Best Blender for Almond Butter 2022 [Top 6 Picks]

Creamier and tastier! Those are the two words that ooze out of my mind whenever I hear the term “Almond Butter.”

Homemade almond butter hit our taste buds differently for sure. But you won’t get the authentic taste by using any blender. So how to choose the best blender for almond butter?


No worries! My guide is here to help you to get the perfect ones. The powerful ones, the high-tech ones, the digital ones, and many more types of blenders you’ll find just here. I’ll share my experiences and answer some questions that may arise in your mind.

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What are the Best Blenders for Almond Butter [Review 2022]

Those who ever used almond butter for cooking know that consistency and smoothness are the prime features of nut butter. Unfortunately, not every blender can give you perfectly blended nutty butter. That’s why my chef mind provokes me to share my top picks on the best blender to make quality almond butter.

Here is the review of my favorites:

Product Name Capacity Adjustable Speed Tamper Included Material Pre-programmed Settings Check Price
Vitamix Professional 750 Blender 64oz Yes Yes Hard Plastic 5 different settings Check Price on Amazon
Vitamix 5200 Professional Blender 64oz Yes Yes Stainless Steel Absent Check Price on Amazon
Vitamix KC33000 Smart Blender 64oz Yes Yes Plastic, Metal Absent Check Price on Amazon
Hamilton Beach Professional Blender 32oz Yes Yes Plastic 4 different settings Check Price on Amazon
Nutri Ninja Blender 72oz Total Yes No Plastic 5 different settings Check Price on Amazon
Blendtec Classic Blender 96oz Yes Spoonula is present instead Hard Plastic 4 different settings Check Price on Amazon

#1. Vitamix Professional 750 Blender

Starting from small meals for snacks to a big party, Vitamix 750 can handle it all. It’s a robust one with high power that can grind evenly without keeping any chunks.

Vitamix Professional 750 Blender
  • Multitasker: The blender breaks all the limitations of the items that we can make in a blender. I enjoyed experimenting with different food items in it, which came out perfect and yummy. Soup, smoothie, sauce, nut butter, desserts, and much more can be made within seconds. Besides, the flavor of my nut butter was kept intact!
  • Tough Blades: Hard foods are tough to blend. So, you don’t get a smooth blend, mostly in the case of nuts and fruits. But hard blades of stainless steel are used in this grinder to get an accurately blended item. In addition, the blades are really fast in their work. So, for example, you’ll put almonds inside, and you’ll get satisfying almond butter.
  • Self-cleaning: Craving for nut butter but don’t want to bother yourself with the cleaning process? The self-cleaning mechanism of this blender is only for you then. You just need to blend a small amount of dishwasher with warm water at the highest speed to get your mixer cleaned in about 30-60seconds. No disassembly is required. Now, you can make anything without thinking twice about the cleaning as it’s hassle-free!
  • Adjustable speed: The speed depends on consistency. This blender has a variable speed which you can set conveniently. This adjustable feature helps you to get different items with different textures and different consistencies. Besides, there’s a pulse feature as well to get a quick power-up. Now, make your cooking more exciting with this blender.
  • Friction Heating: This amazing feature will blow away your mind! The blender can heat food items through the friction of blades. So, you can turn your cold foods into steaming hot items in a jiffy. This mixer can do half of the work that your stove or oven can do. For example, this nut blender can get your warm nut butter for morning breakfasts.
  • Heats the food items
  • Highly durable
  • Self-cleaning mechanism present
  • Grinds evenly
  • Adjustable speed
  • Heavyweight and isn’t portable

#2. Vitamix 5200 Professional Blender

Another blender is also from Vitamix, as this brand doesn’t fail to surprise me! The best mid-priced blender for almond butter that has a great containing capacity.

Vitamix 5200 Professional Blender
  • Capacity: The nut blender has an optimum size as it has a total of 64ounces. So you can see that it’s mainly for medium to a large amount of ingredients. You can easily handle a party with this restaurant-style blender. A small amount can’t be blended in this blender which is a drawback.
  • Tamper: The tamper included in this set saves a lot of time and makes the work easier. You can simply push the ingredients downward with this tamper to get the item evenly mixed. Without a tamper, you’d have to switch off the mixer, push the ingredients, and then blend the ingredients again. This process takes a lot of time.
  • Highly efficient: Adjustable speed helps to get different consistencies. The machine is quite fast and efficient, even at the lowest speed. It’s a robust one as it can grind the hardest of ingredients in a few minutes. Due to its high power, it’s the best blender for making almond butter. Besides, you can even knead the dough for making bread quite efficiently.
  • Minimum noise: Many of the blenders make horrible noises that ruin the calmness. You also can’t use these types of mixers in front of the guests. This blender solves this problem with noise cancelation. The frequency of its noise is 50/60 Hz which is minimal. Hence, you can grind any ingredient at any time.
  • Durable: The whole blender is a durable one and lasts for years. The container is made of transparent hard plastic, and it won’t wear out easily. The blades are quite sharp and made of stainless steel. Moreover, the company provides a 7-year warranty to ensure their services towards the customers.
  • Classic tamper present
  • Medium to large capacity
  • Minimal noise
  • Fast and efficient motor
  • Easy to clean
  • Not suitable for small batches

#3. Vitamix KC33000 Smart Blender

Want to have a restaurant-style smoothie at home? You just need to get Vitamix KC33000 for that. Digital timer and self detector make it a whole new thing. Let’s know more!

Vitamix KC33000 Smart Blender
  • Touchscreen: The touchscreen provides a sleek look to the blender. It looks quite modern due to it. The buttons not being popped up are really easy to clean. Dust can’t accumulate. There remains less possibility of the buttons being damaged as well. However, the pulse button is an exception as it’s popped up.
  • Digital Timer: The timer is built in downwardly. It shows the time digitally. You need to set the time for your items, and the machine will turn off automatically as the time is over. This feature helps you to get properly blended items and prevents over or under-processing of the ingredients. You also don’t need to stand by the machine to get your meal ready.
  • Self Detector: The blender is a must-have indeed. Its amazing features include detection of the container size as well. The nut blender can automatically detect the size of the container provided and sets the programs accordingly. The blending times are also controlled by the machine automatically.
  • High-Quality Material: The blender is an amalgamation of plastic and metal. The container is wholly made of hard and durable plastic, including the lid. The blade and other parts are of stainless steel. The materials being high quality do not contaminate the food items in any way. So, for example, you can have your almond butter without losing any nutrients it.
  • Fit in small spaces: Blenders fitting in the kitchen cabinets feel amazing. The grinder is not too large or too small. It is medium-sized, which is perfect to go with your other kitchen appliances. Disassembly is also not required for placing it. But if you feel convenient, then you can try keeping it that way. It’s the best blender for almond butter for all of its mind-boggling features.
  • Digital timer
  • Turns off the machine automatically after the work is done
  • Food grade materials
  • Can fit in small spaces
  • The dialer is in touchscreen style
  • You need to put pressure while pressing the pulse button

#4. Hamilton Beach Professional Blender

The first requirement in a blender is noise cancelation which is appropriately fulfilled by the Hamilton Beach blender. It has zero noise, high power, pre-programmed settings, and whatnot!

  • Powerful: The blender of 2peak HP motor speeds up the blades over 105mph to rip off the tough ingredients in seconds. The motor works swiftly. The grinder may be as slow as 3000RPM and as fast as 18000RPM. So you can blend anything with absolute ease between this range. Nuts will be ground in a blink with this powerful blender.
  • Removable Shield: The mixer is designed to make zero noise while working. The provided shield is made of plastic which has a handle as well. You can remove and place the shield conveniently. While blending different types of nuts like almonds, you may hear noises that can disturb you. To avoid these sort of situations, this shield can be used.
  • BPA Free: BPA is an organic compound that is used to make plastic-like materials. BPA isn’t really good for our health. So, a blender being BPA-free means it doesn’t contaminate the food in any way. You get to have foods with proper nutrients and taste. So, this blender is appropriate both for your health and your tongue.
  • Pre-programmed settings: You may simply say modes. The blender has 4 different modes of working, which you need to set according to your food item. The modes are mainly puree, smoothie, crushing ice, and clean. You can perform diverse activities in this blender through these modes. For example, the cleaning mode ensures self-cleaning procedures without any hassle.
  • Easy to clean: No need to open the parts and cleaning the set one by one. The cleaning will be done with warm water and a single drop of a dishwasher. The cleaning mode will do its work precisely in this case. Every part of this blender is dishwasher-proof.
  • Powerful blades with 105mph or more
  • BPA free
  • No sound is produced
  • Quiet shield is provided
  • 4 program settings for performing multifarious activities
  • The liquids leak from the upper portion of the container

#5. Nutri Ninja Blender

Nutri Ninja Blender gets your work done super swiftly with its unique ninja techniques. No need to guess the amount as this set includes small to jumbo-sized cups and jars.

#5. Nutri Ninja Blender
  • Total Crushing: Enjoy smoothies and fresh juices at home through this blender. It can crush ice into snow in a blink. The blades are specialized to crush any hard ingredient along with ice keeping the nutrients unchanged. The jar is quite spacious with a 72oz capacity which helps to crush the ingredients evenly.
  • Dishwasher Safe: While grinding nuts, the first thing that comes to our mind is the washing procedure. No different procedure is required to maintain in the case of this blender, surprisingly. The mixer is dishwasher safe which means you can just wash it with a small amount of detergent. For the same reason, you can claim it as the best low-priced blender for almond butter.
  • Multi-Sized Cups: The best part is the multiple-sized cups that are included in this package. There are small, regular, and even jumbo-sized jars to serve your juices or smoothies as per the required amount. The lids are of sip as well as seal type. You can use the jars by replacing them. Now, you can have your juices directly from the jars.
  • 5 programmable settings: 5 different settings are present for blending your ingredients with accurate consistency. Smoothies, puree, and other ingredients have different blending times and consistencies. These settings help to get the perfect taste. For example, in the case of almond butter, just choose the puree option.
  • Auto-iQ Tech: The nut blender can automatically detect the required program for the given ingredient and works accordingly. You needn’t to guess the time needed to make your almond butter or any other food item. The blender can automatically set the timer with its Auto-iQ tech. The timer shows up digitally on the dial pad.
  • Automatically detects the required time
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Jars of different sizes are present
  • Keeps the nutrients of food unchanging
  • Crushes evenly
  • The HP of the motor needs to be increased for better results

#6. Blendtec Classic Blender

Ever thought about replacing your tamper with something new yet beneficial? Then Blendtec has brought a blender with a spoonful instead. Let’s know more about this interesting one.

  • Spacious Jar: It has 96oz jar for huge batches. Levels are marked on the outer part of the jar. The jar is totally transparent, which helps you to have a better look at the consistency. This jar is huge, but it isn’t heavy at all. It’s only 7.28pounds which describes it all. The jar is appropriate for making smoothies, cocktails, almond butter or nut butter, and many more.
  • Spoonula: Tampers are needed in many of the jars to push the ingredients downwards near the blade. But in this case, no tamper is required. Instead, the ingredients go towards the blade due to its patented tech without circling around. Still, they have provided a “Spoonula” for your convenience. Spoonula means a spatula that is a bit curved. This spoonula will help you to have the very last morsel!
  • Thicker Blade: 80% thicker blade is used for perfect blends. The edge is wing-shaped for precise cuts. The stainless steel blade isn’t sharp to save you from unwanted accidents. This blade saves much of your time as you don’t have to chop or dice the ingredients. The blade can grind larger pieces in seconds. This one is suitable for blending nuts as the blades are 10× thicker.
  • Powerful Motor: The high-powered motor finishes your work in a jiffy. The motor is 1570 watts. It has a high horsepower which is why this blender is mostly used in restaurants. Now, you can enjoy restaurant style smoothies and shakes at home. In addition, the motor is soundless, keeping the surroundings calm.
  • Durable Materials: The entire blender is made of mainly hard and durable plastic. The jar is thick and the lid is quite sturdy. For blending nuts, durable blades are required. Otherwise, the blades will get damaged due to the hardness of nuts and friction. So, you must choose this one as the best blender for making almond butter.
  • Lightweight
  • High horsepower
  • No need to chop or dice the ingredients, which saves time
  • Spacious jar
  • Patented tech for pulling down the ingredients
  • Do not work well in case of frozen chunks

How to Buy the Best Blender for Almond Butter?

After reading the whole review, choosing the best blender for almond butter may seem tricky to you. You’ll come across many sorts of grinders with various features while looking for them. But not all the blenders are the perfect ones. Therefore, the following specifications are to be kept in mind while choosing the desired one:

  • Cleaning Procedure: Most of us crave almond butter but aren’t ready to clean the mess. So, the blenders which have the easiest cleaning processes are to be chosen. Blenders with a self-cleaning feature should be selected for hassle-free blending.
  • Included Tamper: While blending nuts, the ingredients stick on the inner wall of the jar, and the rest keep circling. These remain in the food item in the form of chunks later. Hence, a tamper is a must for getting perfect nut butter without any chunks. The ones with patented technology are the most useful, in my opinion.
  • Noise Cancelation: Hard ingredients like nuts create irritating sounds while blending. Blenders with zero sound are convenient to use. You can use them anywhere at any time, even in front of the guests. You may take help from my guide in this regard.
  • Swift Blades: In a blender, blades are the most important parts. The wingtip blades are useful as it can grind any hard ingredient very easily. The HP of the motor should be high for better results. Stainless steel blades should be there for their longevity. Thicker blades can grind nuts precisely. So, you should choose accordingly.
  • Spacious: Jars with 72oz to 96oz are spacious enough to handle large batches in no time. Nuts blend evenly if there’s enough space. So, the jars must be larger in size. But, you can make small batches in larger ones. Moreover, the larger ones provide restaurant-style flavor.

How to Make Almond Butter in a Blender?

Homemade almond butter is more flavorful than the market ones. Moreover, you can save much of your money. In addition, you get the same nutrients that raw almonds have. Don’t know how to make it? Then just follow the given steps accordingly:

Step-1: Take 16ounces of raw almonds, which will turn into 3cups of almond butter. Now, preheat your oven to 350°F.

Step-2: Spread the almonds on a large sheet and then roast them for about 10mins in the oven.

Step-3: Now, transfer the roasted almonds to a blender. Put the lid and then start blending them. You need to grind them until it turns creamy. Stop the blender and put the ingredients downward with a tamper in between.

Step-4: After finishing blending, you may add a small amount of salt and cinnamon for better taste. Blend the butter again for a while with these add-ons.

Step-5: Shift the creamy butter to a jar and keep it in the refrigerator. And that’s how you can make it at home. Isn’t it just so easy? Do try it at home.

Why is it Essential to Select the Best Blender for Making Nut Butter?

Most of us are familiar with homemade almond butter. But we don’t know the specifications which can make our work super easy.

Almond butter requires just a specialized blender. You cannot make nut butter in any blender as nuts are comparatively harder than other ingredients. Almond butter needs to be thick as well as creamy, which requires precise blending. You cannot get evenly blended almond butter with any random blender. The blender should break the almonds and crush them evenly without keeping any chunks that are possible only through the specialized ones.

To get the real taste of almond butter, you need to have a specialized blender.

Q1. Is it possible to blend nut and seed in the same blender?

Answer: Yes, of course. But you’ll surely need a powerful blend as both nuts and seeds are hard ingredients. On the other hand, blenders with higher HP are powerful compared to choose one of that kind.

Q2. Can I crush the ice with a nut blender?

Answer: We need to consider blenders based on how hard or soft the ingredient is. Ice and nuts both are hard items. Nut blenders crush ice precisely as they are powerful. Thus, you can use a nut blender as an ice crusher, no doubt.


In this guide, I’ve tried to explain the features of nut blenders so that you know what to look for and what not to while selecting one for yourself. I hope that this guide will help you to choose the best blender for almond butter. Now, you can have delicious homemade almond butter without any hassle.