Is New York Tap Water Safe to Drink? Research Guide!

New York water is considered one of the best waters in the world. But the quality of water may not be like in Switzerland. But you can view it as safe drinking water, and you can use water for different purposes.


Drinking safe water is one of the essential things in our life. I believe water is our second life, so I think people worldwide should be concerned about drinking safe and clean all the time.

Otherwise, many different diseases may occur. However, today I would like to talk about New York water because many people are interested to know whether New York tap water is safe to drink or not. 

New York is one of the main cities in the  USA that does not require a strict water filtration system for tap water because it is adequately maintained. As a result, they are safe to drink and use for different purposes—fewer contaminants of dirt particles and chemicals in the tap water.

The water provided by New York is trustworthy and clean water is supplied from the reservoir to every house and factory.

What is the Current Report of New York Tap water?

As time changes, the quality of the water improves as the various types of modern technologies are growing. It is essential to know the current report on New York tap water because water is part and parcel of our life that helps us in many ways. Those who live in New York know how much the Quality and Quantity of water are. 

  • The New York water system reported that there is now less chance of spreading waterborne diseases or pathogens than in previous years. 
  • People also said that the level of turbidity, cloudiness, or foaminess from the tap water has highly decreased. But it needs to be improved.

Otherwise, more expensive tools or devices need to be fitted in every area to lower the level of alkalinity and other things that can cause problems from the water to our health. 

  • The amount of lead in the water has increased as many factories and buildings are made every month in local areas. So it needs to improve. Otherwise, water can get contaminated by lead and different metals within a few days, which might cause difficulties in drinking water, cooking, and various tasks.
  • Another major problem that the tap water is becoming dirty is pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, and organic compounds flowing from the factories, different types of industries, and medical or hospitals into the water. This should be maintained.

But I think the water quality of New York is super good and maintains hygiene as much as the government and water suppliers can. 

Is New York tap water Safe to drink?

Yes, New York water is safe to drink because it is finely treated with the correct amounts of chlorine, sodium hydroxide fluoride, phosphorus, and Ultraviolet to provide pure and clean water.

But do you sometimes know when pollution changes, water becomes dirty and unsafe from the tap.?

I think it’s better not to trust blindly; using a water filter at home would improve the taste and smell of the water. However, talking and thinking about safety issues about water is essential before you become sick! 

How to Understand if my Tap Water is Safe to Drink?

When the food gets rotten or stale, we know by seeing the changes on the surface of the food. So the same is true for tap water.


Some of the changes you will notice whether the tap water is safe to drink or not: If the water 

  • smells bad
  • becomes cloudy or foamy
  • Slimy
  • Becomes hard 
  • Colour is different

Does NYC Water Need to be Filtered?

It is unnecessary to filter NYC water if you are out of budget. Water filtration systems can be quite expensive but do not worry.

There is essential or regular water filtration that will do its job perfectly for removing the contaminants and dirt particles from the Tap water of New York.

But I would like to suggest you use water filters at home for a better future. 

You must wonder what filters need to be used to keep the water safer than usual. Do not worry! In the following sections of this article, I would like to describe each filter and its functions and methods. 

What Water Filtration Process/system is Best for New York tap Water?


The filtration processes that I suggested below are considered the most selling products because of their quality and functions in the USA. People find them reliable, safe, and affordable. 

Some of the best filters that will always keep NYC water cleaner and safer are: 

  • Faucet water filter
  • Under sink water filter
  • Water filter pitcher
  • Countertop water filter

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1#. Is NYC Tap water safe to drink in 2022?

Yes, NYC tap water is safe to drink 2022. As the days pass, experts are trying to provide excellent quality water systems through the pipes to our house. It makes water safe and better than other years.

All the excess harmful chemicals such as chlorine, chloramines, and different dirt particles are not 100% eliminated.

But I would say New York’s water system is one of the top quality of all the countries. That’s why you can trust it, but using a filter would help because all types of chemicals may not be eliminated. But, if we compare the other water quality of different countries, it is clean and fresh.

Q2#. Is NYC tap water better than bottled water?

In New York, some people tried to take votes about tap water and bottled water. They found that tap water is better than bottled water, although the people also vote 45% for bottled water. But I think the taste of both water should be the same.

Using tap water is helpful because they are inexpensive and eco-friendly compared to bottled water because of its plastic containers.

In addition, many water suppliers provide us with a hygienic water system and spick-and-span level of water level health, safety, and sound. 

According to the experts, it is said that tap water is tested under 600000 methods for improving the taste and smell of water, and they also try to remove more than 250 contaminants from the water.  So, to the best of my knowledge, NYC tap water is much better than bottled water. 


Now, you know if NYC tap water is safe to drink or not? If you want my recommendation as a dweller of NYC, I would highly recommend a RO based filtration system to stay on the safer side.

If you have any questions regarding any topics, feel free to ask us. To know more, be with us!