Why are Benchmade Knives so Expensive? Truth Revealed

You may think, what is so particular about Benchmade knives? What really makes these Benchmade knives so expensive?

Well, I personally love them for their supreme quality, life-long durability as well as different ranges of design. Selective raw materials like high-end steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and G-10 have made Benchmade knives pricer.

why are benchmade knives so expensive

An exclusive blend of superior design, delicateness, and solidness has made these knives a standout cutting tool. The versatility of these tools is perfect for carrying to showcasing. From cutting an envelope to self-defense, it can be your trusted companion.

So, here are the 13 reasons why the Benchmade knives are so expensive!

Let’s jump into the main course!

Best Cheaper Alternatives of Benchmade 940

KA-BAR Dozier
KA-BAR Dozier
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Length Similarity of Benchmade 940: Same
  • Blade Shape: Drop Point
Size & Lighter Weight
Ontario Knife
Ontario Knife
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Length Similarity of Benchmade 940: Slightly Bigger
  • Blade Shape: Drop Point
Similar Design
Kizer Begleiter Mini
Kizer Begleiter Mini
  • Material:N690
  • Blade Length Similarity of Benchmade 940: Slightly shorter
  • Blade Shape: Reverse Tanto
Ultra Lightweight
Ultra Lightweight
Ultra Lightweight
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Blade Length Similarity of Benchmade 940: 1 cm Shorter
  • Blade Shape: Drop Point

Why are Benchmade Knives So Expensive?

Benchmade knives are expensive. Reasons behind their preciousness are top-notch assembling, high-quality built-in materials, and machining facilities. They are designed with multi-functional features thus have a great demand in numerous sectors of the market.

How manufacturer serve with excellent quality and meet up the colossal market demand?

So to meet their heavy mass production, computerized technology is used. Frankly, a major proportion of their revenue is used as recurring investments. It’s the way they keep consistency in quality and production.

Let’s explore in detail

Heavy-Duty Construction

Benchmade knife company offers heavy-duty construction knives as Benchmade pocket knife. They are constructed in such a way that they are capable of carrying out massive and demanding tasks.

You can think of a plasterer who opens numerous bags of cement every day. Your knife won’t be that much happy during the powder released when the bags are opened.

Hence, they are gone through many tests and not at all compromised with any of its raw-material. Your heavy-duty knife is built to bear all these circumstances, which comes in a value to price worth.

Multipurpose Functionality

The Benchmade company was established in1979 to serve people with versatile tools. Tools these are for everywhere carry, from cutting an envelope,

chopping fruits to self-defense. It also holds its dignity in military forces, law enforcement, martial arts, and so on.

These multipurpose functionalities require ample research and higher precision. So Benchmade knife comes with a higher price at which it can serve all your requirements.

High-Quality Materials:

Benchmade knives offer a wide range of choices and functionality but are mainly known for using high-quality materials. Among the remarkable materials, I can mention high-end stainless steel of 154 cm and S30V for blades. Moreover, aluminum, carbon fiber, and G-10 for handles are also on the raw materials list.

They offer a lifetime service warranty; when the blade becomes dull, you can repair it from them. These knives are, for a lifetime, a great deal to your money.

Ultimate brand Value:  

Brand value positively influences the amount in price tag. And Benchmade knife company had become quite popular ever since they started to sell their products in numerous markets.

You may get similar quality and functionality out of other brand products, but they might not cost you as Benchmade does because the brand value plays the game here.

Benchmade knives’ price includes its premium design, high quality, selected materials, durability, and brand value.

Are Benchmade Knives Overpriced?


Benchmade knives usually come at a higher price than other similar brands. I would personally say the best Benchmade knife that comes with a premium design is overpriced. But they are no less than worth-it to the price for their quality, well-made, and durability.

Are Benchmade knives overrated?

They are slight to more overrated depending on knives. You can buy similar high-end knives of other brands like Spyderco, Pro-tech, etc., for the exact value of money. But you will get a hand-built knife that does not proceed down a production line like Benchmade knives.

Do Benchmade knives hold their value?

Yes! They hold their value pretty well, and you can resale them at an excellent deal.

Although, they are mostly model specific. Some models are more desirable than others which is the case for other brands as well. But as they hold their lifelong quality and durability, undoubtedly, they do their job of having value very well.

Are Benchmade knives worth the money?

If you are not a fan of spending some more money on knives, you still have to admit that Benchmade knives definitely worth the money.

They provide us more than what they take from us. If you have to pay some more money for a product that will serve you for ages and last a lifetime, then what’s wrong with it?

Nothing can be more crucial than a premium design, mind-blowing quality, and durability, along with a complete lifetime warranty service. So the knives may be on the expensive side, but they are the crafts to be praised.

Is a Benchmade knife Worth it?

Benchmade knives are mainly known for their quality and service. They have got enough potential to serve you lifelong with their premium designs, quality, functionality, and many more.

So, you can get to the point that, of course, your Benchmade pocket knife will worth your money or not?

As there are endless benefits of a Benchmade knife, there is a slight drawback: its price range. They are expensive, the reason behind which is their assembling, built-in material and machining facilities.

Really, worth it!

What’s so Great About Benchmade knives?

Benchmade Freek, Benchmade Contego, or Benchmade folding knives all falls under the Benchmade pocket knife category.

Raw materials, design, and craftsmanship, what else do you need to declare Benchmade knives as the decade’s benchmark knives?

When you are investing your precious money in them, you own a lifetime deal. Along with its supreme quality and lifetime durability, it offers a life-long warranty with excellent customer service. Its locking feature also adds a feather to its crown.

Are Benchmade Knives good quality?

Since the innovation of Benchmade knives, they have mainly gone popular for their quality products.

Benchmade knives come with mainly pocket or folding knife versions. Whether Benchmade Freek or Benchmade Contego, all the Benchmade folding knives are carefully crafted with supreme quality.

One of the most expensive knives from Benchmade is the Gold class which refers to the highest quality knife. They are made out of exotic materials and insanely costly steel.

The best Benchmade knife is the Benchmade Griptilian which is an exemplary masterpiece of quality. The capitals needed for making such knives are pretty high. Most of their prices are from their quality effort rather than design and brand value.

Are Benchmade knives Made in China?

No, Benchmade Knives are originated in the USA and currently serving the world as a delicate US brand. If you see a China-made Benchmade, consider it as a replica.

Ever since Benchmade knife company was established, they launched their knives production in the USA. More than 90% of knives belong to Oregon City, USA. They became successful in bringing the rest of the 10% back to home production.

They are not manufactured anywhere in China or other countries than that of the USA. If you see one made in China, don’t hesitate to take it as a fake Benchmade even if it’s the most expensive knife.

You can’t solely find original products all over the world. Out there, many duplicates, replicated, and cheap products are available, trying to mislead consumers. Somebody can see one of those in the name of Benchmade that are made in China.

What knives are Better than Benchmade?

If you directly think which brand is better than Benchmade, it doesn’t work like that.

The best yield out of a product can be achieved considering various factors. That includes the price range or budget option, manufacturing procedure, varieties and selection options, and lots more.

Still, for the betterment of your consideration, I am putting a shortlist of some popular knives. You may consider them as a better option than Benchmade according to your own need.

  1. Kershaw: It is an outstanding knife-making company that has been making knives since 1974. Most of the ranges of their knives are pocket knives and sporting knives. They have many budget options like mid-ranges knives with decent quality. You can also get more high-quality options, increasing the budget.
  2. Zero Tolerance: This brand is mainly known for its high-end crafting, premium quality material, and professional knives. They use 154CM blade steel, premium S30V, and G-10 handle, computerized by modern equipment and 3-D machined.
  3. SOG: Another famous company of knives is SOG, where you will find many low-cost knives that are great in quality. They contain an AUS-8 stainless still blade, and a lightweight Zytel handle. Their knives are featured as a multi-tools facility.

Which is Better, Benchmade vs. Spyderco?

Which is Better, Benchmade vs. Spyderco
Which is Better, Benchmade vs. Spyderco

If you search on the internet, you can see the rising debate over “Benchmade vs Spyderco”. People try to figure out which one of them is a better choice regarding their individual needs and preference.

So we are giving an in-depth comparison table on Benchmade and Spyderco.

Benchmade knives hold a high price in all their products.Spyderco has a lot of options in the budget, including mid-ranges to the high-end price tag.
Benchmade uses the best high-quality materials like high-end steel in their blades.Spyderco uses modern technology in their manufacturing and includes decent to high-quality products.
They have many multipurpose options with different functionalities, and all of them mainly come with a premium option.They mainly come with regular basis simple knives, which are easy to use, lightweight yet durable.
Benchmade knives are made with computerized automatic machines to meet their mass production.They are hand-made with the latest technology and materials.

Can you Sharpen a Benchmade Knife?

For instance, You need to know that your Benchmade knife won’t get to that point of dullness quickly or when it is required to sharpen. But another good news for you is that your Benchmade knife offers a lifelong warranty service. They can be re-sharpen, cleaned, oiled, and adjusted for free throughout your entire life.

What angle are Benchmade knives sharpened to?

Benchmade knives are sharpened at 30-35 degree angles for optimal performance. Your Benchmade knives have a life-long warranty with excellent customer service. They provide their qualified technicians for re-sharpening the knives.

If knives are sharpened at a greater angle, they do not reach their point of maximum sharpness. They are sharpened at an ideal range between 30-35 degrees, which is neither more nor less. Sufficient steel is removed from them until they attain their previous sharpness.

Why Does Benchmade have a Butterfly?

Previously, Benchmade knives were made of Balisongs or Butterfly knives. Now, the butterfly resembles its earlier links to the butterfly knives. As butterfly knives are illegal in few states now, people used to commit crimes, so they stopped producing butterfly knives.

But, they didn’t let their earlier tradition fade away, for which they made the butterfly as a logo to their every knife range. It symbolizes the history and genuineness of the product.


Curiously Benchmade knives are produced using delicate quality material to serve you in any action with extreme solace. Their price range resembles their topmost features, functionalities, and value. You won’t be disappointed with their high price unless you are enjoying them all on your own!