Does Aquasana Remove PFAS (Quick Answer & Guide)

Aquasana filters have recently been certified by NSF. It has been proven to purify highly contaminated water. And research has shown that in August 2021, 2854 cities and 50 territories of the USA are known to be polluted by PFAS and PFOA. So around 12 million people are exposed to PFAS contamination around all over the USA.

So, a water filter is now a much-needed home appliance for health concerns. As Aquasana is a trending water filter now, simply a question comes across the mind Aquasana water filter can remove PFAS? Yes, it can. But not all of them.

In this article, I will describe how and which Aquasana filters remove PFAS.

Does Aquasana Remove PFAS?

Yes, Aquasana filter out PFAS and PFOA. Most of the Aquasana filter model removes PFAS, specifically, those that adopt RO filtration, Activated carbon, and precision membrane filtration.

What is PFAS?

PFAS (Per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) is known as ‘forever chemicals’ because it’s made of a carbon-fluorine bond, the strongest possible bond in organic chemistry. As a result, it is heat, oil, air, stains, water-resistant.

It’s generally found in cosmetics, non-stick kitchen utensils, food packaging, dishwasher, hand sanitizer etc. It’s unbreakable in corrosion, heat, air and survives in almost any disaster. It’s a kind of micro-plastic that causes many diseases in the human body. Some examples of PFAS are PFOA, PFOS, etc.

Examples of PFAS:

PFOA is just another example of PFAS. There are some classifications of PFAS. Such as;

  • Teflon
  • PFOA

Etc. are the main and popular types of PFAS. On the other hand, PFOA and PFOS are the main types of PFAS.

Where is it Found?

PFOA is mainly found in water propellant elements, nonstick cookware, and PTFE substances.

How PFOA Contaminate water?

  • Public water supply that has been exposed to industrial wastes of PFOA manufacturing companies
  • Ponds or lakes that contain industrial waste.
  • Carpet, mattress, foam etc. have PFOA in it.
  • Fast food packaging bags.
  • Fishes that are from PFOA contaminated water.

Why is PFAS Bad?

PFAS is an almost unbreakable element, so it remains in the human body if consumed in any way. As a result, it causes many life-long diseases in the human body.

Decrease the level of liver enzymes and increases the rate of liver and kidney cancer

  • Thyroid cancer, digestive cancer
  • Increases rate of diabetes, high blood pressure and fatty liver.
  • Decreases vaccine response in children
  • Heart diseases and life-long skin diseases can occur by exposure to PFAS
  • Hemoglobin failure and less oxygenated blood syndrome can happen
  • As it’s a plastic element digestive system will collapse eventually

So all kinds of PFAS should be removed from the water.

How Aquasana Remove PFAS?

  • Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis and two stage filter works very well when removing PFAS; it reduces 94% PFOA and PFAS element from water
  • Activated carbon filter: Activated carbon filter removes 74% PFAS element. Changing elements regularly will help Aquasana filter better.
  • Whole-house filtration system: PFAS removal of whole house system doesn’t perform very well; only 60% of PFAS is removed from it. So it’s better if you use Aquasana for the most used tap for daily use in your house.

Does Aquasana Remove PFOA?

Aquasana is the 1st NSF-certified water filter that has been proven to reduce PFOA from water. Unfortunately, PFOA can’t be eliminated entirely, but can be reduced to a lot of extension.

Interesting facts are that, under sink RO system and two-stage filters are highly efficient in removing PFAS chemicals. But, activated carbon-based filtration systems that are commonly found in faucets, pitchers and refrigerators are inconsistent to remove PFOA. The whole house water filtration system cannot remove PFAS from water.

How Does Aquasana Remove PFOA?

  • Ion exchange: Ion exchange system is the best for PFOA.
  • Activated carbon system: It also helps to remove PFOA to a large extent, not completely.

Does Aquasana Remove Microplastic?

What is Microplastic?

Microplastic is a plastic element 1nm to 5mm in length. It’s non-biodegradable and pollutes water very severely. Recently, nearly 60 samples from 190 countries were tested, of which 84% were found to be exposed to microplastic.

And it’s an alarming issue that 94% of US citizens have swallowed microplastic minimum once in their life through tap water.

Why is Microplastic Bad?

Microplastic has many adverse health effects.

  • Hamsters that contain microplastics can cause blood clotting.
  • Liver, kidney can be damaged severely
  • Increased Oxidative stress, neurotoxicity etc.
  • Increased cancer issues

Aquasana can’t remove microplastic properly. Many reviews have shown that it isn’t good at removing microplastic. But some filters can remove it.

Epic water filter pitcher: Removes 99.62% micro-plastic through ion exchange and has led timer to show the replacement time of the carbon filter. It removes 99.99% of other harmful elements. Filter replacement time after 3-4 months. It purifies 150 gallons of water in one cartridge’s lifespan.

Epic nano filter pitcher: removes 99.25% micro-plastic, 99.9999% all other harmful elements, purifies 150 gallon before one replacement, replacement time is 3-4 months.

Epic water outdoor adventure bottle filter: removes 99.25% micro-plastic,  99% other microbial, handy for personal use. Easy to carry for one person.

Lifestraw home water: Activated carbon membrane, ion exchange filter removes microplastic and 99.62% other harmful elements.

Ecowater filtration system: Reverse osmosis filter system removes 99.84% microplastic and 99.99% other harmful products.

Does Aquasana Remove Heavy Metal?

Aquasana removes heavy metals like lead, mercury, manganese, etc. Aquasana mainly removes heavy metals using an ion exchange system and replaces heavy metals with useful metals and elements.  

1. Aquasana Filters that Remove Heavy Metals:

  1. Aquasana whole house water system:
  2. Format: whole house
  3. Technology: Carbon and KDF filtration
  4. Contaminants: Sediment, chlorine, VOCs, lead and heavy metals, pesticides.
  5. Value for money: 0.01 cents per gallon. 1,000,000 gallon capacity (approx 10 years)

2. Aquasana AQ-5300

  • Technology: 3-stage Claryum filtration
  • Contaminants: Sediment, chlorine, VOCs, lead and heavy metals, pesticides,
  • Value for money: 0.08 cents per gallon,80,000 gallon capacity(approx 6 months)

3. Aquasana optimH20

  • Format: Reverse osmosis (RO)
  • Technology: Carbon, Claryum filtration, Remineralization stage
  • Contaminants: Sediment, chlorine, VOCs, lead and heavy metals, pesticides, asbestos, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, viruses, fluoride, TDS.
  • Value for money: DIY installation, 1 year Ro Membrane Life, 6-month secondary filter

Many Aquasana filters remove heavy metals. You should be sure before buying one by reading the manual.

Which Aquasana Filters Remove PFOA and PFAS?

All Aquasana filters can’t remove PFOA and PFAS from water. These are 3 Aquasana filter that removes PFAS elements from water.

  • Aquasana AQ 4000:

Dimension: 12×7×4 inches

Service: removes 97% chlorine, PFAS elements. Retains magnesium, calcium, etc. another useful component.

Rating: easy to install:4.1

Tech support: 3.6

  • Aquasana under sink water filter:

Dimension:12×4.25×9 inches.

Service: easy replaceable, removes PFAS and PFOA, costing 0.01 cents per gallon, and removes pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful components

Rating: easy to install: 4.0

Tech support: 3.5

  • Aquasana 3 stage max flow water filter:


Service: huge water flow, 20-micron carbon filter, removes 97%chlorine, 96%PFAS/PFOA, 98% lead, mercury and heavy metals, etc. 44% high flow of water than other water filter.

Rating: easy to install:4.0

Tech support: 2.8

Are Aquasana Filters Worth It?

Aquasana filters can remove heavy metals, pesticides, harmful chemicals, etc. But can’t remove micro-plastic. They are cheap, costing 0.01 to 5 cents per gallon. Technology support hasn’t been reported as good for Aquasana.

So the manual and price procedures should be read properly before buying an Aquasana. But if you are looking for fresh water, then obviously, Aquasana stands out from the crowd.

Aquasana is a water filter system mainly manufactured by Sun water system Inc. in Haltom City, Texas. It’s a water filter that is available for daily use only and the whole house filtration system.

Aquasana removes 98% chlorine, arsenic, lead, and other harmful elements from water. It doesn’t reduce TDS (total dissolved solids) of water.

Let’s look at the product description of a typical Aquasana tap water filter.

Color: brushed nickel/ blue/white

Capacity: 600 gallons to 1800 gallons

Dimension: 11×4×8(average)

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  • Best economical water filter in the market with the cost of less than 10 cents per gallon for filtering.
  • Whole house filtration costs average 1200$  to install which is far less than any other water filter system
  • No plumber is needed for replacement. A replacement cartridge is needed after 6 months of use and after 600 gallons of filtering.
  • Removes micro-plastics, arsenic, mercury and other industrial wastes from water and restores zinc, potassium, magnesium and other useful elements.

Where to put it:

Aquasana serves two types of filters.

  • Whole house water filter system
  • Single tap water filter system

The whole-house filtration system is installed where the main water line enters the home has 60000 gallons of water filtering capacity. A tap water filter is installed under the kitchen tap or that tap water you’ll use for drinking.


For the sake of your own health, you should be looking forward to water filters. Unfortunately, all Aquasana or all water filters can’t remove all pollutants from water.

Every filter especially removes something specific. Some are good at eliminating micro-plastic, some pesticides, some heavy metals. You can use a map and be sure what kind of pollutants you are most likely to be exposed to and then select the proper water filter.