Best Cooking Utensils for Calphalon — Buying Guide & FAQ

No one wants their nonstick cookware to lose its surface seasoning, and that’s why you’re here looking for the best utensils for Calphalon, right? Don’t worry, and you’re at the right place! Silicone and wood utensils are best for Calphalon because they are scratch-resistant.


But not all silicone and wood utensils are good; you’ve to choose the most authentic and reliable product. So let’s see which brand offers the best product at the most affordable price.

Comparison Table of the Best Scratch Proof Utensils for Calphalon

You can use any utensils, but if you don’t want to ruin the nonstick seasoning, you should use only silicone & wooden utensils; these won’t leave any scratches on the surface.

Silicone utensils are hard but sleek and don’t have any sharp points; hence they won’t create scratches on your Calphalon and wooden utensils.

Name Of The ProductBrandMaterialBPA FreeColorWeight
Silicon Cooking Utensil SetUmite ChefSiliconeBlack, Blue, Grey, Green, Khaki, Pink Gold & Rose Gold3.01 Pounds
Non-Stick Silicone Utensil SetMiuscoSiliconeYesBlack, Grey, Midnight Blue & Red1 Pounds
Wooden Spoons For CookingAIUHITeak WoodNatural Wooden15.2 Ounces
Bamboo Utensil SetRiveiraBambooLight Brown11.3 Ounces
42 Cooking Utensil Nylon SetDesign VeicaSilicone, Nylon & Stainless SteelBlack, Blue, Pink & Red5.13 Pounds

Review of the Best Cooking Utensils for Calphalon:

In this section, we will review some best materials for Calphalon cookware. The fact is, Calphalon cookwares are very expensive, and if you don’t use perfect utensils with them, your investments may be at risk. So, read the review carefully to pick the best budget pick for you!

1. Silicone Cooking Utensil Set – Umite Chef

This product is really meeting the customer requirements as one of the best cooking utensils for Calphalon. Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce sites available on the internet, offering shipping to every country. This silicone cooking utensil set has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon.

More than 80% of consumers have 5star feedback on this product. It has many features to provide, let’s check it out!

Available in 7 colors

This beautiful utensil set is available in 7 colors, which means customers can choose their favorite color out of it.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to see it everywhere. My personal favorite is the rose gold version of all the colors because the silicon color-matching with stainless steel handle is like a cherry on top.

Kitchen Friendly

It literally does all the work in the kitchen because this 15 pieces set has everything and will definitely meet your kitchen needs. From server to spreader, you got everything all together! It’s really amazing to complete all kitchen chores with just one utensil set. Of course, you don’t just need any more utensils.

Heat Tolerance

Now, I got shocked because I always thought that silicone utensils don’t last long and get ruined at high temperatures, but the whole thing just flipped. This hard silicone can easily tolerate up to 230 degree Celsius; isn’t that impressive?

So you don’t have to worry about utensils losing their authenticity at high temperatures.

Better grip on item

This is quite comfortable because the grip is a combination of stainless steel and silicone, providing a brilliant handy experience. Using the product is fun when you can hold it comfortably and gently.

24/7 customer care

You’re not only buying products from ‘Umite Chef,’ but you’re receiving the complete help & support which you can avail at any time of the day.

For example, maybe you’re confused about using the utensil set on the dishwasher or thinking of using it at high temperatures or not? You’ll get all of your answers from the help & support team.

  • Meets all the work requirements
  • Easy to clean
  • Nonstick surface
  • Affordable price
  • No Cons from my side, let me know if you find one!

2. Non-Stick Silicone Utensil Set – Miusco

Talking about this beautiful silicone set by Miusco doesn’t make me feel bored. I consistently rate products by looks. Then I start to measure the inner qualities and potential, which looks absolutely mind-blowing.

Non-Stick Silicone Utensil Set – Miusco

Moreover, the carved signature watermark on the edge of acacia wood notifies the brand again & again. The combination of Silicone & Acacia Wood just goes together so well. ‘Miusco’ claims that this product will last lifetime. Let’s get into a brief discussion.

Built Quality

There are same materials of different quality in the market; we know that right? The same goes for silicone; you may find silicone utensils at a much cheaper rate. Still, the quality of the material used will not be top grade.

We should pick products which tend to last a long time, not a lifetime, a penny more or less. Products don’t usually last a lifetime, but they may continue to work for many years.

The silicone used by Miusco can tolerate heat up to 240 degrees Celsius and the acacia wood is claimed to work perfectly for around 40 years!

Wooden Grip

Not everyone can provide a wooden grip as strong & attractive as acacia wood. It has a lovely dense color which delivers a raw vibe and gives a unique touch to the kitchen. Besides durable utensils, we also want our kitchen to look classy.

When in hot temperatures, the acacia wood provides an excellent grip, and it’s comfortable to stir, mix & serve. Another positive point is that scratches don’t form on this wood, so the surface finish is always smooth.

BPA Free

BPA is a chemical added to many plastic & similar products to make it much stronger and more durable. Therefore, almost every product contains BPA nowadays.

Infants and children are the victims of this chemical. Many studies show that a certain amount of BPA in our diet does not harm adults, but there’s no certainty in the case of infants.

I always prefer natural & ethical products with no added chemical or so; Miusco manufactures utensil sets that are completely BPA-free. This is an excellent initiative and kind towards our health & safety.


I use nonstick cookware whenever I’m making fried rice, vegetables, or any dishes of that sort. Still, within a few months, I notice that the surface of my nonstick pan gets scratches. As a result, it is unable to deliver that same quality cooking.

It’s because of utensils scratching the surface of the nonstick cookware. This utensil set by Miusco has nonstick properties that will never create any scratches and keep your cookware as it is.

  • Lightweight
  • Heat Resistant
  • Elegant Design
  • Easy to clean & store
  • Acacia cannot be soaked in water so the product is not dishwasher safe

3. Wooden spoons for cooking (Teak 8 Pack) – AIUHI

This product is made of 100% teak wood, and I’m surprised that it lasts for around 75 years! Wooden spoons don’t rapidly react to high temperatures, synthetically respond with acidic food varieties, or scratch pots and bowls, as their metal partners do.

They don’t dissolve or filter synthetics or peculiar preferences into hot food sources as plastic does. A wooden spoon can be utilized to make any dish in any cookware.

100% Authentic Material

It’s made of 100% Teak wood, and there are no other added materials in it! The complete product is wooden & teak is quite an expensive material.

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Nevertheless, you’ll get the authentic and genuine aroma from these utensils, and it’s easy to use and store. There are tiny holes near these spoons, so you can now just hang the spoons on the wall hanger.

Moreover, the surface has been burnished finely to deliver a semi-shiny look and sleek profile.  

Natural Teak Properties

Starting with the looks, teak wood has a light golden color on its outside, and the exciting fact is that the color slowly darkens with time. Teak is famous for its durability, and that’s what we want & expect from any product.

Many woods deteriorate in water, but teak is water-resistant, and this is a major feature because as a kitchen utensil, it’s expected that it’s going to face the water. Not just the looks and durability, but the heat tolerance is also amazing.

Money Back Policy

This is a great initiative from AIUHI; they’re sure that the consumers will love to have this teak utensil set in their kitchen. But by any chance, if they don’t like or are not satisfied, then they can get in touch with the 24/7 customer care and arrange an exchange of product or refund.

I’ve seen the features and other details of this utensil set, and there is no way consumers will return it.

  • Attractive
  • Durable
  • Heat Resistant
  • Made of natural teak and carries authentic properties
  • Lasts lifetime
  • No cons, loved this product!

4. Bamboo Utensil Set – Riveira

The product is very simple & sophisticated, but the brand ‘Riviera’ believes in building customer trust and provide complete satisfaction. Moreover, this is an eco-friendly material that causes no harm to nature or human beings.

4. Bamboo Utensil Set – Riveira

Moreover, the material is BPA free, a rising health concern nowadays. In short, this set looks simple & classy, made of authentic nonstick bamboo.

Complete Cooking Service

Riveira claims that this product can be used from the beginning to the end of the cooking process. From every ingredient addition to stirring and then finally serving the food on a dish, everything can be done with the help of this set.

Scratch Resistant

Our main target was to look for utensils that do not scratch and ruin the nonstick seasoning of cookware; this utensil made of bamboo also prevents scratches. In addition, this utensil is naturally nonstick, which requires no additional process.

So you’re now able to prepare several dishes with this set and don’t have to worry anymore about your cookware surface getting ruined.

Natural Bamboo Properties

These bamboo utensils are slowly acquiring their position on my favorites list because of their many natural features. As this is a kitchen tool, it meets the durability level and the heat tolerance.

On the other hand, it does not carry an odor after cooking and does not let stains form on its surface. This utensil is naturally dry & nonstick as well. Last but not least, bamboo is a cheap material with lots of benefits.

  • Naturally Non-stick
  • Long lasting material
  • Stain Free
  • Resists Moisture
  • Refund Policy
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Needs to oiled periodically
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Needs to oiled periodically

5. 42 Cooking utensil Nylon Set – Design Veica

This product is huge; I’ve seen sets of 6 to 8 pieces, but 42 pieces are way too much for someone to handle.

42 Cooking utensil Nylon Set – Design Veica

But I’ve gone through each & every spoon of this set, and trust me, none of this is unnecessary. It has everything you will ever need in your kitchen, from the smallest spoon to the perfect server. According to the reviews on Amazon, more than 70% of consumers have rated it 5 stars.

Available in 4 colors

This set is one of a kind; you will not need to buy any more spares when you have got this in your kitchen.

All the utensils of a similar pattern will give the kitchen a different look; moreover, it’s available in 4 colors. You can now choose colors according to your preference and match it with your kitchen background.

All in one kitchen set

The utensil set by ‘Design Veica’ provides everything you’ll need in your kitchen from the beginning to the end.

It’s great in a way that we’re getting all the necessary equipment in a single set, so we don’t have to look for utensils somewhere else. But the question arises: Is the company able to maintain its quality on each & every tool? Almost every consumer is satisfied, and that’s what matters.

Food Grade Silicone

Many silicone utensils are available in the market, but how many are food-grade silicone? As silicone is an artificial material, we should thoroughly check if it is completely safe for all ages or is it harming our health in any way. Silicone also has a limited heat tolerance & it gets worse when the silicone starts to leach into food.

  • Scratch Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Easy to clean
  • Price is comparatively higher than other products in this criteria

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How to Choose the Best Cooking Utensils for Calphalon to Avoid Scratch?

This is not a very tough task to do; it’s effortless! Just avoid artificial materials; why? Synthetic materials will lose their potential to perform well gradually when you keep using them. For example, teak wood or bamboo utensils have nonstick characteristics naturally, so they’re not going to lose it over time & the only way to avoid scratches is to choose the best nonstick utensils. 

Is Silicone, Nylon or Bamboo Utensils Good for Calphalon Cookware?


Yes, all the utensils are suitable for Calphalon cookware as long as they can keep themselves nonstick. Because our main task is not to ruin the seasoning on the Calphalon surface and it won’t be possible if the utensils are not nonstick.

Can you Use Metal Utensils on Calphalon Cookware?

Don’t even think of using metal utensils on Calphalon! We are not here to ruin the potential of any cookware; we’re trying to find the best possible solution. A very renowned and popular enemy of Calphalon is a metal utensil. It scratches the surface in a worse way. It ruins the nonstick seasoning, so we won’t prefer using metal utensils alongside Calphalon.

FAQS: Related Asked Question

Q1. Is Calphalon worth the money?

Calphalon cookware is claimed to serve you for a lifetime if you can take care of it; moreover, the durability & performance is way too good compared to any other cookware of this criteria.

Q2. What can you not put on a Calphalon pan?

You may get several answers from several places, but I’d say that you cannot use that one thing on Calphalon that ruins its seasoning; other than that, everything is fine.

Q3. Why does food stick to my Calphalon pans?

If the food sticks to the Calphalon pan, the nonstick seasoning on the surface has been completely scratched off.

Q4. When should you throw away Calphalon pans?

You should replace it when you can’t get the best out of it.


Choosing the best cooking utensils for Calphalon cookware is not a tall task when you have so far with this article. I would suggest going with silicone or wooden utensils to protect your cookware from scratch.