Can You Put a Wooden Cutting Board in the Oven? Quick Answer!

Cutting boards made of wood make work and life easier. In addition, because this material can withstand heat, it is safe to place a hot dish or a container of hot meals on top of it.


Aside from its traditional purpose, wooden cutting boards are occasionally utilized in the oven. However, many people may be skeptical of this move because wood is a fire material.

But, can you put a wooden cutting board in the oven?

Yes, you can place your wood cutting board in the oven. But for this, you need to keep the temperature at 350 ℉ because wooden cutting boards can get burned at the temperature of 482°F. However, I recommend not putting your wooden cutting boards in the oven because it is risky.

Can you Put a Wooden Cutting Board in the Oven?

Wooden cutting boards can be placed in an oven. An excellent wooden board may tolerate temperatures of about 350 ℉. However, if the oven heats up more, then the wooden boards may be damaged. As a result, keep an eye on the temperature when utilizing a wooden board.

Wooden cutting boards can withstand a high heat level, so putting it in the oven is fine. But overheating can burn them; they will not catch fire until the temperature hits 482°F. However, I don’t recommend it to place in the oven. Knowing and keeping track of the temperatures of the oven is a vital thing.

This article looked at two scenarios to see how wooden cutting boards might respond in a hot oven.

  • Microwave:

To sterilize wooden chopping boards, many people use an oven. Using high-powered boards for 35-60 seconds will successfully eradicate microorganisms.

However, because the hardwood boards have a melting range, you must maintain the heat below that range. Otherwise, it may damage the board, cause it to burn, or even cause an accident.

  • Preheated oven:

People often use wooden cutting boards in their Preheated oven. But I don’t recommend it out of my experience. A regular oven reaches 350–375°F, whereas a heated microwave can reach 400–450°F.

So, if you want to use your wooden cutting boards in their Preheated oven, don’t forget to keep the temperature below 350 ℉. Otherwise, your wooden cutting boards can get fire.

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Are Wood Cutting Boards Heat Resistant?

Wooden cutting boards are a very popular option because it is easy to use and heat-resistant. Good and quality wooden chopping boards can endure temperatures near 350 ℉.

On the other hand, wood absorbs odors quickly and is more susceptible to fungus & mildews growth. However, you can readily deal with the situation.

In the oven, wooden cutting boards can be used once more. Perhaps a hot dish or pot can be placed on the board, but it won’t leave burned scars on the surface. Actually, It is based on how big the dishes are kept on the boards.

It is not recommended to exceed the temperature above 350 ℉. Because, when it will be placed in an overheated oven, this heat could destroy the hardwood chopping boards. In addition, the boards have the potential to burn and can cause a major accident.

Can a Cutting Board be Used as a Pizza Stone?


In making pizza, you can utilize wooden cutting boards without any worry. It’s something that’s done throughout the world. However, many people choose wooden chopping boards because the wooden boards used for pizza making might be pricey and not readily available.

There have been some limitations, however. To begin with, cooking a pizza necessitates a high level of heat. Almost 375-450 ° F is required for a nice thick and crispy crust pizza.

As a result, wooden cutting boards cannot be used when creating a pizza with a thick crust. A skinny crust pizza, once again, needs to be cooked at a moderate temperature. It is sufficient to cook to a temperature of 250°F.

Can you Put a Plastic Cutting Board in the Oven?

No, absolutely not; you can’t put a plastic cutting board in the oven. Plastic materials are very sensitive to heat. So, don’t even dare to put a plastic cutting board in the oven.

Not only just plastic cutting boards but also any kinds of things made with plastic are not oven-safe. Whenever you put the plastic made things in the oven, they will melt down, even creating a dangerous accident.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can you put a cutting board in the dishwasher?

No, you can not put a cutting board in the dishwasher. However, it’s a good idea to put the regular cutting boards into the dishwasher after using them to chop raw meat.

Typically, wooden cutting/chopping boards shouldn’t be put into the dishwasher. The mix of extreme heat plus water can cause them to deform or crack. Also, if you continue using them for chopping raw meat, moisture and germs may become trapped in the crevices inside the wood.

So, in this case, you should rinse your  Wooden cutting boards with plain water or hand-washed right after use,   But don’t dunk them into the water for so long.

In addition, Using strong and intense cleansers on boards might also make them temperature sensitive. The wood could become dry, warped, or cracked due to exposure to the elements.


Coming to the main question, can you put a wooden cutting board in the oven? And as I already told you, wooden cutting boards can be used in the oven without danger.

 But, you must keep the temperature below 350°F because the wooden cutting boards can be burned at this point. However, I suggest keeping your wooden cutting boards away from the oven because it is dangerous and can harm you in a great way.

Additionally, I provided so much necessary information about wooden cutting bords for you in this article; hopefully, it will help you in many ways. Please visit our blog to read more exciting queries related to the kitchen.

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