Is Acacia Wood Good for Cutting Boards? Best or Worst?

For cutting or mincing fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, or any food, we need a good brand of cutting board to cut or make the shape of veggies and fruits beautiful. 

Today, I will talk about the cutting boards that help to cut and protect surfaces. They are generally made of wood or plastic.

As there are many different kinds of cutting boards, people become confused about the best brand of cutting board. Most people are fascinated to know whether acacia wood is suitable for cutting boards or not!


There are many wooden cutting boards, but they usually get damaged after using them for a while. So, you might be thinking, what can be the best wood cutting boards. It is not other than acacia. People find it is reliable and trustworthy to use.

You must be wondering why I am praising just a simple cutting board, right?

Why is Acacia Wood Suitable for Cutting Boards?

  • Acacia has very smooth and silky surfaces that will not destroy your knives even if you use them for a long time and cut or chop various things. 
  • They are sturdy and enough to be strong not to get any scratched marks.
  •  It will not cause any damage or stained defects if you wash it immediately after every use. 
  • It is made of high-quality wood; it won’t change the color if you cut the food containing high amounts of acids or vinegar
  • If you do not have a tray at your home, you can use it as a tray to keep glasses or bowls in the proper place. 
  • It is also easy to clean; only you need to do after the cutting or chopping work is done, wash it and let it dry. 

What is Acacia Wood?

Acacia wood is a wood that originated from the Austrian native acacia shrubs and trees. It is the hardest of all other types of wood. Now it is available in Asia, Pacific Island, Africa, and some parts of America.

These types of wood are perfect for making high-level furniture that can last for a long time. The color of acacia wood is similar to chestnut, and if you keep it clean and rub it with clean clothes, you will get shiny and smooth surfaces.

It has unique features. Like our wood, it won’t decay as it can suck up the water very quickly and keep it dry if you maintain it properly.

What are the Best Acacia Wood Cutting Boards?

Choosing thest wood cutting boards is an essential part of our cooking. For you, I would like to review the two best wood cutting boards constructed of acacia wood. 

  • Karryoung Acacia Wood Cutting Board
  • Acacia Wood Cutting Board with Juice Grooves

1. Karryoung Acacia Wood Cutting Board:

This is is made of high quality and well-furnished wood, which is brown, and the length, height, and width of this equipped are 17*0.6*7 inches.

Karryoung Acacia Wood Cutting Board:

This is very durable, and these types of cutting boards are highly appreciated as you can cut or chop any soft and hard foods such as all types of meat, vegetables, fruits, cheese, and bread.

And the sharpness of your knife won’t go away and get scratched as the boards are hard and ready to fight against the edge of the cutlery or utensils. Now, let’s know about the features of this product in detail. 

  • Acacia wood Framework:  Acacia Wood is one of the best wood for making furniture such as cutting boards because it won’t get damaged or stained if you use it for a long time. And who wants to change it again and again? If you buy an Acacia Wood Cutting Board, you won’t need to change, and you will polish shiny and smooth surfaces 
  • Versatile Board: The outer look of the board is very gleaming. You can cut or chop any food. Not only can it be used to cut or chop, but you can also use them as trays, which look fantastic and stylish.
  • Industrial-strength chopping board: As these cutting boards are solid and durable, you can cut or chop various kinds of foodstuffs. This is an integral part of our kitchen because if we miss anything without a cutting board, your table or other things may get scratched, and food may get stuck.
  • User-friendly handle:  Acacia Wood Cutting Board has a user-warm handle; you won’t cause pain or irritations when holding it. And you are cutting something hard or heavy; you can easily have it without feeling mild pain. Easy to clean: This is easy to clean, and the things you need to wash it with are only soap and water. But I would suggest not keeping it in the dishwasher and not letting it soak up the water as it may lose its shiny and smooth surface.

2. Acacia Wood Cutting Board with Juice Grooves:

This is constructed of acacia wood and is brown. The dimensions of it are 16*12*0.8 inches. It is rectangular. This is a comprehensive and open-shaped cutting board that will make your work easy.

 Acacia Wood Cutting Board with Juice Grooves:

You can cut or chop meat, fruits or vegetables, etc. It is not thinner like other types of panels made of plastic or other materials. Instead, this is quite thick, sturdy, and long-lasting. I would suggest you buy it if you love to cook at home all the time and also for restaurant purposes.

Now, let’s know about the hidden features you want to know.

  • Larger in size:  As it is more extensive, you can keep all the ingredients together as it can be used as a table. The size of acacia wood is 16* 12, and it will meet your cutting requirements. For this reason, you don’t need to bring out some bowls or plates for keeping food.
  • No messy:  Acacia Wood cutting board is giant, so it won’t make your kitchen dirty; you can cut, chop, slice with your ease. When you cut something juicy or water, it won’t drip water from the cutting board because it has a barrier on every edge of the cutting board.
  • Multi-purpose cutting board:  You can use it as a tray and keep any foods you like. It won’t cause rust or stain as it can soak up the water or juices quickly. But do not keep this in the dishwasher or inside the water.
  • No eradication to knives:  As the board is smooth and polished, it won’t cause damage or lose sharpness from the blades. Always keep it clean. Otherwise, shininess or smoothness may go away.

Acacia Wood vs Bamboo Cutting Board

Before choosing something quality, you need to understand the difference between the two things to know the suitable options. Now, let’s see the difference between Acacia Wood Cutting Board and Bamboo wood cutting board.

  • Acacia wood cutting boards are more complex and more comparable compared to bamboo cutting boards.
  • Acacia Wood Cutting Board is one of the best cutting boards because they are water-resistant, and your knives won’t get damaged. In contrast, bamboo cutting boards are also suitable for making cutting boards. They are 19 times more complex than other types of wood but less than Acacia Wood Cutting Board.
  • Compared to bamboo cutting boards, Acacia Wood Cutting Board is expensive.
Acacia Wood vs Bamboo Cutting Board
Acacia Wood vs Bamboo Cutting Board
Acacia Wood Cutting BoardBamboo Cutting Board
It is expensive and provides you a standard quality of boards It is affordable
It is more complex than Bamboo wood cutting boards. For this reason, it can last for a long time and cause no harm to knives.It has softer textures so that it can soak up water quickly. For this reason, your chopping boards may not long last, and knives may become dull 
Acacia woods grow faster and can grow in any soil. For increasing this, you do not need to put fertilizers. So they are sustainable. They can last for 20 to 30 years. It is also sustainable, but they take time to grow, and it starts to grow between April and June. It can last only up to 6 to 9 months.
They are more complex than Bamboo, as they are entirely wood. They are softer as they are thick green grasses.
It is eco-friendlyIf you take care of them properly, you will also find them eco-friendly wood.

Acacia Wood Cutting Board VS Walnut Wood Cutting Board

There are many different types of cutting boards such as maple, timber, etc. But choosing a cutting board is essential as we need to use this for cooking every day. The cutting board made of Walnut wood is not bad.

Now, let’s know the difference between acacia wood cutting boards and walnut wood cutting boards. It isn’t easy to differentiate between them as they are both considered a good quality of wood but let’s try to choose them.

  • Acacia Wood is found in native Africa and small parts of America, whereas walnut wood is located in the United States, Mexico, and Asia.
  • Acacia Wood is red-brown, whereas walnut wood is dark brown.
  • Acacia wood is used mainly for making wood cutting boards, small furniture, whereas walnut wood is used to create aesthetics and for decorating high-class cars.
  • Acacia wood is the hardest one, and it is not so easy to cut as they are rigid and sturdy.
  • Walnut is rarely found, and they are more expensive than acacia wood.
Acacia Wood Cutting Board VS Walnut Wood Cutting Board
Acacia Wood Cutting BoardWalnut Cutting Board
It is  moderately expensive and easy to findIt is the most expensive wood and is rarely found
Found in native Africa and the United StatesFound in Mexico, the United States, and some parts of Asia
It is more challenging in texturesIt is soft and quick to get the shape
It is durableIt can last longer but less than Acacia Wood
They are reddish-brownThey are dark brown
Require little maintenanceIf you keep it clean and not let the water absorb, it will also need little maintenance

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Acacia Wood Cutting Board?

We all know that all the products have good and bad sides. Before you buy anything, it would be constructive for you if you knew the pros and cons of these two wood cutting boards.

  • Suitable for cutting boards
  • Resistant to scratch
  • They are long-lasting
  • It won’t cause knife damage
  • Low maintenance
  • Smooth textures
  • It is sustainable
  • It is a heavy wood
  • Water resistance
  • It is moderately expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1#. Is Hinoki Wood Good For Cutting Boards?

Yes, Hinoki Wood is suitable for cutting boards as they are durable, clean, and water-repellent to microorganisms. They are made initially in Japan. It has a beautiful aroma, for which you won’t get any rotten smell after cutting or chopping onions, gingers, or other types of smelly foods. This won’t make your knife dull. 

Q2#. What is the wood not to be used for cutting boards?

There are some hardwood and softwood that can be used for cutting boards. But all types of softwood should not be used for making cutting boards. You should not use wood for cutting boards is pine, redwood, larch, cedar, and fir. As you need to use cutting boards every day, purchasing hard, study, and long-time usable wooden boards will be better.


Cutting boards are part of our cooking which we do every day. So please buy a good brand, best quality, and long-lasting chopping boards. I hope you will get some ideas from here. To know more, be with us!!!!