Best Commercial Immersion Blenders – Review & Comparison

Immersion Blenders are helpful in many ways because it allows you to make almost everything for which you do not need to purchase other equipment. Through these types of Blenders, you can make smoothies and shakes, beating eggs, batter, purring, whipping cream, or many different kinds of paste, etc.


However, today I would like to let you know about the best commercial immersion Blenders as many people are fascinated to get ideas about the immersion blenders.

Comparative Analysis of the Best Commercial Immersion Blenders

Before I start to review any products for you, I would like to provide you with a chart to see a quick process. 

Top Pick
KOIOS 4-in-1 immersion blender
KOIOS 4-in-1 immersion blender
  • Brand: KOIOS
  • Specialties: Best Multifunctional immersion blender
  • Material: Stainless steel blade and rubber handle
  • Speed: 12
  • Voltage and power: 120 volts and 800 watts
  • Color: Red and Silver
  • Item Dimensions: 5.279.923.46 inches
Chefman Stick Hand Immersion Blender
Chefman Stick Hand Immersion Blender
  • Brand: Chefman
  • Specialties: Best Immersion Blenders
  • Material: Rubber handle and stainless steel shaft and blades
  • Speed: 2
  • Voltage and power: 300 watts
  • Color: Black
  • Item Dimensions: 4.75* 16.73* 4.75 inches
Waring Commercial Immersion Blenders
Waring Commercial Immersion Blenders
  • Brand: Waring Commercial
  • Specialties: Commercial Light Duty Immersion Blenders
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Speed:2
  • Voltage and power: 100 watts and 120 volts
  • Color: Black and Silver
  • Item Dimensions: 3.6* 12.8* 3.6 inches
CHEF-BUILT (CS-80) 8 inches commercial immersion blender
CHEF-BUILT (CS-80) 8 inches commercial immersion blender
  • Brand: Chef-built
  • Specialties: Heavy-Duty Commercial Immersion Blender
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Speed:2
  • Color: Stainless steel
  • Item Dimensions: 8 inches
All-Clad KZ750D Stainless steel Immersion Blender
All-Clad KZ750D Stainless steel Immersion Blender
  • Brand: All-Clad
  • Specialties: Long Commercial Immersion Blenders
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Speed:2
  • Voltage and power: 600 watts
  • Color: Stainless steel, black, and silver
  • Item Dimensions: 17.25* 3* 3 inches

Review of Best Commercial Immersion Blenders: Top 5 Guide

After testing more than 100 immersion blenders in my kitchen, I have narrowed down a list for you. As a chef, I know what can be the most efficient and fast immersion blender to meet the craving of hungry diners.

Let’s jump into the critical evaluation one by one.

1. KOIOS 4-in-1 Immersion Blender

KOIOS 4-in-1 Immersion Blender is one of my first choice immersion blenders that will harden you up to purchase a beautiful set of immersion blenders. This blender can function as a food processor, which is nearly 500 ml attached with a whisk, and also, you will also have a 600 ml mixing beaker. 

Complete Package: It has all the features that will encourage you to buy because of its blender. Therefore, it is always my first recommended immersion blender for you. It is high-energy efficient, and it is the best option if you are planning to buy a blender as it can complete all the work for making smoothies, purees, or any other kind of food that is not usually done by a general blender. Now, let’s get to know about their unique features.

Smart Stick design: This blender has an intelligent stick design that helps you mix the ingredients deep into the bowl, pitcher, and pot. It is used to make smoothies, thick consistency gravy, mayonnaise, baby food, etc. This bright stick is hitched with an 8 inches blending shaft, which is removable. 

Additional tools: With this blender, you will get different tools such as one hand blender motor unit attached with cord, one blending shaft, one whisk attachment, one 500 ml food chopper, which is S-shaped and made of titanium, and a 600 ml mixing beaker. As it provides you with all the equipment you need for cooking, you do not need to spend extra money from your pocket. 

Easy to clean: This blender is dishwasher safe. So you can wash it very quickly, all you need to do is use soap and water. You do not need to put effort into cleaning narrow spaces of the blender because all the parts of this blender are separable. Remember, do not let the motor be sunk by hot water. If you do this, it may not work correctly after some days. 

Closed-pack design: As this Blender is a close-packed design with two colors, red and silver, it won’t take up so much space in your kitchen room. But make sure that you have kept it away from your children as the blades of it are very sharp, which helps you to mix all the ingredients into the perfect consistency. Compared to other types of a general blender or food mixer, it could work more efficiently. 

  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to hold
  • Multifaceted
  • Blending power is good
  • It is Durable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Free of BPA
  • Affordable price
  • Cut food into tiny pieces before you put it into the blender
  • Keep away from children as the blade of this blender is very sharp.

2. Chefman Stick Hand Immersion Blender

This blender is one of my second-best Hand Immersion Blender. It is almost the same as the first-hand blender, but let’s know what’s inside it. 

Chefman Stick Hand Immersion Blender

For those who love to make different types of food,  I think this is the perfect set for you because it can make almost anything such as purees, sauces, beverages, smooth batter, and so on. It has 300 watts with 120 Volts. 

Dynamic power: This blender has emotional energy, mixing fruits and vegetables precisely without causing deafening noises. It has binary speed, making perfect whipping cream, custard cream, and creamy and fluffy textures of batter, crushing ice cubes daintily. 

Convenient handle: The handle of this blender is very flexible and won’t cause any pain to your hand even if you hold it for a slightly longer time. The handle is made of rubber, and you need to push the button to start the functioning of the blender. 

Satiny and closed-packed design:  As the body of this blender is narrow in shape, you can keep it in a convenient space. This looks very stylish and satiny, and you will get only one tint which is crimson red.  

Easy to clean: All the parts of this blender are detachable, and the blades are also. Therefore it is easy to wash; you only need soap and warm water to clean. Just make sure that the blender’s cord is not sunk in, not the dishwasher or water. 

  • High power
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to separate the parts of the blender
  • Simple push-button control
  • Advanced safety technology
  • Only one color is available, red

3. Waring Commercial Immersion Blender

This blender is a Light Duty Immersion Blender with seven shafts, dual speeds, and the power of 100 watts. It is also not any less than other types of blender. This is my third favorite immersion blender and let’s know what their unique features are. 

3. Waring Commercial Immersion Blender

Magnificent blending power:  The blending power of this blender is first class because of its sharp blade. It can perform light-duty work, making velvety and rich whipping cream, custard cream, cake, and cookie batters pureeing fruits, soups, sauces, and whipping egg yolk and white. It has high-efficiency motor power. 

Lightweight: The weight of this blender is light, and the handle is flexible to hold. It is sleek in shape; you can carry it easily and take space from your kitchen cabinetry. Although it is narrow, you can keep 3 gallons of mixtures of ingredients into the bowl and can hold 12 quarts of ingredients. It has a 6 ft cord which is detached to 3 Prong plugs. 

Dishwasher safe: This blender is dishwasher safe. So you can easily wash it without any additional requirements. You can wash it with soap and hot water. 

  • Light-Duty Application
  • Ergonomic construction
  • Lightweight
  • It is easy to wash
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Simple operation
  • Dual speed high-efficiency motor
  • Sharp stainless steel blade
  • Moderately expensive
  • Only two colors are available: Black and Silver

4. Chef-Built (C5-80) Commercial Immersion Blender

Chef-Built Commercial Immersion Blender is one of the best alternatives to other Blenders or food processors as you can use it for heavy-duty work. It always provides you with the best quality of blending. There are no complaints about this blender, and I love to use it. Now, it

is time to review one of my fourth commercial immersion blenders. And this is highly appreciated by the expert’s food makers. 

Chef-Built (C5-80) Commercial Immersion Blender

Heavy-Duty Blender: Are you looking for a heavy-duty blender that is medium in size but works well? If YES, it is for you!!! As pro makers highly appreciate this, you can blend, grill, and cook anything you like, and the thing you should do is cut into small pieces before you put them in them if you want to make a batter or purees. This can be used for a longer time without repairing it repeatedly.

8-inches shaft: This blender has an 8 inches shaft that is constructed of stainless steel. It is easy to wash it to make it separate. It also has a powerful binary motor that makes your work easier and faster. It also can protect the blender even if you use it frequently. 

Excellent outcome: Whatever you make with this blender will always give you a good result. Always perfect, creamy, and smooth consistency- you will get and there will be no lumps. So you do not need to strain the extra chunks after blending it. 

Easy to use:  This is easy to use because of its handle. Their handle is made of rubber grips which gives comfort and flexibility. You can customize the temperature manually. 

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to install
  • Always give you a perfect consistency
  • Moderate blending power
  • Designed for pros
  • Prevents damage from overwork
  • Few color options are available

5. All-Clad KZ750D Stainless Steel Immersion Blender

All-Clad KZ750D immersion blender is one of the stylish blender and long commercial immersion blenders. It is more extensive than other different blender I have reviewed.

Solid and sturdy motor: Motor is the essential part of the blender that helps blend or mix ingredients properly. So having a solid and sturdy motor is necessary. If you want a reliable and long-lasting blender, I would highly recommend you to purchase it. Not only a powerful engine, but you can also vary the speed control dial, and there are turbo settings.

Blending quality:  With this blender, you can mix smoothies, puree soup, make cookies and cakes, mayonnaise, nuts, seeds, and baby and elderly foods. If you want to make anything from fruits and vegetables, cut them into smaller pieces.

No splash of ingredients: As this Blender consists of a large lid, there is no possibility of spreading or splashing foods around the blender or kitchen. So you do not have to worry about messiness. 

  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to install
  • Large lid
  • Moderately expensive
  • Big in size
  • Only three colors are available

How to Buy the Best Commercial Immersion Blender?

Knowing a trick to buy a commercial immersion blender is very important because it will help you to last a blender for a long time. So let’s understand what things you should look for when you buy the best commercial immersion blender.

  • Motor 
  • Speeds 
  • Power
  • Length 
  • Weight
  • Attachments
  • Cage
  • Colors

These are the things you must need to be checked out before you purchase the best Immersion Blenders.

What Does a Commercial Immersion Blender do?

A commercial immersion blender is an essential part of our cooking segments. It is better to buy an immersion blender than a general Blender as it can help to function together. And we do not need to buy separate equipment for making those types of food that we want to make with an immersion blender. 


The main job of using a commercial immersion blender is that it won’t take too much time to blend or bring it up in a perfectly creamy and smooth combination of different constituents. These types of Commercial Immersion Blender helps us to make whipping cream, purees, sauces, beverages smoothies, cupcinnos, cakes, and cookies batters at a speed rate. How wonderful it is! It won’t kill your unnecessary time for mixing. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1#. What Immersion Blender do Chefs Use?

There are many different brands of immersion Blenders used by many different categories of chefs or cooking experts. For other ingredients, chefs use different types of equipment. But today, we want to focus on the Immersion Blender mainly. As the manufacturers are trying to provide us with a good blender brand, it will be tricky to choose. All the immersion blenders are so good that I couldn’t decide which one to choose. Thank Goodness to my aunt. She is a professional chef. So I asked and said that …….. .. are the best Immersion Blenders. Now let’s jump into the main parts. Some of the best Immersion Blenders: 

Q2#. What Immersion Blender has the Highest Wattage?

The more the wattage of an immersion blender, the more the ingredients mix or blend finely. The power of 400 Watts is a general idea that an immersion blender should have. I think having 700 Watts is a compelling one. The name of the highest wattage blender is the Braun MQ9007 Multiquick 9 Immersion Hand Blender. And another one is the Proscenic Hand Immersion Blender which has 800 watts. 

Q3#. Which Brand of an Immersion Blender is the Best?

It would be wrong to say the random name of the best Immersion Blenders because this depends on you and how you are using them. You will understand after using it correctly with proper care— Some of my favorite brand of an immersion blender and I also think it is the best options for you: 


Having an immersion blender is a must because it helps me cook different types of foods like a pro. And having an idea about the best commercial immersion blenders from a practicing chef is worth your time indeed. I will be delighted if my analysis helps you to choose the perfect one for you.