How to Brew 16 oz Keurig [Explained]

Keurig! the brand that belongs to our daily life, is used to cheer us up with a refreshing coffee. But what if your coffee doesn’t taste like divine cups of coffee? Is your coffee kind of dull? Here comes the importance of 16 oz coffee making. We will talk about how to brew 16 oz Keurig in this article.


What is the Simplest Way to Brew 16 oz Coffee Via a Keurig?

There is simple math behind this; to make 16 ounces of coffee, you need to multiply the amount of coffee you have taken by 16 to determine the water quantity. This will lead to a perfectly brewed coffee for you.

But, hey, there are few tunings also required. To know more, let’s enjoy the short read and be a star barista for your own.

How to Brew 16 oz Keurig?

If you are acquainted with K-cup pod culture, you already know how to follow the K-cup instruction to brew a 16 oz coffee. On the contrary, if you are a fan of grounded coffee, then here are the steps to produce 16 ounces of Keurig coffee. Similar steps are applicable for K-cup pods as well.   

  • Step One: Take a weighing scale and measure the amount of coffee you need for brewing. You might use granular coffee or coffee grounds as per your convenience, but the taste won’t differ for that.
  • Step Two: Now, multiply the number you have got from measuring the coffee by 16. This will be the amount of water you will need to brew the coffee correctly. Now, divide this number with 29.5 to get the pod’s water as fluid ounces (in short fl. oz).

For example, let’s say you have weighed around 8g of coffee grounds. Now, if you multiply it by 16 you will get 128. Now, we have to determine pod water quantity dividing 128 by 29.5. This will result in 4.33, and its 4.33 fluid ounces of water to attain the tasty coffees.

You may wonder, what if I use coffee pods? What will be the ratio of coffee to water?

Most of the pods available in the market have 9-13 grams of coffee in them. So, if you complete the calculation, you will get around 5.3-7 fluid ounces of water is required to brew them perfectly.

  • Step Three: Set up the Keurig in strong mode. In this part, the coffee will brew around 200-degree Fahrenheit water and around 2 minutes and 30 seconds cycle for a single serving of Keurig coffee. Don’t worry about the power consumption of a Keurig to complete this cycle. It is not going to cost you more.
  • Step Four: After completing the brewing cycle, who am I to suggest what to do with great cups of coffee from Keurig.

Things to Consider to Brew a Perfect 16 oz Keurig Coffee:

After this tedious mathematical analysis, you can expect to master brewing 16 ounces of coffee with Keurig. I won’t disappoint you by saying, “Yet a thousand miles to go,” but to be a real master of coffee brewing, now I am sharing some hidden techniques that will give you the confidence to challenge any professional coffee barista.

Using filtrated water:

A coffee drinker knows the value of a perfectly brewed coffee. Coffee brewing is a precise art. You need to use filtrated water to attain a perfect cup of coffee. You may ask why? Because your tap water might contain higher pH and TDS, which will downgrade the coffee’s taste.

The standard pH and TDS for making fresh coffee are 6.5-7.5(pH) and less than 50 mg/l (TDS).

Another, Key player who can distort your coffee experience is soluble sodium in water. We would suggest keeping the sodium level less than 5 mg/l to get the best Keurig coffee experience.

Strong Brewing with Standard Temperature & Time:

If you turn on the Strong brew Button/mode (If your Keurig model has one) it will brew the coffee at 200-degree Fahrenheit for 2 to 3 minutes.

Without the Strong brew option, water temperature settings can be standardized manually. Proper water temperature is so crucial for an outstanding brew process. Pre-ground coffee, perfect water volume, and temperatures play a part in coffee brewing.

A proper brew setting is vital to synthesize a perfect cup of tea or coffee. The brew time varies with water temperatures fluctuation. That will surely lead you to perfect coffee brewing. What if your Keurig or coffee-making machine you are currently using doesn’t have the Strong Brewing Mode?

Don’t worry.

The steps are similar and straightforward. You need to set up the water heating temperatures of your coffee-making machine at 200-degree Fahrenheit. When the water temperature reaches an optimum, then allow the brew time for 2-3 minutes.

Let’s say who will resist us if we don’t have expensive coffee machines, yet we know the Ninja techniques of brewing the best coffees.

Selection of Beans:

You should never compromise with the quality of beans. Our recommendation will be to use freshly ground coffee beans. Also, to attain a top-class coffee experience, you must use fresh dark roasted beans. To give you a general idea, freshly ground beans mean those are not roasted more than three months earlier.

K-Cup Filters:

Numerous K-cup pods are used to brew coffee and to get a better experience, reusable K-Cup filters are a must. The filters, when at its best functionality, provides the best cups of coffee. If you are experiencing alter in coffee’s taste, you must consider changing the existing reusable filter. It will enhance your K-cup pod experiences.

Selection of Coffee Machines:

Obviously, different brands apply different technologies to brew coffee. You need to choose the best coffee machines according to their performance. Also, there are different models for making coffee; in Keurig, classic coffee brewer & drip coffee makers are most popular. You need to choose the best fit for your purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

#Q1. Why do I need to brew 16 oz Keurig?

Answer: To taste better coffee, there is no other option than brewing 16 oz coffee Keurig. If you miss the exact coffee and water proportion, you might fail to taste better coffee at the starting of the day. One more thing you should consider while brewing 16 oz coffees, always use the fresh beans to get the best-extracted coffee.

#Q2. Is there a Keurig that makes 16 oz?

Answer: Keurig Plus series coffee machines provide an automatic brewing experience of 16 oz. With Keurig K-cup pods, the Keurig Plus series instant coffee machines also brew 12, 14, and 16 oz coffee.

#Q3. How do I change the brew size on my Keurig?

Answer: Simply Check out the brew settings options. First, go to the brew settings, then choose the preferred brew option. Now, you will see several brew features like 10,12, 14, and 16. Choose your desired brewing option from the dropdown menu shown on the lid.


Now you know how to brew 16 oz Keurig and which series of Keurig coffee machines are compatible for brewing 12, 14, and 16 oz coffee.

Ultimately, coffee starts our day, and when we feel out of the track, a great cup of coffee cheer up our mood. We all know that very well. So, how do we can compromise the quality of coffees?

We can’t, right!