How to Remove Chocolate from Metal Mold?

Being a chocolate lover, just think once about how satisfying it would be making those delicious chocolates with your own hands!

But that doesn’t mean that, while preparing chocolates, everything will be that much easier.

Even starting to address the drawbacks, many people have already begun to think of the hard times they have gone through in removing the chocolates from molds.

With that said, removing chocolate from metal mold is one of the hardest nuts to crack in making chocolates or any chocolate-based cookies.

There is no end to the ways of removing chocolate from metal molds. You can see many people using straightforward tools, such as butter knives, to remove chocolates from molds successfully.

Many people also incorporate such advanced techniques as wedging lean tools underneath the chocolates to lift them from both sides slowly. And, thus, the method goes on!

To learn in more detail, stay with us till the end.

How to Remove Chocolate from Metal Mold?

Removing chocolate from metal mold is the most challenging part of preparing chocolate for many people, especially the new ones. But, it is not as more challenging as they think, which is all about some real-life techniques and experiences that we will share today.

We have chosen five of the most straightforward procedures to help you remove your chocolates from molds without letting them break. And for your ease, they are mentioned very briefly-

  1. Pry out the chocolate very carefully.
  2. Change the pan or mold.
  3. A good temper for your chocolate is crucial.
  4. It was cooling before removing the chocolate from the mold.
  5. Tap on the pan or mold to remove the chocolate.

The procedures mentioned above are not any step-by-step guide. Instead, each of them individually works to remove your chocolate from any mold.

So, to understand better, we will be describing every one of the procedures in more detail by representing them as the subheadings of today’s article. Let us march ahead!

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Does Prying help Remove the Chocolate from Metal Mold?

One of the most common procedures everyone knows, try, succeed or fail, is prying the chocolate out from the mold. We have put this procedure on the first list because it is familiar to everyone. Also, this procedure requires a lot more detailing than all other methods of today’s discussion.

Despite being a standard procedure, prying the chocolate out is comparatively a complex task as it is primarily dependent upon the type of chocolate you are preparing. Therefore, make the thinnest possible chocolate that can ever be. Then, prying out the chocolate will be a guaranteed failure option for you.

On the other hand, it is much easier and safer for your thick chocolate to remove without breaking through prying it out. Still, the most obvious thing that you have to take care of is that the whole process needs good accuracy needs to be done carefully and with patience.

How Does Changing the mold Make it easier to Remove Chocolate?

Many times, the main problem ends up happening with the mold itself. People try out endless things to solve the issue of removing their chocolate without breaking from the mold, but they can’t do so. The most obvious thing we could imply during that time is changing out the mold or pan, which is the primary pain in the head.

With that said, is your pan explicitly made for preparing traditional chocolates? Or, is it such that you have just picked a random pan from your nearby shop, which is made for baking cakes or anything else?

If the answer is the second one, then believe us, you’ll have a way more challenging time with removing your chocolate as this may be the main reason that is putting the obstacle in your job.

Any random pan made for another purpose may cause your chocolate to stick more to the mold, thus making it harder for you to remove.

So, we would always suggest you go for the first option, which is taking some time to choose and purchase the suitable mold made especially for making chocolates.

Also, you can follow another alternative, such as turning your general pan in your kitchen into chocolate molds, by following some of the procedures.

That can also be followed by scrubbing your pan more thoroughly, which can work to make your chocolate stick less to the pan’s surface. The cleaning of the mold will vary from type to type of mold, which can be either done using soap or hot water.

What Should be the Temper of your Chocolate to Remove it from the mold without Breaking?

Another most important fact to be addressed is the temper of your chocolate which has a massive effect when removing the chocolate from molds. Finally, chocolates break easily if they don’t have a good character which brings us back to making your chocolate.

Making some adjustments in the preparation of your chocolate is needed if your chocolate breaks every time while removed from the mold. One of the most problematic parts is with the stirring. Most of the time, people do not stir enough. If you have noticed any brighter part in your chocolate, the most obvious case is that you haven’t incorporated the fats properly.

And, to incorporate fats, there is no alternative to stirring the chocolates while making them.

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Does Cooling your Chocolate work Before Removing it from Metal Mold?

Many people mistake removing their chocolates from mold too quickly after making them. It doesn’t allow the chocolates to cool down properly, which results in something that no one ever wants.

Anything remains softer and more vulnerable to breakage when it remains in hot condition. The same thing also happens with your chocolate, due to which you need to cool them down as much as you can.

Remember, the essential guide lets your chocolate remain as strong as possible while removing it from the mold. Many people have also reported keeping it in the refrigerator.

In this way, your cake gets some additional strength and makes it easier for you to remove from the mold.

Can you tap the Mold to Remove Chocolate?

Tapping is also something that may work out to remove the chocolates from the pan and mold. But, you can’t do it in the way you do to remove ice cubes from ice trays.

It would help if you first placed anything soft on your table before starting the whole process. Then you have to be very careful, super handy, and gentle while tapping the mold. After that, it will work without any problem, and your chocolate shouldn’t break anyhow if you’re doing all the things correctly.


Now, you have a better idea of what to do to remove those stubborn sticky chocolates from the mold. It might still be difficult to accomplish, but we can get away with more reliable results following our tips. With our best wishes, you’ll be able to make chocolates that are presentable and also tastes good with the help of these methods.