How to Replace PUR Water Filter – 2 Easy Way!

You probably know the importance of water filters. We have seen many types of filters. Today I will talk about PUR water filters. Unfortunately, replacing this water filter cartridge is often a hassle. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will not have this problem anymore.

There are two methods you can change the water filter cartridge.

How to Replace PUR Water Filter

Method One: Replacing a Pitcher or Dispenser Filter

Step One: Soak the changed filter in cold water:

Take cold water in a clean pot and soak the filter in that water for 15-20 minutes. This will remove the carbon in the filter, which is harmful and will not mix with your drink suitable water.

However, never use water that is warmer than 8 degrees Fahrenheit. This will increase the chances of damage to the filter.

Step Two: Remove the older filter:

Make a twirl of the old filter counterclockwise. Next, remove the lid of the dispenser or pitcher and set it aside.

Then, raise the pour tray on top, which is made of blue plastic on top. Get it out. Hold the tubular filter from the bottom and twist it clockwise to come out of the filter.

Drag the old filter to the top of the pour tray and discard it. Keep waiting until the pour tray is empty to change your filter; otherwise, it may face difficulty to remove.

Step Three: Rinse & wash the new PUR filter: 

When the filter is finished soaking in cold water, take it out of the water container and place it under your faucet. Next, turn on the cold water tap and shake well so that you can clean it thoroughly. After 10 seconds, turn off the water.


Step Four: Screw and attach the new filter: 

Now, slide the long tubular part of the filter through the hole in the middle of the pour tray and push it inwards. Maintain the filter like this and rotate it clockwise until you hear the sound of clicking in place.

Keep tapping at the end of the filter so that it does not pop out of the pour tray. Then, put the pour tray back in the dispenser before replacing it.

Step Five: keep pressing the reset switch:

If there is a button on your dispenser, hold it for 3-5 seconds. Some new PUR dispensers have a sensors system that gives you a signal when you replace filters. Just after replacing the filter, apply pressure with a finger to the demonstrative button on the cover.

For confirmation, when the sensor is reset, a green LED light will appear on the top of the lid.

Method Two: Transferring a Faucet Filter

Step One: Detach the older filter:

Firstly, Open the filtration system. Next, uphold the filtration system’s load with the help of your hands so that it does not break by falling on the ground. Next, spin round the plastic-made stiff nut counterclockwise.

Once you have the system fully open, carefully remove it from the water tap and place it on a dry surface or stuff.

Special Note:

  • Several models of the entire filtration system may have a locking system.
  • Water may come out of the water tap when you open the filtration system.

Step Two: Open the top cover of the faucet:

Open the top lid of the system and carry away the old nauseated filter. Maintain the filtration system by hand so that the rounded part of the large tube rises upwards.

Next, open the upper part of the tube and spin it counterclockwise. Then keep the cover aside.

Finally, remove the old filter by pulling it out from the system and throwing it away in the garbage.

Open the system cover to remove the old filter. Hold the filtration system by hand so that the rounded edge of the large cylinder rises to the top.

Then, turning counterclockwise, open the top of the cylinder and place the cover to one side. Remove the old filter directly from the system and throw it in the trash. The top cover always provides water.

Step Three: Screw the new filter:

Install a newly purchased filter inside the system. Ensure the narrow part of the filter is at the lowest point and the logo of the PUR filter remains at the top right. Set up the filter in the filtration system so that it has a loose fit. Place the top lid on top of the filter and twist to secure it.

Step Four: Install the filter unit with the faucet:

hold against the filtration system under the open water tap. The threads are completely horizontal; otherwise, they will not be deeply embedded. 

Turn the tap clockwise until the hand is stiff. Next, turn on the flow of water and make confirm whether there is a leak in it. If your filtration system does not screw up at some point, align it with the water tap and apply pressure to secure it.

Step Five: flow cold water for 2 minutes: 

Finally, flow cold water through the medium of the filtration method for 2 minutes. Then, continue to filter the water for 2 minutes to remove residue inside, and it works more efficiently. After that, you can use the filter as soon as you turn it on. The PUR filter works for 380L of water. So, you will be able to use it for about 3-4 months.


Thus change the water filter of an old filtration system every 3 consecutive months and enjoy clean water. Hopefully, this clean water will improve your health.