Can a Toaster Oven Replace a Microwave?

Toaster oven and microwave are the functional products that help complete the work of the kitchen in a minute, and we do not need to stand in front of the stove until the food is ready when we use these two modern, well-equipped devices. 

We, the people, always want to cook peacefully. But do you know all the equipment designs for particular purposes can not complete all the works of the kitchen as you think? For example, toaster and microwave may have similarities.

We will talk about it more later on!

Can a Toaster Oven Replace a Microwave?

For the reason mentioned above, you might think you can complete the work of the microwave with the toaster, right? It’s not wrong to think like that. To remove your confusion, today I want to make clear whether the toaster oven can replace the microwave or not! 

Toaster ovens and microwaves have similarities, but you can not do all the work using one device to make different food types. So before you use any machine, it would be helpful if you knew the functions of the devices properly. But it does not mean that it has no similarities. 

To remove your dilemma between these two machines, I think it would be better to tell you the differences and similarities between the toaster oven and microwaves. 

Differences between a Toaster Oven and Microwave:

  • A toaster oven is suitable for baking different kinds of tasty foods. In contrast, microwaves are generally used to reheat food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation. 
  • The foods that you make using microwave ovens are macaroni and cheese, nachos, chocolate fudge, etc. On the other hand, toasters make garlic bread, sandwiches, cinnamon, etc.
  • Toaster consumes less energy than the microwave oven.
  • Toasters can not defrost the food, whereas microwave ovens can. 

Similarities between a Toaster Oven and Microwave:

  • Both use microwave radiation to heat all kinds of food. 
  • Both save your time
  • Both are helpful
  • You may be able to make the same food using two different appliances. 

Is a Microwave Better than a Toaster Oven?

To decide if the microwave or toaster oven is better, we need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each device. So let’s try to find them. 

Pros and Cons of a Microwave: 

  • It is easy to use because it has a timer or reminder setting, and you only need to push on the button to do its work.
  • It can make food faster than the conventional oven. So less time, electricity bills, and energy are wasted.
  • Microwaves are less expensive than the conventional toaster oven. In addition, installation cost and microwave parts are pretty inexpensive compared to other range types.
  • They are easy to clean and use.
  • Safe for children if they know how to use it properly as the external body of the oven won’t get hot.
  • Different types of setting options are available.
  • The taste of the food won’t change.
  • You can deep fry using a microwave as you do on the stove.
  • It may produce cancer if you use it very often.
  • It is not versatile.
  • It would help if you used strong enough containers to tolerate the microwave’s heat.
  • It sometimes causes severe poison in the food.

Pros and Cons of a Toaster Oven: 

  • In a conventional toaster oven, you can do many tasks such as baking, roasting, grilling, and so on.
  • They are usually smaller in size.
  • It is portable
  • It is much efficient than the Full-Sized oven
  • It may burn your hand as the external body is constructed of a material that can absorb heat quickly.
  • If your conventional toaster oven does not fan, it may take time to deliver the heat.
  • It is pretty expensive.
  • It’s not so easy to clean it.
  • They are noisy and do not last long.

Can I use a Toaster Oven Instead of a Regular Oven?

Yes, you can use a toaster oven instead of a regular oven, but both do not work in the same way. So, it will be a good idea to buy it, but it is necessary to buy it. However, it depends on what type of food you want to make.

You may think both of them are similar, but when you look into them deeply, you will get some differences. So, let’s see what those are!

  • Conventional toasters are better insulated than a regular oven. 
  • Regular ovens require installation, whereas toasters do not need installation by professional people. So you do not need to spend extra money from your pocket. 
  • Full-Sized or regular ovens are costly compared to the toaster. The range of the Full-Sized oven starts from 500$ to 2000% or more. On the other hand, the content of the toaster generally starts from 40$, and the quality of the toaster is quite good.  Toasters require less energy as they are small compared to a regular oven. 

Is there an Alternative to a Microwave?

When we try to find an alternative for anything, we get it. So yes, there are four alternatives to a microwave. Some of the options to microwave are: 

  • Dutch Ovens
  • Air Fryers
  • Steamers
  • Popcorn makers

Dutch Ovens: Dutch ovens are great alternatives to a microwave constructed of materials such as aluminum, ceramic, and cast iron, durable and long-lasting. The body of these ovens is thick and sturdy which has concrete lids. Although it is designed to cook slowly, I don’t think it won’t be a bad idea to use it as an alternative to a microwave. They are generally used to make soups, stews, sauces, etc. 

Air Fryers: Air Fryers are also good alternatives to microwaves to make crispy foods such as meat, pastries, fish chips and crisps, and potato fries. The functions of this machine are relatively straightforward; it works by blowing warm air that surrounds food to give us tasty, crispy, and crunchy food. 

Steamers: With this machine, you will have healthy and fresh produce full of nutrients. This is used for making vegetables, various types of fish, and other types of food that keep moisture. So I would suggest you use it as an alternative to a microwave. Buying a microwave is okay, but you can do it if you want to try something new. 

Popcorn makers:  The word popcorn makers is related to making only popcorn. At the first moment, I also thought like you. But do you know you can use pop makers as an alternative to microwaves? You can make different food items such as potato fries or popcorn cake that will blow your mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1#. Can you Reheat Food in a Toaster Oven?

Yes, you can reheat food in a toaster oven. It will take five to ten minutes to reheat. And it is much more convenient than the regular oven. 

Q2#. What Can you not Put in a Toaster Oven?

It is essential to know what things you should not put in a toaster oven. If you put things which are not allowed, accidents may happen. So it would help if you were very careful while cooking anything using any machines. Some of the things you should never put in a toaster oven are: 

  • Plastic
  • Aluminum foil
  • Coffee cups
  • Parchment paper
  • Styrofoam


I have tried to shed light on can a toaster oven replace a microwave? Frankly, a substitute can’t really replace a full-fledged device. Toaster ovens are for specific purposes and microwaves as well. But, between these two, I will always choose a toaster oven over a microwave because of its versatility.