KW1 Water Filter Alternative | Filters Like KW1 But BETTER!

“Water is life!”

There’s a slight mistake in this saying, I would say. Water may be both pure and impure. And certainly, contaminated water can’t be considered as life.

While speaking about the importance of pure water, water filters cross our mind. And KW1 water filters are quite popular ones. But people are found looking for KW1 water filter alternatives. And if you’re also looking for the same, then you’re at the right place.

In this guide, I’ll introduce you to some of the KW1 water filter alternatives that will solve all your problems. A buying guide will also be there for further help.

So, let’s explore!

Best KW1 Water Filter Alternative:

FlowPur/ Watts Single Replacement Filter (WCBCS-975RV)
Material: Not Provided
Activated Carbon:
Granular Activated Carbon
Capacity: Not Provided
Certification: Not Provided
Extra Feature: Wrench Included
 American Water Solutions (CCI-10-CLW)
Material: Not Provided
Activated Carbon: Activated Carbon Block
Capacity: Not Provided
Certification: NSF
Extra Feature: Reduces Chlorine
PUREPLUS Water Filter Replacement:
Material: Polypropylene
Activated Carbon: Activated Carbon Block
Capacity: 13000gallons
Certification: WQA, RoHS
Extra Feature: Reduces Pesticides
SimPure Carbon Block Filter Replacement:
Material: Carbon
Activated Carbon: Activated Carbon Block
Capacity: 18000gallons
Certification: NSF
Extra Feature: Universal Fit
Membrane Solutions String Wound Water Filter Replacement:
Material: Polypropylene
Activated Carbon: Not Provided
Capacity: 20000gallons
Certification: NSF
Extra Feature: Four Times Dirt Holding Capacity

1. FlowPur/ Watts Single Replacement Filter (WCBCS-975RV)

Enjoy trouble-free installation with FlowPur replacement filter. It goes seamlessly with many purifiers of different brands.

FlowPur/ Watts Single Replacement Filter (WCBCS-975RV)

Easy to Install: The installation seems tricky in most of the filters. So, it becomes difficult for us to replace filters. But this filter has a trouble-free installation. You just need to exchange the filters and then flush it for about 5mins for better results. Don’t forget to close the valve before replacing it. And it’s just as simple as that!

Activated Carbon: Granular carbon prevents the amalgamation of carbon particles. Granular ones are made with either coal or coconut shells which is why they are sometimes called “Charcoal” filters. The activated carbon removes odor and controls pesticides.

Wrench Included: Installation made easier! The packaging includes a stiff wrench which is really very useful. The KW1 water filters do not bear any tools in the packaging. But this filter has a wrench which is for removing sump and garden fittings. This wrench also helps to deal with tight nuts or bolts.

No Contamination: This replacement filter acts like the original one. It controls pesticides in water. The inner covering has no harmful chemicals like BPA or leads, or any other chemicals. So, no extra contamination will occur due to the filter alone. Its activated carbon controls carbon amalgamation as well.

Saves Electricity: The purifier is fast. You just need to open the water supply, and you’ll get to drink clear water in no time. The filter keeps the nutrition intact. As it takes less time, it saves much of your money by reducing the use of electricity. This one’s a must-have for every household.

  • Wrench included
  • Easy installation process
  • Granular activated carbon present
  • No contamination happens
  • The outer covering needs to be more porous

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2. American Water Solutions (CCI-10-CLW)

Not one or two, a pack of four instead! Yes, you’re getting four efficient filters in one pack from American Water Solutions. Stay relieved for at least a year with this combo pack!

American Water Solutions (CCI-10-CLW)

Reduces Chlorine: Water becomes impure real quick. These impurities may include chlorine, dust, rust, etc. Chlorine is not something that we should consume with water. Hence, this filter reduces the amount of chlorine and makes the water drinkable. The filter is capable of reducing other sediments as well. Interestingly, it also reduces calcium, iron, lead and other heavy metals, which is indeed a great plus of this filter.

Certified: Every brand related to either food or water that you’re going to select should always be certified. Non-certified ones are hazardous. You can trust wholly on this purifier as it’s NSF certified. The brand has been working for many years to better all with all the necessary proofs and certificates.

Requires Less Time: You can consider this one as a KW1 water filter alternative best replacement as it saves much of your time. It purifies water real quick by removing the impurities. As it requires less time, it also saves electricity. And you get to drink tastier and cleaner water from time to time.

Pack of 4: The beneficiary combo is here! A set of four keeps you relieved for the rest of the year. Generally, a purifier should be changed after an interval of 3-4months. Now, you can be carefree after getting this combo. The best part is that the filter does not even get rusted easily.

Reasonable: It’s known to all that the more pieces you’ll take, the more discount you’ll get! If you take only one purifier, you’ll have to pay a bit more than getting four at once. So, you’re bringing this combo pack at a great price as it has four in it. The price is too reasonable, I must say.

  • Reduces sediments efficiently
  • Reasonable
  • Saves electricity
  • Seemed too long to fit

3. PUREPLUS Water Filter Replacement

PUREPLUS water filters make sure to get all the impurities out. The three-layered filter traps all the sediments or particles precisely.

PUREPLUS Water Filter Replacement

Durable Material: The purifier is made of polypropylene. Polypropylene is really tough and scratch-resistant. It has a semi-crystalline nature which makes it flexible and tough. The filter won’t get damaged easily due to the contact of different chemicals as PP is chemical resistant.

Reduces Pesticides: Pesticides being in the drinking water is a common phenomenon. Especially in agricultural lands, pesticides get into the water. This filter has an RO unit to solve this problem as well. The reverse osmosis system reduces more or less 99% pesticide and makes the water healthy.

Multi-Layered: Three-layered filters are hard to find. Surprisingly, this purifier is made of three layers with different widths (inner one 5micron, middle one is 7 while the outer one is 10micron). The layers capture the impurities precisely and keep your family away from diseases.

Capacity: The longevity depends on the use of a filter. The water demand indicates the use of a filter. However, this purifier has a capacity of 13000gallons which isn’t similar to the KW1 water filter. KW1 does not have sufficient capacity, in my opinion.

Flow Rate: The strainer is true to its job. It can purify water in a jiffy. The flow rate is sufficient as it’s 2.5-5GPM on average. Many of you can say that the flow rate isn’t as expected. That’s because the rate highly depends on the region from where the water is coming. Other than that, the filter is very swift.

  • Durable
  • Multiple layers ensure pure water
  • Reduces pesticides
  • High capacity
  • Do not work well in case of well water

4. SimPure Carbon Block Filter Replacement

Be it an under-sink or a countertop filter, SimPure can fit in all seamlessly! It’s a carbon-made filter with a huge capacity and many other amazing features.

Coconut Shell: The filter has activated carbon with a coconut shell. The carbon is covered with PP, which is food grade. The covering is a non-shedding one. The activated carbon does not let any carbon particles contaminate the purified water. The carbon block reduces about 98% of chlorine.

Improve Taste: Pure water tastes healthier and tastier. This purifier introduces you to the real taste of water through its high purifying techniques. Moreover, the filter disrupts the entrance of harmful chemicals and heavy metals like lead, cysts, chlorine, and many more.

Compatible: KW1 filters do not easily fit in most of the brands. You can consider this filter as an alternative as it has great compatibility. Starting from countertop filters to under-sink ones, this filter fits in all types. This one’s suitable for any 10-inch housing and cooperates with the brand, including Whirlpool, Culligan, etc.

Filter Life: You’ll be glad to know about the capacity and lifetime of this one. 15000gallons is its unbelievable capacity! You can use it for about 3-6 months at ease. It’s too good for personal use. Moreover, it’s a pack of four which is really fantastic.

BPA-Free: BPA is used to make various plastic materials as it’s inexpensive. But it’s not at all good for our health. This filter is BPA free which means water will also be BPA-free. So, no chances are there for the water to get contaminated. So, to keep yourself healthy, there’s no alternative to this one.

  • BPA free
  • High compatibility
  • Activated carbon reduces chlorine
  • Food grade carbon covering
  • Do not altogether remove the odor of mixed impurities

5. Membrane Solutions String Wound Water Filter Replacement

Membrane Solutions come with string wound filters that can hold dirt four times than the other filters. Protects other water equipment from clogging and ensures a healthy future.

Membrane Solutions String Wound Water Filter Replacement:

Food Grade: Healthy materials are used in this filter. Food grade PP, which is free from heavy metals and BPA, is used here. No toxic elements can get in your water. Moreover, no internal pollution or odor will be there. High-quality materials are provided, considering everyone’s safety.

Dirt Capacity: This one can be claimed as an excellent KW1 water filter alternative as it has a mind-boggling dirt holding capability. The stringed outer part can absorb most of the dirt and prevent its entrance—no more drinking cloudy or muddy water. Get the taste of the purest water with this filter.

Sediment Removal: All the impurities are strained out through this filter. The high flow rate helps to get the dirt out quickly. It’s perfect for filtrating feed water. Feed-water contains dust particles and sediments. So, this filter may be your desired solution at all times.

Universal Fit: This is a replacement cartridge, but it fits in all filter systems as if it’s mainly made for that one. It’s 10″ ×2.5″, which is just accurate for every housing. You can have it even for major brands like OMNIFilter, APEC, Olympia, and others. It’s mainly for drop-in styles.

Water-Saving: The strainer follows a greener way to purify and use rainwater. It collects rainwater from the roof and can use the water for watering plants, washing cars, laundries, and many more. This lessens the wastage of water and increases water sustainability for years to go.

  • Suitable to purify feed-water
  • Reduces wastage of water
  • Universal Fit
  • Can hold 4times the impurities
  • Do not have sufficient capacity

Why Would you Need to Analyze the Limitations of the Reverse Osmosis unit?

Every object has its advantages and disadvantages. So when you’re about to use a particular object, you need to be aware of its advantages and disadvantages.

For a healthy life, we need to ensure a suitable water filter first. RO filters provide maximum pure water. These filters are perfect for dealing with hard water. The semi-permeable membrane used in the RO unit strains all the chemicals and impurities precisely.

But certainly, there are some limitations. For example, RO filters can’t deal with microorganisms. Moreover, it removes essential minerals from water that can cause a mineral deficiency. In addition, it takes more time to purify water and uses more electricity. Apart from these, a RO filter is a perfect one to have. However, these advantages are negligible, and so most people prefer RO filters.

So, you need to know all the advantages and shortcomings to choose the suitable one for yourself.

What to Look at While Selecting a KW1 Water Filter Alternative?

Every equipment or appliance has both advantages and disadvantages. But when the disadvantages are not negligible, then we feel the need to look for an alternative. For example, KW1 filters have such disadvantages. But looking for an alternative seems really tough. So, here are some key points to help you with that:

  • Compatibility: As you know, KW1 filters aren’t compatible at all. No other brands will fit in it, which is problematic. So, the filters which are compatible with most of the brands are to be chosen. Otherwise, you’ll face difficulty every time you replace the filter.
  • Time-Saving: The slow filters use more electricity as well. Also, you need to wait for a long. Time-saving filters are essential for our day to day life, and it also saves much electricity. You need to get a time-saving one for yourself to have a hassle-free morning.
  • Easy Installation Process: While replacing a filter, we often do not know the process. Some filters have a tricky installation process, and our guesswork doesn’t come in any use. At times, we end up breaking any equipment. While selecting an alternative, be aware of the installation process. Select the ones which seem convenient to you.
  • Zero Contamination: Water gets contaminated even if the filter works perfectly. But why? That’s because the inner portion of the filter isn’t food grade or contains heavy metals. These contaminate even the filtered water. So, do check the materials with which the filter is made of. Most importantly, these filters are highly efficient in removing coliform and other pathogenic bacteria.
  • Filter Life: The lifespan of a filter depends on the source of water at times. These matter a lot, like if it’s feed-water or river water. But in general, you should prefer the filters which have 13000-15000gallons capacity. This is the standard range, and a filterless than that will be troublesome.

How to Replace Membrane Filter in Reverse Osmosis Unit?

Replacing Reverse Osmosis membrane is really easy. You can do it by yourself without spending a penny. Just follow the steps below to get the work done:

Step-1: The first and foremost step is to shut off the valves through which the water goes into the system. You need to shut off the tank as well.

Step-2: Now, the tubing has to be disconnected, which meets the larger end. Do keep a bucket by your side to hold the water that will discharge from the system.

Step-3: Then, the cap of the membrane is to be removed. Now you can remove the membrane by a twisting motion. Again, you can take the help of a needle for this work.

Step-4: Next, put the new one after discarding the old one. The new one is to be inserted the same way as removing the old membrane.

Step-5: Now turn on all the valves. You need to flush it, which takes 5-10mins. The flushing is necessary every time you’re using a new membrane.

Step-6: So, the work’s done! Yes, it was that simple. Do check the filter if it tastes good or not.

So, you can replace the RO membrane quite easily by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1#. When should I replace the membrane filter in a RO unit?

Answer: The membrane filter should be replaced every 12months in a RO unit. The replacement is done to ensure the proper effectiveness of the RO system.

Q2# Do the KW1 filter worth it?

Answer: KW1 water filters are mainly for forest river campers. You won’t find any other brand filters fitting in its housing. The filter works good, but there are specific problems that you can’t neglect.


In this guide, I’ve tried to introduce you to some of the KW1 water filter alternatives.  Now, you can get your desired replacement without any doubt and can make sure that you’re drinking healthy water. So do share this guide with your near and dear ones in need.

Drink healthy, stay healthier!