Can a Food Processor be Used as a Mixer? Detailed Guide!

A Food processor and a mixer are two different but very essential kitchen tools. They make the kitchen’s job easier. But I noticed that so many people think that a food processor and a mixture are the same, which is wrong.

As I love to experience the new kitchen tools and technologies and carry sufficient knowledge about them, one day, I passed through one of my neighbour’s houses; she suddenly asked me, Can a food processor be used as a mixer?

Yes, except for making cake batter, you can use your food processor as a mixer.

Can a Food Processor be Used as a Mixer?

A food processor can be used as a mixer or not; It is up to you to decide what you wish to mix and depends on the accessories you have on the food processor.

For example, if you’re baking a cake, you’ll need to mix it frequently because it aims to include air into the finished product. On the other hand, you can use it sparingly while baking or combining cookie dough.

Unfortunately, the strength of a food processor is one of its drawbacks. Food processor always ends up overmixing things.

So, if you want to prepare some baking thing, then a mixer is the best choice because baking things always need a moderate and balanced mixture. Otherwise, a food processor is very helpful for other tasks.

Except for a few instances, a food processor and a mixer appear nearly interchangeable. In my observation, the food processor isn’t very excellent at preparing mashed potatoes. This is too fast & quickly produces gluten, which is not good sometimes.

On the other hand, a mixture doesn’t make gluten very quickly, so it does the baking job and mashed potato very well. So, if you want to mix some baking items or prepare mashed potatoes, simply go with a mixer, and for the other things, you can use your food processor as the replacement for a mixer.

However, I would like some differences between food processor and mixer to choose your necessary one based on your demand. So, let’s see:

TasksFood processorMixer
Whisking & mixingNot good at whisking & mixingBest for whisking & mixing
Chopping & cutting Best for chopping & cuttingNot able to chop & cut
GratingGood for gratingNot able
MashingYour components will be pureed rather than mashed in a food processor.Very good at mashing
JuicesIt is not designed for juicing. However, you can prepare a smoothie using your food processor if you add a few extra ingredients.Not able to make juice, but with the correct attachments, you can make a variety of fresh juices.
Pasta It is not able to make pastaIf your mixer has a pasta maker attached to it, you can be able to make pasta with it.
Doughs Check your food processor, if it has a dough blade, it will give you a perfect dough. And without a dough blade, it isn’t able to make doughs.With a dough hook, you will make perfect dough with it.

Can a Food Processor be Used as a Cake Mixer?    

Yes, you can use your food processor as a cake mixer. But for mixing the ingredients of a baking item, a mixer is the best choice. Because the food processor is powerful and ends up overmixing things and as the baking item’s texture needs to be perfect or the result won’t be good, so for making a cake, use a mixer instead of a food processor.

And if you have to use your food processor as a cake mixer, there is no other option. Then take the steel blade (avoid the plastic blade, it is not for cake) of your food processor, put all the ingredients into the processor, and mix them with moderate speed. And don’t forget to check up frequently!

Can a Food Processor be used as a Mixer Grinder?

A food processor and a mixer grinder is two different kitchen tool. If you will be able to use your food processor as a mixer grinder or not is depends on your using purpose. Although a food processor has many uses, it also has limitations, such as it cannot be used as a grinder. In addition, the blades of a food processor are meant for slicing, not grinding, so they won’t grind tough spices.

A food processor may chop, grind, tear, or slice a wide variety of foods and ingredients, but a mixer grinder just grinds and combines them. So, it would be best if you don’t use your food processor as a grinder (if there is an option).

Now, I want to show some of the differences between a food processor and a mixer grinder out of my experience and hope it will help you understand better.

FunctionsFood processorMixer grinder
AttachmentsA food processor is more advance than a mixer grinder. A modern food processor offers many accessories, including interchangeable blades, shred cutters, slice cutters, fruit juicers, and others, all appropriate for its activities.A mixer grinder includes two jars & a mixer,
FunctionsIt has more functions than a mixer grinder. Such as shredding, slicing, chopping, juicing, and grindingYou can use a mixer grinder to prepare puree, batters, and powder, wet and dried ingredients.
PriceComparatively moreComparatively less
Material & durabilityThe bowl and cover of a food processor are heavily loaded with polycarbonate plastic, making it highly sturdy. Stainless steel is used for the blades.The mixer grinder’s cover is made with a plastic-like substance, while the juice jars are made with stainless steel and polyethylene.
Motor Power600 wattsLess than the food processor
SizeLargeSmall and kitchen friendly

Now, according to the functions, choose the appropriate one to fulfill your demand.

Do I Need a Stand Mixer if I Have a Food Processor?

There is no straight answer for this. It depends on your demand. For example, if you want to batter for any baking item, you will surely need a stand mixer. But if you want to do the other things, your food processor will be enough to support you in the kitchen.

What Can you Mix in a Food Processor?

Actually, you can mix almost everything you want in your food processor. I didn’t use any mixer for a long time and just worked with my food processor. So, I did lots of things, including baking items with the help of my food processor.

But I realized that a food processor is powerful; sometimes, it overmixes ingredients and produces gluten quickly, which is not preferable for baking items.

Also, if you make batter using your food processor, your baking items won’t be fluffy and soft enough. So, I recommend except for cake batter, you can mix anything with your food processor.

What’s the Difference Between a Food Processor and Blender?

A decent blender is excellent for liquids used to make smoothies, juices, and protein shakes. Generally, a food processor is employed for more labor-intensive activities like making dough or chopping vegetables. Of course, there are so many blenders that are strong enough to perform the tasks of a food processor, but not every blender.

Although a blender can also perform the tasks of a food processor, I recommend using a food processor for cutting, shredding, slicing, chopping, and so on, especially for making dough. But if you want to make some liquid item, go for a good blender.

You can also use your blender as a food processor, except for these. However, a blender is much more powerful than a food processor.

Now I will differentiate a blender and a food processor based on their food-making qualities according to my experience. So let’s see:

RecipeBlenderFood processor
Soup Best for making soupsAble to make soups but comparatively less efficient
PureeBest for making pureesCapable
SmoothieBestNot capable
DipModerateBest for making dips
ButterNot very goodBest for making butter
Chopping vegetablesNot capableBest
Baking Not so idealCapable
Shredding cheesesNot so idealBest


Moving back to the previous question, can a food processor be used as a mixer? Yes, obviously, you can use your food processor as a mixer. The only difference is that the food processor may not be able to effectively knead, beat, and combine your dough in the same way that a mixer would.

But whether you are using a food processor or a mixer or both of them, keep them clean and use with care, it will be very durable and make your life healthy.