Can I Use Ground Coffee in Espresso Machine? (Tested by Editor)

Coffee is among the most widely consumed beverages in the world today. However, coffee has been around for a long time with its growing popularity among persons of different ages.


Ground coffee beans are used to make brewed coffee. People prefer to enjoy their favorite cup of coffee by using various ground coffees in different coffee machines. This article is for those coffee lovers who want to prepare their coffee with an espresso machine.

I have been an extreme coffee lover since my teenage. Then, around 7 years ago, my mummy bought an espresso machine. So I started thinking, can I use ground coffee in this espresso machine?

Then I started experimenting on this and searched on the internet and found that, YES, I can use ground coffee in an espresso machine. So since then, I have frequently used ground coffee in an espresso machine. But if the beans aren’t blended well, the coffee can be sour.

So be careful about that!

Can I use Ground Coffee in Espresso Machine?

Yes, ground coffee can be used in an espresso machine. But, if it isn’t blended enough, your espresso may taste sour. Because ground coffee is supposed to be used to make usual coffee, but there are a few factors to consider when making espresso.

However, using ground coffee in an espresso machine is not difficult. But it is not too much easy either. Espresso is made by passing hot, pressured water over ground coffee using espresso machines.

Because the hot water only comes in direct contact with the ground coffee for a small period, the coffee must be ground very finely because if you don’t make sure that your coffee is not grounded well, it will taste a little sour.

What is the Best Ground Coffee for an Espresso Machine

What is the Best Ground Coffee for an Espresso Machine?

I tried so many types of ground coffee in my espresso machine. And as coffee is a regular drink, I don’t prefer too much expensive coffee for my everyday use. So I will tell you about some best ground coffee for espresso machines from my experience. You can acquire various best ground coffees for your espresso machines for around $21 or a little more. So, let’s see:

1. Attibassi:

Attibassi coffee is distinguished by unique formulations and roasting procedures that highlight the natural qualities of the bean used.


The consistently excellent quality of this coffee is attained by an appropriate choice of raw ingredients and even a sophisticated manufacturing method that is electronically monitored at every stage.

This product results in a smooth and tasty cup of coffee. If you are searching for a testy coffee with a strong and refreshing flavor, this is the one you should go with.

Attibassi will offer you an authentic Italian coffee flavor. Vacuum brick contains its packets. These coffee beans are from Africa, India, some far-east countries and are manufactured in Italy.

The total weight of the package is approximately 27 ounces, and there are three packets, each weighing 8.8 ounces. One will never neglect the subtle taste, exquisite aroma, and smooth texture, so try it at least once.

  • Smooth and gravy consistency
  • Refreshing flavor
  • Highly Natural quality with 100% Arabica blend
  • Tests like Italian expresso
  • Although it works well in the espresso machine, but it will be more appropriate for Moka pot.

2. Lavazza Espresso

This coffee will make you feel as if you’re in Italy when enjoying their coffee. If you are a rich, darkly roasted coffee lover, this one is specially made for you. Its energizing scent will allow you to feel more energized than any coffee you have in the past.

This coffee is best for espresso machines and moka pot, but you can also use it for French press or Drip coffee maker. And the best thing about this coffee is that it is 100% Arabica, which means it has not been treated in any way.

Furthermore, it is free of GMOs proves that this coffee is top-notch in terms of freshness, test, and quality.

  • It is free from any genetically modified organisms, which makes it pure
  • You can make the best creamy coffee with this product in the expresso machine
  • It has a nice flavor that is smooth and mellow.
  • Work best only in the espresso machine.

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3. Lavazza Gran Espresso

This is a must-try for coffee lovers who enjoy the powerful aroma of their favorite drink. Gran Coffee has a robust chocolatey flavor with hints of spices plus dark chocolate. The smooth texture is just wonderful, and the intense-bold scent will fascinate you.

The beans of this coffee are from Brazil. This is also roasted to a medium level of doneness. It weighs roughly 2.2 pounds & comes in a single pack. If you love strong coffee but are scared of harshness, it’s the one for you; it is an outstanding value and worth expending.

  • Dark roast
  • It smells like chocolate due to its chocolaty flavor.
  • This coffee is very strong, but the flavors are well-balanced, which will never allow you to find it bitter.
  • 100% Arabica
  • Not storable into the airtight container because its flavor can be changed for this.

4. Lavazza In Blu Espresso

This item will introduce you to the authentic flavor of Italian coffee. It could be made using espresso machines, but it also works nicely in the Moka pot, French press, and drip coffee maker. So, if you don’t have an espresso machine, there is no need to worry.

 Lavazza In Blu Espresso

The fragrance will melt your heart need in this coffee, and also the delicious flavor will enhance your pleasure. This product is manufactured entirely of natural materials. The mixing and roasting take place in Italy, as well as the espresso is medium roasted.

The bag contains four cans, and the overall weight is two pounds. However, it is worth purchasing because you will receive far more quality than you paid for. It is for individuals who wish to enjoy natural products; also, I can ensure you that the quality of this coffee will never disappoint you.

  • Chocolatey flavor
  • Its creamy texture will remind you about an Italian cafe’s latte or cappuccino.
  • Works well in any kind of coffee makers
  • Works well in the espresso machine, but special attention must be paid to the brewing procedure.

5. Death Wish

This is the most strong ground coffee I have ever had. This is a must-try for those who enjoy incredibly strong coffees. This has a rich, chocolatey flavor with a hint of cherry. The product contains a dark roast to give it a rich coffee flavor. It is made without any acidity and bitterness. It’s roasted in a tiny batch to assure exceptional quality. However, it can be turned bitter if you prefer, which is great news for black coffee fans who enjoy bitterness.

This is 5 pounds in total weight. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who doesn’t enjoy strong black coffee, but if you do and want to experience the kick with every sip, this is the one you should try.

  • It has a strong flavor and is considered the strongest coffee ever.
  • Great news for those coffee lovers who prefer bitter coffees: it will be a little bitter compared to the other coffees.
  • It’s manufactured in tiny batches to guarantee the highest quality with freshness.
  • Double amount of caffeine.
  • Very strong, so it is not suitable for everyone.
  • Extra bitterness

6. Café Expresso

This is again another darkly roasted coffee with a strong flavor. Your coffee’s strong aroma will indicate how freshly it was brewed. It arrives in a secured airtight container to keep it fresh. This coffee is ideal for individuals who work with espresso machines.

This item comes in a two-pack with an overall weight of 9.92 ounces. This coffee grind is so stable and accurate that people who normally drink 6-7 cups of coffee each day will start drinking two cups of it instead. This is unquestionably the best ground coffee anyone can get.

  • The aroma is really intense and powerful.
  • Very energetic
  • It has acidity issues, and the airtight container helps keep the coffee fresh.
  • Very strong
  • Bitter taste
  • Not good for people who don’t like strong coffee.

NOTE: All of the above coffee are very good with their own features. So, you can choose any of this coffee according to your demand, and you will never regret it.

Can I Use Regular Ground Coffee in Espresso Maker?

Coffee is something that we all like. Early in the day, everybody requires a caffeine boost. I  was pondering the other day whether I could use regular coffee on the espresso machine.

Here’s what I found out: Yes, normal coffee can be used in the espresso machine, but it isn’t recommended. This is because  Espresso machines are built differently, using more finer grounds & pressure to achieve the ideal aroma, taste, & intensity.

However, this does not necessarily imply that it will not function or that you will be unable to complete it. It’s just not the right technique or the best way to make a well-tasting blend. As a result, you can experience overly watered-down outcomes as well as an unpleasant taste.

What kind of Coffee do you use in an Espresso Machine?

You can use any coffee and roast it in your espresso machine. But if you search for the greatest flavor and strong taste, simply go for any dark, espresso, and French roast. On the other hand, a medium roast is preferable for individuals who want a lighter roast.


Now you know that you can use ground coffee in your espresso machine and different types of best ground coffee for an espresso machine, so go for the coffee and how you like to make it. Because as a coffee lover, at least I know your feelings, we can compromise with anything but our coffee’s perfection. So, enjoy your every cup of coffee with ideal, stay fresh, and have a good day!

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