How to Make Iced Tea with Keurig? Step By Step Guide

Small things can tune up our mood better than ever. A cup of freshly brewed iced tea with Keurig can enhance the spirit of life. So, isn’t it wise to know how to make iced tea with Keurig to speed up the morning things better?

Firstly, you need to pick up one tablespoon of your favorite ice toppings and one of your favorite K-cup to brew in. After filling the K-cup with ice topping and the required amount of ice cubes, place the K-cup in the Keurig. Your iced beverages are ready to serve.. Even steps of making iced coffee with Keurig are pretty similar.

How to Make Iced Tea with Keurig

Don’t forget; it’s just a glimpse of what we will serve in upcoming sections!

In this article, we will talk in detail about the coldest tea brewing methods with Keurig. Hang on! In the end, surely you will get a refreshing cup of iced tea.  

How to Make Iced Tea with Keurig:

Simple steps are involved in making an excellent, delicious iced tea. So, let’s plug on the Keurig and follow our instructions.

Required Ingredients:

  1. Your selected tea topping, i.e., Mixed berries enchanted flavor, Cold brew peach toppings, caramel sauce ice cream toppings, and many more.
  2. Select your iced tea K-cups. My personal favorite is iced black tea & Lemonade. My 13 years old daughter likes Sweet and creamy nutty hazelnut. So, let us know your choice of K-cup!
  3. Long spoons or stirrers.
  4. Ice cubes.

Iced Tea Brewing Process:

Here are the traditional tea brewing techniques for you:

  1. Take 16 oz K-cup for making iced tea and load your selected toppings on top of the cup.
  2. Insert the K-cup into the Keurig for brewing.
  3. Now, brew the tea in the K-cup, load the number of ice cubes you need to enjoy the freshly prepared iced tea.

Tips for Perfectly Brewed Iced Tea

  • The quantity of ice should be minimal; more ice cubes can ruin your iced beverage experiences. You may wonder, why? I need super chilled tea! Yes, you might have one as you deem fit for your taste buds, but tea brewing concentration might be compromised if you overuse the ice tea ratio.
  • A perfect combination of K-cup flavor and toppings flavor is essential to make perfectly brewed. Check if these two delicious flavors go along nicely with each other. The perfect combination is the most crucial factor.
  • Some tea-heads love to taste raw ice tea, which is an excellent idea if you really love strong tea flavor.
  • Try to use the compatible Keurig models to brew the best-iced tea or coffee.

How to Make Iced Coffee with Keurig

With five simple steps making iced coffee with Keurig is simpler than ever.

  1. Check the water reservoir level on the Keurig
  2. Insert the Keurig K cap of your choice into the cup holder, and close the lid.
  3. Fill the coffee up with ice cubes as per your requirement and place it properly.
  4. Press the iced coffee button or clod brew button or Brew button on the Keurig.
  5. Let the Keurig perform brewing and enjoy freshly brewed iced coffee.

Can you Brew a Keurig Over Ice?

It’s a valid query for any knowledgeable tea-loving person. Keurig is known for brewing hot and hottest coffee and tea in the world. Keurig is perfectly optimized for hot coffee, hot chocolate, mocha, or other hot coffee genres.

Yes, it’s possible to brew over ice, but few tiny technical tunings might be required based on the Keurig model you are using. It’s a relief that most of the Keurig models are compatible with brewing iced tea.

Best Keurig for making iced tea & coffee:

Keurig has a lovely bunch of coffee and tea makers; those are absolutely fantastic in serving the purposes. If you ask me the best Keurig for iced coffee or tea, I would strongly recommend Keurig K-Elite brewer.

You can brew tea and ice cubes together, and K-cups are compatible with iced coffee and tea. Most importantly, Elite models of Keurig offer a complete one-button press iced solution for you! Yes, it has an “ICED” button. It produces robust flavored tea, which is perfect for putting ice cubed into freshly brewed tea. The optimal flavor is not compromised a bit with this ice tea-making process.

If you already have a Keurig, you must be wondering is it perfect for iced tea or not! Don’t worry, most of the Keurig are well equipped enough for preparing excellent cups of iced tea or maybe coffee.

How to Make Iced Tea with Lipton K-cup Pods: 

Lipton is one of the most popular tea pods for making iced tea. Lipton iced tea K-cup pods are frequently used to brew tea over ice. Now, we will describe a simple recipe to brew Lipton tea over ice. 

  • First, take any Lipton iced tea K-cups. Different popular Lipton iced tea flavors and tea type are available in the market. Choose one according to your tastes.
  • Now, select the brew size according to the Lipton iced tea K-cup pods of your selection. 
  • Take a teacup or tumbler and fill halfway with ice cubes. Now, it’s time to brew over ice K-cups.
  • Choose the iced button on the brewer machine, and allow the brewing process to be completed. 

If you are looking for unsweetened tea, our recommendation will be to choose K cups for Lipton iced tea unsweetened tea pods. Lipton offers various iced tea K-cup pods; I like the Lipton’s Green tea K-cup pods for making delicious iced tea.  

How Does the Keurig K-Elite make Iced Tea?

With advanced technology, Keurig K-Elite iced tea making is even simpler than ever. With very easy few steps you can easily crack down the mystery of flavourful iced tea or tea experience. 


  1. Turn on the Keurig K-Elite and check it is properly cleaned.
  2. Now, fill up the 16 ounces (oz) tumbler with ice. Never use glass in this phase.
  3. Insert your selected K-cup pod. You can use your favourite flavor tea/coffee K-cup pod for iced tea or coffee.
  4. Select the “Iced button” on the Keurig lid.
  5. Wait for the cycle to finish and enjoy wherever you want.

The thing is, either you try out this iced option with tea or coffee, it will brew hot and chilled with ice. At the time of serving, I can guarantee no flavor will be lost. So, you will enjoy the most flavorful drink of the recent time.

Q1#. Is there a reset button on a Keurig coffee maker?

Ans: No, there is no reset button, but I will share a trick that will serve the purpose of resetting a Keurig coffee machine. Simply, if you turn off the Keurig’s power for 2-3 hours, it might turn back to the initial settings or factory settings of Keurig.

Q2#.Is Keurig K-Elite only can be run with K-Cup pods?

Ans: It is not compulsory to use Keurig K-cup pods in K-Elite coffee maker, but it is highly recommended to use Keurig K-cup pods to extract the best-flavored coffee. If you use other K-cup brands, it might hamper the perfect Keurig coffee experience.


Now, if anyone asks you how to make iced tea with Keurig, I’m sure you are the best educator on ice tea or coffee-making art in your area. Also, share your Keurig experiences with us, and let us know your memories with the previous Keurig you owned.