Can We Carry Kitchen Utensils in Flight? Should You Know

Often, we need to migrate from one city to another. Even cooking professionals need to carry essential kitchen utensils with them. The question is, can we carry kitchen utensils in flight?

can we carry kitchen untensil in flight

Yes, we can carry kitchen accessories and utensils in flight by fulfilling the Aviation Safety & Security Authorities’ requirements. Mostly, steel and aluminum make utensils are allowed to carry on flights. Maybe there is a little confusion on kitchen knives. Knives less than 6 cm can be carried in flight.

Let’s Check-in the details!

Can We Carry Kitchen Utensils in Flight?

Almost every kitchen utensil can be carried in flight. We have checked and analyzed different laws and rules and found no such regulation restricting passengers to take kitchen accessories on a flight.

Now, According to the Transport Safety Administration or TSA, a passenger is allowed to keep butter knives, spoons, and forks in carry-on bags. Now you may ask, what if I have multiple sets of kitchen utensils to carry?

No worries, you can carry all of these items in your checked baggage.

The thumb rule of understanding if your kitchen utensil is illegal to carry in a flight is sharp. If any of your kitchen utensils have a sharp edge, then there would be a considerable probability of confiscation.

If you are still confused about a specific type of kitchen utensil, please visit the TSA website for detailed information.  

Can I Travel with Steel and Aluminium Utensils on Flight?

It’s entirely legal to carry steel and aluminum accessories. You can take any type of kitchen utensil that can be held in checked bags. But if you plan to have aluminum or steel-made utensils or instruments in hand-carry luggage, you need to be sure of one thing first.

There should be no pointy or sharp edge substances. Also, knives should be less than 6 cm long are only allowed to carry on a flight.

Still, in any confusion, you can directly call your airline’s customer service number and get more clarification on specific utensils.  

Can We Carry Silver Utensils in a Hand Baggage?

The rule is simple and not different from the regulations with steel and aluminium. If the silver utensil is pointy or has a sharp edge, it cannot carry hand baggage.

It is always good to carry silver utensils in checked luggage. Different countries might have separate rules for silvers utensils. So, it’s wise to check the website of the relevant authorities of the country you are travelling.

Can I Carry a Mixer Grinder and a Cooker in My Check-In Baggage in an International Flight?

Yes, you can carry your beloved mixer grinder and cooker in your checked luggage. Almost everything is allowed to carry in your checked-in baggage. Here I will provide you a list that can’t carry in check-in baggage.

List of Items that are not allowed to carry in check-in baggage:

  • Lithium Batteries
  • Coconut coir
  • Dry Ice
  • Potable batteries, like power banks
  • Flammable liquids.

Can I Carry Electric Kettle on a Plane?

Indeed, you are a coffee addict like me. That’s why you are asking to carry an electric kettle on a plane. It’s legal to take an electric kettle on a flight but in checked-in luggage. It is legal to carry a travel mug on domestic and international flights. So, a big hurrah to coffee!

I used to take my electric kettle with me if I would not have coffee or tea facilities. I always try to take it as checked baggage.  

Can I bring Cookware on a Plane?

Sure, you can bring cookware on a flight. If it’s electric cookware with cables, it’s best to check-in baggage. It’s not advisable to carry any type of cookware as hand carries. 

As the flight might face turbulence, cookware tends to be displaced easily. Most of the Cookware is big enough that it can not be carried as hand luggage.

So, you can easily take your cookware with you on any flight by following the airlines’ guidelines. Even if you follow the rules I have just mentioned, it will be enough for safe carrying any cookware.

Can We Carry Iron Utensils in Flight?

Iron, aluminum, and steel, whatever the utensil is made of, is entirely legal for carrying in flights. Most of us become confused about where we should take these utensils?

Suppose the number of kitchen utensils is more than one and significant in size. In that case, it’s better to keep the utensils checked-in baggage. Small kitchen appliances like butter knives, spoons, and forks are allowed to carry as handbags.

You should never carry iron utensils as hand carries. Most of the iron utensils are heavy. It’s better and safe to take iron utensils as checked-in luggage.


As of now, it’s clear that we can carry different kitchen utensils on the plane but under certain jurisdictions. It’s always a smart move to carry heavier utensil items in checked-in luggage. Have a safe journey! Please Share our Blog with your friends!