’s your hidden gem of substances.

What is the Best Hot Chocolate for Keurig?


The pod is the most crucial part of an enchanted hot chocolate experience. You will need a pod that will provide extraordinary, flavored, and chocolaty delight. With Keurig, you will get a K-pod as a combo, and it’s an outstanding feature of Keurig. Rather than Keurig K-pod, you can choose from a wide range of K-pods. Some are Swiss Miss hot cocoa, Grove Square hot chocolate, and many more.

Making Hot Chocolate Can Clog a Keurig?

No. If you use refined cocoa power or K-pods to make hot chocolate, it will not clog the Keurig coffee machines. One general precaution is to avoid an everyday brand for Keurig. The bottom line is, use fine and freshly ground cocoa power (lump-free) or coffee grounds with designated K-pods to keep your Coffee maker free from clogging after making a hot Choco drink.

Can I Put Milk in My Keurig to Make Hot Chocolate?

No, directly, you can’t use milk in K-cups as the K-cups are not designed to brew milk. The standard way to add warm milk after the brewing is completed and just before sweeping the first sip! I like Choco with milk, and some people enjoy chocolate drinks with bold coffee flavor, what’s your choice? Let us know. 

Can I Use Hot Cocoa Powder in a Keurig?

Yes, the K-cup of Keurig is specially designed for handling hot cocoa powder. You need to put the hot cocoa mix in the K-cup then remove the pod from the machine. The next job is to run the hot water. Simple!

Should I Add Sugar in My Chocolate Drink?

Sugar is an additional ingredient used to enhance the sweetness in drinks. If you are found of excessive sweetness, then you may use granulated sugar in your drinks. Use sugar cravings if you are worried about calories to burn later on. FYI, sugar content is predominantly high in roasted cocoa beans. So, I will advise enjoying your drink without an additional sugar dose. It’s good for health.


Now, you know how to make Keurig hot chocolate taste better than ever. Try out the steps described in the article and utilize the tricks to impress another crazy head coffee or chocolate lover with simple techniques!