The Best Wood For Kitchen Utensils (In Depth Guide)

Cooking is an art, and it is essential to have suitable instruments, in this case kitchen utensils are an integral part. The thing is, there are different woods that offer excellent cooking utensils. But, which one would be the best choice for sustainability and cooking friendliness?

Here comes the importance of the perfect wooden kitchen utensils.

Now you might say, “What’s all the fuss about? Just about any wooden stick should work”

Well, you’d be terribly mistaken. Each utensil has its unique quirks, which you, the buyer, should know about before taking out your credit card. Why settle for anything but the very best?

This article seeks to provide the details so that you can make a well-informed decision before taking out your credit card to purchase what would hopefully be your perfect kitchen partner for years to come.

the best type of wood for kitchen utensils

Now let’s dive deeper into the fantastic world of culinary equipment. Chances are, if you are the aforementioned high-school sophomore trying to cook bacon and eggs, these may be a bit too extravagant. On the contrary, if you regularly cook for your family or are a chef yourself, keep reading, for you may find your perfect match!

NAYAHOUSE Wooden Spatula and Spoons
NAYAHOUSE Wooden Spatula and Spoons
  • Number of Items: 4
  • Incorporated Kitchen Utensils : Teak Wood 
  • Non-Stick: YEs
Combo Set
NAYAHOUSE Wooden Cooking Utensils Set
NAYAHOUSE Wooden Cooking Utensils Set
  • Number of Item: 6
  • Incorporated Kitchen Utensils : Natural Wood
  • Non-Stick: Yes
NEET Colorful Wooden Spoons
NEET Colorful Wooden Spoons
  • Number of Item: 4
  • Incorporated Kitchen Utensils : Bamboo
  • Non-Stick: Yes
Quantity & Diversity
  • Number of Item: 12
  • Incorporated Kitchen Utensils : Teak Wood
  • Non-Stick: Yes
Teak Wood Utensil Set
XDAOMOADT Non-Stick Kitchen Utensils
  • Number of Item: 10
  • Incorporated Kitchen Utensils : Teak Wood
  • Non-Stick: Yes

#1. Best All-Round: NAYAHOUSE Wooden Spatula and Spoons

This is a worthy contender for an ideal beginner’s set. The product comprises a turner, a spatula, a bouillon spoon, and a skimmer.

NAYAHOUSE Wooden Spatula and Spoons
  • Eco-Friendly

It is constructed with 100% natural teak, and it contains no harmful substances. So whatever you cook, it will be healthy without a care in the world.

  • Non-Stick

It has a non-stick pan special which is the best material for utensils like this. It will not scratch away or damage your expensive fry pans, cookers, etc.

  • Impervious Design

The set comes with sturdy and hard materials and helps to enhance the quality of your cooking. The material is long-lasting so that you can cook without fearing that it might break or scratch. It has a glossy appearance.

  • Easy to Use

As an experienced chef, I can definitely guarantee that it is easy to use. It is also portable, and you can easily use them as per your needs. You will not have to worry about any mess.

  • A Complete Set

It has an aid turner, a spatula, a ladle, and a skimmer. The aid turner helps with stirring whatever you are cooking. The spatula maneuvers the contents. The spoon enables to serve liquid dishes like soup. Lastly, the skimmer helps to separate solid substances from liquids.


It has high-quality teak wood, and you will find no synthetic substances. Based on my use, it can be easily cleaned as it is coated with non-toxic varnish. It is highly durable and sturdy.


It is not dishwasher safe, so please be careful with that. You can use the hand wash soap instead of that.

#2. Best Combo Set: NAYAHOUSE Wooden Cooking Utensils Set

Brought to you by the same manufacturers as the previous product, this particular set consists of two more pieces of tools to help you paint your culinary masterclass! As an experienced chef, I can assure you that you are going to love it.

NAYAHOUSE Wooden Cooking Utensils Set
  • Extended Set

It consists of the turner, spatula as well skimmer, just like the previous batch. However, the ladle is replaced with a bouillon spoon. You will also get a fork-shaped spoon as well as a round-shaped one.

  • Heat-Resistant

The sturdy wooden spoon set is made out of strong and high-quality natural teak wood that is heat-resistant, and you can put your fear aside of deforming.

  • Hand made

All of the wooden spoons are hand main while keeping in mind the health standards of the public.

  • Non-Toxic

It is BPA-free and made out of eco-friendly materials that we (the chefs) love. It is reusable and recyclable as many times as you want. It contains no harmful substances.

  • Non-Scratch

The spoons pose no threat to your expensive utensils and won’t scratch away a bit. It will not leave any scratches or scars on your cookware.


It is recyclable and eco-friendly. It is free of BPA and will be perfectly adequate for all the culinary requirements. It has a smooth finish, so no risk of getting blisters.


All the spoons are handmade, so you may notice that they are not the same but have minor differences in texture, color depth, etc. I don’t think it is a con.

#3. Best Bamboo Kitchen Utensils: NEET Colorful Wooden Spoons

This five-piece cutlery set might just be the perfect fit for you! This batch of colorful delights will provide you with a corner spoon, a slotted spoon, a conventional round spoon, a fork-shaped spoon, and last but not least, the ol’ gold spatula.

NEET Colorful Wooden Spoons
  • Corner Spoon

Made some tasty pasta, but a significant chunk of it is lost to the corners of your cookware? I have faced this problem a lot in my cooking career. Then look no further than the Corner Spoon, which will help you effortlessly reach into the deep territories of your pasta dish and bring back mouth-watering tasty food!

  • Shape and Design

It has a straight-sided shape, enabling food to be easily scraped off the walls and containers of cooking vessels

  • Slotted Spoons

The slotted spoon will aid you in stirring soups, reaching deep into the pot, enabling uniform mixing of all ingredients. The hole at the heart of this equipment lets liquid to pass through, while also ensuring the preservation of large solids towards the top.

  • No Burning

A spatula enables the cook to stir the contents inside the cooking vessel, ensuring uniform distribution of spices and preventing the contents towards the sides and bottom of the pot doesn’t get burnt.

  • Sturdy Construction

It is made from high-quality bamboo, which tends to be less heavy but more robust than most common wood used for similar products.


It is capable of tolerating 700 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a non-stick finish that I loved. And it is entirely bio-degradable, which makes it stand out. It serves low maintenance, so can be easily cleaned.


It comes with a heavy varnish that might peel off if you rub it harshly.

Fun Fact: Moso Bamboo, the bamboo from which this product is made, is harvested around four to five years after being planted. It grows approximately 35 inches each day, meaning that it is the fastest-growing plant globally. Replanting is not required after each harvest, meaning that the products are manufactured from completely renewable resources.

#4. Best for Quantity & Diversity: WOODENHOUSE Cooking Set

This product also consists of five pieces of cutlery. However, the Wooden House Cooking Set stands out from the crowd because many convenient accessories accompany it! It is one of my personal favorites.

  • Extended Set

The five pieces consist of a large turner, a ladle, a fork spoon, a skimmer, and lastly, our trusted friend, the spatula. The accessories mentioned above that will accompany the cutlery to your doorstep are as follows: Punch Bowl Hook (5 pieces), Spoon Rest, and a Holder.

  • No Splatter

As the name suggests, a spoon rest is useful in resting or laying cooking utensils, ensuring that cooking fluids don’t get splattered all over your precious kitchen counters.

  • Attractive Design

The holder serves the aesthetic part of your kitchen, keeping it neat, tidy, and organized. It also has a fashionable design, making it all the more attractive. It is also designed with care with holes underneath, ensuring that any fluid stuck to the cutlery is drained and also in a manner that it possesses a low center of gravity, meaning that it doesn’t tip over at the slightest nudge.

  • Multi-Purpose

The ladle is the go-to equipment for serving as well as preparing wet dishes such as soups. The fork spoon is also mightily helpful in cooking and serving purposes, particularly in preparing salads. Lastly, the spatula is a must-have item of your beloved kitchen, essential in flipping, lifting, spreading, and serving your yummy goodies!

  • Massive Turner

The large turner is particularly helpful in cooking dishes for large parties and gatherings. A large amount of food needs to be prepared at once. It was beneficial for me when I invited m whole family for dinner.


It is constructed with natural teak wood, and each of equipment is uniquely one piece. It is entirely heat resistant and sturdy, which will not crack. It won’t even scratch your cooking pots.


These spoons are not dishwasher safe. I once washed them with it, and they totted quickly.

Added Bonus: Each piece of cutlery has an incision, making it possible to hang them using the hooks provided. This means you can decorate your kitchen as unique as you wish! Get decorating!

#5.Best Teak Wood Utensil Set: XDAOMOADT Non-Stick Kitchen Utensils:

As I am an experienced chef, I can tell you that this is one of the best kitchen utensils set I have used. The more I dived deeper with it, the more I loved it. Now let me discuss its features with you.

  • 10 pieces set

The most extended set of durable wooden kitchen sets you will find in the market. The set includes a spaghetti server, whisk, mixing spoon, salad fork, serving spoon, strainer spoon, soup ladle, slotted spoon, fried spatula, and a regular spatula.

  • Completely different

I love this set because most spoon sets do not come well-polished with safe covering, but it does. It stands out from the rest of the products. It has an incredibly sleek surface and you will get superb handholding feeling like I got.

  • Non-Stick

The durable utensils will prevent any type of scaling or scratching to your expensive cookware no matter how hard you stir. This is top-quality.

  • Heat and Stain Resistant

The set of spoon can withstand a very high temperature of heat, so it lessens your worry about scalding your hands or melting itself. It is well varnished, which makes it stain-resistant. It is so easy to clean.

  • Handmade

The spoons are handmade with extreme love and care, devoid of dents and blisters. The construction is uniquely one piece, and no glue has been used.


It has been coated thrice and produced a slick finish. It is made out of renewable wood, which makes it eco-friendly. All of the spoons are lightweight but sturdy. And all of them are hangable.


You have to take aftercare of the spoons after hand washing. Or else it will chip off.

Fun Fact: This product is endorsed by Canadian-American actress and cookbook author Ayesha Curry. She is also the spouse of a three-time NBA champion and two-time MVP: the one and only Stephen Curry!!

Why You Need to Choose the Best Wood for Kitchen Utensils

No one likes to battle long for excellent wooden kitchen utensils. If you fail to choose the perfect wooden spoon, spatula, ladle, and skimmer, your cooking experience will be bizarre. I can tell you this from my decade-long experience as a practicing chef.

  • Smooth Up Cooking: With suitable cooking accessories, you can cook any food hassle-free. How? Who does it sound if a spatula is not the perfect size for food you plan to cook. It really can happen; spatula for sauteing and spatula for curry is different. So, you need to choose a perfect set of wooden kitchen accessories.
  • Hassle-Free Cleaning: Some wooden spoons and skimmers are too stubborn to get rid of leftovers. So, you need to choose the best wood that is super easy to clean.
  • Long-Lasting Cooking Tools: A faulty wooden utensil tool starts deteriorating pretty soon. As the wood you have selected might not be as good, the manufacture brags about it. So, what’s the solution? Get through our top picks to choose a perfect wooden utensils set.
  • Protect Your Other Kitchen Stuff: Have you ever thought that your best electric skillet’s non-stick surface can be ruined if you use a faulty spatula or spoon? I know you have faced this issue before. So, to protect other expensive kitchen accessories from getting destroyed by cheap kitchen utensil sets, check our top picks to stay on the safe side.

What Should you Look for while buying Cooking Utensils?

You will buy a wooden kitchen utensil set for cooking for your family, and you must cook adequately because we survive on foods.

So here is a buying guide for you that covers what you should look for in a wooden kitchen utensil set and what you shouldn’t.

Here’s what:


Several factors, such as sturdiness, ties with durability. It also involves being able to withstand extreme temperatures. Rust and mold resistance also falls under this category. After all, when buying a new set of kitchen cutlery, enthusiastically or otherwise, the last thing you expect is to have to go through the same process in a few weeks, splurging once more. 

Has to be safe for use

“Safety First” is a universal phrase for a reason. Your tools have to be perfectly safe for use. It should be devoid of BPA, lead, and other toxic synthetic substances.

Should be user-friendly

Your kitchen partners should be lightweight so that they are convenient to move around. One shouldn’t have to visit the emergency room because the spoon rest tumbled over the kitchen counter and landed on the user’s feet! Ideally, pieces of cutlery should also have a smooth finish, devoid of any splinters.

Should not damage your cooking vessels

This is another obvious one, but just for the sake of a refresher, the cutlery mustn’t render damage to your pots and pans, non-stick or otherwise.

Should be aesthetically pleasing

Let’s be honest, nobody likes anything remotely ugly. Chances are, you’re not the only one who’s going to be visiting your kitchen. When guests eventually come over, you shouldn’t be scrambling to hide your ugly kitchenware. Instead, you should display them with utmost pride. After all, they are to you what paintbrushes were to Michelangelo!

#Q1. Will my wooden spoons go bad?

Answer: No, they don’t go bad as long as you don’t use the dishwasher. Wooden spoons are proven to be safe and hygienic.

#Q2. Do I need to oil my wooden spoons?

Answer: Depending on your use, you should oil them to prevent them from drying out and become fragile.

#Q3. Can I soak my wooden spoons in water?

Answer: Do not soak for more than a couple of minutes. Rinse them thoroughly otherwise;, they can rot.

#Q4. Will my wooden spoons grow mold?

Answer: If not cleaned properly, then they can be home to yeast and bacteria.

#Q5. How long will my wooden spoons last?

Answer: On average, they last up to 5 years. However, depending on the durability, it can last a little bit or little bit less.

#Q6. What is the Best Wood & Bamboo Kitchen Utensils?

Answer: Selecting the best wooden kitchen utensils is tricky. But I’m here to take you out of this maze. Take a look at what other users are experiencing with these inexpensive wooden kitchen utensils.


We have selected these top 5 best wooden kitchen utensils for your restaurant, and you can buy them even for yourself. These are some sets that I, as a chef, always have been satisfied with.

I have tried our best to give you every specification of each of the beds along with the pros and cons.

Because cooking is an art and it can only be mastered with hard work and right utensils. Finding a good wooden kitchen utensil set might be challenging. Still, we hope we have made the job easy to incorporate all these amazing ones in the list.

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