Does Brita Filters Remove Sodium from Softened Water? Afraid Not!

You keep track of everything you consume to ensure that it provides the essential nutrients with your health requirements while avoiding substances you prefer to avoid, such as sodium.


For example, you may need to have a Brita water filter to enhance the purity of your regular water, but do Brita filters remove sodium from softened water?

Brita Filters don’t remove sodium from softened water because they don’t feature reverse osmosis membranes or other sodium filtration media. Instead, Brita water filters have activated carbon, ion exchange resins, plus particle screen, which aren’t designed to remove sodium from the water.

But other than sodium, Brita filters remove almost all types of chemicals and pollutants from water.

Do Brita Filters Remove Sodium from Softened Water?

No, Brita Filters don’t remove sodium from softened water. A filter must contain some sodium-removing features like a reverse osmosis membranes system or other sodium-removing systems from softened water.

As a result, if you are using Brita filters for removing sodium from your drinking water this way, you’re undoubtedly wasting your valuable time. But apart from this, Brita water filters effectively remove toxins, organic pollutants, minerals, and other contaminants from the water, giving it an undesirable taste and odour.

However, sodium is a very tiny dissolved mineral that requires a fine water filtration membrane, such as filters with reverse osmosis membranes system or other sodium removing systems that work particularly for removing them from softened water.

So, suppose you want a filter that will help you to remove sodium from softened water. In that case, you need to check if your water filter has any reverse osmosis membranes system or other sodium removing systems.

If yes, then take it, and if not, you should avoid it because it won’t work for removing sodium from softened water.

Which Brita Filters Remove Sodium From Softened Water?

Brita filters are known for not removing sodium from softened water, and there is also proof from the brand/company itself. But according to my experience, there are 2 Brita filters that are really good at removing sodium from softened water.


At first, I didn’t know about this sodium removal feature, but I understood this after using them for a while.

So, let’s talk about those 2 filters in detail.

Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher

Water with a great taste and therefore less time spent processing gallons per day. That is why I purchased this one. We’ve grown to appreciate the flavour of our hard, foul-tasting water. It filters out most of the sediments and odours from our water, allowing us to appreciate it again.

Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher

The only flaw I can find is the ridiculous cover containing the battery, and guess how long it will be before it needs to be replaced. It keeps dropping to the ground, so I took it away because we don’t need it. It counts down the amount of time between pressing the resetting button per two months or so.

Because we treat a huge amount of water, far more than the usual family, about 40 gallons in each filter, this filter contains more water than our previous smaller filters. For easier filter installation, excellent durability, and reliability, me and my whole family loved it so much.

The filter covers are made with thinner plastic was initially worrisome, but after doing the filtration for quite a while, they appear to be quite durable. The filler design is one of my favourites.

Rather than lifting the lid or disclosing the whole reservoir space, this has a wide opening inside the lid, which keeps the reservoir enclosed and secured. The grip is both comfy & non-slip. And, In my perspective, this is a good deal.

However, if this filter had an excellent and stable lid, it could be much more durable.

  • Easy to install
  • Good at removing sodium from water
  • Good for purification and sediment filtration
  • Quite large than the other small filters
  • Durable, comfortable grip, and very reliable
  • Make the water test good and odour-free
  • 10 cups
  • It has a Replacement sensor that helps at the time of replacement
  • Quality design
  • The lid is not well stable

Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher

I have an outdated Brita that needed to be replaced. I’m not sure how old the unit was, so I decided to replace it with BPA-free one. This modern model is more appealing than the previous boxy white variant.

I’d like to address a few of my opinions so that future potential buyers aren’t put off. If the filtration is not orientated correctly, water will move without filtering. My filter was an excellent fit. Before using it, you must also run ice water into the filter (as directed by the manufacturer).

This filter was effortless to install and comfortable to use. Before using this filter, make sure it’s clean.

I couldn’t even get the filled inserts out from the transparent plastic core until I poured some sope mixed water through the filter, and it slid right out. It took roughly 2 minutes to fulfil the whole filter.

This filter is attractive enough for dining and compact enough for my refrigerator. In addition, this filter is a great space saver. Recommended!

  • Good at filtering chemicals, sediments, and sodium from water and making the water odor-free but taste amazing.
  • Easy to install
  • Space saver and good for dining also
  • Quick to fill the whole filter
  • 5 cups
  • BPA-free
  • Easy to carry at the time of travelling also
  • Features an indicator LED on the top that helps with the replacement
  • Little small, so it won’t be good for a big family or the people who usually drink a lot

Does Boiled Water Remove Sodium from Softened Water?

No, not at all. It even makes the situation worse. This is because sodium has a far greater boiling temperature than water and stays in the jar longer. As a result, boiling salty water makes this even saltier because the sodium-to-water ratio is shifted to favour sodium.

I have tried it once, and I thought it would work. And one of the reasons for this type of foolishness maybe my educational background because I am a business student.

However, I started to boil the water at a high temperature, and after five minutes, I just went to check. Oh my god! I just felt like vomiting. It was too salty to tolerate. So, don’t even think to remove the sodium from softened water in this way ever.


Water is an important part of our lives, so we all are concerned about its purity. However, I made the thing clear that Brita Filters doesn’t remove sodium from the water.

But I found two Brita Filters removing salt from my drinking water that I detailed above; you can check them if you want something good to remove sodium from your drinking water. However, as health is wealth, and water is a vital part of it.

So, make sure to drink some pure water to keep that wealth safe. And don’t forget to check the features of the filters before getting them.