Can You Fry Chicken and Fries in the Same Oil? Chef’s Opinion

While preparing those evening snacks that demand so many fats and oils, have you ever thought about how much oil do people end up wasting every year?


Among such foods, fried chicken and fries are one of the leading items that people of all ages like the young generation, kids, adults, and the olds prefer all the time.

So, the conscious people are often concerned about the wastage, and thus the question arises, can you fry chicken and fries in the same oil?

Yes, not only in frying chicken and fries but oil can be reused for several comprehensive cases, which mainly depends on the type of oil, recipe type, etc. According to this principle, frying chicken and fries in the same oil is very much possible.

But, if you are frying fish and also thinking of using the same oil for fries, you’ll mess it up as your fries can taste like fish!

Let us explore!

Can you Fry Chicken and Fries in the Same oil?

The answer here is quite tricky but not anything complicated or confusing.

With that said, frying chicken and fries in the same oil is possible, relying on oil being reused according to a wide range of scenarios. But does that also mean that all types of oil used for any recipe can be used for eternity?

“No,” by answering the question that fries and chicken can be fried in the same oil doesn’t mean that the frequency of reusing the oil is on infinity or oil used for all sorts of recipes can be reused. You may get confused and try to sort out the fact in more detail.

There is nothing to worry about for you as today we will know all in detail about the reusing of oil and the reason behind frying chicken and fries in the same oil. Let us get started-

  • Other than only frying chickens and fries in the same oil, you can also fry several multiple items with the same oil without any problem. The most crucial fact of consideration here is the correct type of recipe combination, the kind of oil the d frequency of using the oil.
  • You can accomplish the most efficient usage of oils. That is also applicable for the selection and combination of your recipe. For example, if you select two such food items like chicken and fries, they can be fried seamlessly with the same oil.
  • But, the wrong food item combinations like frying chicken and fish, beef and fish, or fish and fries wouldn’t work well. The oil used for fish can make the chicken, beef, and fries taste like fish and vice-versa.
  • Another important thing about the reuse of oils is the oil used for the recipes. Oils with fewer smoking points, burning points, or flashpoints are unsuitable for reuse. But, oils that contain more significant flashpoints can be used multiple times.
  • Again, if all the things favor you, and you are trying chicken and fries with the same oil, you still have some limits to follow. You cannot use the same oil repeatedly, which can ruin your entire recipe. And the number of times you can use the oil again depends on the recipe and oil type.

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What is Trans Fat? At Which Temperature do Which oils Generate Trans fat?

Both the question are related to one another, and one will go through so much confusion if any of these questions are not clear to them.

With that said, trans fat is the solidified version of the fat extracted from liquid oils. That is to say, the fats in oil which remain in a more straightforward form like liquid, turn into hard-to-digest solid fats due to a prolonged session of heating. Such heating, when applied to oils, gives emergence to trans fat.

Trans fat is one of the most harmful categories of fat which is the worst for your body and health out of all the facts available on this planet. It is also known as a particular type of dietary fat.

Now coming towards the topic of trans fat generation, you have already known plenty about them which can’t make you deny that oils at specific temperatures turn into solid or dietary fat. Dietary fat, also known as trans fat, is produced when any oil is heated up to its smoke point.

So, now the question arises, what is the smoke point of oil, and js it the same for all the oils available on this planet?

With no more waiting, we would like to present that smoke point is when oil starts to emit smoke, and if any further heat is applied, the oil may catch on fire or release smoke more vigorously. And this smoke point is different for every oil and varies from type to type of the oils.

The lower the smoke point of an oil, the higher that oil generates trans fat. The generation of trans fat decreases for oil with competitively higher smoke points. Ultimately, an oil transforming into trans fat depends on the smoke point.

The extra virgin oil smoke point is 410 degrees; olive oil is 458 degrees; canola oil is 475 degrees; peanut oil is 440 degrees; refined coconut oil is 468 degrees; etc. These are the temperature of some common oils at which all of them are transformed into trans fat.

Which Oils are Suitable for Reuse?

If you are talking about the best oils for reusing, then ag, the thing that comes first is the smoke point of oils. Depending on this, it is considered which oils are suitable for reuse and not.


Oils with higher smoke points are canola, sesame, avocado, grapeseed oils, and sunflower oils. And, high smoke point directly refers to a higher rate of re-usage.

As a result, these oils mentioned above suitable good for reusing to a greater extent.

How Many Times Can you fry Chicken and Fries in the Same Oil?

Now, the number of times you can use the oil for frying chicken and fries is different for both of them. As chicken and fries are not the same, categorize food categories looking requirement also varies, as told before.

Depending on a suitable category of oil with a higher smoke point, you can fry chicken up to a maximum of four times using the same oil.

And, when it comes to clean food like fries, this number becomes double, which is 8 times.

Can you Fry Potatoes in the Same oil as Chicken?

Frying chicken and potatoes is just similar to frying chicken and fries. So, the answer is yes! Depending on the type of oil and the number of food items for fry, you can use the same oil to fry both the chicken and potatoes in the same pan.

And, anyone wouldn’t have a problem if their potatoes or fries taste like chicken which also drags another reason for the legitimacy of reusing the oil.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1#. Does McDonald’s fry their fries in the same oil as chicken?

No, McDonald’s does not fry their chicken and fries in the same oil as they separate the oil for fries and meat products. Also, those would be filtered in different systems.

Q2#. Can you fry multiple things in the same oil?

Yes, the good news about oils is that they can be reused and are not limited to specific recipes. Today, one can fry or cook multiple things in the same oil.  

Q3#. Can you fry french fries and fish in the same oil?

No, if you are the guy who doesn’t want his fries to taste like fish, you will never fry French fries and fish in the same oil. This is because the oil used for frying fish starts to smell like fish which can ruin the flavor of any food if fried with that same oil.


Last but not least, we would like to add that chicken fry and fries are a good combination for frying in the same oil and a perfect combo that everyone loves to enjoy as appetizers. So, while cooking such a delicious dish that needs a ton of oils, don’t worry about their wastage as they can be reused several times until they are completely useless.