What is the Best Water Filter to Remove Calcium & Lime in 2023-24

You must be worried about the limescale deposit in your water line or on the surface of different materials. To eliminate calcium and lime poisoning, you must consider a complete filtration solution to remove limescale from supply water.

If you are having trouble with tap water, I recommend getting a whole-house calcium filtration unit. But, if you reside in an apartment or dorm, you should use a pitcher filter.

Here, I will technically analyze different water filters that can efficiently remove calcium and limes from supply or bore water.

Top 4 Best Water Filter to Remove Calcium & Lime: Comparison And Analysis

Image Name FEATURES Price
Epic Nano | Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water | 10 Cup
Epic Pure Water Filter Pitchers
  • Filter Type: Pitcher
  • Drinkability: Yes
  • Filtration System: Activated Carbon Block, Ion Exchange
  • Certification: NSF, ANSI
  • Value for the Money: Moderate
Hot water supply Lines
3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Lime Scale Inhibition
  • Filter Type: Whole House
  • Drinkability: No
  • Filtration System: Polyphosphates Based
  • Certification: NSF, ANSI
  • Value for the Money: High
APEC ROES-50 Reverse Osmosis
  • Filter Type: Counter Top
  • Drinkability: Yes
  • Filtration System: Reverse Osmosis
  • Certification: No
  • Value for the Money: Moderate
Aero Mist 52505 Outdoor Calcium Inhibitor Filter
  • Filter Type: Outdoor filter
  • Drinkability: No
  • Filtration System: Membrane filter
  • Certification: No
  • Value for the Money: Low

1. Epic Pure Water Filter Pitchers for Calcium Free Drinking Water:

A pitcher is the best filter for 1-4 people. The Epic Pure pitcher filter is easy to handle and can filter 3.5 liters of water within hours. It has higher precision in removing the calcium, magnesium, and other heavy metals.

The filtration unit has a 6mm thick solid carbon block system that removes fluoride, calcium, lime, and other contaminants from the water. It has 5 stage filtration system composed of two different types of materials. The first two layers of coconut carbon block can filter out around 2 microns sized pollutants. 


A water filter with a pore size of less than 5 microns is considered an efficient calcium-removing water filter. The next three stages have the organic filter to remove organic substances. Not only calcium and lime, but it can also efficiently remove every heavy metal.

It has higher efficiency in removing fluorides, bromodichloromethane, calcium, lead, iron, trihalomethanes, and chromium 6 than other pitchers like BRITA or Aquasana.

The filter life counter will show you the upcoming filter changing schedule. The LED indicator will show a countdown from 90 days. Also, the spare filter is readily available and easy to change.

This Water Filter Pitcher is free from BPA or any other harmful materials. The core material of the filter is made with 100% food-grade and vegan materials.

The calcium removal efficiency is rigorously tested by a third party, and the filtration unit is approved to maintain NSF/ANSI standards. It’s a great value water filter pitcher.

What We Like
  • Removes most organic and inorganic contaminants
  • Space saving
  • Ensures better driniking quality water.
  • Budget friendly
What Could be Better
  • Hassle of changing the cartridge

2. H&G lifestyles Misting System Calcium Inhibitor Filter

H&G lifestyles Misting System Calcium Inhibitor Filter is one of the most selling filters. Especially the feature of this product can attract the most. Water filtration happens in 3 layers.


First, the ion exchange resin inhibits calcium crystals from blocking the line and assures a comprehensive lifespan of misting system. Then comes the layer kinetic degradation fluxion to remove heavy metals and inhibit the growth of microbes such as bacteria.


And last but not least comes granular activated carbon, which reduces excessive chlorine and offensive odor.

However, the advanced formula of this filter can take care of your whole family by supplying pure water. Now allow me to distinguish the advantage and disadvantages of the H&G lifestyles misting system Calcium Inhibitor Filter

What We LikeWhat Could Be Better
Advanced ion exchange resin, polyphosphate & activated carbon is usedNot so long lifespan
Soften the water 
Prevent scale buildup 
High water flow 
Can remove dirt and offensive odor 
Easy installation 
100 days of replacement warranty 

3. Brita Standard Everyday Water Filter Pitcher

When people think about water filters, they usually think of Brita. Yes, Brita can remove calcium and lime from the tap or well-water, but not all models of Brita filters are efficient. I tested Brita Standard pitcher against chemical toxicants and found 99% safe drinking water.

Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

This filter is the ultimate solution for limescale and calcium! Limescale is a calcium carbonate that forms a white layer on filters or boilers. The filter cartridge can entrap calcium carbonate efficiently and produces safe water.


The filter is specially certified for reducing contaminants like calcium, chlorine, cadmium, etc. It also reduces the odor of chlorine in the water. Hence, it is a healthier replacement!

The pitcher is made of plastic.Nowadays, plastic indicates harmful or toxic substances. It’s a sigh of relief that this filter is BPA free! BPA is mainly an organic compound that’s harmful to our health. It can even affect our brain development. So, this water filter ensures healthy living for you and your family.

I think the capacity is more than enough for a nuclear family. It’s not a small one like other pitchers. Besides, you can place it on your dining table, refrigerator, or anywhere you want.

The sticker mainly lets you know when to replace the filter. The months and dates are provided. So you can mark from the day you’ve started using it. This sticker gives you an idea of when to change the filter but not the exact time as it’s not a digital one. So, the replacement time may differ due to the presence of limescale. However, it reduces the guessing work to an extent.

The replacement of the filter isn’t tricky at all. Within just 3-4 steps, the reserve will be done. Firstly, you’ll have to flush the new filter with cold water. Then insert it by putting pressure in the reservoir. And it’s done! It takes less than 5mins.

What We Like
  • Perfect solution for limescale and chemical compounds
  • Reduces the odor of chlorine
  • Huge capacity
  • Super easy to replace
  • BPA free
What Could Be Better
  • No digital indicator is provided

If You Need to Know: What is the Alternative of Brita: Click Here.

4. Culligan WH-HD200-C limescale treatment for the whole house

If you need the limescale treatment for the whole house, the Culligan WH-HD200-C can be the ultimate companion. Culligan is widely known as the most incredible whole house water filter manufacturer all around the globe. Let’s talk more about this specific filtration unit.

Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Heavy Duty

Culligan WH-HD200-C whole house water filter can reduce sediment, dirt, coarse particle, and odor. It has proven efficiency in minimizing heavy metals from raw water. This inline calcium water filter can reduce lime without costing you a large sum of money.

The interior bypass shut-off valve controls the flow of water, and the conjugated bracket design ensures the smooth operation of the filter. Moreover, the filter change indicator notifies the user when to change the filter. The timer is battery-operated.

You will be amazed by the durability of this whole house water filtration system. Not only durability but the water filter is also made with food-grade materials. The connector is made with 1-inch stainless steel.

If you install it in your residence, you will get safe and clean water for years. As it comes at a reasonable price, the installation will protect other home appliances from scaling.

The whole house filter model is verified by WQA authority NSF/ANSI code 372, which stands for low lead compliance. NSF/ANSI code 42 is responsible for material protection and structural integrity. 

This model’s filter cartridge is compatible with a wide range of Culligan filter cartridges. For your reference, I’m giving you compatible cartridge numbers; these are RFC-BBSA, CW25-BBS, R50-BBSA, and CW5-BBS.

What We Like
  • Perfect for households
  • Heavy-duty connectors
  • Smart filter change indicator
  • Long-lasting
  • Cost-effective
What Could Be Better
  • Not efficient in removing microbes.

5. Water Sentinel WS-21 Calcium Inhibitor Filter and Misting System Protector

Water Sentinel WS-21 is designed to remove calcium from the water and protect the misting system. No doubt, calcium is responsible for water hardening and line scaling, which can slow down water flow through the line. The feature of Water Sentinel WS-21 is marvelous.

WaterSentinel WS-21 Calcium Inhibitor Filter

A compound polyphosphate is now mandatorily added to all best filters available for removing calcium. And Water Sentinel WS-21 also uses polyphosphate to solve calcium. Therefore, hard water turns into soft, pluck cannot clog the misting system, and undesirable odor is removed from the water.

However, the company offers a warranty of 90 days. You can change your product if you find any complaints against manufacturer guidelines.

The life lifespan of this product is average. It refers to a replacement within six months; nevertheless, the replacement duration depends on the volume of water and the amount of calcium involved in water.

What We LikeWhat Could Be Better
Prevent scale buildupNot so long lifespan
Soften the water 
Advanced polyphosphate & activated carbon used 
High water flow 
Can remove dirt and offensive odor 
Easy installation 
90 days of replacement warranty 

6. APEC ROES-50 Reverse Osmosis under sink water filter to remove calcium

APEC is a renowned brand for manufacturing quality water filtration units for chemical pollutants. Most importantly, ROES-50 adopted the reverse osmosis filtration system, considered the best water filtration technology.


It efficiently removes 99% of contaminants. Pollutants like chlorine, heavy metals, and taste & odor degrading minerals like calcium can be easily filtered away by this RO System. Reduces water hardness and delivers purified softened water at 2000 ppm.

The fascinating thing about the RO system is its durabilities and performance. This is why I love membrane-based filtration units. The membrane filter removes toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium, chlorine, limes, nitrites, and fluorides. The water feeding pressure is 40-85 psi.

This whole house calcium-removing water filter can be installed as a wall-mounted filter or as an under-sink water filter unit. A water filter will keep kitchen equipment and utensils functional for longer. Even the best material-made kitchen utensils are prone to hard water.

The RO water filters like this are a true gem. Why? It is manufactured with a lead-free faucet system, food-grade plastic materials, contamination & pollutant-free tube, and pipe.

The major issue with RO water filter membrane is it leaks. It tends to leak if the RO filter needs to filter raw or bore water with higher molecular weight substances. But, the ROES-50 RO system ensures a durable RO water filter membrane with higher efficiency.

What We Like
  • Super-efficient Carbon block filters
  • Simple installation process.
  • High-speed water filtration.
  • Great value for the money filtration unit
  • Simple ways to change or replace membrane filter.
  • Higher membrane durability
  • Removes calcium ion from the raw water.
What Could Be Better
  • No filter change indicator is available.

7. 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Lime Scale Inhibition Inline Water Purification System

3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Scale Inhibition Inline AP430SS Water System, Helps Prevent Scale Build up on Hot Water Heaters and Boilers, is one of the most popular filters. I cannot siege myself to share with others. This product is liable and convenient for regular use.

3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Scale Inhibition Inline Water System AP430SS

No doubt, this technology can inhibit the formation of scaling due to calcification. Primarily this also uses polyphosphate to dissolve calcium in the water. And polyphosphate is also FDA approved like other renowned companies. So, you can trust them.

If anyone wants to maintain water heater efficiency, this is trustworthy. The good part is they are compatible with Boilers, clothes washers, dishwashing machines, and plumbing fixtures. No wonder gives a high flow rate.

However, the water flow rate of this product is fantastic; you’ll fall in love with that. They can supply up to 10 gallons of calcium-free water per minute.

What We Like What Could Be Better
Prevent scale buildupShallow lifespan (6 months)
Soften the water 
Ensure efficient water flow 
High water flow 
Stainless steel body 
Easy installation 

8. Aero Mist 52505 Calcium Inhibitor Filter

The next name on my list is Aero Mist 52505 Outdoor Calcium Inhibitor Filter I can share. If you are looking for a reliable source to remove calcium from the water, you can rely on them. But this product is recommended for household uses and refers to low pressured misting system.


The technology of Aero Mist 52505 Outdoor Calcium Inhibitor Filter can remove up to 5-micron particles in size, which is good news. Still, it would help if you took care of it. Nozzles can be calcified by the heavy pressure of water and longtime uses. The recommendation is to change the filter annually.

Nevertheless, you got all the product details and still wonder about the advantages and disadvantages of Aero Mist 52505 Calcium Inhibitor Filter.

What We LikeWhat Could Be Better
Prevent scale buildupConnect with the low-pressure water system
Soften the water¾ inches fixture
Can remove impurities (even the smallest ones up to 5 microns) 
High water flow 
Longer lifespan (12 months) 
Easy installation 

9. APEX 5 Stage Counter Top Drinking Water Filter

APEX water filter can efficiently remove alkalinity from water. The five-stage water purifying system is a top-notch innovation in a lightweight countertop unit for removing hardness of water. Let’s jump into the crux section:


APEX countertop calcium reducing filter’s priority is water purity. It reduces 99% of contaminants. You will not find another clean and pure countertop water filter truly far better than the Aquasana countertop water filter.

In 2022 APEX 5 stage water filter incorporated an embedded charcoal layer in the filtration unit, making it way better than its previous version. Now, it can remove heavy metals like Arsenic, Cadmium, chloramine, benzene, and Radon.

APEX is a US-based company. The products are ensured of higher quality. This specific model is certified under standard 42 of the NSF/ANSI guideline

It weighs only 5 pounds. Best filtration unit if you are looking for a countertop filter.

Bottleless water dispensers are always good for the environment. You must feel for the environment now; it is decoying. So, we must use such technologies that don’t have a negative impact on the environment.

A filter with great virtue can be cost-efficient as well. It will reduce your everyday hassle of buying pure water. You will get guaranteed purified and safe water at a minimal cost.

You will get a 30 days replacement and one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What We Like
  • Lightweight countertop water filter
  • Saves money and environment friendly
  • Ideal for kitchen and coffee maker.
  • Flawless design.
  • Made with food grade materials
What Could Be Better
  • The faucet can displace after longer use.

10. Orbit Misting System Calcium Inhibitor Filter

If you are looking for the best filter for household uses that can eliminate calcium and other impurities from water, then here I recommend the Orbit Misting System Calcium Inhibitor Filter. You can find many online suggestions, but you should check all the details. Let me share all the facts you may be looking for from my personal experience.

5 Pack - Orbit Misting System Calcium Inhibitor Filter

In the case of most filters, the common problem is that calcium in water clogs the pores of the filter kit. But in this case, Orbit Misting System Calcium Inhibitor Filter protects your filter kit by preventing clog by solid silt from moving through the system.

A compound Polyphosphate can dissolve calcium, which makes a passage through nozzles without clogging. Polyphosphate is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved, not have any health hazards. And that technology inhibits blockage and filters those elements that cannot be seen with bare eyes.

If you want to estimate how tiny an amount it can filter, then 5 microns is your answer. As a result, the shelf life of the filter also increased so that they can assure liability to their users.

Interestingly, they claim 4 years of warranty, whereas most companies can imply 6 to 12 months. Big deal, Isn’t it? They also provide replacement facilities.

What We LikeWhat Could Be Better
Can dissolve calcium siltIt needs flushing before connecting to misters
Soften the water 
Can remove impurities (even the smallest ones up to 5 microns) 
Prolonged shelf life (up to 4 years) 
Good water flow 

11. Big Barkey Water Filtration System

The efficiency of Big Berkey water filter in removing calcium and lime is outstanding. If you are zero-tolerant of water quality, then this filtration unit is for you. Let’s explore!


Massive 2.25 gallons of filtrate water production has made this filter great for four people in a family. Additional gadgets can be installed to enhance the water flow rate. It’s easy to handle, install and maintain. 2 cents, all it needs to filter one gallon of super purified water. 

Water-borne pathogenic microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria, can be filtered easily by the Big Berkey filter. The filter mesh unit is in micrometer, highly efficient in trapping microorganisms. There are specialized water filters to remove coliform bacteria. You might consider checking these as well.

This countertop water filter removes chlorine, lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, Mercury, and chromium. Even it can remove dissolved pharmaceutical drugs—Triclosan, Progesterone, Acetaminophen, and others.

Several third parties verified this authentic calcium-removing filter. These agencies verified the material quality and water purity and checked several critical parameters like heavy metal presence and PFCs. After ensuring overall quality, the manufacturer can reach the product to the consumer level.

The membrane filter is sturdy. It can filtrate 6000 gallons of water in its lifetime. You might need to change the filter after these enormous amounts of filtration.

What We Like
  • Easy Installation
  • High quality heavy metal free water.
  • Super-fast filtration efficiency.
  • Removes calcium
  • Efficient countertop calcium removing filter
What Could Be Better
  • Need to change the water filter cartridge after 6000 gallons of filtration.

Why Calcium Need To Be Removed From Water

Calcium in the water can cause several issues. Water containing too much calcium can hamper tools, metals and accessories washed. But we will not talk through these issues.

Our focus will be to raise your concerns on how calcium-containing water can ruin your kitchen accessories and the taste of a delicious coffee.

Let’s analyze.

Clogging Kitchen Water Supply Tubes

Yes, it accumulates on the pipeline and clogs it with other metals. If your water contains calcium and lime, it might be time to call a plumber!

Flimsy Spots on Expensive Dishes

Recently, my sister brought an expensive dinner set. After washing it, she observed flimsy white patches all through the surface.

She immediately called me, and complaining about the quality of the dishes! I said, hold on sis, this is not what you see! Check out the 2020’s groundwater taste report and let me know the calcium concentration in the water.

Apparently, with was two folds higher than standard.

Ruin Taste of Foods

The most prominent reason to use calcium-free water in cooking is that it completely alters foods’ taste. I will not go deep into chemical analysis but give you the basics.

Calcium in water either persists as a free ion. When you use this water for cooking purposes, it binds with chlorine molecules and forms calcium chlorides. Calcium chlorides react with most of the chemicals at different heating levels. Finally, it alters the taste of the food.

Let’s experiment!

Collect two bottles of water—one rich in calcium plus lime and another without calcium. Now, brew a single cup of coffee with each water type. If you know the process of making iced tea or coffee, you can surely do this experiment.

Now, taste and share your experiences with friends!

How To Choose Best Water Filter To Remove Calcium & Limescale: The Secret Tips

I will share a few tricks and tips to select the best calcium removing filtration unit in this buying guide. Note that every feature might not appliacable to you. But you can take gist information to make the final purchase decision.

Filtration Quality:

We need to ensure 100% pure water, whatever the water filter we buy. Check if the filter you select can filtrate heavy metals, excessive ions, sediments, organic matter, and microorganisms.

Filtration Capacity:

How much water your filter can filtrate is an essential indicator to say YAY to any filter. Capacity may vary according to your demand. If you want a filter to make a flavourful coffee, then a pitcher will be a good option. For kitchen and cooking purposes RO based countertop filters are unbeatable candidates for your kitchen. There is a whole house water filter to ensure water safety for the home.

Cartridge Quality:

Often, we overlook this critical feature. The filtration unit we are purchasing must have a good supply of the cartridge. The efficiency of the water cartridge needs to be cross-checked before making a buying decision. A bad cartridge can lead to heavier power consumption to linked machines, like a Keurig, or other coffee maker might use more power than usual.


A faucet system water filter must have to be durable. Faucets are prone to breakage. Overall, we will be looking for a filtration hunk.

Space Requirements:

Firstly, it might not look like a significant driving factor in choosing a filter. But, No. It’s an insanely important aspect. Check out the space you need to spare for the filter that exactly matches the filter’s specifications.

Factors to consider before choosing the best Whole house filters to remove calcium

To remove calcium from the water, polyphosphate-containing filters are the best. But you’re not only looking to remove calcium. The requirement also includes efficient, clean water, durability, average water flow, and so on. Then I can share with you a few factors to consider before choosing the best filters to remove calcium.

  • Polyphosphate is a must-feature compound
  • Please check the other compound and polyphosphates, such as activated carbon and ion exchange resins. These elements can remove heavy metals, chlorine, and microbes from the water. And also diverge objectionable odor.
  • An average lifespan should take into account. At least 12 months of durability is preferable.
  • Average nozzle size should provide; this can change water flow.
  • The volume of water is possible to purify.
  • Compatibility with other devices such as washing machines, dishwashing machines, and plumbing fixtures is a good part.
  • Manufacturers should provide a warranty minimum of 3 months so that any unwanted defect can be solved.
  • A protective misting system is the best thing that cannot be ignored. The product description list should be available to check every detail.
  • And last but not least is the cost of the product. Whether it is fair with the facilities or not.

Frequently Asked Questions:

#Q1.Can a water filter remove calcium?

Yes, many water filters can efficiently remove calcium from bore water. The filters that remove calcium are a bit expensive but efficiently removes calcium and lime. A recent study has shown that, Reverse Osmosis based water filters can remove 99.9% calcium from tap water.

#Q2. What is the best way to remove calcium from water?

The perfect way is to use a water filter that can remove calcium from the water.

#Q3. Do water filters remove limescale?

Yes, particular types of water filters can remove limescale. These filters are costly. But, the good thing is, these can remove iron, chlorine, and other contaminants.

#Q4. Does boiling water remove calcium?

No, boiling doesn’t do any good to remove calcium. Interestingly, if you boil water, you will see some white precipitation; some of these sediments are calcium chlorides or calcium carbonate.

#Q5. Why is there so much calcium in my water?

Ah! There might be so many reasons. Firstly, you are using unfiltered water. Maybe your geographic location rich in calcium, and you are using bore water.


If you are looking for a whole house calcium filtration unit, you can choose the H&G lifestyles Misting System Calcium Inhibitor Filter. For making tea or calcium and lime-free drinking water, the best option could be pitcher filters of Epic or Brita. The other calcium filtration unit I highly recommend is APEC ROES-50 because of its top-quality reverse osmosis system. Finally, always trust the reverse osmosis system; if you are looking for safe drinking water and the whole house, go for a polyphosphate-embedded filtration unit.