What Espresso Machine Does Emma Chamberlain Have?

Emma chamberlain is such an influencer who is solely committed to coffee enthusiasm and gained millions of followers on YouTube for her blogging.

She became very prevalent even before making her own Chamberlain coffee brand for just being so particular with her contents.

Like her coffee brand, Emma doesn’t have her espresso machine line, but still, the question goes on, what espresso machine does Emma chamberlain have?


Emma chamberlain has tons of espresso machines as she never likes to limit herself to anything specific. It shows how coffee enthusiast she is! Out of many espresso machines that she uses, we are sure of a device from the model Nespresso.

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What Espresso Machine Does Emma Chamberlain Have?

Being a YouTube influencer, Emma Chamberlain influences millions of her fans by blogging. Her contents are specialized and mainly ranged within various coffee’s, different flavors, methods of brewing them, preparing multiple desserts out of Coffees and lastly, using several coffee machines while doing them.

Her fans and followers like to imitate her in any sense to achieve that perfection in their brewing and taste. And, the most prominent example of this imitation can be seen from the thousands of questions that, what coffee machine does Emma chamberlain use?

The main reason behind such people’s interest is that Emma gives so much importance to the coffee brewing machines. She uses different machines for tons of recipes and thus made people think that it is never possible to attain the original chamberlain Coffee without getting the suitable device for themselves.

From here, the main confusion also rises as it’s clear that Emma is not confined within a specific espresso machine model. And, most of the time, she also doesn’t express which device she is using!

So, ultimately, it becomes no less than a hypothesis for telling the name of those different machines by just going through their looks on those blogging videos.

If you visit different websites, you’ll discover other names of the machines that she uses. But, you can’t give the guarantee to yourself about the words being correct or not. And, that where lies the main difference between us and others.

We are here to provide the exact information of Emma’s machines instead of giving any hypothesis. Therefore, we won’t relate her machines with any other models or provide you with an alternative to her owned devices.

With that being said, we are on pending about gathering the exact information of many of her other Espresso machines that she has used in her recent videos. But, the one that she uses and loves the most, and we are also sure of, is a model from Nespresso.

We will be giving an Amazon link to this product at the end of our post, and, therefore, stay with us till the last for getting answers to all the recent most pending questions.

Does Emma Chamberlain prefer drip coffee?

Yes! Emma chamberlain hardly left behind any category of the coffee existing on this planet without trying on her own. This also includes the drip coffee under her list, thus showing her enthusiasm for coffee.

Drip coffee is meant to be simpler, but you get to choose the procedure of its making, which leads to experimental purposes. Emma chamberlain loves experimenting, due to which she prefers a drop coffee.

Also, from drip coffees, you can achieve a fresh cup of ground coffee which is way more aromatic!

What is the Best Coffee of Emma Chamberlain?

All of us here believe in chamberlain coffees and can assure that the dark roasted blend of coffee is one of the best items on the market.

What is the Best Coffee of Emma Chamberlain
What is the Best Coffee of Emma Chamberlain

The dark roasted coffee with the flavor of nuts and dark chocolates will provide you with a very bold, smooth, and rich taste.

Various roasts and blends are available to add different tastes, flavors, and experiences to coffees. One may confuse the terms roast and blends if they are a coffee drinker but not engaged that much with preparing their coffee.

The dark-roasted coffee blend of Emma chamberlain is loved by almost 7 million of her viewers, making it simply the best coffee, but it may not apply to you. To brew a cup of coffee with incredible flavor that suits your taste, you have to find out which roast is the best for you.

With that being said, you’ll get a wide range of roasts available out there, such as even charred roast, dark roast, medium roast, and also light roast. In addition, different coffee brands come up with their specific roast for an additional tasting note. In contrast, Chamberlain is mainly famous for the darker one.

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How Does Emma Chamberlain Prepare an Iced Latte with Coffee?

As told before, Emma is not confined within the traditional coffees and espresso. Instead, she uses them as the raw material for various other desserts. You can find an extensive list of her recipes on the internet, out of which almost every item has achieved immense love from her fans.

One such most popular thing is the iced latte that Emma chamberlain prefers so much and is also loved by her followers by the next level.

With that being said, if we come to her follower counts, there are mainly two categories of people, one who only enjoy watching the blogs and the other who both want and are eager to learn.

For that exact reason, Imma herself includes preparing all that new items when representing them most of the time.

The process of making Emma’s favorite ice latte, which is taken from her posts, is:

  • First of all, you need to fill a tall glass with brewed espresso and loads of ice cubes.
  • Then, it comes about adding additional sweetener and milk into a mason jar. Wait until the jar is filled by ¾ portion.
  • After the jar is filled to that point, stop adding extra stuff and start to shake your jar more and more.
  • Finally, pour the milk again to foam into the espresso and ice-filled glass.
  • You are now all ready with your ice latte for serving and enjoying!


Espresso machines that Emma chamberlain use have created so much hype on the internet. The majority of the answers related to it go through uncertainties. Today’s post removes a significant portion of that confusion by being straightforward to the relevant topic by mentioning the “Nespresso” machine used by Chamberlain for her espresso!

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