10 Best Kitchen Tables Under 100: Review & Comparison Chart

We all love to hang out with your family members, don’t we? And what’s the one time that allows you to spend quality time with them? For me, it’s dinner time. For a memorable dinner, surely you will need the best cheap kitchen tables under $100!

After having a long tiring day at work, the day remains incomplete without the family members’ sharing of both food and stories, and it just feels fantastic. I think almost everyone feels the same. And the one thing that can make your day even better and your moments with your loved ones more precious is a suitable kitchen table.

Best  Kitchen Tables Under 0

As a chef, I know the importance of a perfect kitchen table in cooking. Although, in a gourmet kitchen, the use of a kitchen table is limited. But, for households, a cooking table is a must.

Here, I will discuss some of the best budget kitchen tables under $100.

Best Cheap Kitchen Tables Under $100 [Reviews & Guide 2021]

I’ve picked the ten best kitchen tables for your house from my experience. With the in-depth analysis, you’ll get to choose the compatible one for you.

#1. Best Overall: VASAGLE Budget Cooking, Kitchen & Dining Table

Who doesn’t want a budget kitchen table where you can grab your napkins, magazines, newspaper, or even books without getting up from the table? The VASAGLE dining table offers you this unique facility at a low price.

  • Material: VASAGLE budget dining table is made of particleboard to serve your foods straight out of the kitchen. The stands are made of durable steel that prevents any unwanted accidents. You can happily have your meal with your dear ones. Even can use as your cooking station.
  • Size: VASAGLE dining table comes in 31.5″ L*31.5″ W*30.7″ H, which is pretty good for the accommodation of 2-3 people. You can sip coffee or have your lunch by sitting together. It won’t even take a lot of space in your kitchen.
  • Easy to Carry: The weight of the product is only 30 IB, making it so much easier to move around your house. You don’t have to think a lot before placing it in your kitchen. Because if you feel like carrying it in some other place, it’s just a child’s play for you.
  • Colour: Two different VASAGLE best dining table colours are available in the market; black and rustic brown. You can choose a colour that matches with other furniture of your house and enhance the overall beauty. I like the rustic one most.
  • Holding Capacity: What would be the maximum load capacity of this kitchen table? Well, the maximum static holding capacity of the VASAGLE dining table is 220 IB or 100 kg. Pretty good, huh?  Yeah, I think so.
  • Multiple Usage: You can use the table for different purposes. It’s so convenient that you can use it to have a meal, use a laptop, or even read a book. It’s not necessary to use it only as a kitchen table. It’s a table designed for versatile uses.
  • Special Compartment Facility: This is the unique feature of VASAGLE dining table. A special compartment is attached under the wooden sheet of the table where you can keep your napkins, books, newspapers, or magazines. Hey! Can’t use your phone while eating? Hide it in the compartment; nobody would scold you anymore! Just reminding you the good old days!
  • This budget dining table has a great look and goes almost with everything. So you don’t have to worry whether it’d be a great fit in your house or not. The unique storage area helps to hold unorganized items, which makes the tabletop nice and clean.
  • You may face difficulty putting the table together. But once it’s done, you can enjoy it to the fullest. If you have a toddler in your house, please make sure they don’t climb up the dining table and start jumping. It may reduce the durability of the stand’s steel.
Best kitchen tables for families
Best kitchen tables for families

#2. Best for Small Family: Alecono Industrial Wood Kitchen Table

Suppose you are looking for the best kitchen table for your small family. In that case, the Alecono Industrial Wood kitchen Table is the best choice for you.

  • Dimension: The dining room table is 47.2″ L*23.6″ W in size, giving you enough space to decorate your meals for your family. 2-4 people can be easily accommodated in this table. You can enjoy your meal and can have fun with your family members at the same time.
  • Material: The kitchen table is made of sturdy metal legs and an engineered wood desktop, making the top surface of the table smooth and burnished. You can easily clean all the mess on your table without any hassle.
  • Easy to Carry: Alecono Industrial Wood Dining Room Table weighs only 26 pounds. So if you want to change the furniture’s setting of your house, no worry at all. You can move it from one place to another without facing any difficulty.
  • Multi-functional: This is the unique feature of this dining table. The size of the table is so perfect that you can use it as a computer table, office desk, meeting desk, gaming table, and terrace, or even in garden picnic other than using it as a dining table. So if you want to buy a budget-friendly dining table that would serve several purposes in your daily life, this is the best choice for you.
  • Easy to Assemble: If you are thinking about the trouble of setting the table, stop getting stressed. This wooden kitchen tables come with the necessary tools and instruction, making it super easy to assemble. You can just set it up within few minutes following the instructions.
  • The dining room table comes with a height of 29.5″ that makes enough room to place an adult’s leg comfortably. You won’t be disappointed sitting in front of the table. Having enough space under the table helps to move the chairs beneath the table. Thus you can keep your house organized and risk-free from tripping over the feet of the chairs.
  • Like VASAGLE’s kitchen dining table, you won’t get a special compartment under this table to keep your necessary things in one place. But I think the size of the table is pretty standard and you can keep all those things on the top of the table in a well-arranged way.

#3. Best for Large Family: GreenForest Dining and Kitchen Table

Living with your grandparents or having many siblings is a blessing, right? And to maintain a large family, you need a larger kitchen table to enjoy your meal together. Well, the GreenForest large dining table is the most suitable one for you.

  • Size: GreenForest dining table is 47.2″ L*30″ W on top and has a height of 30″ from the floor. You can efficiently serve all the delicious dishes prepared for your family members. 4-6 people can be easily accommodated at the table. So you can enjoy your meal with your dear ones.
  • Colour: The dining table is available in three different colours; white, black, and rustic. So you can choose the one that matches the theme of your house. It’d help to enhance the inner beauty of your home. You can also select a random one as all the colours blend with almost all décor.
  • Adjustable Feet: You sure don’t want a scratched floor in your house, right? The legs of the table come with adjustable feet and protective padding. You’ll get a stable table with a scratch-free floor in your kitchen or dining room.
  • Multipurpose Styling Table: Besides using it as a dining room or kitchen table, you can use the GreenForest dining table as a reading table for the children, a leisure side table, or a coffee table to use in the lounge or balcony. Even you can also use the table for all those purposes at a time.
  • Easy to Assemble: Do you know what the most exciting feature of this table is? You can assemble the table within 15 minutes without having any trouble. Just follow the instructions given, and after few minutes, it’s done! Doesn’t that give you a little relief?
  • The top of the table is made of organic particleboard, making it scratch-free, heat, and water-resistant. You can easily use your cleaning sprays on the table and wipe out all the dirt and germs to stay safe.
  • You may find it quite tricky to move from one place to another because of the wooden stand of the table. So give it a thought before placing the table in your house. If you still want to move the table, I’d suggest you take help from one of your family members.

#4. Best for Couple: Wooden Kitchen Dining Table – Round Shape

Just moved in together with your loving partner? Congratulations! Now you may need some furniture to decorate your beautiful house. I think the Modern Leisure Wooden Kitchen Dining table will be the perfect one to sip coffee or a meal after a long tiring day with your partner.

  • Modern Style: The table is beautiful and sturdy with wooden legs, which will provide an elegant and aesthetic look around your house. The top of the table is white, clean, and tidy, combined with a design inspired by the modernist mid-century. Your home will look lively than ever.
  • Heat-resisting property: The table is made of multi-layer piano baking varnish technology on top. If you serve the super-hot dishes straight from the oven on the table, the shape of the upper surface of the table won’t change even at that high temperature. So you can use the kitchen table as per your wish.
  • Size: This is a round-shaped table with a diameter of 31.5″ and a height of 28.3″. I think space is enough for enjoying a meal to share with your partner. As the table is small in size compared to others, it won’t take a lot of room for your new house.
  • Multi Usage: The table is so simple but sophisticated with a cute size; you can also use it as a coffee table, corner table in your living room, workstation, your leisure table, and even in your garden or terrace. Wherever you use it, the table will be a perfect fit.
  • Provides Protection: The kitchen table comes with four pieces of wear-resisting footpad which will protect your floor from scratching and making noise. It also contains embedded hidden screws that enhance the beauty of the table. Your legs will also be protected from bumps while sitting.
  • If you’ve heard any negative reviews of this table before, I’m happy to inform you that the manufacturer improved the thickness of the paint layer. Hence, the table is more resistant to daily use scratches. The material of the upper surface of the table is environment friendly, and you’ll find it super easy to clean.
  • You may get into trouble while having guests over or hosting a party. But if you have some other tools to support in that situation, you are good to make a purchase.
dining table set for 6 cheap
dining table set for 6 cheap

#5. Best Style: Ashley Whitesburg Most Stylish Kitchen Table

When some people choose an item of furniture with the highest durability over anything, some people love to get the most stylish one on the market. If you are one of those preferred persons, the Signature Design by Ashley Whitesburg Dining Room Table is the one for you.

  • Size: The kitchen table weighs 43.2 pounds, and the size is 42 x 42 x 2.75 inches. I think it provides enough space to keep all the necessary items of your daily life. You can even assemble the dishes and food accessories artistically to click beautiful photography.
  • Material: This unique vintage-inspired tabletop is made of veneers, wood, and engineered wood with a warm brown finish. You won’t regret purchasing by seeing the quality and finishing of Whitesburg’s best round kitchen table.
  • Style: The special feature of this table is its unique design. Having a Whitesburg round kitchen table in your house represents the best style and fashion sense of you. No doubt the table would look a thousand times more attractive if you set it up with a matching Whitesburg chair, mats, and other accessories.
  • You can use the Signature Design by Ashley Whitesburg kitchen Table for decorating your house. The modern feature enhances the beauty of your home a lot more than other kitchen tables. You can use it for other purposes like having your coffee on the balcony or terrace after a long tiring day or even to have an aesthetic photo shoot. Yes, the table looks that sophisticated. Exciting, no?
  • The top and bottom of the table are sold differently. So before making a purchase, make sure you got the correct information about your product to avoid further problem. The tabletop is quite heavy compared to others. You may not be able to move it whenever you want.

#6. Best Fancy: Round Glass Kitchen Table with Chrome Legs

Are you looking for fancy furniture for your house? Round Glass Dining & Kitchen Table is the one for you that would make your home look more whimsical and lovely.

  • Material: The top of the table is made of glass, and the table legs come with stylish stands. You would love the appearance of it in your house. It undoubtedly makes your home more fancy and elegant.
  • Parameter: The table is available with the size of D35″ x H 29.2″. The thickness of the glass is 0.32″. You can have a nice lunch or a candle-light dinner with your loved one. The table will help you to bring an enjoyable mood at any time.
  • Easy to Clean: This round glass kitchen table is super easy to clean. If you use a spray containing disinfectant and wipe it up with a wiper, it’d give you a brand new look. As the top is made of glass, you don’t have to worry about getting scratched.
  • Sophisticated Look: Yes, the table gives a sophisticated look. Setting it up in your dining room or at a corner of your living room will enhance the beauty of your house a thousand times more. The table legs have such a glazy and shiny look that would make your place way more attractive.
  • You’ll get both a fancy and sophisticated look in your house set up this round glass kitchen table. The use of this table is not limited to having a meal. You can just use the table as a decorating accessory in your house. You can also set a flower vase or a plant on the table to make your home way more attractive. I think this will help you to keep a healthy and sound mind.
  • You may have to stay extra cautious as the table is made of glass. And, of course, keep your kids away while they are playing with a ball or jumping. The table may get damaged in this, or the kids may get injured.

#7. Best for Regular Use: Kitchen Table For Small Spaces

If you want a kitchen table for regular use, I’d recommend buying a rectangular modern dining kitchen table. It’s effortless to maintain, and you won’t have to worry about its stability.

  • Size: This rectangular-shaped table comes with a length of 45.08 x 24.02 x 29.92 inches. I think the table is small enough for placing in a small apartment and large enough where you can have your meal with your loved ones together.
  • Easy to Clean: This table is effortless to clean. Just spray a liquid disinfectant once in a while and use a wiper to remove all the dust. The tabletop is designed with thick wood, which makes the table more resistant to daily use scratches.
  • Easy to Assemble: Like the GreenForest dining table and others, this dining kitchen table is also hassle-free and very easy to assemble. Exquisite hardware and a detailed manual are included with the dining table, which makes the process easy-peasy. All parts of the kitchen table are listed and numbered, and specific assembly steps, so you don’t have to face any difficulties.
  • Provides Enough Space: After having a meal or completing your work, you can move the chairs under the dining table. This way, you can have more space around your house to do your chores comfortably or set up something else you need in your daily life. 
  • Holding capacity: this dining kitchen table weighs 34.8 pounds with a holding capacity of 265 pounds. It can easily accommodate up to 4 persons. So having a small family, you can surely choose this one. I think it’d be the best option if you want a quality kitchen table for your family at a reasonable rate.
  • The table is strong and made of solid, sturdy wood of the correct size. You can easily use it for your toddler’s light play station or your kid’s homework. Because of the heavyweight and more holding capacity won’t get damaged while using for random purposes.
  • The table being so heavy, it won’t be easy to move anytime you want. So before assembling the table, be sure where you want to place it.

#8. Best for Assembling: VASAGLE Round Kitchen Table

Who doesn’t want something that serves the advantage of two in one? We all do, right? Well, a VASAGLE round dining kitchen table is there that you can use either as a kitchen table or as a corner table in your living room.

  • Dimension: The round table is available in a size of 31.5 x 29.5 Inches (Dia. x H). Spacious enough for you and your little family to enjoy the dinner together. You can even assemble the foods nicely on this round dining table.
  • Colour: The VASAGLE round dining table is available in the rustic brown colour, which mixes with almost any house pattern. You don’t have to worry about the table blending with other furniture in your house.
  • Material: The top of this table is made of durable particleboard that makes the kitchen table more stable. You’ll get the table legs in powder-coated steel, making it much easier to move in different places.
  • Holding Capacity: The holding capacity of the VASAGLE round kitchen table is 220 IBS or 100 kg. Yes, you got it right! This small table can hold the maximum capacity compared to others. You can indeed purchase if you need a table for putting comparatively heavy things.
  • A round table like this helps you keep close to others to spend super pleasant moments with friends and family. You can also use this table as a corner table in the living room, as a coffee table, or even perform your office work. The table has such a perfect size; it won’t look odd in any of these places.
  • Unlike the VASAGLE dining table (The first item on our review list), the VASAGLE round kitchen table doesn’t have a special compartment. Though the holding capacity of the table is pretty good, I’d suggest keeping your kids away from jumping above the table to avoid any damage.

#9. Best for Stability: JAXSUNNY Kitchen Dining Table

Well, are you thinking of getting a small but cute table for your apartment? JAXSUNNY kitchen round dining table will be the best fit for you with its small size and spacious top.

  • Smooth and Durable Material: This top of this round table is designed of premium density board with a sleek brown finish and is also waterproof and scratch-resistant. The supporting legs that hold the table together are made of iron tubes with black paint that is smooth and rustproof. So you don’t have to think about its durability for making a purchase.
  • Holding Capacity: JAXSUNNY round table for kitchen is a high-quality product with a holding capacity of 110 IBS. For a small-sized table, I think it’s pretty good. You can quickly put your dishes and other necessary things on the table.
  • Dimension: This round-shaped table comes with a diameter of 31.5″ and a height of 29.3″. This small but beautiful table can blend at any corner of the house, office, cafes, or restaurants. You won’t have to worry about whether it’d go with your home or not.
  • Multi-purpose Usage: Yes, even this little round table can be used for different purposes. You can use it while working on your laptop or enjoying your favourite movies or series. You can also have your meal at this table or carry it on the balcony at dawn or dusk to have your coffee while enjoying nature.
  • Stable Legs: The metal legs combined with a sturdy joint are designed in X shape, which offers a geometric beauty and increases its stability. This unique leg frame also helps save the ideal space for you if you have a small apartment. The footpads underneath help to protect the floor and reduce noises while moving.
  • The table is very lightweight and easy to carry around—the design blends with almost every house theme. So you can make a purchase, and it’ll naturally increase the beauty of your house. You can also clean the table just using a duster.
  • You may have a little difficulty while assembling the table. But once you’re done, you can enjoy all these features at a time.
cheap kitchen table under 100$
best kitchen table

#10. Best for Carrying: Naomi Home Multipurpose Rectangular Resin Centre Folding Table

You are probably searching for a table that you can use on different occasions and is super easy to carry. Some days ago, I was searching for something like this. Luckily, I got the Naomi Home Multipurpose Rectangular Resin Centre Folding table, and that too at a reasonable price.

  • Dimension: The average dimension of the folding table is 70.87″ L x 29.13″ W x 29.13″ H. However, it’s available in two different lengths in the marketplace; 5ft and 6ft. So you can choose the length of the table according to your need. My one is of 6ft length as I use it for different purposes and need more space.
  • Versatility: The table is so convenient that you can even use it both indoors and outdoors. It can serve different purposes like dining, playing games, or serving tables while hosting a garden party for your friends and family. Once I hosted a tea party for my friends and used it as the serving table. They all loved it! Also, you won’t face any trouble moving it from one place to another because of the unique folding feature.
  • Heat-resistant: The manufacturer used high-quality plastic on top of the table to absorb heat up to 150F. So whether you put a mug of hot coffee on it or use it in the summer as a serving table while hosting a party, you won’t have to worry about the table getting damaged.
  • Material: This table is made of high-grade resin material, which protects against extreme weather like rain and sun. The handle is coated with soft rubber. So while moving the table in your house, the padded handle will provide protection. You’ll be able to carry it quickly like a suitcase.
  • Holding Capacity: The tabletop comprises 17% thicker material than usual, holding up to 330 IBs. So you don’t have to worry about its stability while placing a lot of things. I put heavy stuff on the table while I work, and nothing ever happened to it.
  • It’s a portable, lightweight, and high-quality table that serves different purposes of your daily life, both indoor and outdoor in severe weather. The white colour gives a calm yet elegant look to your party. You’d be glad to know that the table is super easy to clean. It is the best garden and kitchen table for outdoor parties.
  • Though the table is foldable, I won’t recommend having it if your house is way too small. In that case, you won’t be comfortable doing any work around the table as it takes a lot of space in the unfolded position.

Why do I need the Cheap Kitchen Tables Under $100?

Now you may ask why you’d need a kitchen table. Let me explain some points that may help you understand how easy your life will be by having a kitchen table in your house.

Aid in Pre-processing: You can use the kitchen table for different purposes before processing the food, like cutting the vegetables and meat. You don’t have to get another place for all these if you have a kitchen table in your house.

Smart Work Station: Cooking is an art. You may find it more artistic if you get everything you need for cooking in one place. For example, stand mixers, blenders, vegetables, meats, and cooking utensils, you need all this very close to your workstation. So, what’s the solution? You will need an excellent, best kitchen table.  A kitchen table would help you to put everything all together. This way, while you are cooking, you don’t have to find items here and there, and you can quickly get rid of making a mess out of it. That’s a relief, right?

Assembling the Utensils: You can use a cooking table for assembling all your kitchen utensils. Suppose you have a tiny house and don’t have enough space for all your kitchen utensils. In that case, you can keep all those on your kitchen table in such a creative way that it won’t look odd; instead would increase the beauty of the room. If it’s not necessary, you can just decorate the kitchen table with your cute water pots.

Helps in Food Fiesta: Yeah! It’s a pretty obvious job of a kitchen table. The interesting fact is that, if you choose the perfect table for your kitchen, it can aid in your cooking as well.

Provide Perfect Family Time: I don’t think the feelings of eating together with your family at the kitchen table are ever the same while dining in your bedroom. In my restaurant, I often see people come with the family and enjoy their meal.

So, I think every American needs at least one best kitchen table to keep the smooth harmony in the family.

What are the Alternative Usages of the Kitchen Tables?

Yes, you don’t just have to use a kitchen table for only cooking aid, serving or having food. You surely can use a kitchen table for other purposes. Here are some ideas that I’m going to share with you as an alternative use of cooking tables.

Corner Table: You can use those comparatively small kitchen tables as the corner table in your living room. You can also decorate the table with a flower vase or an artificial plant, or a sophisticated crystal showpiece. The choice is yours!

Coffee Table: You can use those aesthetic-looking kitchen tables as a coffee table and can place it on your balcony or terrace. You can enjoy nature while sipping your coffee cup with your loved ones or maybe alone. You know, your house, your rules!

Work Station: Yes, you can use the kitchen tables in your workplace too. It’ll provide you with a lot of space for putting all those big files and even your desktop. Or you can keep it as an extra table in your office room so that your regular office desk has enough space for new files.

Home Library: I know, many of you are book-lovers just like me. So if you have your library in your house, you can use the cooking tables to read those books. Quality tables will help you to get some quality time with your favourite books. Even you can keep some recipe books, cooking magazines on a cooking table.

Gaming Table: If you are a die-hard fan of video games and need a lot of space to place your Xbox series or PS5, you can use these kitchen tables. As these contain a lot of rooms on top, you can set those up without any trouble.

Fundamental Differences Between Rectangular Kitchen Tables and Round Tables

There are different shapes and sizes available for a kitchen table. Let me point out some essential characteristics and differences for you to have a better understanding.  

Rectangular Kitchen TableRound Kitchen Table
A rectangular table is much more appropriate if you have an elongated room or extended dining room.You can place a round table in any shape of the room you want; it doesn’t have to be mainly rectangular or round.
Rectangular tables have corners; sometimes, it may be the reason for you to get hurt.Round kitchen tables have no corners that makes it much safer than rectangular tables.
A rectangular table has four legs that may take more space in your house.A round table stands with one or two legs underneath make more space around your house.
You can easily make a rectangular table more beautiful by putting a table cloth on.A round table generally looks beautiful and makes all the dishes more accessible while having a meal together.
A rectangular table makes more room for your large family.A round table may be preferable if you have a comparatively small family.

Differences Between Wooden Tables and Glass Tables

The significant differences between a wooden kitchen table and glass tables lay in materials, sturdiness, portability, price, and longevity. I have made a table to talk about these two types of tables! LOL!!

Wooden Table
Glass table
The wooden table has an incredible durability period. So if you are looking for a long-lasting table, a wooden table should be your choice.A glass table comes with a fancy and modern look but may be a little sensitive to use. If you want a table for light activities, a glass table would be great for you.
Wooden tables are vulnerable when it comes to scratches or water. Your table may lose its beauty because of this issue.Glass tables are pretty low-maintenance in this case. You can just wipe off the water with a paper towel, and it gets a whole new look.
Wooden tables are classic and can be used generation after generation to maintain it with proper care.Glass tables give a transparent and airy look in your dining or living room but usually don’t have that much durability.
Wooden tables are comparatively heavy and bulky than glass tables. You may face a little bit of trouble while moving a wooden table.Glass tables are comparatively lightweight and much easier to carry. But you should be careful while moving a glass table to avoid unwanted accidents.

Significant Differences Between Foldable Tables and Non-Foldable Tables

Often, we become puzzled, what kind of cooking table should I buy? Is the wooden or glass, foldable or non-foldable, cheap or expensive? By far, you have got the idea of different types of cooking tables, after reading this section you will get the complete idea about which one do you need.

Foldable TablesNon-foldable Tables
Foldable tables are lightweight and user-friendly.Non-foldable tables are comparatively heavy.
You can easily carry a foldable table from one place to another for multiple usages.Non-foldable tables won’t be that much easy to move compared to the foldable table.
It’s okay if you don’t take the size of your apartment into account as you can just fold it after your work.You may get into trouble if you don’t consider your apartment’s size while buying a non-foldable table.  As you can’t just keep it anywhere or anyhow, you want.

Buying Guide: How will you Choose the Best Cheap Kitchen Table for your House?

Now you may ask which one you should buy for your house. Let me help you by explaining the factors you need to go through before purchasing the best and inexpensive kitchen table.

  • Size: You must get the right size of the table according to your need. If your house is too small compared to the table’s size or the size is too small for having a meal together with your family, then it’d be a problem. You may even have to take the trouble to return it. So think accordingly before buying the kitchen table.
  • Colour: So many colours of kitchen tables are available in the marketplace. Just get the one that goes both your apartment and your choice. There are so many options out there; I don’t think you have to compromise with any of that.
  • Holding Capacity: Yes, you must take the holding capacity of the kitchen table into consideration. You should check whether it can hold all the pressure while you are working on it. You should also look into whether it has sufficient space and capacity for all your family members. Having a meal together is an essential catalyst in the formation of family bonding. So check this matter carefully before making a purchase.
  • Material: Variation of materials in kitchen tables are available in the market. Some of them are made of wood; some are from particleboard or high-quality plastic. The table’s legs also come with different materials like wood, iron steel, even coated rubber or non-coated. Each of them has their specific features that I’ve already covered. All you have to do is to select the right one as per your expectations. 
  • Versatility: From my products’ review, you have already got the idea of using the kitchen table for different purposes. Now you can’t use all the kitchen tables for all purposes. For example, buy the Naomi Home Multipurpose Rectangular Resin Centre Folding table, then you can use it for many purposes, but you can’t use it as a corner table in your living room. So before making a purchase, make sure you think about your needs thoroughly and choose accordingly.
  • Design: Choosing the proper design of a kitchen table that blends with all other furniture or the theme of your house is such an essential factor to consider. I know you don’t want to buy a table that will look odd or decrease the inner beauty of your house. So choose wisely before placing the order.
  • Assembling Process: Finally, you should also check the assembling process of the kitchen table before making a purchase. Because if you face a lot of trouble or even worse can’t fix the table, that won’t be a pleasant experience. So if you find the process easy or manageable, then you should go for it.

Best Kitchen Tables [Consumer Report 2021]

I have combined my years-long experiences and research data to prepare a consumer report for the best kitchen tables.

The graph has been developed by integrating different datasets like price, size, versatility, durability, customer feedback, and product return ratio. This graphical representation will help you to make an easy buying decision. Let’s check the graph.

Best Kitchen Table Reviews and Consumer Report
Fig: Best Kitchen Table Reviews and Consumer Report

Now, from the graph, the most popular cheap kitchen tables under 100 are determined. CSI is an integrated representation of our developed algorithm towards the product’s trustability among the users. The prediction and analysis of the CSI index are very simple. Better the CSI %, better its proven service record to existing customers.

According to the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), GreenForest Dining Table leads the board with 46.42% consumer confidence. Alecono Industrial Wood Dining Room Table has a CSI of 11.78%. Then comes both Round Glass Dining Table with Chrome Legs & Rectangular Modern Dining Kitchen Table fighting the battle with a CSI of 9.24%.

Now, read out the in-depth analysis of all the best budget kitchen tables to identify the perfect one for you.

Q1#. Which shape should I select for everyday use; the round kitchen table or the rectangular kitchen table?

Well, I have already mentioned the difference between a round kitchen table and a rectangular kitchen table. But you can choose one according to your need and your house theme. If you have a toddler, I would recommend you to have a round table as your kid may get hurt with the corner of a rectangular table

Q2#. Can I get a fully assembled table?

No, you can’t get a fully assembled table while delivering. The size of the table will be huge if delivered in an assembled way, and the parts of the table will get damaged too. You sure don’t wanna get a table with damaged parts.

Q3#. Does the tabletop and table legs come in separate packages?

Yes, of course, the tabletop and the table legs come in separate paper packages. Otherwise, the tabletop may get damaged by the table legs and vice versa. That’s why the sellers always deliver the tabletop and table legs in separate packages.

Q4#. Would it be a problem to use a single table for different purposes?

Well, this depends. If you buy a lightweight table, you can easily carry it from one place to another for different purposes. Again, if you buy a folding table, it would be easier to move here and there, and it won’t be a problem. But if your table is heavy, it would be a problem to use a single one in different activities. In that case, try to understand your need first and then make a purchase accordingly.

Q1#. Can I paint on the tabletop?

Yes, you can paint on the tabletop. You just need to check the material of your table and take the preparation accordingly. The process of painting wooden or veneer furniture is almost the same. Whereas if you want to paint a glass table, you need to clean the top thoroughly and use the best quality products to get the best outlook. This way, you can create a whole new look for your table and even for your house.


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