Can I Bake Polymer Clay in an Oven Toaster? (You Should Know)

Baking is such a process that adds life to the food we eat and the art and crafts that reflect one’s imagination and creativity.

The raw ingredient of art known as polymer clays is baked to cure and harden them into fine stable, and permanent crafts.

can i bake polymer clay in an oven toaster

As a result, you trying to do such creations sitting at your home may ask, can I bake polymer clay in an oven toaster?

Yes, you can undoubtedly bake your polymer clay in an oven toaster with a proper toaster oven. There are many ovens designated for baking polymer clay. The best polymer clay baking oven can give you great results other than regular baking ovens.

The great thing about the oven toaster is that they are easy to operate and monitor, which ultimately brings a plus point for baking polymer clays.

What is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay can be defined in many languages. However, for ease of interpretation, polymer clay’s general view is primarily used in the arts and crafts section. In other words, various sorts of decorative parts and architectures are prepared using polymer clays.

Aside from these, the thing that more people don’t know about them is their origin. And, there is a big part of the chemistry behind this or the creation of polymer clays.

One can easily understand that some clay can be customized according to one’s wish from the name polymer clay. That is because it is possible to provide shape and structure to most of the available clays.

And, in terms of polymer clay, the polymer of PVC is engaged that remains in the form of clays. PVC is an organic component in the field of chemistry that refers to polyvinyl chloride.

Can I Bake Polymer Clay in an Oven Toaster?

Yes, all you need is an oven toaster available at your home to bake those polymer clay and make your art.

You can almost use most available ovens like an oven toaster except the micro-oven for baking polymer clays. So, you don’t need any professional or official clay baking machine to do that. But, if you use a clay baking oven, that will give you an excellent polymer clay baking experience.

Oven toaster is a prevalent sort of oven which is the most eligible type of clay baking oven because of its evenly heat distributing capability. Micro ovens have a hot spot that supplies heat in a specific stove to break or burn the polymer clays.

In the case of the oven toaster, they are so efficient in monitoring and controlling the temperature. Oven toasters are random temperature spiking devices regardless of which the polymer clays need to be checked after some minutes to avoid burning.  And an oven toaster allows doing all these things very quickly.

How Much Time Should You Bake your Polymer Clay?

It would help if you baked the polymer clay to attain the desired results without burning or other obstacles. Of course, the proper type of oven is the central fact, but the timing for the bake is also the case of consideration.

For per ¼ inch thickness of the polymer clays, bake them for 30 minutes which will be enough to harden them and provide a stable shape.

Q1#. Does polymer clay melt in an oven?

No, polymer clay won’t melt in an oven and at any temperature. But, if they still do so, they may contain the mixture of any modeling clays.

Q2#. Do polymer clays burn in an oven?

Yes, polymer clays may burn due to excessive heat or due to the hot spots of the oven. For example, baking polymer clay, especially in micro ovens, can cause burning as they have hot spots.


Most of the regular ovens can bake polymer clay. But, to get better results, I would highly recommend a professional polymer clay baking oven. Why shouldn’t you get it? It is cheap, and it can serve many purposes other than just baking polymer clay.