What is a Charcoal Water Filter and Coffee Maker? Expert Guide!

We all know the importance of a water filter in a coffee maker. Filtrate water creates a huge difference in the taste of coffee. To make a perfect coffee, any coffee maker needs filtrate water from charcoal water filter or limescale filter.

Charcoal-based water filters efficiently remove unnecessary ions that are responsible for bad coffee. Like calcium, it deteriorates the taste of coffee.


Suppose you are not willing to compromise the taste of coffee. In that case, you need to buy a coffee maker with a charcoal water filter or use a water filter to remove calcium.

Let’s know more about a charcoal water filter and how it influences coffee makers to brew perfect coffee.

Is Charcoal Filter Necessary in Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee lover, then it’s indisputable that you’re making the coffee with access to a coffee maker. Again, the necessity of a charcoal water filter in a coffee maker is also immense for the best tasting coffee that’s possible. Some usefulness of charcoal filter are as follows:

  • It helps to keep the machine clean from dirt and filth of the water.
  • It ensures pure germs and bacteria-free water for the preparation of coffee.
  • A good balance of the water pH level is required for a better-tasting coffee. A charcoal water filter helps by maintaining the right pH, which is around 7.

How do You Use a Charcoal Coffee Maker Filter?

A charcoal water filter has many roles in making a cup of coffee. So, the steps to use a charcoal filter are mentioned below:

  • The charcoal filter should be soaked in cold water for at least 15 minutes after removing from the polybag.
  • Then the water filter holder should be removed from the water reservoir of the coffee maker.
  • You have to place the charcoal water filter in the filter holder and close it.
  • It is required to flush the filter under cold water for 10 minutes.
  • The water filter should be allowed to drain out completely.

How Often Should I Change the Charcoal Filter in My Coffee Maker?

You are always suggested to use a water filter which is designed for your coffee maker. The coffee maker’s charcoal filters are made for limited time use. They can’t be used for life long. A guide in changing the charcoal water filter is given below:

  • The ideal time to change your charcoal filter is after every 2 months or 60 days.
  • The frequency of the replacement also depends on many other factors, including the type of water.
  • If the water that comes in your tap is more complicated, then changing the filter also becomes higher.
  • When water contains more impurities, you need to change the filter even before 2 months.

Does a Coffee Makers Charcoal Water Filter Make a Noticeable Difference?

You are well aware of the role of a coffee maker’s charcoal filter as a part of your programmable coffee machine. It leaves an outstanding output in the cup of coffee, which helps to make your day. Some differences with and without coffee makers charcoal filter are as followed:

Coffee Maker with a Charcoal FilterWithout a Charcoal Water Filter
The taste of the coffee is maintained by ensuring the quality of the water.The water quality cannot be maintained, which creates uncertainty in the taste of the coffee.
All the impurities, including chlorine, bacteria, and dirt of the water, are removed.The absence of a charcoal filter in a coffee maker can fail to remove the water’s impurities.
The programmable coffee machine is kept clean and fresh with the help of charcoal filters.There is a significant risk of making your machine dirty and damaged with time without a water filter.
Difference between coffee maker with or without a coffee maker

What is Charcoal Water Filter

Is charcoal in water filters bad for you
Is charcoal in water filters bad for you

A charcoal water filter is a special kind of filter that purifies water. They are used in water purifiers and even in coffee machines to ensure pure and healthy water. A detailed description of the charcoal water filters is:

  • Activated Charcoal: The main component of the charcoal water filters is activated charcoal. It purifies the water through the process of absorption.
  • Removing Impurities: When it comes to the charcoal water filter, the main job is to remove toxins from water. The presence of chlorine and bacteria are completely removed.
  • Maintaining the Salts and Minerals: While the absorption of water impurities by the activated carbon, the essential minerals are not damaged. It ensures the presence of all the necessary salts and minerals during the purification.

Is it OK to Use Tap Water for Coffee?

Tap water can be used in preparing coffee without any problem unless the water quality is maintained. And, there is no alternative but to use charcoal filters in maintaining the tap water quality. The scenarios of using tap water in the coffee making are:

  • Tap waters are often hard, which yields in compromising the taste of the coffee to an extent. So, a water filter in your coffee machine is the solution to this problem.
  • Tap waters contain chlorine which is the main reason for the hardness but can be easily avoided in a filter.
  • Using tap water can be the easiest choice to prepare your coffee with the help of a charcoal water filter.

Can Bacteria Grow in Coffee Maker

Well, there is an excellent chance of making your coffee machine dirty and full of impurities in the absence of a filter. So, there is every chance of growing bacteria inside your coffee machine for a ton of reasons. Some of the facts are discussed below:

  • Using tap water or without boiled water can cause bacteria infestation.
  • The absence of a water filter in your coffee machine is another and the main reason behind bacteria.
  • Pour-over coffee maker’s water can contain various bacteria and germs, causing bacteria growth in the machine.

How long Do Charcoal Coffee Filters Last

Charcoal coffee filters are known to last 2 months or 60 days on average. The lasting depends on various factors like:

  • Your coffee filter will last more or less than 60 days, according to the quality of the water.
  • If you live in an area such that the tap waters are not likely considerable, your filter will hardly last 2 months.
  • If you are using pure and boiled water for making the coffee, then the filter will easily last you 60 days or more.

How Do You Change the Filter on a Braun Coffee Maker Charcoal?

The changing of the water filter in a Braun coffee maker is the same as using and the first setup of the filter. It is enough for you to follow all the steps you have incorporated while using the filter for the first time.

First of all, you need to take out the filter holder from the water reservoir of the coffee machine. You have to take out the charcoal filter from the holder and place a new charcoal filter instead. Then put back the holder in its original place, and the filter is ready to be used.

Does Making Coffee Kill Bacteria

Making coffees or coffee makers does not kill bacteria unless the water used in them is boiled. Generally, the bacteria come from water, for which the process of boiling is a must. Some detailed information is mentioned below:

  • The bacteria are not killed in the coffee machine, which does not have charcoal filters.
  • The bacteria are never killed during the brewing of coffee because the boiling point of the water is never reached inside the coffee machine.
  • The presence of chlorine and other impurities in the water also don’t let to get rid of the bacteria.

How Often Should You Change Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are the final yield of making or brewing coffee. They are generally termed as waste and thrown away after brewing a coffee. So, coffee grounds should not be used more than once. The reasons behind not reusing coffee grounds are mentioned:

  • Your coffee will lose its taste, texture, and quality for the reusing of coffee grounds.
  • There is no alternative but to use fresh coffee beans for the best-tasting coffee, which demotivates using coffee grounds.
  • Coffee grounds are the breeding of fungi, bacteria, and many more, making them unusable for the coffee.

Can You Use a Coffee Machine Without a Filter

We know the importance of a coffee machine in coffee making. It is no less essential to have the presence of a filter in the coffee machine. Water filters help in every way it’s possible to serve you a better tasting coffee, ensuring quality and hygiene.

But, in some cases, coffee makers can be used without a filter, and those are:

  • The supply of fresh or pure water can leave you to brew your coffee without the worry of using any filter.
    • Using boiled water in the coffee machine compensates for the need for a water filter.
    • One may not feel the need for a filter in their coffee machine who doesn’t care that much about their quality of coffee.

What is the Purpose of a Charcoal Filter in a Coffee Maker


There are multiple purposes of a charcoal filter in your coffee maker, some of which are described:

  • Quality of the coffee: It is noteworthy that the coffee’s taste and quality do not solely depend on the coffee beans. The quality of the water is also responsible that yields the perfect taste and texture. Charcoal filter does this job at ease.
  • Water purification: The charcoal filter’s primary purpose is to prevent the water from chlorination and impurities. It helps to provide germ and bacteria-free water with the insurance of all the essential nutrients.
  • Maintenance of the coffee machine: One important of a charcoal filter is to keep your coffee machine free from dirt and bacteria.

How Long Do Cuisinart Charcoal Filters Last

Cuisinart charcoal filters come with the ideal recommendation of 60 days replacement. They suggested a great deal of 2 months lasting without any problem. But they have also mentioned that the filter needs to be replaced more frequently for heavy use.

When your Cuisinart charcoal filter is suggested to be used for no more than 60 days, it may need to be changed more quickly for hard water. Heavy usage, complex, impure, and dirty water can even make you change the filter in 1 month.

Do You Have to Use Filter in Coffee maker

If you want a better tasting coffee or a random coffee that is just by name, it is your choice. When a sip of coffee makes your day and provides you the strength to get all work done, then the coffee must be unique. So in a word, you shouldn’t compromise with your coffee by avoiding a filter in this ways:

  • Maintenance of the right pH of water for the highest quality coffee can only yield the charcoal filter.
  • The type of water significantly controls the texture, solubility, color, and taste of the coffee. In an accountant to it, a filter in your coffee machine works as a remedy.
  • Also, the durability of the coffee maker increases by a great extent for a water filter.

Are Permanent Coffee Filters Better than Paper?

There is a standard comparison between paper and permanent water filters. Which one is better than the other is the choice yours! It is entirely dependent on personal needs. The expected differences between the two areas followed:

 Paper filterPermanent filter
The filtered coffee through the paper filter is sweeter and fruitier.Coffee filtered with the permanent one is less fruity than paper filtered coffee.
So in terms of health benefits and taste, the paper filter is at the sweet spot.There is not a great contribution of permanent filters in terms of enhancing the taste of coffee.
Paper filters are not great at durability and also going to cost you a lot.When it comes to durability, maintenance, and price point, permanent filters are the best choice.
Are Permanent Coffee Filters Better than Paper?


Now, you know what a charcoal water filter is and its importance in fine coffee making. Water quality is the most crucial factor in brewing coffee perfectly. You should not compromise the water quality to brew or cook, or even for a gurgle.