Alexapure Vs ProPUR | Which is Better in 2023

Although it may appear natural to drink tap water regularly since it is inexpensive and handy, it is nevertheless harmful to your health. Water treatment, poorly maintained infrastructure, and a rusted faucet add pollutants, viruses, and bacteria to tap water before reaching your glass.


According to studies, those who consume contaminated tap water will develop cancer. So even if your community’s water system complies with national drinking water regulations, it may pose specific health hazards.

Especially if you have youngsters in your home, having clean water is a requirement. The most convenient approach to convert tap water into safe drinking water is to use countertop gravity water filters.

So, which one should you get among so many choices of water filters?

Well, we in this article will compare two reputed brands of water filters, Alexapure and ProPUR and see which one is better!

Alexapure Vs ProPUR: Compare & Contrast:

In this section, I will rigorously review the two water filter brands, which will help you choose one between these two giants.


When owner Matt Redhawk was set on a quest to locate the greatest water filtration system on the market to ensure his newborn daughter always had safe drinking water, even in an emergency, Alexapure was created.

His expedition, however, was fruitless, and as he puts it, “It (a superior water filtering system) did not exist, so we set out to develop it.”

Alexapure set out to produce a cost-effective, creative water filtering system, and by most accounts, they succeeded.

Customers who have purchased the Alexapure have expressed their satisfaction with the device. It can store a huge volume of water at one time. Much larger than competitors with similar prices. More impurities are eliminated thanks to the high-end technology, which we’ll go over in more depth below.

Finally, they’re sleek and light in terms of design, at only 3.65 kg. They’re also simple to set up, allowing customers to spend less time fussing with the equipment and more time sipping clean, freshwater wherever they go.

Superior Filtration

The Alexapure filter can remove up to 99.99 percent of all pollutants, which is more than any other water filtration system. This filtering process removes fluoride, chlorine, lead, bacteria, and E. Coli, among other impurities.

While you might believe that high-tech equipment has to be expensive, Alexapure illustrates that excellence doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. The Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System costs less than a few hundred dollars and is still the best pro water filtration system on the market.

Large Water Capacity

It’s stressful to be concerned about your filter failing. Alexapure understands this, which is why their Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System was designed to supply consumers with large levels of water filtering capacity without the need for replacements.

In reality, the Alexapure Pro Water Filtration system, which includes a block filter and a ceramic shell, has a capacity of 5,000 gallons, compared to 2.25 (2,500) gallons for the original model.

As a result, the filters don’t require any annoying priming, and they don’t require any energy or batteries to operate.

Sleek Design

Although the Alexapure Water Filtration System appears to be big and hefty, it is actually rather light, weighing just 3.65 kilos, which makes it easy to carry, whether you’re moving it about the kitchen or bringing it camping.

Furthermore, the stainless steel exterior shell gives the Alexapure Pro Water gadgets a sleek and sophisticated appearance, in addition to ease and portability. As a result, the Alexapure Pro may be a fantastic addition to your kitchen countertop.

Reviews of Alexapure Pro Water Filtration Unit:

The Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System has received excellent reviews from customers. Users have expressed themselves by saying things like “Love this filter!!” and “This is by far worth every cent.” Water with a fantastic flavor!”

Many people report that the Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System can quickly transform even the dirtiest, brownest water into clean, clear water.

However, some customers stated that the filters wore down faster than others and required more frequent replacement than other filters on the market. In addition, cleaning became a huge concern since some of them developed rust.


Innovator Steve Steinway founded this modest Michigan startup in 2011. His ambition was to use cutting-edge technology to transform water filtration products. From a small start, the firm rose to become known as the “Most Tested” and “Most Trusted” brand.

They are the only brand that has received NSF certification. This simply means that the water filters have passed a rigorous water test to ensure that they are free of non-health-related toxins like chlorine and have a good taste.

The firm goes above and above to deliver easy-to-use water filters and excellent customer care to their consumers.

Every Propur filter is reusable and easy to clean, with no priming, which sets it apart from other filters on the market. In addition, there are various sizes to pick from, all of which can remove over 200 impurities, another notable characteristic of the Propur model.

Filtering Performance

The ability of Propur filters to filter through over 200 pollutants is perhaps its most astounding attribute. This is an apparent distinguishing feature since it gives the consumer peace of mind by ensuring that they are drinking clean and wholesome water.

In addition, the G2.0 Filters are capable of removing nearly all pollutants.

Propur has been ranked the number one filter for lead removal, a serious concern in some areas. This is because the Propur is intended to remove 100% of all lead without any extra filters (unlike some other models on the market).

The Propur filter can also remove 99.99% of microplastics, significantly higher than the competitors. Even though the effects of microplastics on health have yet to be investigated entirely, knowing that your drinking water is plastic-free is always reassuring.

Available in Many Sizes

Propur recognizes that one size does not fit all when it comes to water filtration. The Propur Big is the appropriate solution for those who desire a bigger model to keep in their house. However, are you looking for a more compact water filtering system?

Propur, has you covered on that front as well. They know how important it is to offer a diverse range of items.

It’s simple to locate exactly what you’re looking for with such a large selection of items to pick from. Apart from the pitcher, most of the goods are made of dependable and long-lasting stainless steel.

This protects your goods from breakage and cracks while keeping the water cool and fresh.

Easy to Maintain

When choosing a water filter, you should ensure that it is simple to assemble. Almost all Propur systems may be assembled in just a few minutes. Typically, there are only a few components to snap together.

In addition, the Propur water filter is simple to keep clean. It merely has to be cleaned regularly, which may be done by rinsing it out or wiping it down. You won’t have to replace the filters every 12 months, either.

ProPUR Water Filter Reviews

Propur products have received rave ratings from reviewers across the board.

They say the Propur filter is dependable and provides them with the best-tasting water they’ve ever tasted. It’s a dependable water filter that’s simple to set up and operate. However, some users have reported trouble swapping out the ProOne G2.0 filter.

Some users complained that the filter was almost tough to remove, contradicting Propur’s ease of use claims.

The good news is that many customers who had issues with their Propur water system received excellent customer support from the firm. In addition, the firm would frequently provide free replacements for any Propur ProOne G2.0 that was troublesome or malfunctioning.

Propur water systems have received mostly good feedback. Rust on the containers and lids, as well as leaking spigots, have been reported by some. These are, once again, straightforward fixes. The provider can replace a leaking spigot, and rust may be cleaned away.


In the end, the differences between these two filtering technologies are minimal. Both will help you eliminate almost everything you don’t want your family to consume. But both offer unique features like the huge capacity of Alexapure and several size choices of ProPUR. So, it is best to choose whose elements will be more useful to you.