Is Teak Wood Good for Cooking Utensils? Complete Guide

There are many different types of wood that are suitable for cooking utensils. But their characteristics, nature, suitability, and durability are unique. 

For cooking, we use different types of utensils made of wood. So many people are confused about the quality of the wood and ask whether the teak wood is good for cooking or not. 

Teak wood is suitable for cooking utensils because they are easy to clean, and you do not need to put effort into washing it as they are generally designed to use on non-stick kitchenware.

Is Teak Wood Good for Cooking Utensils

They are durable, stylish and you can cut them into different shapes or bring them into the property dimensions according to your requirement

What is Teak Wood?

Teak wood is a species of hardwood that belongs to the family of Lamiaceae. Their bodies have white sapwood, and some sections are yellow and golden brown. The scientific name is Tectona Grandis.

They originally come from the part of Southeast Asia, but also they can be found in the whole of Africa, and the Caribbean also ploughed them for a long time.  

What are the Best Teak Wood Utensils?

There are different types of furniture or cooking utensils made of teak wood. Among all these, I have tried to find the two best cooking utensils made of teak wood. 

1. Seven Pieces Natural teak wooden utensils spatula and spoon:

All these spatulas and spoons are made of teak wood which is durable, sturdy, water, and clean to use. The body of these tools is smooth and comfortable. So, I think it will be one of your favorite non-stick, eco-friendly and clean cooking utensils. Let’s know about it in detail.

Seven Pieces Natural teak wooden utensils spatula and spoon:

Scratch-free spoons and spatulas: The textures of the teak wood are substantial and sturdy. For this reason, it won’t cause any scratched marks if you use it regularly for heavy work. And also, it won’t make other utensils.

Solid and Smooth Surface: It has a substantial and smooth surface because it is polished three times before being brought to the store and kept in the proper shape. Handle js perfect in form, and no sharp edges, no splits, or gaps can be seen as they are formed carefully.

Easy to clean: As they are made of wood, it would be better to wash them immediately after using them. Otherwise, it may discolor the spoons or spatulas. However, you can easily keep them in the drawer as they are not prominent in size, and you hang them on the hook in the kitchen. This looks very stylish and sleek.

Additional tools: Here, you will get extra tools that are very useful for your kitchen. If you buy it, you will get seven pieces of spoons and spatulas, such as a spatula, a fried spatula, a slotted spoon, a soup ladle, a strainer spoon, a serving spoon, and a mixing spoon.

2. Premium Golden Teak Wood Utensils By Kunyai:

This is one of the qualities of utensils loved by cooking lovers. They are long-lasting and easy to clean and wash. Let’s know some of the essential features of this product.

Teakwood construction: All these sets are made of teak wood, and it is one of the renowned products because it has 0.5 parts per million of the mixture of the gold with these wood grains. That’s why it is slightly expensive and unique than other types of wood such as olive, acacia, or bamboo. 

Perfect design: The outlook of these products is lovely. The way it helps to mix or helps to cook the food is more enchanted. That’s why it is loved by most chefs and the people who are fascinated by cooking.

Waterproof body: These sets are waterproof wooden goods that become discolored and cause foul smells. So you can make any food. 

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Teak Wood for Cooking Utensils?

If something is good, there must be some disadvantages. It is a very general thing. For this reason, I thought of telling you the pros and cons of teak wood for cooking utensils so that you can choose whether you will buy it or not. 

  • Heavy and dense wood. They are durable and sturdy.
  • Versatile
  • It is resistant to insects, rotting, and acids
  • Easy to take care of
  • Looks stylish
  • It is quite expensive
  • Not easy to find
  • Difficult to get good quality wood

Are Teak Wood Utensils Better than Bamboo Wood Utensils?

We can’t complain about the bamboo and teak wood utensils because they are good in various ways. For this, if you find the difference between them, we may understand which one is better, right?

  • Teak wood utensils are better than Bamboo wood utensils because they can resist water, mould does not crack easily, as they contain high amounts of rich oil. 
  • As it contains oil, it will last longer than the utensils, made of bamboo or other types of wood. 
  • Teak wood takes a long time to grow, whereas bamboo can earlier, it will increase 3 feet in one day, and you can use it when the heads of the plants rise. 
  • Teak wood is hardwood, whereas bamboo is grass. 
  • Teak wood is soft, whereas some bamboo is complex, and the leaves are soft and smooth with no slipperiness. 
  • Teak wood is resistant to water, rot, and insects, making their life expectancy high. On the other hand, bamboo can only resist; it also lasts long. But if you compare these two, teak wood is longer lasting than bamboo. 

Are Teak Wood Utensils Better than Olive Wood Utensils?

Teak wood utensils and olive wood utensils are made from different trees. So there must be some differences. Now, let’s try to find out the difference between them.

Are Teak Wood Utensils Better than Olive Wood Utensils
  • Teak wood is generally weaker in dimensional stability than olive wood. 
  • Teak wood is comparatively easier to find compared to olive wood. So most of the utensils you will discover are constructed of teak wood. 
  • Teak wood originally comes from the part of Southeast Asia, whereas olive wood comes from the Mediterranean areas, which include southern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.
  • Teak wood is resistant to water, rot, molds or insects, etc., whereas olive wood is only resistant to fungi.
  • Teak wood is more durable than olive wood. So the things you are making from the teak wood will last longer than the olive ones.

Is Teak Wood Waterproof?

Do you know why teak wood contains oil? And why is it considered as one of the unique woods? These types of wood include natural oil with a rich wax content; it can repulse water, durable and sturdy. So it can be kept away from cracking, warping and does not easily break.

Therefore, if you make any furniture from teak wood, you do not need to worry about the water if it falls on it. 

Q1#. Is Teak wood food safe?

Teak wood is safe if the oil is removed from it. The oil from the teak wood contains poisonous chemicals. But you can use it for making cooking utensils because the manufacturers remove all the fat as much as possible. So you do not need to be worried.

Q2#. Why is teak wood expensive?

Teak wood is expensive because it is rare to find and highly durable and sturdy. If you want to buy something good, sometimes we need to spend money; the teak wood texture is finely furnished with rich wax and smooth properties. And people will also love to do good things with little more money. 


Eating fresh and healthy food is important but using the proper and healthy cooking utensils. So always try to use n and perfect wooden spoons which are durable and substantial.  If you feel like asking us any questions, you can visit our ho you. Thank you for staying with us. 

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