Best Pizza Pan for Crispy Crust — Comparison & Guide 2023

PIZZA! My mouth becomes watery only by the name of it. Pizza lovers can relate surely. But getting pizzas from outside seems too expensive at times. What to do then to stop craving?

You can make one by yourself with your desired toppings. And this job becomes easier if you have the best pizza pan with you. Don’t know how to choose?


Then my guide is here just for you. You’ll be getting many useful tricks to choose the best pizza pan for crispy crust. Moreover, I’ll be sharing some of my experiences and answering some questions at the end. So, stay tuned!

What is the Best Pizza Pan for thin Crispy Crust

From my personal experience, I have selected 6 outstanding pizza pans that will give you pizza the crispiest crust ever. So let’s get into the analysis.

#1. MIKULA Pizza Pan Set

Are you looking for an all-in-one pizza pan set? Then MIKULA pizza set is the suitable one. The heat conductive pizza set has amazing features that are going to blow your mind.

MIKULA Pizza Pan Set
  • Durable appliances: A peel made of stainless steel, two carbon steel pans with and without holes, a sturdy cutter, a spatula, and a smooth oil brush make the set a complete one. All these appliances are made of top-quality materials, which is why you can use them for years.
  • Skid proof pizza server: You’ll be glad to see the shiny spatula or pizza server. Being triangular, it holds the pizza slices firmly. Moreover, the handle is skid-proof which ensures comfortable use it.
  • Foldable pizza paddle: Surprisingly, the handle of the paddle can be folded with great ease. You can easily store it anywhere as it lessens its length by being folded. This spatula is mainly used for transferring any food item from the oven or stove.
  • Easy to clean: Nonstick pans get cleaned with one wipe. The crust of my pizza turned out perfect as it didn’t stick to the pan.
  • Unerring thermal distribution:  Pans make the perfect pizza that you’re craving. Both the pans can resist heat up to 450°F. The crust looks awesome with a bit of brownish touch equally distributed on all sides.
  • From a chef to a beginner, everyone can use
  • Heat resistant equipment
  • Foldable spatula is easy to store
  • Rust resistant pizza slicer
  • Large peel for transferring foods safely
  • Pizza cutter don’t roll smoothly

#2. Home-Complete 14” Pizza Pan

Home-Complete has got a durable pizza pan that has a blackish look. It’s a multipurpose one for you to use at any time. A simple yet useful one.

#2. Home-Complete 14” Pizza Pan
  • Material: The simple flat pan is made with cast iron. The use of this material has made it super durable and sturdy. It’s the best 14-inch pizza pan that can undergo excess heat and cold and remain the same.
  • Versatile: Being called a pizza pan doesn’t mean that it can make pizzas only. From bread to burgers, you can make anything using this multipurpose pan. I tried making cookies on this pan which came out really well.
  • Multifunctional: Put this skillet on the oven, grill, stove, or anywhere and see the results for yourself. It works evenly in all cases. So, it’s not true that pizza pans are only meant to be used in oven. This skillet is essential cookware indeed.
  • Handy: Cast iron sounds heavy, but this pan will blow your mind. The pan is light weighted, and the handles present on both sides make it more portable and handier. In addition, it’s easy to store as you can hang the pan on any hook.
  • Easy to Clean: Cast iron surface isn’t hard to clean. Just a wipe, and your pan will look like a brand new one.
  • Highly durable
  • Multipurpose pan
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Easy to clean
  • Smooth flat surface
  • The handles aren’t sturdy enough

#3. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Pizza Pan

Another crispy pizza baking pan with holes for a perfect crust is this one from Cuisinart. A satisfying pan that is worth the price. You can’t say “no” to it.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Pizza Pan
  • Warp Resistant: Many pans cannot tolerate excessive heat, which is why they bent. But this one’s the best pizza pan for the crispy crust, which does not bend due to its thick edges. The sides of the pizzas cook perfectly due to this.
  • Nonstick Pan: Using this cookware, you can get your pizza in perfect shape. The interior and exterior are nonstick, so pizzas do not stick to the pan and are easy to remove.
  • Pan with Holes: The surface of the pan is perforated, ensuring an even thermal distribution. The pan is made with aluminum stainless steel to create a brownish crust with proper heat.
  • Lightweight: Light-weighted pans are essential for hassle-free cooking. This pan is only about 1.14pounds! You won’t realize that you’re holding something. Being light weighted, its cleaning procedure is easy-peasy.
  • Heat-resistant: It can resist heat up to 500degrees and more. The surface does not scratch out due to excessive heat.
  • Sturdy
  • Nonstick pan
  • Equal heat distribution
  • Warp resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • It cannot be used on a stove

#4. LloydPans 16” Pizza Pan

LloydPans has got the best 16-inch pizza pan for thinner crusts. The skillet is simple, but its features aren’t. A pan with fantastic features indeed.

LloydPans 16” Pizza Pan
  • Permanent Finish: The skillet has a top-notch finishing; its surface isn’t sharp or rough. Edges are pretty smooth for holding. The pan has a glazy finish with evenly made circles.
  • Water-based Coating: The surface has a water-based coating that prevents VOC emission, which is harmful. This coating has made the pan a safe and environmentally friendly one.
  • PTFE Free: The pan with PTFE is very difficult to clean as its presence makes the pan hydrophobic. But you needn’t worry about the washing machine of this one as it’s PTFE free.
  • Fire Resistant: It can tolerate heat up to 700°F, which is a big deal. The pan has a hard coating of 18-gauge aluminum, making it sturdier and heat resistant.
  • Perforated Surface: The finely constructed circles ensure a thin and crispy crust of your pizza. The diameter of the small pores is 3/8”.
  • PTFE free
  • Fire resistant
  • Wear resistant
  • Top notch finishing
  • It’s safe for our health
  • The pan isn’t scratch-resistant

#5. Crown Cookware 16” Pizza Pan

Enough of making chewy or imperfect pizzas! It’s time to make flawless pizzas with Crown Cookware. Amazing skillet where you can make the pizza of your taste.

Crown Cookware 16” Pizza Pan
  • Material: The pans are made with high gauge aluminum, which is non-toxic. Moreover, the pans are rust-resistant and wear-resistant. And you’re getting two of them in this set which will last for many years.
  • Versatile Skillet: It’s a pizza pan for the oven where you can make your desired pizza. Crispy or chewy, thick or thin, it’s all up to you. You can make your pizza in an oven with this amazing pan.
  • Weightless: The pans are only 1.08pounds each. You won’t feel the weight at all. Being lightweight, these are easy to handle without any issues. You can transfer the food anywhere conveniently.
  • Easy to Clean: The pans are porous, so air and heat can pass through them easily. A sufficient amount of heat and air helps to keep the pans clean. The pizzas become easy to lift, and the pans remain more or less clean.
  • Warp Resistant: The heat conductivity of the skillet is great, so the pans can tolerate heat to a great extent. So, the pans do not bend and are warp-resistant.
  • Rust resistant
  • Super easy to clean
  • Weightless
  • Non-toxic aluminum is used
  • Warp resistant
  • The pans aren’t durable

#6. Breville BOV650PP12 12” Pizza Pan

Breville has got handy bakeware to make instant pizzas. Durable, lightweight, nonstick, and whatnot. Let’s discuss this one more.

Breville BOV650PP12 12” Pizza Pan
  • Non-stick Pan: The nonstick coating ensures pizzas with a drooling base. As pizza do not stick to the pan, the cleaning procedure becomes a whole lot easier. You can lift the pizza very smoothly without any worries.
  • Lightweight: Small cookware is essentials. This one’s small yet lightweight. And so it’s easy to store anywhere at any time. It feels comfortable to use these pans for making pizzas.
  • Pocket-Friendly: Pizza pans cost a lot and do not satisfy your needs at the same time. But this pan is the suitable one. This skillet comes with great features as well as a great price. So, you can enjoy your food without spending a lot.
  • Durable: The polished black pans are sturdy and durable. You can throw it a few times to test, actually. It will remain unchanged! Moreover, it doesn’t get scratched easily, which is why it looks brand new for years.
  • Durable
  • Budget friendly
  • Nonstick pan easy to remove pizzas
  • Handy
  • Black finishing looks classy
  • The pan lack handles

Comparative Selling Trend (in%) Of Best Pizza Pan for Crispy Crust

Comparative Selling Trend (in%) Of Best Pizza Pan for Crispy Crust

How to Buy the Best Pizza Pan for a Crispy Crust? Buying Guide

After reading this review, you’ve certainly understood that there are numerous pizza pans out there. But not all the pans make the best pizzas with a crispy crust. So, how do you understand which one’s the best?

No worries! The following key points will help you with that:

Material: Pans are made mainly with either cast iron or with stainless steel. The steel ones require zero maintenance but aren’t durable at all. Besides, the ones made of cast iron need proper seasoning and are highly durable. So do choose wisely.

Nonstick Pans: A nonstick coating will make your pizza a thousand times better. The pizza won’t stick to the surface, and you can have a perfectly shaped crispy pizza.

Scratch Resistant: Many of the pans scratch out while lifting pizzas with a spatula. These are harmful to your health as well as to your pizza. Do check if it’s scratch-resistant or not.

Warp Resistant: A round pan is all you expect a pizza pan should be. But if it’s not warp-resistant, then your pan will bend on the very first use ruining your whole pizza. So, the pan mustn’t be bent in any way.

Handles: Handles need to be sturdy and strong. Or else you’ll end up spilling all your pizza on the floor. In this case, aluminum handles work well. Unfortunately, they do not snap easily.

What are the Factors that make a pizza’s crispy crust?

A pizza without a crunchy base feels nothing to me. Many factors are responsible for making the base crispy:

Equal Heat Distribution: The heat distribution must be identical on all sides for a brownish and crunchy base. Or else, the pizza will look burnt on one side and half-cooked on the other. In this case, perforated pans work well many times.

Pan with Holes: Air and heat can pass easily through the pans which have holes. The pizza base gets enough heat, and as a result, you get a crunchy pizza.

Aluminum Material: Material plays a great role in controlling heat. Aluminum is a good heat conductor but does not get overheated before the pizza is cooked. Aluminum cookware maintain durable as well.

Temperature: You should have a proper idea about the temperature while making a pizza. Considering the material of the pan, the temperature will vary.

What are the Differences Between Pizza pan with holes vs no holes?

Pizza pans are available both with holes and without holes. But I prefer the perforated ones, actually. Certain differences are knowing which you’ll also be able to understand your preference:

Pizza Pan with HolesPizza Pan without Holes
Moisture gets reduced in the pan due to the holes.Moisture can’t be reduced without holes.
Heat is circulated in every direction, which takes less time to cook.Heat isn’t circulated in every direction.
Other food items cannot be cooked with this one.Other food items can be cooked easily and precisely.  
These are difficult to clean.Cleaning is quite easy in this case.
You can get a pizza with crispy crust with this one.It’s good for those who loves chewy pizzas.
Less time is required to make a pizza.It takes comparatively more time to make a pizza.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1#. Should I oil the pizza pan?

Answer: Yes, the pan needs to be oiled to prevent the pizza from sticking and burning. An oil brush may help you regarding this.

Q2#. Why do pizza pans rust?

Answer: Pizza pans often rust if it’s not cleaned rightly. It may also rust due to moisture.

Q3#. Do you grease pizza pans with holes?

Answer: Greasing a pan is a must. You can grease the perforated ones with the help of a spraying bottle. Just spray the oil over the pan evenly.

Q4#. Which is better, pizza stone or pan?

Answer: A pan! A pizza pan has a smooth surface, and it’s easy to clean. However, at the same time, a pizza stone is rough with numerous pores, which makes it difficult to clean.

Q5#. What kind of pizza pans do restaurants use?

Answer: Restaurants use the normal yet versatile ones. The pans aren’t decorative, but they can be used to bake and slice and serve the pizza.


In this guide, I’ve tried to clear all your doubts regarding a pizza pan. Now, you can have your own best pizza pan for a crispy crust. So do share this guide with the pizza lovers so that they can have satisfying pizzas.