Why Should You Use Enamel Mugs | 4 Step & Guide

When we go traveling, we all want sturdy and replaceable mugs. It makes our traveling easy. However, buying mugs and plates repeatedly can make you feel irritated, and you may need to take out your money from your pocket to buy a cup. 

However, many people who love to travel and usually go camping are curious to know about the mugs which can be reliably used in that type of situation. I also love to go camping to refresh my mind.


As I have been doing this since my childhood, I know well about what kind of mugs or plates can be taken in picnics or campings. So I thought of letting you know why you should use enamel mugs!!!!

Enamel Mugs are helpful in many ways. They are everlasting, light-weight, cheap, magnificent and ornate, diffused heat, and neutral to all kinds of drink. They are portable and easy to carry.

Let’s explore more!

Why Should You Use Enamel Mugs?

Now, let’s know why you should elaborately use enamel mugs. 


Enamel Mugs are among my favorite mugs because they can be used for a long time. You all know that we all love to keep things memorable. The nature of these types of profiles is sturdy, unbreakable, and durable.

If you have kids and pets in your home, it is evident that they will break or untidy the crockery. But if you have enamel mugs, you do not have to worry about that.  Even if you drop it mistakenly, it won’t get any marks or break.

It won’t change the color of the mugs if you wash them every day after use and won’t cause corrosion. 


Enamel Mugs are easy to carry as they are light in weight. They also have protective layers.

I would suggest you have them when you travel because they do not get easily broken. Comparatively, these types of mugs are softer than other types of cups or utensils.


People usually want a good quality of mugs at an affordable price. If you are among them, I would highly recommend going for these types of mugs. Enamel mugs are relatively inexpensive than other mugs, such as ceramic mugs or shielded stainless steel mugs. It will be a better idea if you purchase a set of cups made of enamel. 

Magnificent, ornate, and dramatic colors:

To make a beautiful set of enamel mugs, you need to follow several steps. So imagine, to make simple mugs, how much effort the manufacturers are giving. They are generally made of aluminum or cast irons, or steel.

All these materials are plunged into the purpose-built enamel and put into the fire in a pottery oven. They use pigmentation to make it magnificent, ornate, and dramatic at the end of the process. Or if you want, you can put your design at home. 

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What are the Best Enamel Mugs for Versatile Use?

There are many different types of enamel mugs you will find. But you know, we always look for versatility, which is also an important part when you purchase these types of things.

Let’s learn about the best two enamel mugs for versatile use. 

1. P&P CHEF Enamel Camping Mugs Set of 6

This is made of enamel which can hold 12 ounces and is white. It is perfect for offices, restaurants, and homes. You will get six sets of these mugs when you buy them. The dimensions of these mugs are 3.3*3.7.

P&P CHEF Enamel Camping Mugs Set of 6

It won’t cause any pain to your mouth as a smooth round rim surrounds it. And the shape of the handle is U in form, which will give you comfort while holding it and can be easily kept in the hooks.

It is highly coated with porcelain enamel; it does not allow any kinds of toxic to pass into the mugs. They are versatile; you can put them in any drink as they won’t cause any discoloration if you properly wash them.

They are undoubtedly perfect for both indoors and outdoors; you can take them wherever you want. 

2. Woodland Creek Enamel Mugs in Blue – Set of 4 

Woodland Creek Enamel Mugs is popular for versatility and durability. The weight of each mug is 2 pounds only, and the capacity of this is only 12 ounces.

2. Woodland Creek Enamel Mugs in Blue - Set of 4 

This is pretty light in weight and perfect for taking the faces on camping, picnic, or adventures. You can heat these mugs efficiently.

When you buy, you will get four sets of profiles. You can put any drinks such as coffee, tea, cocoa, cider, and can every day, causing no damage, no discoloration, and no rust. 

Why Are Enamel Mugs Suitable for Camping?


Enamel mugs are known to be portable for camping, picnics, adventures, and parties. They are suitable for camping because they do not need to be replaced. After washing it, you can use it again.

Plastic cups need to be replaced, and you need to buy them again and again. But if you have enamel mugs with you, no need to spend extra money for drinking anything.

They are sustainable, sturdy, and long-lasting. It will reduce the possibility of disposable consumption. It is helpful for camping because you can heat baked beans, potatoes, or any food. It won’t cause eradication to your beautiful mugs.

Enamel mugs are not only used for drinking purposes; you can use them as accessories to make your room decorative; you can put pens, pencils or use them as a flower vase. Isn’t this interesting?? If yes, raise your innovative ideas with just a simple mug.

Will there be any Problems if you Drink Using Enamel Mugs?

There will be no problems if you drink using enamel mugs. You can drink any drink such as coffee, cappuccino, matcha tea, latte, juice, and any soups and gravy. It won’t cause discoloration even if you add tint in the drinks if you wash it every day after use. 

Can you Put Enamel Mugs into the Microwave?

No, it would help if you did not put enamel mugs into the microwave because microwaves generate high amounts of electricity which may cause you an electric shock. We all know enamel mugs are made of high-quality porcelain and metals.

Metals can conduct electricity which may burn you. But you can heat enamel mugs for sipping your favorite drinks. The correct temperature for heating glass in the enamel mugs is 530 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do Enamel Mugs Alternative to Plastic Cups?

Yes, I think enamel mugs are one of the best alternatives to plastic cups or other things about enamel mugs. You do not need to replace them repeatedly after drinking, whereas plastic cups are not long-lasting and can be replaced after a few uses.

And you know, plastics can not tolerate heat, so that they may melt. Enamels are robust, easy to clean, and resistant to high temperatures compared to plastic cups. Also, throwing plastic cups here and there can cause environmental pollution.

So I would highly recommend buying a good thing with little extra money for purchasing good sets of enamel mugs.

Is it okay to Put Enamel Mugs into the Dishwasher?

Yes, you can put enamel mugs into the dishwasher. The method for washing the enamel mugs is the same as passing other glasses, cups, or plates. You only need dish soap and a sponge to clean them and rinse them with water. Then, wash it after use immediately.

Do Enamel Mugs Retain Heat?

Enamel mugs do not have any function to retain heat, but you can heat them at the correct temperature. However, they will not keep your drinks hot if you keep them for a long time. After making it, you have to drink if you want to drink something warm.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1#. What is the Difference Between Enamel Mugs and Stainless Steel Mugs?

Yes, there are some differences between enamel mugs and stainless steel mugs. However, the difference between them is straightforward. Enamel cups are made of stainless steel and coated with enamel finely and in colors.

But stainless steel is not covered like that, and for this reason, when you drink something scorching, it may burn your hands and lips.

Q2#. Is there any Difference Between Enamel Mugs and Ceramic Mugs?

Enamel mugs and ceramic mugs are almost the same, but you will understand some differences if you see how to make them. Enamel mugs come from triturated and liquidized glass. Both these are coated with particular components such as cast irons that make mugs solid and durable.

On the other hand, ceramics are made of clay fired into high temperatures to make them reliable and stable but bristled and impermeable.

Q3#. Are our Enamel Mugs any Good?

Yes, enamel mugs are good in many ways. So let’s know about some pros of enamel mugs.

  • They are affordable
  • They are great for using when going camping, adventures, and picnics
  • They are light in weight and easy to carry
  • They are solid and durable
  • They are eco-friendly
  • You can heat the mugs.
  • Neutral to your drinks 


Those who love to go camping or love to involve themselves in the adventure world or have kids and pets should buy enamel mugs, as these types of profiles are helpful in many ways. To know more, be our support.