Can I Use a Nutribullet as a Food Processor? (Editor’s Experiment )

In the arena of convenient personal blenders, NutriBullet is a household name. They’re small, quick, simple to operate, and inexpensive.

In this article, I address the most often asked Nutribullet questions, including whether or not a Nutribullet can be used as a food processor or not, as well as foods and drinks that should not be blended in a Nutribullet as well as some unique Nutribullet recipes.

People often get confused about Can they use a nutribullet as a food processor? Chill, man, you don’t need to worry.

Yes, you can use a nutribullet as a food processor. Even it is widely used as a professional food processor, and many professional cooks use it in their workplace for cooking.

Can I use a Nutribullet as a Food Processor?

A Nutribullet is much more like a blender than a food processor in terms of functionality. A Nutribullet is much more like a blender than a food processor in terms of functionality. Although this extraction and grinding blades with the Nutribullet are comparable to that in a food processor, there are certain limits.

  • Capacity: Food processors have a larger capacity; they can manage more than 3 cups of moisture materials. However, if you only need a small amount of finely chopped onions, vegetables, or chilies, a Nutribullet would suffice.
  • Pulse activation functions – more hard in a Nutribullet
  • Hot food danger – Nutribullet cannot be used with hot water or components due to the risk of scalding. Because steam passes and can cause the closed container to explode.

So, it is not possible to use a nutribullet as a food processor in an obvious way.

What Can be Used Instead of a Food Processor?

Every kitchen tool has different features and use. So no tool can fully replace another tool. But there are some tasks where you can use a tool instead of another tool. So, in this way, different kitchen tools can be used instead of a food processor.

So, let’s directly go to the main discussion about the tools you can use instead of a food processor.

1. Blender:

Blender is the most convenient and effective substitute for food processors. It accomplishes the same thing when it comes to pureeing fruits and veggies or mincing meats. The main function of the blade in the centre is to break up big pieces into small pieces or to grind them completely through!

A blender is typically used to make juice, smoothies, purees, and similar drinks with a mostly liquid consistency.

Therefore, You can utilize it to make slightly dry versions of certain processed foods. To remove surplus liquid, either lower the water content when blending or filter the puree later.

Unfortunately, blenders cannot knead the dough, which is a key function of a food processor. As a result, using these devices could potentially take longer than using food processors.

2. Mixer

The mixer is another effective alternative; if you want to get the most work done with the least effort in the quickest amount of time, simply use the mixer instead of your food processor. Again, they are available in various designs, allowing each user to discover the ideal framework for completing their dish.

The mixer aids in egg whisking and the aeration of dairy, flour, and cream mixtures. Furthermore, because these mixers are small, you must have no issue storing them. They can provide you with a lot of room, especially in comparison to food processors.

3. Chopper

food processors have many functions in addition to chopping. A regular food chopper might be useful for recipes and foods without a food processor.

It is a time saver time because you will not have to build up the tool for this function. You need to feed the genuine portion of foods through the chopper because its specific duty and the underlying operating principle are basic. Then, simply place the chopped portions in a separate bowl for further use.

4. Grinder

Grinders have been around since the 1800s! This long-serving food processor has undergone numerous transformations throughout the years and today predominantly comes in electric versions. You can use these little digital grinders to chop, mash, & smash a variety of foods.

Grinders are unquestionably heavier than blenders & mixers and so more difficult to move. As a result, you’ll generally want to store it in a convenient location for your cooking activities.

5. Large grater

The variety of food processors is one of the key reasons for their popularity and use. This simple instrument can cut food into various sizes and mince the pieces in various ways. Consequently, you have complete control over how the meats, fruits, or veggies are shaped to suit your tastes.

Large graters can chop up the product if you have a different appliance for chopping up meat. One of which will likely provide you with a variety of fruit and vegetable cutting options. As a result, you’ll have more versatility than a food processor.

Apart from the above tools, you can also use Mortar & Pestle and Knives.

Is the Nutribullet Blender Combo a Food Processor?

Yes, the Nutribullet blender combo is a food processor. With the introduction of Nutribullet’s modern 7-cup food processor, they’ve entered the comprehensive food processing arena. This latest design is a beefed-up version of its tiny predecessors (the Kitchen Express food processor combo), with a stronger motor, a larger work bowl, as well as enough accessories to eliminate the need for a knife.

I went through every piece of equipment and settings to determine if the Nutribullet food processor is dependable, efficient, and worth the cost of the brand’s food processors or air fryer. I prepared salsa, spiralized spaghetti, sliced and crushed vegetables, or even pie dough from scratch. This is the simplest and most adaptable food processor I’ve ever used.

Do Chefs Use Food Processors?

Yes. At least one food processor can be found in the kitchens among most chefs, including professional food service. Most of the time, they’ll have a professional food processor called a Robot Coupe (sounds robo-Koo).

Can Nutribullet Chop Vegetables?

Absolutely, you can use a Nutribullet to chop vegetables. The machine’s innovative design enables it to smash foods into little, easily digestible pieces. Many of the beneficial enzymes, nutrients, and minerals in fruits and veggies are not produced until they have been cut into tiny pieces, which is an extra benefit.

You may use a NutriBullet to increase the taste and texture of your favourite vegetables while also increasing your vitamin intake. This makes it the ideal tool for increasing your intake of raw veggies and fruits without compromising taste or texture!

Gourmet condiments, soup stocks, plus dozens of other delectable recipes can all be made with the Nutribullet. Toss in that little olive water or oil-based on the recipe, then add your components and turn on the “liquefy” option. Of course, the NutriBullet will handle everything else!

Does a Food Processor Mix Cakes?

Yes, a food processor can make batter for cakes, but I don’t recommend it. The food processor is powerful and produces gluten very quickly in the batter. And gluten prevents cakes from becoming puffy, soft, and smooth.

On the other hand, sometimes food processors overmix the mixture, but we need the batter mixed in a balanced way for making cakes. So, using a mixture instead of a food processor will be good for your cake.

Can you Blend dry Ingredients in a Nutribullet?

I want to give 4.5 stars out of 5 because I found the Nutribullet a beneficial kitchen tool, especially for blending dry ingredients. And really, it is a piece of tried-and-true multipurpose kitchen equipment. This milling blade was purchased to be used with the little cups. Now I can grind spices, every type of nuts, seeds, even grains using this milling blade. I made a tiny batch of hummus with it also. It is a fantastic experience with this item.

Can you Chop Carrots in a Nutribullet?

Yes, cabbage, carrots, spinach, and cauliflower all can be chopped in a Nutribullet. I’ve tried them all to make my energy vegetable drink, and they’ve all turned out to be drinkable. Of course, I always like to add some crushed ice to my vegetable drinks.

Can you Mince Onion in a Nutribullet?

Yes, you can mince onion in a Nutribullet. Even it’s the quickest way to cut onions tear-free.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1#. Is a Food Processor Really Necessary?

According to my experience from the past several years, a food processor is really necessary. This is because they significantly reduce the amount of physical labour involved in chopping and slicing, which is especially useful in cooking if you’re strapped for time or especially if you have any physical restrictions.

In addition, a food processor can complete basic, time-consuming tasks such as shredding cheeses and cutting tomatoes.

Food processors are excellent for blending, yet many people have no idea that they may also be used for rougher tasks. For example, you can use the food processor to produce creamy, well-mixed hummus and sauces (I love homemade hummus, & the food processors are ideal for large batches); however, you can even use it for easy prep jobs.

Q2#. Can I Use a Blender Instead of a Food Processor for Hummus?

Of course, if you don’t have any food processor, simply use a blender to prepare its hummus. I tried hummus with my blender several times, and it came out just perfect. Don’t worry; I will share the process of making hummus using a blender so that you can able to ake it without any problem. So let’s see:

A blender will serve as a good substitute for a food processor. First, blend all of the ingredients in a blender. Remember to start with the thicker components, such as chickpeas & tahini. And your hummus will be ready.

Q3#. Which Food Processor Does Jamie Oliver Use?

Jamie Oliver uses the Philips HR7782/01 Jamie Oliver Food Processor, which is very powerful. It has a 1000 watts motor, flexible and foldable slicing disc, washable, dishwasher safe, Serrated Knife with a Twist, Double Balloons Beater in Metal, Pulse Feature, and so many extra attachments make you buy it right away.

Jamie Oliver remains my culinary role model, I appreciate Gordon Ramsay. Every kitchen user passionate about their cuisine should own these chefs’ cooking utensils. Call me stupid, but I really believe that utilizing their kitchen items will improve my cooking skills.


A Nutribullet is valid for a variety of food processing chores. Because of the Nutribullet’s blade shape, you can achieve similar results to a tiny food processor, which means you can use your Nutribullet instead of a food processor.

If you want greater choice in components, milling flours, heavier recipes, and larger batches, using a food processor will be the better option.