Does Keurig Use Paper Filters?  (Quick Guide)

Coffee can be prepared at home without any single equipment, also known as the complete home version of brewing ground coffee.

But it is not uncommon for you to address people using various advanced techniques in their coffee brewing process, which brings a coffee machine such as Keurig on the priority list.

It is okay for those selective fine coffee beans to be brewed in the coffee makers or Keurig, but what about the regular or ground coffees? What kind of filter does Keurig use to filter ground coffee?

Yes, Keurig uses paper filters for brewing regular coffee in the best way possible. But, like most other types of coffee makers, Keurig also didn’t limit itself to a single kind of coffee filter.

But instead, Keurig uses multiple categories of filters for suiting a vast number of coffee-making procedures. That includes K-cup Universal Reusable filters for single cups, flat-bottom paper filters, and Gold-tone Mesh Filters for a carafe or multiple cups.

Does Keurig Use Paper Filters?

Using various filters in your Keurig coffee maker is always followed by the question: Does Keurig brews ground coffee to customer satisfaction?

And, guess, the answer is yes, which only made possible thanks to these very intriguing Keurig filters such as a flat-bottom paper filter.

There is no alternative to the best quality of coffee that comes from refined and fresh coffee beans. But, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be finding ways to prepare your coffee in the easiest way possible.

With that said, people often want their coffee makers to prepare regular coffee with the minimum effort possible, which comes at the cheapest rate. Such coffee is nothing but ground coffee available almost everywhere around you.

But, to prepare such a type of regular coffee, coffee machines, especially Keurig, need a coffee filter. So paper filters are one of the ways to go.

Without a paper filter, the texture of your ground coffee doesn’t come well due to lots of solute and precipitate remaining in your coffee. In addition, the concentration of your coffee no longer remains even, as it becomes dense at the bottom and light at the top, which nobody wants.

The solution to all these problems comes quickly from the paper filters introduced for Keurig.

What is the Purpose of Using Flat-Bottom Paper Filters in Keurig?

The ultimate purpose of adding filters to your coffee maker is to enhance the quality of your coffee based on taste, texture, color, and all.

Out of many paper filters that Keurig uses, one of the most familiar options is the flat-bottom paper filter mainly held for making coffee in a carafe. Another similar filter that works the same as the paper filter is the gold-tone mesh filter, which allows serving your coffee in the carafe.

You can differentiate with many of the other kinds of filters for Keurig, which defines the sole purpose of using paper filters. This is to say, a particular type of filter known as K-cup filter, whose updated version is the My K-cup filter, which works for a single cup of coffee. Such filters are reusable but can only be used for brewing coffee for a single person at a time.

But, in the case of preparing coffee, especially ground coffee to be exact, for your whole family member or at café, coffee shops, or restaurants, flat-bottom paper filters are superior. Mesh filters and paper filters are specialized for handling multitasking and provide the experience of a carafe.

How to Use Paper Filters to Brew Ground Coffee in your Keurig Carafe Coffee Maker?

Last but not least, having paper filters access to your coffee maker doesn’t make them enough to brew a perfect coffee unless you know the right way of using them. So, some quick steps of using paper filters in your Keurig coffee maker are:

  • First of all, rinse your paper filter thoroughly with warm water so that your coffee never tastes like paper.
  • Secondly, open up the handle situated at the carafe side of your coffee maker to insert the paper filter gently.
  • Thirdly, add the ground coffee and the paper filters and close the handle.
  • Then, check if the reservoir is complete or not. Do not try to overfill, and if there is still sufficient space left, fill that as well.
  • On the drip tray of the carafe side, place a carafe.
  • Start to brew your coffee.
  • Once your brewing is over, open up the handle very carefully to don’t burn your hands. Then, lift the wet filter, and those excess grounds left on the filter together and discard them.

Pour some of the coffee into your cup, and thus, you are ready to enjoy it.


As you see, Keurig uses paper filters to brew ground coffees in the carafe. The paper filters work to remove the filtrate and make your coffee free from those solid non-dissolving blocks of ground coffee, which destroys the texture and overall quality.

But, one thing you should keep in mind is the grinding size while extracting the coffee and not compacting coffee in your paper filter, which can slow the overall brewing process!