How to Remove Water Stains from Stainless Steel Cookware

Clean dishes carry the hallmark of good taste. Isn’t it?

We bought a lot of utensils but often went after embarrassment because we were not aware of the maintenance method.

In the case of stainless steel, the issue is particularly noticeable. Many of us do not know how to store them.

So I do not want to buy stainless steel products or use them for long. This is because it often gets water stains and turns black, and we can’t remove these by using ordinary dishwasher soap. So, I’m sharing my tricks today.


So, how to remove water stains from stainless steel? There are many chemical products or cleaners available in the market for this. But most of the time, these are expensive or not near at hand. You can solve this problem only by using household items like lemon juice or vinegar and baking soda.

How to Remove Water Stains from Stainless Steel Utensils?

Those who use stainless still utensils must be victims of this problem. That is water strain marks. But no more worries. Today I will mention some tips to remove hard water stains from stainless steel utensils. Let’s see.


Step 1: 1st you need a big container with hot water.

Step 2: Mix a cup of vinegar in the water.

Step 3: Now dip your water-strained stainless steel utensils into it and wait for some time (5-10min). 

Step 4: Finally, when you remove the utensils from the water mixed with vinegar and wipe them with a dry cloth, you will see that the utensils are free from water strains.

Hand Sanitizer Spray

Step 1: Take your water strained utensil and spray hand sanitizer on the water strained places carefully. 

Step 2: Then rub the utensil with a scrubber. 

Step 3: Now wipe the utensil with a dry cloth. Then you will see the water stains coming with the clothes.

Baking Soda

Step 1: Take a spoon of baking soda in a bowl.

Step 2: Mix a teaspoon of dishwasher soap with baking soda. 

Step 3: Rub the utensil with this mixture by using a scrubber. 

Step 4: Now clean it with water and wipe with a dry cloth; you will understand that the water stains have gone up.

How to Clean Tarnished Stainless Steel Cutlery?

As I said before, clean dishes carry the taste of good taste. Not only dishes. It is also necessary to keep the cutlery set clean. Otherwise, you will not feel good while taking food.

What you need:

« Vinegar 

« Basin

« Cleaning clothe

« Baking soda 

« Dish soap

« Hot water

« Sponge 

Step 1: Take a bowl with hot water, mix a spoon of baking soda in it and dip the cutlery set into it.

Step 2: Wait for 10-15 minutes. Until then, make a foam by applying dishwashing soap with a sponge.

Step 3: Drain the water from the bowl and again dip the cutlery set into hot water.

Step 4: Mix dishwasher soap with water and clean the surface.

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How Do Clean Stainless Steel Cutlery That Has Gone Black?

It is prevalent for stainless steel cutlery sets to turn black. However, no one has encountered this problem. I refer to the way I clean the stainless steel cutlery set that has gone black.

What you need for this:

« Baking soda

« Hot water 

« Foil paper

« A bowl

Step 1: Set foil paper on the bowl base 

Step 2: Take the cutlery set that has gone black and put it in the bowl.

Step 3: Now sprinkle the baking soda on the cutlery set. 

Step 4: Pour the hot water into the bowl and sprinkle some salt.

Step 5: Wait for some time. This time move the cutlery set.

Step 6: Now, if you pick up the set and wash it in another bowl of water, you will understand the difference. If the cutlery set is still not clean, repeat the process.

How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Stainless Steel Sink?

Needed things:

« Lemon slice 
« Salt
« Baking soda
« Aluminum scrubber 

Step 1: Make lemon juice, mix salt, and rub the hard water strained to sink well with the lemon slice.

Step 2: Now clean the stainless steel sink by rubbing it well with an aluminum scrubber.

Step 3: At this stage, spread the baking powder on the whole sink and clean it in the same way.

Step 4: Now wash the whole sink with water and see that the water stains have been removed.

How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Stainless Steel Dishwashers?

Lemon juice and baking soda are good for removing water stains from any stainless steel applications I have repeatedly mentioned above. Now I will talk about some more applications that can also remove water stains from stainless steel.

Olive oil

To remove hard water strain from stainless steel dishwasher, you can use olive oil—all you have to do for it.

Step 1: Apply olive oil with a dry soft cloth or paper towel.

Step 2: Now, rub the dishwasher door with the cloth where there are water stains.

Step 3: Finally, wipe well with another dry towel. You will see that the spots have gone up.

Rubbing alcohol 

Step 1: Fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol.

Step 2: Spray alcohol well on the dishwasher door.

Step 3: Now rub well with a paper towel or soft microfiber cloth.

Step 4: Once you wipe it off with a clean cloth, you will realize that the water stains have been removed

White vinegar 

Step 1: First, spray white vinegar on the water stains.

Step 2: Then gently rub the spot with a cotton cloth or towel.

Step 3: Now wipe the whole dishwasher with another clean cloth.

Step 4: If the stains do not completely disappear, use the same method again.


Finally, I would like to say that it is necessary to know the method of cleaning dishes because we can’t buy new stainless steel products or utensils every day. So knowledge of cleaning methods will save you money and you will be able to live a tasteful life. I am personally very careful about cleanliness. And when I don’t have an expensive cleaner on hand, I clean the dishes using some household items. So I hope you find my tips useful.