Do Zero Water filters fit Brita Pitchers? (Quick Guide)

We use many different brands of water filters in our lifetime. This is because we change water filters according to the demand of time. But, when we stop using water filters, not every part becomes useless. Moreover, some water filter brands are compatible with each other, whereas few are not!

Like, there is a common question about, do zero water filters fit Brita pitchers? No, they are not compatible, even these two are not the same, and zero water filters don’t fit Brita pitchers. This is mainly because of their size differences.

Can you use the ZeroWater Filter in the Brita Pitcher?

No, according to my experience, you can not use the ZeroWater filter in the Brita pitcher. They are different in size and style, so it isn’t easy to use them one in another.


Now I want to point out those differences for which you can not use the ZeroWater filter in the Brita pitcher. Let’s see:

 ZeroWater filterBrita pitcher
FilterStandard5 stages
Filter shapeKind of straightNot straight
Filter sizeComparatively large than Brita pitcherComparatively small than ZeroWater filter

Are ZeroWater Filters Interchangeable?

ZeroWater filters are interchangeable; it mainly depends on the filtration and pitcher system and model. ZeroWater filters are interchangeable with ZRF-001, ZRF-003, ZR-006, ZRF-600, ZRF-008, ZRF-012, ZRF-017 and more.

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Do all Brita Filters fit all Pitchers?

Yes, almost all Brita filters fit all pitchers. Actually, Brita filters are known as universal filters because they fit all pitchers. These filters are equipped with pitchers, including Aqualux pitcher, Atlantean, Classic, Chromium, Deluxe, Grande, Riviera, Slimline, and Storage Saver.

But wherever and in which pitcher you are trying to fit your Brita filters doesn’t matter so much if you clean them properly and replace them after every certain time because Brita filters will serve you with freshwater just for 40-45 gallons, after that you should try them with another pitcher or change the filtration elements.

Are all ZeroWater Filters the Same Size?

Yes, absolutely all ZeroWater filters come in the same size, but they are totally different from each other for other functions. As a result, their design, style, functions, features, operation systems, equipment, price, and other things are all different.

I used almost all ZeroWater filters and Brita filters because I need to change my filter every 4 months, so I need to buy water filters frequently. And the reason for choosing these filters is they are comparatively budget-friendly and come in the same size but various styles that I really love!

Best Zero Water Replacement Filter 12 pack

As I already said that I tried almost all types of zero water filters, and I loved all of them. However, there is always some level like best, good, better, and so on. And now I will describe 2 zero water replacement filter 12 packs that I found the best. So, let’s see:

ZeroWater Replacement Filters 12-Pack

Whenever we want to take a water Filter, we actually want to consume some fresh and clean water to stay healthy. ZeroWater filters are not like some other water filters and pitchers; they use five stages of filtering to deliver cleaner, good-tasting water. Rather than relying just on carbon filtration to minimize pollutants, these filters employ Ion Exchange Mechanism.

ZeroWater Replacement Filters 12-Pack

It removes lead and many other toxic substances from water in five stages and thus are NSF approved. Zerowater eliminates 99.6% of total suspended solids, which is twice as much as the strongest brands. But the thing is, Replace the ZeroWater filters regularly to ensure you’re drinking pure-tasting freshwater. And if you don’t replace it, you won’t be able to enjoy freshwater anymore.

Although I loved this water filter very much, my first filter was dead within just 1 days, which was depressing. At first, I thought it was my fault, and after checking some other reviews, I understood that it was a product’s problem. However, compared to the other ZeroWater filters, I experienced it the best.

  • Reduce germs and others impurities from water very efficiently.
  • NSF Certified
  • Quality materials
  • Activated carbon filtration system.
  • Remove 99.6% toxins and impurities from the water
  • 12-Pack
  • Budget-friendly
  • Replaceable
  • Very sensitive
  • It can be dead within a few times, but the problem is fixable.


The thing is, Zero filter models are interchangeable with each other, but you can’t change it with Brita filters. But, I would not recommend using interchanged water filters. Instead, one should use a replacement cartridge of the filter brand currently in use.