Is Rust In an Oven Dangerous? [Issues, Solutions & Guide]

Rust in your oven can be very troublesome. Even more, than you can imagine!


Not only it can cause damage to the oven externally, but it can also become a hazard to you and your family!

Rust inside the oven can limit the functionality of your oven, contaminate the food with rust, and may also be a potential fire hazard!

This article will discuss more rusts inside your oven and some potential remedies you can try today!

Is rust in an oven dangerous?

Rust is definitely very dangerous. While it cannot directly harm you, it can pose as a hazard if left untreated. If there is rust inside the oven, it can also potentially explode! If any burning food in the oven comes in contact with the rust, it will react and cause flames to shoot up.

Besides a fire hazard, eating foods contaminated with rust can cause potential health hazards which can be fatal for your health. Many bacteria thrive in low oxygen environments and can also appear in a rusty oven. These bacteria may contaminate your food if you ignore the rust growing inside your oven. This can lead you to have fatal diseases like tetanus!

Why is the inside of my oven rusty?


Rust forms when a metal substance like steel or iron is exposed to air and water. The metal reacts with water in the atmosphere to react and form oxides known as rust.

Rust damages the look of appliances in the kitchen, like oven surfaces, but it can become a real problem if this rust somehow makes its way inside the oven.

Rust can form inside the oven if it is very old, and other factors like keeping it somewhere in a humid environment. It can also occur If there is spillage of any liquid substance inside the oven which is not cleaned soon enough.

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Can you cook in a rusty oven?

Many people utilize a rusty oven, and the overall opinion is that as long as the rust does not come in contact with the contents, it is fine to use. Rusts inside the oven can cause sparks which, it comes in contact with your dinner, can cause a fire to erupt.

If your food gets contaminated with rust, you should really not eat it. Rust itself is not very harmful to humans with direct contact, but ingesting too much of it can cause health hazards like vomiting and nausea. And if you ingest it on the regular, then you may also develop Anemia.

How do I get rid of rust in my oven?

All ovens are coated with special paint on the inside so that the metal does not come in contact with the air and develop rust.

So to stop your appliance from rusting, you need to seal the metal with microwave-approved paint. Before doing this, you must remove all the oven’s rust. Simply, scrape off any rust with a brush and rub the area with sandpaper to remove all rust stains.

Then simply apply multiple coats of appropriate microwave paint. You should never wait till it is too late to do this.

If you see that the rust has caused the metal to have holes, it is beyond repair, and you must have your appliance replaced. If you are unsure whether you can repair the oven yourself, you can always call a repairer to do it for you!

How to prevent the oven from rusting?

As your oven gets older, it can be exposed to a lot of physical damage that can cause the outer layer of the protective paint inside the oven to peel off.

Whenever there is a spillage inside your oven, and you don’t clean it, the food substances can harden and, over time, cause the oven insides to rust.

Normally the best way to keep your oven healthy and not get rusty is regular cleaning and maintenance. Whenever there are any spills, immediately with a damp cloth and clean the insides of your microwave every week.

And to be sure, keep the microwave door open after use so that the moisture inside does not condense inside the oven walls.


Rust in the oven is a real danger, and simple reluctance can cause your oven to have it too! And replacing an oven can get expensive, and not mention, you want your appliances to last as long as possible.

So make sure to clean and maintain your oven often to avoid dealing with rust inside your oven!