How to Make Banana Ice Cream in a Blender [4 Easy Steps]

I know, many of the home cooks ask for how to make banana ice cream from a chef. Here, I’m the sous chef of a renowned gourmet restaurant in California to teach you how to prepare excellent banana ice cream with a simple blender.

So, how to make banana ice cram in a blender?

How to Make Banana Ice Cream in a Blender

Take one piece of ripe banana, some dry fruits, and nuts. Let the banana become completely frozen in a freezer. Now, take out the banana from the freeze, and blend with dry fruits, a cup of milk, and blend it to attain a creamy appearance. Now, put the mixer into an ice cream container and freeze it for an hour.

Oh! You need the detail of it. Please go through the next segment.

How to Make Banana Ice Cream in a Blender

How to Make Banana Ice Cream in a Blender
  • Step One: Take one ripe banana. If the banana looks green, don’t peel it. Let the banana become brown. Peel the banana after turning brown. Because when the banana becomes brown, the tests sweet & lovely, and the flavor becomes caramelized. Now cut the banana into pieces and put it into the refrigerator.
  • Step Two: Take some dry fruits with natural nuts. The selection of dry food solely depends on your desire.
  • Step Three: When the banana becomes fully frozen. Take the banana and the dry fruits together. Put them into the blender. Blend them until the consistency become thick, soft, and smooth. If you want, you can add one-fourth cup of milk to it or your favorite liquid in it. ( I love to add peanut butter)
  • Step four: When the texture of the banana becomes soft and smooth. Put it into an ice cream box or a container and let it be frozen. After 30-40 minutes, it will be ready to serve.

That is how you can make your favorite banana ice cream. Especially I love this homemade ice cream very much. Because it is super healthy and you can have it anytime. There is no heavy cream, no sugar in it. And free from fat, dairy (if you don’t add milk), gluten, etc.

How to Make Frozen Banana Chocolate Ice Cream in Your Food Processor:

There is not much difference between frozen banana ice cream and frozen banana chocolate ice cream. It is effortless to make this healthy and testy item with your blender.

So, guys, let’s see the recipe for this tasty and yummy item.

  • Step One: Take one frozen banana (banana must be frozen). Cut your frozen banana into pieces. Blend it with your food processor or blender at high speed until its texture becomes soft and smooth.
  • Step Two: Add chocolate or cocoa powder to it. If you use chocolate, then put it into the double hit, then mix with the blended banana.
  • Step Three: Keep it in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes. After 30-40 minutes, your frozen banana chocolate ice cream will be ready to serve. (You can also enjoy it immediately after blending)

For the ‘Love of Banana Ice Cream’ or Is that ‘Banana Nice Cream’ ?

I am literally in love with the banana ice cream. And it is also and easy, as long as you have a lovely blender or food processor with a powerful motor.

According to the Urban dictionary, ‘the soft and smooth ice cream made with a frozen banana (dairy-free) is called nice cream. But I don’t know the origin of it. Nice cream will be softer and thicker texture. Whatever, I think whether it is ice cream or nice cream, both are very nice. But I am obsessed with the term ‘ice cream’. I don’t like the term ‘nice cream.

How to Make Banana Ice Cream (Nice Cream!)

Banana ice cream can be made with a different flavour. So friends, let’s see the process of making banana ice cream (Nice cream) quickly.

1. Simple Banana Ice Cream:

Take a frozen ripe banana, cut it into pieces, blend it until the texture become soft and thick, add milk (optional), keep it in the freezer, or enjoy it immediately.

2. Strawberry Banana Ice Cream:

Take two frozen banana, frozen strawberry (1 cup), cut it into pieces, blend it until the texture become soft and thick, add maple syrup (2 or 3 tablespoons), keep it into the freezer or enjoy it.

3. Peanut Butter: 

Make the simple banana ice cream recipe from the above, adding 2-3 tablespoons of peanut butter, then freeze it for one hour or enjoy it immediately.

4. Vanilla Bean:

Take three bananas, add a pinch of salt.  Then add vanilla bean paste (half teaspoon) into it. Then blend it.

5. Chocolate Banana Ice Cream:

Make the simple banana ice cream by adding chocolate or cocoa powder.

What Makes this Banana Ice Cream Different from other Recipes?

There are so many recipes of banana ice cream with different flavours available on google. But I think mine is exceptional. Because I used all-natural ingredients, so, it will be healthy definitely except that I mixed some dry fruits in it.

So, it tastes a little bit different from the simple one. I added some peanut butter in it, so it seems more like

ice cream. But the dry fruits took its taste to another level.

How to Freeze Bananas for Blender Ice Cream

For making Banana Ice Cream, at first you need to freeze the bananas. So, let’s see how can you freeze bananas for blender ice cream.

  • Take some ripe banana
  • Peel the bananas.
  • Cut into pieces
  • Put it into a bowl or tray. Please don’t touch it after putting it into the tray.
  • Then put it into the freezer. After become frozen, store it in an airtight box. And keep it in the freezer until use it.

Why You NEED This Chocolate Banana Ice Cream:

Generally, ice cream is my weakness. Every flavour is my favourite, but I love the chocolate banana ice cream most. Do you think that why do you need this chocolate banana ice cream? Then I am here to remove your confusion and to give your answer.

At first, if I talk about banana, it is super healthy. It has all-natural ingredients (except chocolate). Ice cream can harm you, but it’s not. So, if you need to have one, why not the healthy one?

How to Freeze Bananas for Ice Cream

For freezing banana for ice cream, at first, take ripe bananas, peel them, cut them into pieces (not mandatory but good for blending), spread them into a tray, put them into the refrigerator; after becoming frozen, store them in an airtight box. And keep it in the freezer until use it.

How Do You Make Banana Ice Cream from Scratch?

As I told you, homemade ice cream is super healthy, and the ingredient list is also straightforward. Be carefully at the time of choosing each ingredient, as its taste will be mind-blowing.

  • Bananas. The riper, brownish, and uglier, the better. A brown and intensely ripe banana can provide you with the best natural taste, sweetness and an authentic banana flavour.
  • Eggs. I like to take cage-free eggs for my ice cream. The shells need to be sturdier, the yolks need to be vibrantly colored, and the flavour must be purer.
  • Whole Milk & Heavy Cream. It is awkward to count the calories of Banana Ice Cream here. If you want to swap skim (or others milk), the banana ice cream maybe become icy than becoming soft.

Mix them all and keep it into the freezer. After some time, your ice cream will be ready.

What is Banana Ice Cream Nutrition? 

Banana ice cream has no sugar or cream in It also free from fat, dairy & gluten. It is raw and paleo-friendly. It also has Calories, Carbohydrates, Protein, Vitamin A, vitamin C, Calcium & Iron. So undoubtedly, it is very healthy & nutritious.

1#. Can you blend bananas then freeze them?

No, you cannot. Because if you blend banana before freezing, it will become more like a smoothie. And it is not suitable for making ice cream. So, for making frozen banana ice cream, at first make it frozen.

2#.Do frozen bananas taste like ice cream?

No, it does not taste like ice cream. But after making it as banana ice cream, it tastes more like ice cream.

3#. Can you freeze bananas in a Ziploc bag?

Yes, you can.

4#. What can I do with really soft bananas?

You can make banana ice cream with it, Or you can make a smoothie too. It depends on your choice.

5#. Why are bananas sweeter when frozen?

When a frozen banana is thawed, the amylase and starches in the cells diffuse through the defrosting fruit. This leads to further conversion of some starches to sugar, contributing to the sweeter taste of frozen bananas.

6#. Can I use a blender instead of a mixer for ice cream?

Yes, you can. It’s a better choice.

7#. Can you churn ice cream in a blender?

Yes, you can may dear.

8#. How long does homemade banana ice cream last?

Almost three months. But it would be best if you kept it in an airtight container.

9#. Can you make ice cream with a mixer?

Yes, you can, but a blender would be the better choice.


At the end of the article, you must got a complete idea on how to make banana ice cream in a blender. Please share this article with people who loves ice cream.

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