How to Make Flavored Sugar for Cotton Candy (4 Easy Steps)

“I want pink.”

“No, I want the yellow one.”

“I am fine with lemon, huh!”

When you go to a children’s park, carnival, or fair these are the typical shouting you are going to hear in front of a man.

Can you guess who the man is?

The Candy Man!

He is the man with colourful clouds of cotton candy full of sweetness. I bet even parents get nostalgic and take one in their hand. So here I am giving good news to all of you.


You don’t have to wait for any fair, carnival, or occasion to satisfy your cotton candy craving.

Knock knock! Ops!

The recipe is here to make your life better with immense sweetness and color. Just sit back, take a deep breath and jump into the land of cotton floss while enjoying your favorite tv shows. So.

How to Make Flavored Sugar for Cotton Candy?

The cotton candy-making process is pretty simple. Firstly, take some sugar mix into a bag or pot, add your desired candy flavor and then add your desired food coloring. Rub the bag until it mixes well. And yes! It’s ready to become your desired floss.

Oh my God! It’s so easy! If you had known it earlier, you would have made a castle full of cotton candy, right?

Now let’s see the steps in detail. Stay with me till the end and enjoy my cotton candy kitchen.

Materials for Making Flavoured Sugar for Cotton Candy

The first materials you are going to need to make the candy sugar as your desired flavor are white and granulated sugar. Then use candy flavor as per your taste. Another ingredient you are going to need is food coloring. It can be either gel or powder.

Choosing the Best Sugar for Cotton Candy is the Key

From a chef’s perspective, I can assure you that choosing the suitable sugar is the most critical criteria of making great flavored sugar for cotton candy. So here, I will suggest a few best sugar for cotton candy to make perfect sweet candy at home.

1.Concession Essentials – CE Floss Sugar

Concession Essentials

This is the perfect cotton candy sugar you would need to make the perfect cotton candy. Mainly, this sugar is available in two flavors, such as vanilla and raspberry. The thing I like most about this sugar is its taste. It would make amazing flavored sugar and make you the boss cook for any upcoming birthday party.

2. Cotton Candy Sugar Floss – Choose your flavor

2. Cotton Candy Sugar Floss – Choose your flavor

This is another excellent sugar for making delicious floss for any party. You may ask, why have I put this sugar into the second position? Because of its fantastic taste and wide range of available flavors. This sugar is available in almost 20 different flavors.

3.Cotton Candy Express D500 Cotton Candy Sugar

Cotton Candy Express D500 Cotton Candy Sugar

It is available in 5 different flavors. This single pack can serve 110 servings. It’s a perfect choice for making sweetening stuff for any age group. Why? Because it has 0% fat and a maximum 7% of carbohydrates. So, It’s a very light sugar, to be exact.

How to Make Flavored Sugar for Cotton Candy?

Have you ever think of eating cotton candy and get the taste of vanilla or orange or even coffee? If you didn’t think, let me show you how to think and make the thinking true. Today we are going to show you the way to make flavored sugar for cotton candy. We will unlock the castle of flavor and mix it with our dear candy sugar.

Let me disclose the steps by steps for your better understanding.


  • Sugar——– 4 cups
  • Corn syrup– 1 cup [Use KARO Gluten Free Corn Syrup for the best result]
  • Water——— 1 cup
  • Salt ———— ¼ cup
  • Flavorings—- 1 tablespoon Nomeca Flavoring Oil is the best budget option for cotton candy flavoring]

Step One: Make the mixture:

Bury all the ingredients into a saucepan and mix it until you get a good mixture.

Step Two: Heat control

Heat the mixture with medium-high heat. Remember to keep the heat at 320 degrees F. You have to stir the mixture until the sugar is melted. Don’t forget to use a pastry brush for whipping down the melted sugar.

Step Three: Add flavorings

When the mixture is heated enough, pour the liquid into a heatproof container. Add your desired flavorings and stir it well until you get your expected aroma.

You also can add flavorings in two methods:

  • Infusion method.
  • Addition method

Infusion Method

This method simply implies covering all the ingredients with sugar. Busy all ingredients, including flavorings with sugar, and put them into the container. As time passes, flavorings get melted and spread their aroma.

Addition Method

Another method of making flavored sugar is to blend the ingredients into sugar. That means you are going to consume the sugar and the flavorings together.

Step Four: Stabilizing

In this step, you have to do nothing, just to wait. Let the heat reduce and let the sugar cool down.

How to Make ANY Flavour and Colour of Cotton Candy with Custom Cotton Candy Sugar?

Which flavor do you want to make? I will go for lemon for sure.

You may use raspberry, strawberry, orange too. Just use these flavors in your sugar. Don’t worry about food colouring.

You can use powdered or gel food colouring of your own choice. The gel is better to bring the desired color. Just mix the ingredients well with sugar and pour it into the machine. Here come your flavoured clouds of cotton.

Kids love the pink-colored floss comparatively. So you can use pink food colouring to make your kids happy with a pink smile.

How Do I Finish Making the Sugar into Cotton Candy?

It’s a good question, I guess. After mixing all the ingredients we talked about above, how will the sugar turn into cotton candy!

Trust me; it’s a very simple thing.

Pour the sugar syrup into the saucepan, give it medium-high heat and stir it well until the sugar is completely melted. Then pass the melted sugar out of tiny holes like light strands and wrap it up around a paper cone.

See how easy it is!

Can You Use Kool-aid in a Cotton Candy Machine?

Kool-aid! What’s that! Haven’t you heard that before?

Ok, let me tell you briefly. Kool-aid is a brand. It’s a brand of flavoured drink mix. If you want to get more flavours like grape, tropical, or cherry, you can add Kool-aid with the mixed sugar. You have to use one scoop of Kool-aid per batch and mix it well.

I hope I made it clear to you. Just create your flavour with Kool-aid and enjoy the taste.

How Do You Add Flavor to Sugar?

I guess you know a bit of the flavouring part. It’s typical to work we used to do while making cake or pudding. Even if you don’t see any need to worry, I am here to tell you.

The method you can follow is to take a container, take candy sugar crystal in it and bury your desired flavour into it. After heating some time, flavouring ingredients will be mixed up with sugar and spread its aroma to wake your craving up.

What Kind of Sugar Do You Use to Make Cotton Candy?

You can’t just use your old sugar to make cotton candy. It’s because more granulated sugar may give you ugly floss as well as harm your machine. It will be best if you use regular granulated sugar and mix it up with floss sugar.

There is also an alternative, or I will call it a shortcut as well. I will buy the product which is already pre-mixed.

Do Skittles Work in a Cotton Candy Machine?

Do you wanna test rainbow in the form of cotton candy?

I would love to do that. So here is the magic buy some skittles and pour them into the spinning head of your cotton candy machine. It’s unbelievable! It’s the best rainbow I could ever have in my hand.

Let me make it easier for those who are not familiar with skittles. It is a famous brand of fruit-flavoured candy with so many colours.

How Much Sugar Do You Put in a Cotton Candy Machine?

Before pouring any sugar into the machine, you need to just “Heat it up” for 20 minutes. Remember, don’t put the sugar in without heating the machine. If you feel the machine is now heated, then put ONE SCOOP sugar into the rotating head. Overfilling with sugar can cause serious damage to your machine.

Can You Substitute Vanilla Extract for Sugar?

We all know about vanilla extract. Ah! It reminds me of vanilla ice cream. Vanilla extract can be used as a substitute for vanilla sugar. One teaspoon of vanilla extract can substitute 1 ½ teaspoon of vanilla sugar. But the question is, can vanilla extract makes things sweet? The answer is NO. Literally, there is no sugar in vanilla extract. It’s only flavoring. So you can substitute vanilla sugar with vanilla extract. But never think of substituting candy sugar mix with it. It will give a floss without sweet I guess.

How Long Does Flavored Sugar Last?

Do you have too much sugar left? Don’t worry. Sugar won’t expire if you can keep it away from moisture and heat sources. So try to keep it in an airtight container for the best output. Its texture might get changed a bit but sugar never wholly expires. Keep in mind that if you want to keep your sugar’s best quality, use it within “Two years.”

Can you put nerds in a cotton candy machine?

Ok, this section might cause some confusion. Nerd candy can be used in a cotton candy machine, but it takes too long to make the cotton. But trust me it was delicious. So it’s up to your verdict about using nerds in your cotton candy machine.


There is a lot of things to know. And, now you know how to make flavored sugar for cotton candy. I hope you have enjoyed my cotton candy kitchen. I guess you won’t face any problems further.

Just add the colours and flavorings and make your life colourful and sweet like your fairy floss.

Wrap it around a lollipop stick and enjoy it until your heart gets full. If you can’t finish all of it, keep it in an airtight container.

You know cotton candy loves moisture, and absorbing moisture, it gets back to sugar crystal. So keep it away from moisture and have it when you got the cravings for something sweet.