What Can You Make with a Stand Mixer? Complete Guide!

When you are passionate about preparing meals at home, many things may bring difficulties and cause hindrance to your task. And if the solution to these problems comes with a stand mixer, who would mind using it?

In fact, everyone would love that!

So, before buying a Stand Mixer, you would want to know what can be done with it. What can you make with a Stand Mixer?


You can make almost every dishes including those which need mixing, cutting, crushing, breaking, grinding, tearing, and emulsifying. A Stand Mixer will allow you to prepare all those recipes that are difficult to make, needs more time, effort and the result is not exactly all the time.

Let’s explore in more detail.

What Is A Stand Mixer?

A stand mixer is a kind of particular kitchen machine operated through the gears or is a gear-driven automated machine. Here I go for you with the idea of a stand mixer:

  • A Stand mixer is a piece of gear-driven kitchen equipment for various kitchen purposes.
  • Its primary function is to rotate a pair of beaters in a container containing food grains or solvents to mix.
  • They help to incorporate the task of whisking, shaking, mixing, grinding, and so on.
  • The repetitive task of mixing and preparing your food grains is easily performed with the help of a stand mixer.

What Is a Stand Mixer Suitable for?

A stand can be good for you from various points of view. A stand mixer can be an excellent choice for multitasking and preparing your favourite meals with the least effort. Let me discuss more the benefits of a stand mixer in your kitchen:

  • Firstly, it is great for attaining consistency of any sort of mixers.
  • It is an excellent option for incorporating multitasking facilities in your kitchen while cooking.
  • It lessens manual effort by limiting human toil.
  • To perform the work of mixing, grinding any many more with no effort and a significantly faster rate, a stand mixer is note-worthy.
  • It yields better results in creaming or preparation of dough than with bare hands or a hand mixer.
  • A stand mixer is best at whisking, grinding, mixing, and many more for solid and solvents with great speed and constant phase.

What Can You Make with a Stand Mixer?

Many things are very hard to be prepared with your bare hands, and some are near to the impossible. Again, it takes a good lumps of time and great effort to prepare various meals that require an enormos pre-cooking process to follow.

So, to solve these problems, a stand mixer comes with the ultimate solution. Here we go with the list of foods and items that can be easily prepared with the magic of your kitchen stand mixer:

  • Preparing Dough: You can prepare excellent homemade pizzas, Hamburgers, Beignets, Cinnamon rolls and so on.
  • Cakes: The baking of cakes, including pastries, muffins, plan cakes, pancakes and many more, can quickly be done with perfection.
  • Grinders: Various items like ketchup, meatballs, meatloaf’s, sausages are prepared with a stand mixer.
  • Dessert Items: Ice creams, yoghurts, and many such items can be prepared with your stand mixer.

Three Simple Foods to Make with a Stand Mixer:

A stand mixer can prepare a ton of meals for you and your family with a thousand timeless effort and extra perfection. Three of the simple and most demanding food/pre-food item that can be prepared step by step are as follows:

What Can You Make with a Stand Mixer?

1. Cream:

A perfect and rich cream is achieved with a combined network of fats with air and crystals of sugar. It is made by consistently mixing butter with sugar. The better the air is trapped within the mixture, the more volume and texture of the cream will be achieved.

The butter and the sugar are repeatedly mixed to form a  perfect network of cream with the mixer. You cannot have a better-enriched cream than that of a cream made through a stand mixer.

2. Dough:

Making bread, especially bread with high-fat dough, is tough without a high-quality mixer. You can never expect a perfect and juicy dough which are hand-prepared. The constant phase and speed mixing capability of a stand mixer can perfectly knead doughs for soft and better-tasting puffy bread.

3. Sausage:

The excellent way for the emulsification and mixing of the meats for a link is a stand mixer. A stand mixer is critical to knead the meat very speedily, avoid the meats’ fats to melt, and ensure fresh and juicy sausage.

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How to Make Mochi with a Stand Mixer? [Three Simple Steps]

Mochi is generally a Japanese rice cake. It is a white, sticky and elastic type but chewy dessert. It is available in two variants which are the Mochi ice cream and Mochi sweet stuffed fillings. You can prepare this great dessert to satisfy your taste at your home with a simple stand mixer in the following ways:

  • Step One: The first and foremost step is to ensure glutinous rice for the preparation of Mochi. Cook the rice in the easiest way that is possible.
  • Step Two: Then comes the work of your stand mixer. Knead and pound the cooked glutinous rice in your stand mixer. Don’t try to use hands or any other way as they are so much sticky.
  • Step Three: Then the last and the final step is to divide and prepare Mochi balls to add the finishing to your Mochis!

How to Use a KitchenAid® Stand Mixer Step by Step?

A kitchen Aid Stand Mixer is a blessing for starters and even professional cooks in their kitchen chores. A complete step by step guide of using the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer is given below:

  • Placing the Stand Mixer on a Flat Surface:

First of all, you have to start by placing your mixer on a flat and secured surface.

  • Attachment and Selection of the Accessories:

It comes towards the right choice of accessories according to your goals. Each kind of work has its accessories for perfect execution.

Attaching and Securing the Bowl: The procedure of securing the bowl is the same whether it is made out of steel, glass, or any other thing. But you have to keep in mind that the bowl is bowl-lift or tilt-head.

  • Switching on the Mixer and Selecting the Correct Speed:

After all the setup, you can start the stand mixer and set it at an ideal pace for a particular recipe.

  • Cleaning and Maintaining the Stand Mixer:

The mixer needs to be cleaned after every use for proper care and protection from damage.

  • Proper Storage of the Stand Mixer:

You should keep your stand mixer out of the reach of Childs and water in a suitable dry place.

What’s the Best Stand Mixer Speed?

Almost all Stand Mixers come with an excellent range of speed settings. Most of mixer comes with a set from a range 3-12 speed, and the higher is this range, the more the accuracy of your work.

If you ask about the best speed that a mixer should always work at, it depends on your goals and the preparation of dishes. An idea about the speed setting for some particular dishes from which you should choose for your desired speed is:

  • Speed 2 and 4 are low and medium-low speeds ideal for cutting butter and kneading doughs, respectively.
  • Speed 6 and 8 are medium and medium-high speeds for creaming and whipping.
  • Speed 10 and 12 requires higher speed that is needed to emulsify meats.

How Much Power Does a Stand Mixer Use?

There are stand mixers with various ranges of powers for a more significant workload at different price ranges. But it would be best if you always avoided a stand mixer with 250 or fewer watts which can mix not anything above butter for pancakes. The power usage of Stand Mixers are as follows:

  • Stand Mixers can come from 300 watts to even 1000 watts of power load.
  • A heavy machine is used for the mixers for greater and more smooth performance at a higher price point.
  • Anything below 250 watts of power should be avoided, and too many power-consuming ones should also be not picked.


What can you make with a stand mixer? The clear cut answer is a lots of things.

Last but not least, Stand Mixers are durable and capable of ensuring better performance than that of manual process or any other mixer.

Curiously, they are made to deliver delicate accuracy and better results at your tasks. You can prepare almost anything at home without the worry of grinding, crushing and mixing at ease.